I will design a website from scratch and code it for $199 !!

I will design a website from scratch and code it for $199 !!


I work full time for a very successful web design, development and branding company.

I am taking work on the side to produce what I produce full time at my weekday job.

I am based in Canada, NOT international and am educated in Canada.

This package includes a completely customize design of a website.

** 3 pages in total (homepage, content page and contact us page)
** design is from scratch, not from templates

** I will code the website in standard HTML as well

** Your final produce will have the 3 pages coded in HTML plus the master PSD file!

From the date I get instructions on your design references, I will require about 5 days to come up with a draft design. Once you receive and provide feedback on the draft design, I will make changes as requested. Once we settle on a file product, I will require 3-5 days to code the website to HTML.

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