How to Create HTML Templates for sale on Freelancer Marketplace

Building an HTML template requires some basic skills in CSS, Photoshop (or some other image slicing tool), and, of course, HTML. It would also be of use for you to have knowledge of some programming and scripting languages such as PHP and JAVASCRIPT.

Basics - File Structure

When you start your project, you should try to organize your files and directories in a structure that is easily interpreted by the purchaser. For instance, create a directory and call it "your_template_name" Inside of that directory, create a folder called "CSS" in which you will place all of the CSS files necessary for your template. Then create another folder and call it "IMAGES". This is where you will place all the image files. If you are using some javascript in your template, make a folder called "JS" and put all javascript files in there. The same goes for PHP files. Inside your main template directory place the index.html file and any other page that you create for your template.

HTML Template Requirements

There are some things you need to do in order for your template to sell. Using simple links and leaving the menu-making for the developer is not a good way to sell your template, so be sure to make an unordered list ( <ul> </ul> ) of links with at least 2 levels and supply your customers with a nice-looking and functional menu system. Your template should consist of at least 3 pages: Frontpage, Other content page, and Contact form, but depending on the purpose of your template there can be more or less. The more options you give, the more money you earn.

Validation and Cross-browser Support

Although it is not required, your template should be validated by the W3C for XHTML and CSS. This will give you extra selling points. Also, be sure to test your template on most common browsers like Internet Explorer 7 +, Chrome, Firefox, Opera...If your template doesn't work correctly on these popular browsers, people will not want to buy your template. You can validate your template here if it's on line. You can also download a Firefox add-on called "Web Developer", and with that you have the option to validate your local sites.


You must have legal rights to all the images you are selling with your template. If you don't have the legal rights, your account could be revoked and you might end up losing everything you earned with legal action taken against you as well. So, make sure to use only images that are free for selling/re-distributing or that you have been granted the legal rights to and that you have cleared all permissions with a signed "clearance form" of any subject/s in all photos which may include models, buildings, business logos, landmarks, peoples pets etc.


Choose standard web-safe fonts for your template such as Arial, Tahoma, Georgia, etc. If you don't have the rights to a font you have used in the the template, be sure to explain it in the help.txt file and supply a link to where the font may be acquired.

Freelancer Marketplace Requirements

For your HTML template to be accepted, the Freelancer Marketplace staff you need to check if your template has all the files and rights you need to have in order to do so. You can check standard requirements over at this link: