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  • $34 USD Mar 30, 2013

    We want to iphone and ipad aplication for Baby Monitoring and Baby Alarm over network.We want all source for visual work and software (psd,png,fonts,libraries ...)Requirements :- Software interface look modern and professional.- Must be work on iphone 3GS, 4, 4S, iPhone 5 and Ipad, Ipad 2, New Ipad- Software supports iOS 4.3 and later- Supports the Retina Display on iPhone 4 (S) and iPod touch 4th gen (2x images)- Software language must be in Xcode- Little material will be provided, most has to be developed by developer- User Interface must support Two Language English and Turkish. Turkish Translation will be given. Language interfaces must be automatically set by using iphone regional settings. Program interface details attached.

  • $750 USD Mar 25, 2013

    Hello,Please I wanted to know if you can replicate an android app on google play called Fruit Juice Maker for a brand that’s launching a fruit flavoured drink. inserting the brands image and theme in the game. It"s going to be used for launch of the fruit drink on the 29th of March. Target - 3yrs and above.Platform is android. Basically i"d like the fruits used to make the flavoured powdered drink included or a satchet of drink is poured into a jug and mixed with water and other ingredient used to make the drink. Also extras can be added to decorate the fruit drink. The sound of drinking has to be increased for effects. Will also push brand"s ads via the app. The idea of the game would be to mix the different flavours to make a cocktail.1. The images of the Tang 3 flavours will replace the fruits2. User selects his flavour and the powder is poured inside a jug (no blender)3. User selects Water which fills the glass4. User selects a Big spoon to stir the drink5. User selects Vitamins A, B, C to add in the drink6. User selects glass7. User selects either extra, wallpaper and toppings8. Timer should be set for mixing the drink 60 seconds9.When it’s time to drink appear, a text will follow eg "Super Mixer" or "You got game" depending on how fast the user mixes his drink10. Now the picture of the cocktail and the text that follows for the particular user should be updated on the brand"s facebook page once the user clicks on share. Eg. John just mixed a Tang drink within 20 seconds. You are a Super Mixer.Will send the real text when i get them from client.All brand images will also be inserted and music as well.Please send me an idea of cost and will want you to start development today once I give you the go ahead. Deadline is Thursday 28th. You also have to deliver the apk with source codes.

  • $250 USD Mar 21, 2013

    I am a designer looking for an iOS developer partener. I have an iOS app concept that can be very popular. The project on which we"ll be working will be similar to this I know the budget is not much, that"s why the programmer of this app will have percentage from sales. Will be a free app, but will have some features that the user needs to buy.All GUI will be provided by me.

  • $100 USD Feb 14, 2012

    Need a coder to figure out how sound click dot com is calculating their music charts on the backend, its based on views but they are somehow able to detect all "Views increasers" and ignore all artificial hits.The views increasers do increase the plays actual numbers but if those plays don"t follow their "Unknown" method of detection, they don"t raise your songs position in the charts.Here are some known facts:1- each MP3 play needs to be from a unique IP.2- Each IP is only counted towards 1 play. (Duplicate plays are discounted)3- Charts are calculated at midnight (GMT -5).4- Downloads per unique IP are also counted towards the charts.5- Plays from "External-outside of the site" users have less weight then users who play within the site.They may be using REFERRER or FLASH COOKIES.Or they may be basing it on the amount of time the MP3 is played.Coder will be provided with an account for daily testing, coder will need a source of free or private proxies for such testing. I expect coder to provide "recreate-able proof" of his/her findings and document a solution. This will take the coder a few days of experimenting as you have to wait until around 1am (gmt -5) to see if the tested song has raised in the charts.There are several users on sound click currently cheating by artificially inflating their hits and staying in the #1 spot for weeks at a time, so it certainly can be done. Hi, can you do this? Thank you My Email is

  • $1500 USD May 29, 2010

    I need an app programmed for a client.The app is a catalog of their product line. The catalog will be photos of their line. The line is categorized and each category will need to have its own section. I also would like to have a grid view so that I can choose to browse by product name, or by a grid of images.App will need to be programmed using HTML/JS for future updates and preferably done in phonegap. I have a conceptual webapp if you need to look at it to accurately quote. Here is a skeleton of how I would like to have the app laid out:Home screen:>Textures by name>Textures by image>Trendbook>Newest Textures>About SappiTextures by name (this will be an analog of what I provided)>Ultracast Fine Textures>Ultracast Medium Texturesetc..Texture pages:>Texture image (with ability to pinch zoom)> detail imageTextures by image:>Ultracast Fine Textures>Ultracast Medium Texturesetc..Texture image grid (by category -- fine, medium… etc)>takes you to texture page view aboveTrendbook Screen>Fall/Winter 2010 Trend>Fall/Winter 2010 Colors>Fall/Winter 2010 TexturesFall/Winter 2010 Trend>takes you to swappable array of imagesFall/Winter 2010 colors>takes you to swappable array of imagesFall/Winter 2010 Trend>list of texture names>texture pages (pinch zoom and detail)

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