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design a logo for JackFruit

I need a logo for a app development and website development company called JackFruit the website is www.jackfruitsocial.com I have attached a few fi...

63 $50 Today
Design a Logo for my online business

I would like my logo/banner to have multiple formats available: One Format would be 340x240 for an online site. One Format would be 720x125 it can b...

35 $107 Today
2 book covers

I need two book covers designed. Both covers are for erotic books. The first is for a werewolf design with a white wolf and dark grey wolf. It is i...

14 $16 Today
Design a Logo

We need a logo designed for our new website FoodForWeek.ca Description: We are a catering service which will provide weekly catering to students a...

129 $88 Today
Logo Design for ImageStudio

Hi dear freelancers. I repost this contest for logo design of website www.imagestudio.com because i didn't choose successfully the winner for previous...

42 $32 Today
Earned Fitness Business card

Earned Fitness is a small company just getting started up. The business card will be made for the Founder Gabriello Ianniruberto. There are very littl...

42 $54 Today
Design 2 similar banners for us

Hello! We are pleased to tell you that You are more than welcome to partisipate our competition to find design and new look to our business. Basic...

16 $75 Today
Design a Logo for DC Accounting

Looking for a logo for website, print advertising and embroidered shirts. Look at our website www.dcaccounting.ca for ideas to who we are. I'm looki...

287 $49 Today
Design a logo

Hello. I need a logo for a new swedish communitysite www.inlinehockey.se We want the "hockey" to be INLINE in blue and "alberta to be "HOCKEY.SE" in...

20 $32 Today
Design a A5 Size Flyer for Restaurant Website Script

We are creating a website for the restaurant No commisions No Monthly Subscription Fees. No Hiden Fees Only 99 setup fee. Package contains Domain...

16 $61 Today
Design a Banner for KC Plumber Pro

I am using the standard wordpress theme that is currently shown on http://plumbersks.com. I would for somebody to design a banner for the current ...

181 $257 Today
Design a Logo for my company

I want a beautiful logo for my company. My company name is: Ellist Communication Technology Ltd I want a tech logo, clean and very professional. ...

39 $16 Today
Design a Logo and business card for my Web Agency

I would like a logo for my digital agency, with name "Freency". We works with creation of websites, web systems and mobile services. The different...

25 $54 Today
A Ice Cream T-shirt

Please create a T-shirt design with a HUGE ice cream in the front with BSQR2 (with 2 above the R) on the wrapper of the ice cream. Please make the ice...

61 $16 Today
Design a Logo for Petalite

Hello Freelancers :-) I am looking for a logo for a new company called 'Petalite' We design lithium battery products for consumer electronics, t...

112 $36 Today
Design some Business Cards for Doctor

Design of Business cards 1) Double Sided a) Full Colour version (both side) b) Colour one Side and Black and white other side c) Monochrome (bot...

36 $13 Today
Design a Logo for photostudio website

Hi, here is a website template for a new photo studio. http://themeforest.net/item/flexit-theme-for-photographers-and-portfolios/full_screen_preview/6...

80 $45 Today
Design a Logo for a Gaming retail site

This is a competition for a Logo for a Gaming Merchandise site. The name of the firm is Beyond The Game and the test domain is on www.Chingum.in ( ...

68 $54 Today
Design a business card for my graphic agency

Hello Freelancers, My graphic agency (Emirates Graphic) is looking for a nice business card design. we want it to be unique, elegant and creative,t...

22 $32 Today
(Urgent - 1 Day) Design a Website (Mobile Screen) for current functions

Hi all, I have an apps which is viewing a web. I want to re-design the layout and colour and icon for all the pages attached. All functions in the...

35 $14 Apr 19, 2014
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