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The BEST Unity3D, Kinect, Vuforia PRO | IOS, Android, Windows, Macos and WEB Multiplayer Developer.

Username: ProfessionalBoss

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Location: Zivinice, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  • $348.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller niederman


    11 days ago

    As usual he has done an extraordinary job , great quality and delivered well ahead of time. ProfessionalBoss is an exceptional talent.

    Project Description:I would like two camera effects, one that makes the screen wet when an object falls in water and another that makes the screen muddy when it is droppend in mud. An example of what the wet screen should...
  • $237.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller juankaranda


    Apr 18, 2014

    This guy works great, I will hire again.

    Project Description:Hi Guys, I need an application that show a 3D model since a piece of paper with a image of a ball without color, this peace of paper will be colored by a person with 5 different colors and when you...
  • $298.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller redbeardsl


    Mar 18, 2014

    second project... happy with delivery

    Project Description:Hi, I need a game very similar to the following game: I need all artwork done i will need it ready for ios, android and windows as well...
  • $720.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller NaruTasarim


    Mar 15, 2014

    Very fast professional. thank you.I'll work again.

    Project Description:Hi We need an interactive project Projects must be compatible web, android and IOS We have our 3d model and texture and we will send you (architactural and natural gas installations) We have 50 pieces...
  • €25.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller rafiraf75


    Feb 4, 2014

    just AMAZING. If i need something i know who find :) great job

    Project Description:je recherche une personne capable de me fair un petit tuto pour me permettre de crée sur un jeux 2D pour mobile un bouton qui me permettra je lancer une boule de feu avec mon personnage (donc creation...
  • $148.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller eghaconsulting


    Jan 11, 2014

    I was under pressure to finish a project, ProfessionalBoss help me complete my project and also provided different options to finish it more efficiently. Project was delivered in time and was within my budget.Highly recommended!!

    Project Description:Hello, I'm looking some help with a very simple project. I need to have a video with a 3D model of some apartment units. The apartment don't need to have any texture or any details, they can be simple squares or boxes...
  • $539.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller pvegalozano


    Jan 7, 2014

    great freelancer i highly recommend him, and i will work with him again

    Project Description:i need 6 shirts to be design in 3D i have the jpg of the shrits i need someone to make the 3d of them
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller cmilian


    Dec 31, 2013

    Very fast review and bugs fixed.

    Project Description:Review talking application
  • $1898.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller pvegalozano


    Dec 13, 2013

    great freelancer, he exceed my expectations i am really impressed and happy with the project he deliver

    Project Description:Kicking the soccer ball, this game is based on the game in the link below Using kinect camera the user my control an avatar this avatar will kick up the ball and try to keep the ball in the air without...
  • $489.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller railercorp


    Dec 4, 2013

    Good job, a real specialist

    Project Description:I need a simple demo unity3d kinect project that works with unity free version. A nice world, some sprite, touching something will cause something amazing with 3D text. Discuss the project details with me...
    ProfessionalBoss has not completed any projects.
  • $526 USD In Progress

    I"d like to have someone re-code the 3D flight system of our Unity game. Upon agreement, I will provide a sample Unity project with existing assets to work from and the existing flight system as reference. Our Unity version is Unity Pro 4.3.4. Platform is PC.This is not a realistic flight simulator, but a multiplayer flight game with simple controls. Though we will take advantage of some physics and also have an advanced control mode.DescriptionCamera viewport is 3rd person. It is positioned behind the player"s plane. As the player thrusts, turns, rises or dives, the camera should behave as if it is attached to the plane with a spring. It is not fixed but rather smoothly follows the plane as it moves. There should be a very slight camera shake at all times to make the flight experience more realistic or "movie-like" but not to a point where it annoys. This shake shall increase with steep climbs or dives or hard maneuvers.Two different control modes should be developed, Simple and Advanced.Simple controlMoving the mouse left/right, tilts the plane in either direction and performs turns without rotating the camera"s Z axis. The degree of roll (and speed of turn) depends on how far the mouse point is from the center. Camera follows but has some elasticity. As the plane turns, it feels like it is slightly pushed to the opposite side of the screen.Moving the mouse up/down, allows for full loops while also rotating the camera"s X axis.Advanced controlThe difference from simple control is that when performing a roll, the plane is rotated without actually turning. A change in pitch is then required in order to make turns. Also, the camera"s Z axis gets rotated in advanced control.In addition, Yaw is available in advanced control by using the keyboard.Additional Features- Holding a key and moving the mouse performs a camera orbit around the plane.- The plane shall lose speed while climbing, and gain speed while diving.- Throttle adjustment via the keyboard. Acceleration: When accelerating the plane distance from the camera increases up to a point. Releasing the throttle causes the plane to move back to the default position.Deceleration: When decelerating, the plane distance from the camera decreases slightly. Releasing the brakes causes the plane to move back to the default position.- Pitch, roll, yaw, camera, elasticity, etc. settings should be customizable from the Editor.Upon successful completion of this project, there will be a second phase to re-code the weapon system, shooting, targeting, etc.RequirementsExperience in Unity and C#Experience with Unity physicsKnowledge of flight systems in gamesMust be able to communicate frequently, send frequent updates and accept feedback along the wayLet me know if you have any questions,Nick

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    PLEASE READ REQUIREMENTS BEFORE BIDDING!The project description and requirements can be viewed here:

  • $315 USD In Progress

    Hello,I want a small game paper toss like game without any FAN force, game will be android touch..Just need to throw balls in multiple baskets, and add score +1No high graphics needs, you can use any dummy.i just need mockup first to assign project.

  • $600 USD In Progress

    Unity game for "ProfessionalBoss"

  • $589 USD In Progress

    I need a experienced developer team who can manage the game play and art work. Check the file i have attached

  • $700 USD In Progress

    i need soccer game in here you control your avatar and moving all the parts of your body you will try to kick and keep as many times in the air the soccer ball without touching the ground

  • $1998 USD In Progress

    Hello!We require to create a new application "Virtual Fitting room" for Kinect and install it in museum. The application has to have an ability to see yourself in one of the 5 picked costumes (I will proved 3D models of the costumes). The application has to capture user movements and display them on the screen. Also a user can take a screen shot (picture of the screen). To see the example of this application please follow the following link requirements:- Xbox Kinect (or Microsoft Kinect) support- capturing user movements in real time and displaying them on the screen- auto resizing depends on a user dimensions (height, weight)- Ability to choose one of the five costumes - Ability to take the screen shot and save it to the specified folder

  • $1500 USD In Progress

    need a game where you have to be the goalkeepr of a penalty kick simulator using kinect, this game has to be ready before april 15

  • $550 USD In Progress

    This is for the project completed "Bloons". Compatible with IOS, Android and web.

  • $1443 USD In Progress

    Hello everybody,What we"re trying to do is something like this: As you can see, the video shows a 3D character talking and reacting to people around him. As far as we know, this can be made using the avatar technology (sort of remote control of the entire character body using kinect) and augmented reality (to place him right on the stage).We will buy the Darth Vader model from here: In ths case we"re going to need to use a specific 3D model from StarWars and some little background animations. Face recognition is a must (if we don"t use Darth Vader).* The person that is using the Kinect won"t show up on the stage, so the application must be able to use a HD camera pointing to the stage and a Kinect pointing to the person doing the movements.* The 3D model should have an intro animation (example: fade in).* We don"t need the model to turn around (I mean, we don"t need the model to rotate 180º), maybe turn to the left - right (90º) would be fine so the model can "talk" with the people. * When you"re using avatar and Kinect you can see some funny bugs happen when it doesn"t track a person correctly, we need to make an animation to cover this bugs when those happen (example: fade out and fade in again).The deadline for this project is March 13th (around 20 days)We would like to work with experienced people who had used Kinect and augmented reality before.Please bid only if you have experience.Best,Carlos Marruffo

  • $578 USD Today

    need to design 3D small full Forest with many set in maya or 3dmax want to see animals home and lake a lot of trees camera will have around in set will be for part of kids show .. you will give me the full project to work on it in my office and camera test sample with low quality to show me place and we can work again for anther work like build some 3dcharacter .. tell me your price and your offer

  • $3894 USD Today

    I am creating an e learning course to train insurance adjusters and I would like to have 3d animated scenes of scenarios for different perils. There will be a total of 5 scenarios/clips each last about 30 secs long.For Ex: A house with trees, landscaping, driveway, etc... showing high winds blowing the trees, debris flying etc... then finally shingles flying loose? Sound of high winds.Maybe with a voice over saying \" High wind gusts whipped through the Columbus, Ohio area early one morning causing damage to the Smith roof?I have a 360 page workbook that supplements a class I teach. The class is teaching students how to Sketch house floor plans, roofs, etc... and estimate the damages with this software. The workbook has many scenarios such as the one above. There are different scenarios such as water damage to a bathroom floor and vanity due to leaky toilet valve, a small kitchen fire damaging cabinets, and countertops, etc.... I would like to create a 3d animation for each scenario above and possibly more. There are also some scenarios for office buildings, etc....I would also like to have these scenes be interactive so i can have the student measure things like countertops, cabinets, floor area, etc...Be able to rotate the room to see all four walls, ceiling, and floor.I can provide screensots of rooms within the software, roofs, etc...Hopefully this gives enough info for a quote but if not let me know. I can provide the info you need. The budget below is just a guide

  • $1184 SGD Yesterday

    Drag and drop of furniture assets to an empty cg floor plan. Options to change color of walls. A virtual walk thru of the finalise interior. A high resolution render of a single frame for output.

  • £526 GBP Yesterday

    need excellent designer who already have 4years experience in 3d max maya will pay you good amount plz show me your skill need full time designer or team

  • $147 USD Yesterday

    Hi , I need a small 3d animation for my mobile Game in .FBX format as the game is in Unity3D.NOTE: Its a small work so please dont bid high otherwise bids will be rejected.Thanks

  • $136 USD Yesterday

    We are an established, small company that is getting into the mobile gaming aspect.Our early projects are using plenty of pre-packaged art, but there are a few things we need custom work on.The first need is a low-poly cartoon dog, somewhere in the 500-1500 range, oversized head, small "yappy" ankle-biter breed. This will be followed by more...

  • $526 AUD 2 days ago

    We are total security insurance brokers ltd and we would want a short animation commercials. for advertise insurance products

  • $947 USD 2 days ago

    NO CHINESE PLEASE!!!This job is a mini-game designed for kids, following the graphic directions and visual as specified in the flowcharts to be handled to the supplier. The game need to be done using Unity3D with Web Player, to be integrated with our platform. The game should be able to run as independent executable file besides within the web player. The executable file should also be part of the deliverables together with the source code. Text and sound of the game should be configurable so that we have flexibility to change both without having to alter programmactically and rebuild. The integration requirements will be provided. We are going to send, a document package for each game, containing:- GDD (Game Design Document)- ArtOrder (just for illustrate the screens)- Flow Document (Showing all screens and the flow)- System Manual (For Integration with the game platform)- Art Manual (Specifying the sizes, aspects and all about the arts)also we are gonna need the source code, for further changes. The game is a simple mini-game and we need it done in seven days. If all goes well, we can order new games.Needed skills: Desenvolvimento de Jogos, Unity 3DDeadline - 3 DAYS...

  • $31 AUD/hr 2 days ago

    We require the long term relationship of a dedicated team of developers to bring to life our AR iOS & Android app.You must have experience working with Augmented Reality apps in the Architecture industry, showcasing 3D floor plans etc.App has partially been coded, we need someone to take existing design and functionality and breath new life into it.More details and storyboard will be shown to successful candidate.Thanks.

  • [Sealed] 2 days ago

    Hello!We have several unity assets (URL list below) that we want to mix together into a unique looking tower defense-style game that will insert into our pre-built WP/WooCommerse iOS app. We require a first level (endless waves) to be created to show a working proof of concept.We"re looking for a Sci-Fi Tower Defense Game using a Unity Asset (!/content/3933) as a starting point (if possible) and want to re-skin/re-model the whole example for Sci-Fi using our already existing main character. Most assets will need to be created by you as we only have character models / rigging, everything else will either need to be created or purchased from Unity Asset store and modified. We require the Vuforia SDK Smart Terrain feature to the game to create unique enemy unit paths based off of how players layout and create the level. The game should load a default enemy path if player doesn"t use Smart Terrain feature. VIDEO EXAMPLE: ( )We"re looking to use all the features the Tower Defense template provides and require a full re-skin to make the game have a fun and unique feel to our brand as the age range we"re targeting is 4 - 14.This project is going to be created in tandem with our iOS app development which this will merge into once completed. It will be the unity asset that loads after a specific marker is scanned in our iOS app to load the game.Once the game passes our testing, we will provide the full Unity License key for publishing into our iOS app.If you have any project questions please don"t hesitate to post them on the Clarification board.Pre-Purchased Unity Assets for Project:-> 3D Tower Defense Kit (!/content/3933 )-> NGUI (Required by 3D TDK) (!/content/2413 )-> WordPress User Login Kit (!/content/15766 )-> WordPress User Data (!/content/16827 )

  • [Sealed] 2 days ago

    I would like to have an animation of a guy for an endless runner iOSHe must runs, jump, slide, go left and right, throw stones at enemies. idle and dies. The guy will not be ring therefore you will have to ring it and you will provide the character. A second part of the job will be doing3 different type of bridges, 3 different types of towers 3 different types of fences3 different type walls 3 different types of treesrocks of different dimensions

  • $9463 AUD 4 days ago

    Can be built in any engine you like (preferably Unity or anything iOS)Build a Strategy City Builder similar to: can be provided it is mainly the source code we are after.

  • £1184 GBP 6 days ago

    I require a graphics application which will allow the user to draw, add text in a bubble font or convert a photo into a black and white filtered image.Crucially the completed image must be sized to fit into a 8.5cm x 12.5cm window and should be displayed in mirror image. I have included a rough image of how the app may appear as an example only, also I have included a photograph and an example of how it should look post process (This is similar to the "STAMP" effect in photoshop.

  • $178 USD 7 days ago

    Android Augmented Realityi want import 10 picture "company logo" and when phone camera see this logo on street show text on display

  • $5263 USD 8 days ago

    I want to convert my English lessons in to a video lesson for my new LMS.

  • kr3368 SEK 8 days ago

    HiWe need a person who can make arround 10-100 3D pictures per month. Each model whould have 4 different views.

  • $526 USD 9 days ago

    I need to animate my logo for a commercial.

  • $2842 USD 9 days ago

    NeedMy company needs a clothing customizer application similar to spreadshirt.comUnique FeaturesThis application will be similar to spreadshirt, but will include some extra functionality: 1.Import/Export JSON – Users can export a customized product to json2.Additionally most product customizers allow users to add many ‘layers’ to a product. Typically users can add 2 types of layers, text and images. This app needs 3 additional layer ‘types’:a.Mask Layers – we need to be able to apply multiple opacity masks to the productb.Color layers – We need to be able to apply multiple ‘color overlay’ layers to the product c.Clipart – Users can add picture layers from a pre-defined gallery of imagesTechnologyThis app will be built with jquery and CanJSScopeWe only need a ui customizer application – we do not the website around it. I will integrate this app into our existing websiteI do not need any remote server or /database persistence, this is for a ui client only. High-level Requirements1.Add/Edit 5 types of layers. Images, Clipart, Text, Mask, and Fill2.Move, rotate, and Scale the first 3 layer types 3.undo/redo – User can undo up to 20 steps back.4.UIa.Layer Editor - Enables user to edit the current layerb.Layer-specific editors for all layer types c.Layer List - Shows users all the layers in a product. BiddingI am looking for service providers that have experience building clothing customizers.Highlight any previous (non-flash) clothing customizer projects that you have worked on.Also let us know if you have worked with CanJS.I will send a full spec to shortlisted bidders. To help you estimate your bid, there are 40 formal requirements. Thank you for your considerationGood luck

  • $2736 USD 9 days ago

    Real Time Hack n" Slash 1v1 Multiplayer GameI am looking for a passionate and dedicated game developer for the following project. All of the game graphics and menus will be provided.Game Concept:This game will be an online 1 vs 1, 2D Zelda style multiplayer action game, played in the web browser. The game movement and attacking system will work the same as this: will each start on opposing sides of the game board, locked in position, and a timer will count down from 5 before the game starts. Once the timer reaches 0, the word "Fight!" appears and the 2 players are free to move and attack each other. Players have 10 hit points, and each time a player gets hit they lose 1. If a player reaches 0 hit points they are destroyed and they lose the match.Player names will be displayed below each player character.Game Controls:The players move with the arrow keys and can attack with their sword using the "S" key or Spacebar.Game Menus:Login: Username, Password, Forgot Password, Remember MeRegister: Username, Password, Confirm Password, EmailMain Menu: Displays a game browser list consisting of 4 different game rooms. Players can join a game room by clicking the Join and Spectate buttons.Join - Queues the player up in the room to fight rooms against other queued opponentsSpectate - Puts the player in the game room to watch the fights.Game Room: The game room consists of an arena box where two opposing characters will fight each other. As well as an area for spectators below the arena box where they can stand and watch. Losing a match kicks the player out of the arena, but not the game room. Losers become spectators and will have to click the Queue button to join the arena queue again to fight. Each game room has a Chat Box and chat text appears above players heads.Thanks and happy bidding.Regards,Adrian

  • $842 USD 10 days ago

    I have already bought:!/content/12028 - For 3D models and environment!/content/8131 - For IN GAME MINECRAFT STYLE environment changing and interaction!/content/368 - For easier scripting in Unity. With these assets I want to create a demo game for a kickstarter campaign. The user will be able to explore the world, cut down trees, gather rocks and clay and build own house using clay as glue and rock and wood as the main building materials. I also want a day and night system which I have bought the asset for as well and mobile touch UI which I also already bought the asset for. We are a game development company that works on various games. This is our own personal in house game which can lead into a full time outsource job if it works well on other projects.

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