3D Model Submission Guide

Please follow these steps in our guidelines to ensure your files are accepted at Freelancer Marketplace

Freelancer Marketplace accepts all types of 3D models in any version of 3D application as long as the files are constructed to high standards, have visual appeal and have commercial value. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Any file with images that do not have a release will be rejected.

(Minimum 2 Words)

The Name or Title is the first impression that the buyer will have of your product so it has to represent exactly what your file is about. It should be simple but expressive. For example, if you name your product "Brown Dog", that may be a little general. Naming your file "Brown Female Doberman" is a lot more specific and will be much more useful to potential buyers.

This description is used for search so please be as detailed as possible. Provide installation tutorials if needed.

In this field, you should provide as many useful details as you can about your product (size, textures, polygons...). You should indicate or explain specific properties about your product and really entice browsers to purchase your item. Always have in mind that the goal is to explain exactly what people are buying when they purchase your 3D model.


Please be specific when describing the geometry of your 3D model. For example, is your model polygonal or triangular, animated or contains only joints ready for animation, textured or just a basic shape, etc. please, state also the number of polygons and vertices. These are very important for the buyer, as each person will have their own unique use for your 3D model.

Keywords & Tags
(Minimum 3 keywords separated by commas)

Tags and keywords make models easier to find during a search. Put yourself in the buyer's position and think about the terms that the searcher might use to find models like yours. Use words that identify your file.

Adult Content
Please indicate if this file contains any adult content

In order to avoid possible problems, please specify if your file contains any adult content.

Files Included
(Describe all source files: MAX, 3DS, JPEG textures, documentation etc.)

Note that each 3D application has its own marks, so please provide full description of all the files included in your upload.

(Describe file formats, sizes and resolution for textures: MAX8 (4.3mb), MAX9 (34.4kb), 3DS (7.2mb), FBX (8mb), OBJ (8.4kb), JPEG (59kb), TGA (1024x1024), etc.)

The file size of the textures should be mentioned in order to know in advance the quality of the render. In case you submit multiple file, such as 3ds, obj, max, ma, c4d, etc., name them correctly and at the same time indicate their size.

Open Source Files
Describe all programs required to open and edit your product's sources: 3ds, Max 9, Kaydara FBX, Lightwave 6, Cinema 4D 11, etc.

Please, indicate which program you used to create the model as well as the version. For example: if you used Autodesk Maya 2011 to create the model and saved it as .mb, or .ma, it will be difficult for the buyer to open it with an earlier version of Maya (Autodesk Maya 2009). They also may run into problems if they don't have Maya and import the model into other programs. Please be specific to avoid confusion.

Upload Files

Thumbnail: Thumbnails are reduced-sized screenshots of your design. Make sure the thumbnail you upload represents your model and gives browsers an idea of what you are selling. You can use JPG, GIF or PNG file and the size should be 156x92px.

Preview: (Upload 590 width rendered image or video demonstration of your product JPEG, GIF, PNG, FLV, AVI, MOV, etc.) The preview should represent as much of your file as possible.

Upload any size and number rendered images of your product to display to the customer in a ZIP Archive: Create a single ZIP file which contains all final files for download (documentation and auxiliary files, etc.) This is what the user will get when they buy your product. Please include JPG (or GIF, PNG) format. Files will be shown in a slideshow, exactly how you provide them.

All files for buyer to download: Please add ALL files into ZIP Archive (MAX, 3DS, JPG, documentation etc) This file will be sold without any changes, so make sure all useful components are not only available but are of high quality. An important thing to remember is that there should be a help-guide which will enable the buyer to use the file properly and with ease.


Help file includes all instructions that explain how to use your file and how to modify your Model in any application. This file should be simple to follow and as complete as possible. Provide all information that may be useful to the buyer.

Name of the Copyright Holder

Please put the name of the holder of the copyright to be displayed in the copyright notice


Once again, Freelancer Marketplace only accepts files that you hold the full copyright or license to sell. So you MUST hold LEGAL copyright to all contents. You MUST not use any elements that either you have not made yourself or you do not hold the full copyright.

In Closing

It is important to concentrate on design, and building a solid widget based back-end with great admin panels. Your customers will appreciate an easy process so the easier you make it, the more sales you will attract.