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Crowdsourcing allows you to tap into a huge talent pool of freelancers from all over the world to get the best work done. You can crowdsource all of your ideas staring from a logo design, website design, videos and many more. Contest are the best way to get a wide variery of ideas from millions of freelancers all for a single prize, allowing you to select the perfect idea for your business.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I create a contest?

It lets you see hundreds entries with your idea and you only pay for the ones you like! For example, logo design by millions of freelancers for your new business.

How do I create a contest?

Simple! Just select your contest type and click the "Post a Contest" button above.

What is a contest brief?

It's a document you need to provide to inform freelancers exactly what you want (or don't want) in your contest.

What is the 'Money Back Guarantee'?

You get your prize money back if you don't select a winner or are unhappy with the result. Note: Guaranteed contests and purchased upgrades are excluded.

I need help with my contest

Please contact our friendly support team for any help with your contest. They're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

What happens after I've chosen a winner?

Start a handover process to legally own the winning entry and the freelancer will also get the prize money. Again, the prize money is released once you are 100% happy with the design.

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Hello all creative freelancers, we need a beautiful, simple but stylish new webpage layout for our brand. This is just for a layout. Please also post your costs for making the page. ...

3 $30 USD Apr 19, 2014 1 week, 5 days Post a contest like this

hi there we would like to create a logo for " Versaille Outdoor" Please give us something fresh bright colors like pistache or light blue Winner to be chosen fast... thank ...

58 $50 USD Apr 19, 2014 5 days, 14 hours Post a contest like this

I would like to have a logo for the website/company : The name of the company is citodi It's a website where I purpose a delivery service for e-commerce where ...

108 $190 USD Apr 19, 2014 1 week, 5 days Post a contest like this

I need a 3 pages powerpoint presentation designed according to a corporate It can be in a different format as long as we have ability to add/change the text i...

20 $140 USD Apr 18, 2014 3 days, 11 hours Post a contest like this

We need to update our landing page make it look more modern with a cool and attractive design and at the same time it needs to be simple and user friendly We need changes only at t...

6 $90 USD Apr 18, 2014 1 week, 6 days Post a contest like this

This story is that of a companion who with the powers of computing and connectivity engages with her/his master to make her/his master’s life easy. The Companion is positive, express...

10 $190 USD Apr 18, 2014 5 days, 1 hour Post a contest like this

----------------------PLEASE READ COMPLETE DESCRIPTION---------------------- It Must Include: The Slogan Attached The Logo Attached The Website Url Attached The More Info File Is A...

0 $120 CAD Apr 18, 2014 2 days Post a contest like this

Hello! I need someone to design a medal for a bodybuilding contest. You've got a lot of leeway in what you design/how you create it, however the final format will need to be su...

17 $50 USD Apr 18, 2014 4 days, 18 hours Post a contest like this
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