I will promote your site/fanpage on my Facebook fanpage

I will promote your site/fanpage on my Facebook fanpage


Promoting your services, stuff, or product on Facebook means more sales and driving traffic to your product will bring many buyers.


I will promote your fan page, website, link on my Facebook fan page. It's a big and active page, and this page is increasing day by day.

My page has 1,760,000+ Likes.

I will promote your site/page on my fanpage's wall ( wall post ) for 60 minutes.

I will post your site/fanpage and take screenshot and send you.

I don't guarantee likes on you page or site because it depends on its attraction towards people.


1. Send me your product information or link (including a picture will be better)

2. Create your promotional text to post on my Facebook page. (make it "call to action")

3. It Should not be any porno stuff.

Questions and Comments


July 7, 2014 sharepros

still avaible ? verry interested ..

May 23, 2014 geoffreyhiuhu

looking for a writing job contact geoffreyhiuhu@gmail.com

November 19, 2013 DaHash

HelloThe service is still available but the prices are not same .I have uploaded this server in January and now its November.If you are still interested then let me know .. i will pm you page link .Thanks

November 17, 2013 siprints

You should post your FaceBook page in your description as it appears everyone wants to see it first. I\'m interested in your service... Willing to promote at least once a week on your page... if it is legit. What is the facebook page?

November 11, 2013 mthubakgale

I want to see tha facebook page

March 8, 2013 UniqueLeads

I'm interested and could use service for several projects but just like everyone else I want to view your FB page first.

February 22, 2013 vericorp

liked what you said, but we need to see your page first. 

January 18, 2013 PowerOfDynamic

Please send your facebook page

January 17, 2013 OlevMedia

can I take a look to your page on FB?

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I will promote your site/fanpage on my Facebook fanpage
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I will promote your site/fanpage on my Facebook fanpage
I will promote your …


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