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Design a Logo for New England antique shows

I would like a horizontal design of a logo to use at the top of my website. Http://Www.neantiqueshows.com

226 $107 May 27, 2014
Los Tamales Hermanos

For the logo of my company, I would like: An image of a cartoon tamale wearing a pork pie hat. Somehow I would like 'Los Tamales Hermanos' work...

34 $11 May 27, 2014
Design a Flyer for a beauty salon

We are looking for someone to design our business an A5 flyer, promoting our 50% off all treatments. The logo has been attached for you and MUST be u...

43 $21 May 27, 2014

EVENT TITLE: ASO FEST feat ART MUSIC FOOD FASHION ASO' is a Yoruba word/phrase that means 'royal clothing', Yoruba is a people from the Western...

17 $34 May 27, 2014
Design a Logo for Green Powered Lawn Care

I am starting a lawn care company. My company will use nothing but electric powered equipment which is charged by solar panels. The lawn mower runs on...

29 $80 May 27, 2014
Urgently create good renders for 3 different desking options

Hello, i need these today!!! at the latest tomorrow! so get in quick - i will be choosing a winner immediately!! what i need is some simple deskin...

54 $55 May 27, 2014
Design a Logo for a Website

Hello, I need a logo designed for a website called www.copybound.com, which will become a copywriting service/blog website. I want the logo inspire...

19 $32 May 27, 2014
Design a Logo

Hello I am looking for a logo for my company - Hexatise Please Use Hexagons in the logo due to the name having Hex in it. i have uploaded a demo...

159 $80 May 27, 2014
Projetar um Logo for Outerskills

-Style: .origami style (related with ant or owl) .like freelancer logo .visible in very small size -Color: like linkedin logo

105 $53 May 27, 2014
Redesign the logo and the background of my website

Redesign or modify the logo, Footer Logo Image and the background of my website http://www.soleilaminuit.com

55 $32 May 27, 2014
Do some 3D Modelling

3D CAD models are to be created from dimensions supplied (there are 12+ models to be created overall). The 3D models are going to be placed on the com...

60 $50 May 27, 2014
Design a Logo for The Vintage Cakes and Shakes Company

The Company name is ( The Vintage Cakes and Shakes). I am starting my new company. This logo will be my first one and I will use it in the rest of ...

209 $149 May 27, 2014
Design a Logo for Learning With Lee

Design an artsy and fun logo for this start up ESL company. You can use an abbreviation, you can use the full title. "Learning with Lee", or you can ...

31 $15 May 27, 2014
Design a Logo for the company Artified

Please see my attached jpeg. 1 .. I like the image of the tree here, but I would prefer something much simpler. 2.. I like the brush stokes for the ci...

78 $49 May 27, 2014
Deliver a STUNNING Landing Page!

Please review attached requirements document and advise if you have questions before you participate.

54 $266 May 27, 2014
Design a Logo for Catalyze

The business is called "Catalyze Life Coaching". I would like a logo that has the word Catalyze as the dominant word, with Life Coaching in smaller le...

43 $32 May 27, 2014
Design a set of "5 AWESOME & VERY ATRACTIVE" Banners for www.princeloo.com

The winner will be contacted for the site's upcoming and future designing projects. Below is Princeloo's bio: Princeloo Alexandre, mostly known ...

56 $213 May 27, 2014
Disear un logotipo para CeluPower

Se necesita crear un logotipo comercial para unas maquinas cargadoras de celulares (batera). La marca es CeluPower. Se adjunta una presentacin con m...

134 $115 May 27, 2014
Write a Desperate Family's Crowdsourcing Campaign Description

Assignment: Write a deep, heartfelt and newsworthy crowdsourcing campaign description for a previously middleclass but now desperate, ill, impoverishe...

7 $128 May 27, 2014
Design a Logo for Arges.Org

I need a profesional logo for my web design company Arges.org The slogan for this is: Servicii Web Profesionale I want to stand out point A ...

69 $16 May 27, 2014
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