How to Design Flash for Resale

Please follow these steps in our guidelines to ensure your files are accepted at Freelancer Marketplace

Acceptable files

Freelancer Marketplace accepts all types of Flash files in any version of ActionScript and any FlashPlayer versions as long as the files are constructed to high standards, have visual appeal, have commercial value, and to which you hold the copyright or licence to sell. We reserve the right to reject any files we feel do not meet these requirements.


You must hold a legal copyright to all content sold on Freelancer Marketplace.

Freelancer Marketplace only accepts files that you hold the full copyright or licence to sell. You may not use any images, clip art, vectors, ActionScript or any other elements that either you have not made yourself or you do not hold the full copyright. There are no exceptions to this rule. Any file with images that do not have a release will be rejected.

Company Logos other than Freelancer Marketplace are not accepted in any files submitted, if your flash files need a logo to be viewed you can download our logo from the Media Kit section of the About Us page.


All flash files submitted must be original and visually aesthetic, remember you are selling files to potential clients so there must be a real appeal for purchases and you must give them a reason why they would buy your file. The internet has many stock sites and many of these sites sell very similar files. If for example if you make an image viewer you are already competing with thousands of other image viewers so your file needs to show originality and look outstanding. What we really want to see is original files and original themes to your designs, through this you will achieve higher sales and attain a higher reputation for your designs. Do not copy other designers work, if you see a file that you want to reproduce make sure your version is an improved version in every way, if you make a direct copy this is classed as Derivative work, your file will be rejected and your account may be suspended.

Ease of use

Please ensure that all flash files submitted are easy to use and need no or minimal changes for the purchaser to publish and use the file. If you make over complicated files purchases will not return to you for more sales. Most Flash stock sellers build a client base from which a large proportion of their sales come. Your goal is to make every purchaser a happy purchaser and not leave them with the thought that they have purchased a product that is not functional. The most important things for you to remember are "usability and quality".


Please name your main file appropriately to reflect what the file is and what the file does. For example "Rotating Globe Animation" is correct "greatest globe ever" is not correct. Please name all layers, library items, graphics, movie clips, audio files, buttons and ANY other elements in your file clearly. You must imagine your client has a limited knowledge of flash and your job is to help them find everything within your file as easily as is possible.


Make sure you have used your layers correctly.
Make sure all of your layers are placed in the correct sequence, do not submit files with unnecessary layers or empty layers and remember to name ALL of your layers clearly.


Freelancer Marketplace does not allow links to any other URLs. If your file needs links as part of the file display then these links must go to our URL
Under no circumstance should a preview file link to any outside URLs.

Important! You need to only use names, links, pictures and layouts related to Freelancer Marketplace and no other external sites!

Hidden Links/Malicious ActionScripts: Under no circumstance are hidden links or malicious action scripts to other sites acceptable. If any malicious links/ActionScripts are in your file your account will be suspended.


Include a fonts folder with all the fonts used in the design, non-standard fonts should be broken into outlines. Also in your help.TXT file provide a list of all the fonts used in the design and provide links to where the purchaser can buy/download the font. For dynamic editable text use standard fonts such as: Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, etc.

Vector files

Please ensure the lines and fills of your Vectors are clean and smooth.
A vector file is designed to be resizable so view your file at maximum magnification before you submit it to ensure that the file has no rough edges and is not choppy when magnified.

Rasta files

Please ensure that your Rasta images/animations are produced with the highest quality 100% settings. DO NOT compress any of your Rasta images including JPG, PNG, GIF, and Bitmap as this will reduce the visual appeal and leave fewer options for the buyer to resize the file.


Please ensure your animation is smooth, use the correct frames per second to avoid jumpy or jerky animations. Remember the higher the frames per second the smoother the animation will be. If you make multiple layered looping animations you can put this into a self contained movieclclip for easier use of drop, drag and resize by the purchaser.


Open-Source can be used in your file submissions. However, you must credit them in your file description and it needs to be noted to staff and buyers where your open-source elements have come from. Whatever you do with open-source elements you must follow their terms of use.

Create a zipped Source folder

Create a zipped source folder with ALL assets needed for your file to function. Your source folder needs to contain the original FLA, a published version of the SWF and a help.TXT file. Where appropriate you also need to include any other files needed for your file to function correctly such as external ActionScript, PHP, HTML, Open-Source script, different FlashPlayer versions, fonts ect.

Create a zipped preview folder

In your zipped preview folder place a published SWF version of your file called "preview.swf" with width of 590 pixels. If your file has a full screen preview file this needs to be prepared and include a HTML file called "index.html" which calls your preview SWF files and include this in your preview folder.


Your thumbnail image needs to be 156x92 pixels and can be JPEG, GIF or PNG format. Your thumbnail image should be an accurate representation of how your file looks.


Your zipped source folder must contain a help.TXT file. You must provide a full explanation of how to use and modify your flash file, and also provide any information that would be useful to the purchaser. The more comprehensive the information you provide the better. Always assume the purchaser has a limited knowledge of flash and is heavily on your expertise to guide them through the best and easiest way to make your flash file function after they have purchased it. Remember if a purchaser buys your file they are more likely to buy more files from you if they find your instructions both comprehensive and easy to follow.


When naming your main file and putting in your keywords please keep these relevant to the file being uploaded. File names and keywords should reflect what the file is and what it does. Using irrelevant names and keywords will result in your file being rejected. For example "Black circular pattern design" is correct, "totally amazing pattern" is not correct. You will need to supply at least 3 keywords for your file submission.


You may recommend a price that you think your file should be sold at. However staff will review your product and decide on the final price, if you do not agree with the price, please contact us. Please use this guide to help your upload process, the advice offered is to help protect all parties from copyright infringements and to aid you with your sales as a successful flash stock provider within our community.

In Closing

It is important to concentrate on design, and building a solid widget based back-end with great admin panels. Your customers will appreciate an easy process so the easier you make it, the more sales you will attract.