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Design einer Werbeanzeige

Create for for 7 Brands Wallpapers 16:9 for a Video Wall Download required Sunglasses Logos and Discriptions from http://arenaoptic.de/docs/wall.zi...

18 $216 Today
Logo for YouTube-Channel

Hello, I want to have a new logo for my YouTube channel that is inspired by the visual concept of the brand I create videos about. (Note: I'm not l...

46 $54 Today
Design some Business Cards and Letter Heads for Two Power N

I would like to get Letter Pads and Business Cards designed for my organization. Company Brand: Two Power N Company Name: Two Power N Technologies...

21 $11 Apr 24, 2014
I need some graphic design for a linguistics contest diploma

Hi everyone, I need a design for Ukrainian high school students' linguistics contest diploma. The elements diploma should contain are layed out in ...

33 $108 Apr 24, 2014
Design a Logo for our Fishing Website

The website is www.baltanicula.ro The logo will be placed inside the semi-circle from the right side. PRIZE RAISED TO 30$. Logo will be use...

67 $32 Apr 24, 2014
Sweet tooth illustration or cartoon. Design single-panel illustration or cartoon symbolizing a sweet tooth (multiple winners possible).

Use: Greeting Card, portrait Looking inside the card and confronted with the cartoon or illustration, the recipient of the card immediately recog...

37 $32 Apr 24, 2014
Design a Logo for Beautiful Catastrophe LLC

Beautiful Catastrophe LLC is a real estate holding company. The name came from a Le Corbusier quote: "A hundred times have I thought New York is a ca...

370 $259 Apr 24, 2014
Logo for deals mobile application

I need a logo for a mobile application, that provide information about deals and promotions aroun you, via GPS position. Text in logo: FancyRoad ...

95 $65 Apr 24, 2014
Design a Logo for a T-Shirt

Hi, I need a logo for a T-Shirt and a website. This is a parody of this German brand https://www.rewe.de/produkte-und-services/unsere-marken/ja.ht...

14 $22 Apr 24, 2014
Design Logo for Funny Weekend

I work for myself in tourism industry. My business name: Funny Weekend, I specilize organsing tour through Vietnam. Specific in foreign customers. I a...

29 $11 Apr 24, 2014
Design a Logo for Tutoring Service

Hello Freelancer, I need a logo for a Tutoring service / private education tutoring. Name: { Farid tutorial } Slogan: { Education is Silver in...

131 $34 Apr 24, 2014
Advertisement 148mm (H) x 210mm (W)

!!!!!!!!!!!MODIFICATION OF THE SIZE : 124mm (Height) x 178mm (Width) !!!!!!!! this is an advertisment for the magazine "Defense & security systems" h...

70 $210 Apr 24, 2014
Design a logo for a new company

Gezondesites.nl The brand will be a quality label, posted on different sites working and branding in the healthcare We need a icon / mark + tex...

73 $54 Apr 24, 2014
Design a Logo for My IT / Technical Support Company

***UPDATED 04-09-14*** Thank you for all of the wonderful submissions that have come in so far - it is amazing to see the differences that each of yo...

119 $81 Apr 24, 2014
Design a Logo for UAE Property Website

See my site here: http://uaeproperties.com i want something clean, but my logo is just too simple and unprofessional Please take note of the backgr...

76 $43 Apr 24, 2014
Design a Sticker

Dear Friends, Please find attached word document regarding the requirements. Please understand properly all our requirements before posting any of...

22 $32 Apr 24, 2014
Design a Logo for Hosting Company

This contest is for the text portion only. We have our own vector image that will be added to the logo. ServZoo is the name of the company. We are ...

41 $32 Apr 24, 2014
Design a Logo for a website/company

I would like to have a logo for the website/company. It's a website where I purpose a delivery service for e-commerce where they can send their pro...

183 $205 Apr 24, 2014
Write an iPhone application for my Website (www.3lineinfotech.com) -- 2

Hi, I need an iPhone app for my website with trainings list (course content not required on app, but nice to have link to take user to website for ...

3 $32 Apr 24, 2014
Design a Logo for Malibu Cove Jewelry

Greetings artists! We are looking for a banner for our online jewelry store called Malibu Cove Jewelry. The world famous Malibu California is synonymo...

65 $27 Apr 24, 2014
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