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  • $5177.00 AUD
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    Feb 10, 2014

    Expert technical skills and a finished product that we're very happy with and which has fixed problems other Freelancer were unable to address.<br/>

    Project Description:We require a web development expert to assist us with the following specific actions - Moving 1 Drupal website and 1 WordPress website from a Windows Box to a Linux Box Installation of pdftk package...
  • $1288.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller rockron


    Feb 1, 2014

    Great team to work with. They took a very complicated project and get it working.Ron

    Project Description:We would like a team to take our Existing Android application and improve the code, remove the memory leaks and fine tune all current features.
  • $2346.00 USD
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    sdavis3398 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Dec 4, 2013

    MattLA and his co-owner, Miles Phung abandoned this extremely simple project after failing repeatedly to understand even the basics of a customer registration website. They're both quite incompetent and will simply take your money after telling you how qualified they are. They're not qualified. They don't even pay their coders. Run from these two.

    Project Description:My company, KnGrid, will manage a back end server that controls and manages 26 electric vehicle charging stations on the University of California - San Diego campus. Students and faculty will purchase electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz and use them on campus as well as commute off campus...
  • $4410.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Cderose


    Oct 9, 2013

    FlairCoders did an excellent job on a very complex project. Other coders were not able to do it and yet this company made it work perfectly. I truly believe your search is over, they are the right company for your job. A++

    Project Description:Human Resources Pro is requesting bids from Programmers to finish a software program for an application that will allow companies and their employees to do &quot;on-line&quot; performance evaluations. The program is currently 50% completed with coding/design...
  • $3749.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dtesk

    dtesk [ Incomplete Report ]

    Apr 3, 2013

    This Freelancer took money from me then decided to say that he couldn't do the project AFTER bidding on it and taking funds to create the project outline. This is unacceptable.

    MattLA's reply:

    The client agreed to pay the $200 project fee that Freelancer charges for accepting the project. Finally Mr. Teskey revealed the full project specification, it was a huge huge undertaking that cannot be done for $3700. It was more like a $50,000 job once he discloses it all to us. We advised that it was a $50,000 project. He responded that if we do not do his job, he will destroy our account with his rating. We told him we cannot do the project and begged him to please do not destroy us because is our livelihood. He said who cares and then proceeded to lie about us taking his money. He paid freelancer that $200 so that he can use it to rate us, with the intention of badgering us to do a project at a 95% discount. As you can see we never took a penny from him. Please read the other ratings from our other clients because those are true testament of who we are.

    Project Description:Hello together, This project is complex, If you don&#039;t have the experience please do not bid. I need someone to develope a webservice that will give the users the ability to create their own mobile web site for smart phones, just like
  • $2995.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller consultwolf


    Feb 5, 2013

    Very professional company. They went the extra mile to thoroughly analyze and scope out the project. They are very approachable and do not mind explaining exactly what needs to be done as well as flexible to roll with unanticipated "bumps" in the project. I would work with them again in a heartbeat.

    Project Description:There are total 8 modules which require changes - Home: fixes, minor enhancements Login: minor fixes Member Profile: fixes, minor enhancements Budget: To be developed entirely from scratch Breakdown...
  • $8560.20 USD
    Profile image for Seller Cderose


    Oct 18, 2012

    MattLA, This project has been a nightmare with are other programmer and almost decided to give up on the project, so we decided to reach out for help with this project and found flair coders If Human Resources Pro ever needs another project done. We will be looking for flair coders again to complete it. There service level is great, the product they produce is great, and for once im not bugging them to get on the project. They are proactive and keeping communication flowing along with the project. Thanks again guys we dont know what we do without you on this one.

    Project Description:Human Resources Pro is requesting bids from Programmers to finish a software program for an application that will allow companies and their employees to do &quot;on-line&quot; performance evaluations. The program is currently 50% completed with coding/design...
    FlairCoders, LLC has not completed any projects.
  • $876 USD In Progress

    We are looking for a new e-commerce site that has the same functionaliyt as . Instead of just hats it will be for all articles that can be embroidered on, so there will be a need for the us to be able to update the database easily.Please remember that is does not need to be an exact replica of this site but something very close in functionality and ease of use..

  • $5154 USD In Progress

    I need a website designed with video chat capabilities. The site needs to look extremely professional as this is an e-commerce site. I will need three different areas for the site: for customers, employees (independent contractors), and administration. I will need a mobile application developed for the customers and for the employees. My employees will set their on call times and should be able to be notified via the mobile application when a client books an appointment. I will be providing one free session to my prospective clients so I will need an IPS address recorder to ensure that customers do not use this function continuously. Each of my employees will have their own profile and I will need a search function that will basically be a matchmaking service. All video sessions will be archived for one month for each client. These are the basic functions of the site. It will probably be somewhere between 30-50 pages when it is completed. Please contact me for more specific instructions. Thank you.

  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    We currently have an Android and Iphone application that needs some updates along with the website that powers it.1) IOS phone application written in objective C(native) using the latest code for IO7.2) Android version same specifications3) Admin Panel using PHP, MYSQL and Metronic theme from &quot;Theme Forest&quot; hosted on an AWS server.4) Must be familiar with LocalyticsThis is a two week project.

  • $2422 USD In Progress

    I have an Android 10.4 inch development kit tablet, Model # PTT1026. I need this tablet to be re-programmed to function to the custom settings that I will be providing. I Need to have an mobile app to sync with this device (Google Play, Android) I have the hardware and now I need a Software Programmer/Designer to Customize this tablet. After discussing the project in detail, If the value of this project is more detailed, Price is negotiable.

  • $2850 SGD In Progress

    A job recruitment portal which will incorporate Video Interview and Chat functions to enable employers to filter candidates quicker but with more integrity in the hiring process. This portal will be clean and sleek unlike conventional hiring sites which are not conducive to intuitive navigation. This portal will make use of Wordpress template and your company will edit it accordingly to incorporate chat and video conference on a 1:1 level. Simply put, every employer will be able to initiate video chat with potential job seekers only. This chat will be private chats and no public chats are allowed.

  • $2400 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $2990 USD In Progress

    I have an HTML5 product that allows users to create a personalized and customizable mini site that walks the viewer through a guided tour. The users should be able to change the graphics, modify the text and record their own audio voice-over should they choose to. I have an HTML version and an HTML5 BETA but they are not quite at the level where I can release them.I am looking for HTML5 EXPERTS only. All text, graphics and audio will be supplied. The HTML5 framework is already done. All we need now is for the presentations to be editable by the end user. They should be able to change the graphics, change the text and record their own audio voice-overs.I&quot;m also looking for a basic sales website that will promote and sell this product.I&quot;ve included a link to the HTML version merely to give you an idea of what the project consists of. work has already been rewritten in HTML5 and we just need to add those three functionalities to it. Where the user can make changes to the code by changing the text, recording their own audio and changing out the graphics and including video.

  • $5000 USD In Progress

    My project is application of iPhone. we all know that iPhone is a modern technology. its have many application but i describe the major application. which was describe in a attach file.

  • €100 EUR Feb 13, 2014

    I have an android project to offer. I&quot;ll like us to discuss it on chat for more information.

  • $2319 USD Jan 23, 2014

    I need a mobile applicaiton[iphone/android] to store the voice messages when some one calls me and if i am not able to answer the callscenario1) when some one calls me I need an option on my phone &quot;ANSWER &quot; , &quot;REJECT&quot;, &quot;SEND TO VOICE MESSAGE&quot; 2( when the user selects &quot;send to voicemessage&quot; , what ever the voice message that caller leaves should be saved in phone memory in our country mobile carriers do not have voicemessage option

  • $1159 USD Jan 6, 2014

    Overview:In this project we are looking to get a clean and elegant website that can compare, match, track and notify User’s of data matches. Concept:This web application should be designed to compare, match, track and notify User’s of matches between sets of data. Essentially, a User creates an account and uploads their business’s client lists (Client Lists) with contains their clients contact details. The Admin will upload the necessary .xls files on a daily basis (Daily Admin Lists). The Daily Admin Lists contains contact details and the data that will change daily. The Daily Admin Lists are made up of two separate kinds of lists or types of data (containing similar data in excel format), one list type is daily criminal records and the other is daily motor vehicle accidents. These two lists come from third party vendors. Daily Admin List A and B vary in the fact that the data contained inside their respective spreadsheets are uniquely named columns and structured differently. However, formatting and column structures will always be consistent, as they are determined by the third party vendor (see attached sample Daily Admin List A and B for format and column structure).It is important to note that data for a particular day for Admin List Type A, for example, will arrive in separate files based on predetermined regions. This means that the complete Daily Admin List for A will be spread between multiple files each day. User’s will and should be able to select which regions they wish to compare their own Client List data to.NOTE: the Daily Admin List A and B will always come in the same format and structure as it is owned and published by a third party. Mechanics:The Daily Admin Lists should be matched to each User’s Client List each day in a fast and efficient manner. All data should be secure (bank grade security, if possible). All matches and notifications should contain accurate data. Notification should be flexible and allow Admin as well as Users to adjust what all going into the match notifications to Users.Please carefully read the information attached for details and specifications before bidding...

  • $2500 USD Dec 31, 2013

    Need some custom coding done for a specific project.

  • $5412 USD Dec 15, 2013

    Requirements:- Assembly for reading the files and to understand what you need to correct- MSSQL knowledge for editing or fixing database tables/stored procedures- some decent programming language to build new modules or some modifications to the exisiting moduleswith asm (can&quot;t say how much needs to be edited)- some big parts that are missing, you need to emulate themProject:It is a 3D online game, size about 4GB.There is more versions of this game, we have the old version 100% fully working (Server + Client).We have new version also, new client 100% working, but new server files need some decent modifications (We are not able to login now, more problems might come later).We have database backup for new version of this game also, but can&quot;t say how much must be modified (Probably some stored procedures must be modified to fix login).More modifications must be done later, after we will be able to get online in game, like: adding new characters, dungeons.We have a fully working test server PC, which you can use for testing/fixing. We are looking for fast, professional people with good experience.

  • $824 USD Dec 14, 2013

    I&quot;m looking for someone with Geo-location and Geo-fencing experience. I want to develop a mobile app (Apple), for use that will allow me to draw a Geo Fence around an area and send a message to all the people using the mobile app at that time and within the Geo fence area. Willing to answer more questions if necessary.

  • $29 USD/hr Dec 14, 2013

    Hey Matt is this you? Are you a slut cumwhore? So hot. This pic really gets me hard.

  • $1237 USD Dec 13, 2013

    We need you to evaluate our design schema and design wireframe/web pages for the project.Our schema consists of the following:1) HTML page design via dragging and dropping elements on page for Blog/Site- Detailed page elements and description provided for placing image, text, sliders, map, menu, buttons etc (using ready made code- samples provided)- includes incorporating elements that use scripts bought from codecanyon- Includes incorporating templates which user can select and modify (template samples provided)2) Forms- includes incorporating form fields using drag drop elements described above- Form elements include tables, drop down menus, input field etc - description and samples provided.3) Email signature- This uses HTML page design to design email signatures- Includes incorporating email signature Templates (signature samples provided as images)- Includes incorporating email Newsletters Templates (some templates provided)- email signature is inserted in email and sent to recipient- email campaign management using ready made code which may need some modification4) Shopping cart - includes adding shopping cart and feature for displaying sale items (template samples provided)- Advise & sourcing a shopping cart code that can be implemented5) Booking System- Integration of Booking system using ready made code (Code provided, however you may advise using another code)6) Messaging System- Online messaging and appointment system (description and details provided) with chat using ready made code (code provided, however you may advise using another code)This is the design stage (coding is not required at this stage), we need a quote. Based on your quotation we will provide a design scheme after signing a NDA.

  • $1546 USD Dec 13, 2013

    Multiple Objects tracking and blur, or cover with colour, in live streaming.The filter/programm must have rtmp input and output.Possibility of filter/programm to be fully customized every time on my needs with interface/panel.(Example : 1. object : input: box with dimensions 5x4 colour black with a logo inside, output: blur or change to colour white 2. object : input: car with dimensions 6x6 colour blue, output: blur )Detection of object must be fast and not make problems to original stream.Stop/start/info of stream-options.All programms for this project must be installed by freelancer as I m not expert.I can provide dedicated server with linux whatever os you need , for setup after agreement and demo.Provide me another solution if opencv/ffmpeg cant do the work.

  • $3092 USD Dec 12, 2013

    The concept of the Franchise should be based on the Strong brand and values.•Concept Definition•Interiors concept•Interiors Specifications•Design AdaptationYou shall work on the interiors concept and shall produce 3D renderings and design drawings that shall suffice to understand the concept design.There will be on going presentations during the product creation phases. Once each phase is approved, you will proceed into further development.1 Concept DefinitionDefinition of the outlet concept. Consideration of our menus to match theme. Determination of basic interiors brief.2. Concept Design CreationThis chapter should include Interiors Concept Design and Specifications for all the materials, finishes, fixtures and furniture to be use in CAFE, Please note that all drawings are based on an imaginary space, which will be adapted later to specific locations.2.1 Interior Design Concept.Concept design creation of a “standard” space of 150-250 square meters.Verification of all proposed designs to be made not only aesthetically pleasant but also operationally efficient.

  • $824 USD Dec 12, 2013

    I need a website like eBay where users can create accounts and sell just like eBay. However I also need a personal system just like PayPal. However it will use Bitcoin. So basically they send Bitcoins to my address and they will receive it on their website virtual money which can be transferred to a account but cannot be withdrawn. Please only message if you know what Bitcoin is and can do this project and understand and communicate well. If you reply with a automated message, YOUR BID WILL BE DELETED.

  • $1855 USD Dec 10, 2013

    I need someone who can develop an android app that can be used to meet people and supports flirting, messaging, photos, comments, gifts, etc.the app will include but wont be limited.1.GPS functions for finding the users location.2. creating profiles3.uploading photos4.sending and receiving messages5. sending flirty comments6. sending virtual gifts7. be able to search other users based on location, age, gender, and users preferences

  • $5876 USD Dec 9, 2013

    Hi,We currently have a website and require it to be redesigned: would be looking at a website along the grounds of: www.doctoroz.comAs a basic outline the website will require:- Both desktop and mobile versions (in particular for iPhone)- Online booking platform for patient appointments- Facebook feed integration- Facebook like- Twitter Integration- Separate Username and Password portion of website- General Information TabsThe website would not hold as much data or be as complex as the website.I trust this information provides you with a framework of what we are after.I look forward to discussing this project with you further shortly.Kind Regards,Rex Medical

  • $1494 AUD Dec 9, 2013

    We would like to build a world class website that can capture orders online and pay by credit card and calculate shipping.

  • $2268 USD Dec 9, 2013

    I need someone who can build a soccer betting website similar to Bidders MUST submit a standard features of what they can do and also similar sports website done by them.below are the few features i think the website should have:Back-end: * Risk management - to secure you profits. * Front end features - advantages of user friendly interface. * Back end features - advantages of back end friendly interface. * Content management - control all information pages. * User management - monitor all users activities. * Staff management - add your staff for website control. * Events management - created unique events for user to bet on. * Results management - add results for finished events. * Marketing - use marketing tools for website promotions. * Settings - configurate all settings of your website. * Feed - get all events and odds automaticly straight away to your website. * Reports - download and check your results with reports option.Front-end: * Check tickets history. * Deposit money. * Print your ticket. * Request withdraw (money front). * Check and amend personal information. * Set odds type (decimal, fraction, american). * Set time zone. * Change interface language. * Check balance. * Place single or multi betting ticket. * Use promotion code. * Change password. * Register on website. * Restore lost password using email. * Navigate in website information pages.I do not have experience with sports betting, so project Bidders MUST submit a standard features and also similar sports website done by them.If not, don&quot;t bid because the project will not be awarded to you.thanks

  • $1649 USD Dec 8, 2013

    Hello every one . Thank you so much to looking my project.I love to have an online program which will be installed to my computer ( which will be the server of the program )The program will be really simple I have scooters 1-50 and we rent them out for 1/2 hour 1/hour 15 minutes and all day pleas look up on booking ( it will help you to understand the cashier system )I will like to send you some half way project which you can look up on ( if is still running there.1. wee need to have a number pad 0-50 and we use touch screen desk top computer ( which my worker uses ) The costumer come to the store and like to rent a scooter my guy just press the scooter number and press out than the system write on the screen ! : # 4 out 10:30 time ......... change ......... pay ......... Then the number pad will change to red ( all the scooter which out the number will be reed)2. we need some buttons : OUT. CANCEL,CHANGE, PAY, DISCOUNT, OPENING, CLOSING, * PRESS #1 PRESS OUT = THE SCREEN WILL TYPE : #1 OUT 10:30 TIME........ CHANGE......PAY....... TIME :WILL KEEP RASING AFTER THE TIME PASS IS BY ( MINIMUM 1/2 OR 1HOUR OR 15 MINUTES ) IT BASICALLY STARTS FROM 1/2 UNTIL THE SCOOTER HAVE BE RETURNED.3. When the scooter returning the worker press is pay than the system will complete the line like this :#1OUT 10:30 TIME 2 HOUR CHANGE........ PAY $36 THE PRICE RAITES I= 1 HOUR =$18 II=1/2 HOUR =$10 III =15 MINUTES =$5 IIII = ALL DAY = $97 ALSO WHEN THE SCOOTER HAVE BEEN RETURNED WILL PRINT THE RECIPT WITH MY RECIPT PRINTER: the screen must shows all 50 lines in same time and it will be work automatically the worker must uses scoter # , out , cancel, change, open ,close. THE WORKER DO NOT TIPING PRESSING SCUTER # 0-50 AND OUT AND THE SCOTER RETURN PRES PAY THE SYTEM PRINT A RECIPT AND THE SCOOTER NUMBER COLOS TURN TO BLUE ( WHAN THE SCOTER IS OUT THE COLOR WILL BE RED)5. Opening ( the worker press opening the system will record when did he opened the store!6. Closing ( the system should add all the 1/2 1 hour 15 minutes together and will print : date time for closing total amount and rides PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONSI WILL AD SOME PICTURES TO HELP YOU OUT THANK YOU FOR LOOKING TO MY AD AND WE WILL GIVE NICE BONUCE FOR THE PERSON WHO COMPLETE THIS SIMPLE PROJECT.SINCE THE PROGRAM 1/2 WAY IS READY THE LAST PERSON GIVE UP ON BEFORE COMPLETE WE ALL READY SPENT 2 TIMES $120 WHIT DIFFERENT MEMBERS WE WELL PAY !!!!!!!!!!ONLY WHEN THE PROGRAM IS COMPLETED AND 100% DELIVERED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING YOU JUST NEED TO PUT THE OTHER 1/2 WICH IS MISSING!

  • $30 USD/hr Dec 5, 2013

    We need to update a webservice. The webservice will deliver a XML file which is downloaded into SQL on the customers end. The preliminary part of the XML is done. We currently have a webservice but it needs to be tested and ALL security REMOVED. The client was having difficulty dealing with the security. The update of the webservice with the XML is an needed ASAP. However, this is an ongoing project and eventually we will need to embed image files into the XML.

  • $1288 USD Dec 3, 2013

    general archiving system , on website archive document via scan ,email, MS Word Doc. with index to retrieve doc. ability to work with Arabic Language or Open to modify .

  • $1494 USD Dec 3, 2013

    We receive 100,000 physical USA based names and addresses per month. We wish to get a piece of software written written that can spider the internet for the related email addresses. We fully understand that there will be some quality issues although we would like these errors minimized.

  • $2577 USD Nov 27, 2013

    Dear Sir/Madam, We are a Swedish company that has developed a hot air recycling unit in Guangdong, China. This unit recycles the indoor hot air with outdoor fresh air and filters it as it comes back into the house. The company that produce the physical part of this product is not sufficient in C or Android programming and its up to us as a project supervisor to find a suitable freelancer with previous skills in C and Android, and hopefully in the ventilation business. We want to run this unit remotely through an app on a smartphone to the unit wirelessly. 98% of this programming is already done for a normal remote control function so there is already allot of logics done, but its helpful to understand the product as there are sensor attached to the unit and depending on the air level in different rooms the unit reacts differently (adjusting the airflow accordingly). We do have all the information ready to provide a better picture if you are interested. The programmer has to be on site in south China for the project time. We also suggest that this person is Chinese or fluent in mandarin in order to discuss with our supplier. Kind RegardsAlexander Svahn

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