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Freelancer is a professional business for all kind of expert! Thanks
- durdesh
I'm changed from a villager to being respected and well since I am came to the city from my village to learn something and earn some money. But I am not very old, so my friend just told me that you should work on freelancer here no type of age and work problems. That's why I joined freelancer on Oct 29, 2012 and now after 2 years I'm doing very well here, earnings are very good here and now I have much respect among my friends and family members. No tension of expenses. Thanks freelancer for everything!
- Dreamofdesigners
I am Bangladeshi. Freelancer made me experienced, gave me independence and financial security.
- archmamun, 3darts
My life is more interesting since I joined freelancer.com. I have more time to do what I love. I work with many people around the world and feel more confident about my ability. This site is my dream come true. Thank you, freelancer.
- tuanquachhp
Good for indoor work and extra safe guaranteed money
- phadnis, M/S. N.S. PHADNIS
This is very amazing and nice platform for all freelancers of the world, I'm happy can work on this :)
- chanmack, MACK STUDIO
I never thought I would be able to earn money through my designs. Thank you Freelancer.com!
- sabbir92, ideaz_sabbir
It has made my life, consider these words not just words, i have been working for 16 months, I achieved what people may not achieve in 5 years, and it's thanks to Freelancer.
- TypingxpertRehan
Helped me make a living as I was dealing with social anxiety and couldn't get a job.
- skbirdi, Ribid Studios
Freelancer.com is the best way to earn money and get the best reputation!
- emifloyd, Freelance Illustrator/Artist
Freelance is a very good site for freelancers.
- EHabib930, -
Freelancer gave me the opportunity to solve problems, create, think, learn and learn more and keep learning. I feel great that Freelancer was what I have always wished and now it's happened to transcend individuals to what they really can do. I really appreciate your existence Freelancer.com.
- ahmadmostofi
Freelancer is a great platform to create a popular career. Freelancer give me freedom in work and career. Thanks Freelancer.com :)
- razibatpara, Netrokona ICT LIMITED.
Freelancer is a great website that I can learn while I earning money.
- rooterdz, Athmane Bengharbi
Just changed my life .. you rock .. thanks freelancer.com, thank you very much!!
- chandankandar007, JBS SOLUTIONS
Almost 7 years with freelancer and this site has helped me have a house and feed my two kids. Now I have a future vision and now I can really relax on what future will bring tomorrow. With the good and bad Freelancer has given me a better life. Thank you.
- johnjara
Freelancer gave me the independence to be me and the power to believe in my abilities. Thanks again!!
- DExsearch, DExsearch
Thanks! Freelancer for everything. There's a way to make money online, it is Freelancer.com..
- amiablege, ASRHouse
Feeling bored: rejuvenate yourself with Freelancer.com
- javidfarooqi, Freelancer
Thanks a lot very good site!
- rabiahamed, Group company
I had a dream to work online.. but I got many frauds on the web and I decided to never think again of online work. One year I googled and I found freelancer.com. Since then I'm standing on my legs without to beg money from anyone. Freelancer fulfilled my dreams ... Thank u so much.
- mirniyazuddin92, Taj_Consulting
Freelancer is the best thing happened in my life, my life has changed totally, I am thankful for it!
- TypingxpertRehan
I feel why i did join so late but still happy with this ....
- shashankkani
I can see a secure and safe future in front of me! Thanks freelancer!
- Reason99, Alpha Graphics
Freelancer.com the best site I have ever worked with. Gave me a stable income!
- best99, best99
Freelancer gave me a way to fly to the height of the sky, That was a good time that I joined the freelancer community and do what I want just blessing by super doper platform. NOW I have a better life and gonna touch to the Galaxy height hahaha, thank you Freelancer.com thanks a lot. You are really awesome!
- nabeels, Nsofts
Its a story of complete transformation of a guy who wasn't able to bear his personal expenditures to a guy who is an entrepreneur and has 2 offices in 2 cities of Pakistan and generating employment opportunities for others on consistent basis. The journey of an individual with empty pockets and becoming CEO of A2Z Research Consultants could have been possible without Freelancer.come. Thanks to you Matt!! STAY CALM AND KEEP FREELANCING..............
- geologistt
Freelancer gave me a new identity and the confidence that I can stand alone and make a difference.
- ayesu24, www.facebook.com/ayesu24
Great site where we can learn more and earn easy...:-) Thank you freelancer
- globalsquares, Globalsquares
Freelancer gave me the independence to be me and the power to believe in my abilities. Thanks again!!!
- asarfraz, Freelancer
I never thought I would be able to earn money through my designs. Thank you Freelancer.com!
- thirdricohermoso
Hi, nI'm a student at a university in VietNam, Freelancer website is very interesting, it help me to extra my income and pay my tuition. nThanks...
- mtuan0111, University of Information Technology
Giving me opportunity to learn and improve my skills.
- ravenchinamman
Thanks for the great site where we can learn more and earn easy...:-)
- srikanthsarla
Freelancer is a great place to start a great career, Thanks Freelancer.com :)
- InnovativeCorner
Wow!! That's Great. Happy Birthday!!
- rmbiplob, Experts IT Solution
I just want to say one thing. Freelancer.com has changed my life. Thanks alot for that :)
- faizan101010
Freelancer helps me in my business and can be an useful and powerful tool if you understand how it works.
- logicbz
There's a way to make money online, it is Freelancer.com... Thanks! Freelancer for everything and happy birthday to you...
- andrewco, Proarticulos
A good place the develop your skills and get rewarded for it.
- ilioX
So far, you've been a haven. Thanks and congrats, dear Freelancer.com.
- genuinescripts, GenuineScripts Services
almost 7 years with freelancer and this help me have a house and feed my 2 kids. Now i have a future vision and now i can really relax on what future will bring tomorrow . With good and bad's Freelancer give me a better life. Thank you.
- madeureka
A fabulous platform to get recognize your professional expertise, internationally. I am very happy being part of freelancer.com. Congrats to ALL freelancer.com family to have 9 million members.
- techguru91
I just started using freelancer.com and it is my honour using a site with so much opportunity. PROUD TO BE A FREELANCER!!!
- rzoro1
Beside that freelancer gives you the opportunity to earn money , it make you feel more confident about yourself and your work , also allows you to improve your skills and communication and most important, being a part of a wonderful multicultural family , that is the true spirit of freelancer.com ,thank you freelancer :)
- KhalfiOussama
Freelancer means a lot to me.nI got to know about freelancer one day and that day I got a rebirth :)nThanks For My first Paycheck and congratulations for completing 9 million users .. KEEP PROGRESSING :) :)
- vasuchawla
started off my freelancing career online thanks to Freelancer.com and it actually helped me to earn enough cash to settle of a loan which I had taken from a cousin of mine for my higher studies. Now I am focussing on improving my freelancer profile and start my own business by getting clients through this site
- Yoosuf009
Congratulations on 9,000,000 users! I want to say thank you for the opportunities you give all of us each day. Each person has their own story and reason for being a Freelancer, and in my case, you've give me the chance to earn enough to not only pay off my student loans, but make my dream of moving to Boston a reality. Freelancer has also provided me with practice and the experience needed to work in my dream job, so I can't say thank you enough for all you've done to me! Whenever my friends or even strangers see me working on the site and ask what it is, I can't say enough good things about you guys! You've given me hope and a chance for me to make my dreams come true! Thank you!
- arielannette
Thank you Freelancer.com, the best site to start your career
- xcerlow
Congratulations on a huge subscriber base, here's to the growing success and future of freelancer.com! Ps. Your redesign is sensational, bravo.
- bnwebdesign
Too many experience to tell, I could write a book of my entire life working as a freelancer in Freelancer.com. I am grateful to be part of this community.
- danielgpratidya
Freelancer means FREEDOM to me. Freedom to work from anywhere anytime. Freedom from space and time constraints as in a typical work life. I left my 9 to 5 job and became a full time freelancer and i love being my own boss. Freelancing changed my life and freelancer.com provided me that platform. Thank You Freelancer.
- waqar42
The fun of freelancing begins with freelancer.com. I hope i can work here my whole life....
- tbproject, Tbproject
This is the best site I have ever worked with. Gave me a stable income, and total job satisfaction with flexible hours. Thanks freelancer.com!
- privatewrites, Independent Freelance Writer
Freelancer is the best marketplace of outsourcing.
- mira298, Bttranscription
GAF change my life! I want to thank you for giving bread to me.
- tatanh1983, Beestaff Ltd
Thanks for making me an earning person, in just 18 years of age... :)
- sankalp
Best Outsourcing Website In World... Ayaz Gul, .Net Developer
- ayazgul
"Great place for a great future"-Shani
- shani252
Thank you for an excellent opportunity provided for freelancer. We love to work with marketplace and all the services provided by freelancer. Hexamilesoft, Objectszone
- hexamilesoft, Hexamilesoft
Great place where people meet opportunities. Kudos to the team behind this. Hoping to be a part of this great site for a long time. Ben
- ITFreelancer77, Freelance
Thank you for an great site!
- bciric, CiraSoft
Happy Birthday Freelancer.com I got my first freelancing project from your site.
- jawadakr, Web Sys Dynamics
Freelancer.com is doing great work by providing jobs to the freelancers. Wishing happy birthday to freelancer.com team. Hanief Manzoor Dar
- freelanceraka, IT Experts
A great site to choose a variety of freelance work. More power!!
- databits, Student
Cool!! Happy Birthday!! :))
- truthtrust
This site is amazing!! I cannot believe the amount of projects that get posted.
- chahargurdeep1
Happy Birthday!
- alexwhughes
Very nice place, many experts, many opportunities
- kevinxiaozi, KevinXiaozi
Happy Birthday
- uzairah, Generic Engineering
Happy birthday ! Great website, great management. Overall ... good job!
- oDin16, Odin Suta
This is a great site and I'm sure that the birthday will go in multi digit.
- vatzcar
happy birthday.. to you
- anilravrani, Truesys
Happy Birthday and thank you for creating this platform that gives us no limitations to time or location..
- mosesokello, M H Solutions
Great Business Partner in all the terms!!
- littlemaster2706, Little Master
May freelancer live long...!!!
No any other like freelancer, Happy Birthday
- sethvkumar, psdtoxhtml
"THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- seogroup1985, indianwebservice.com
Freelancer.com has helped me generate extra income to support my family in hard times... Thank you freelancer.com!
- MinhaalAaser
Great!!! Happy Birthday
- xspydarex, Nemesis
"I love freelancer!" THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - SpecificMedia!
- SpecificMedia, Specific Media
"Great way to help people- keep up the good work"
- jemy31
Number 1 ;) Happy Birthday :) I wish I would have discovered earlier.
- istanBLu3, Mercan
Happy birthday to a great site which gave a perfect start to my business. I was not visiting this site for past year but they have made a lot of changes will definitely resume. Thank you Freelancer aka Getafreelancer :)
- Atiphsaeed, Nemesis Soft
The best site for Freelancers!!! THANX!!!
- ibras, Ibrohim
Habby birthday to all Freelancers! Keep up the good work, and make it to the top next year :D
- KMZ, GraphicManiacs
Happy birthday!
- xaviermedia
Freelancer.com is a boon for the employee as well as the employer!
- udayavilas
GAF is a miracle website which turns my life wonderful and colourful. It has lots of workers and work. Thanks for the excellent site!!!! love it.........
- tina2020
It is my 1st experience on this site & I found that its the only site from millions on which you get actual work and get paid. Nice job freelancer team.!I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'll spread your site among all my friends.
- mansoorwaqas, Heat_Sink
"Freelancer.com" is a lovely & glorious place to all. Many people are established here.This is also a meeting place to known and unknown people. So it is also a social site.Best of luck "Freelancer.com" By "afiat88"
- afiat88, Softzonz IT
Freelancer.com helped me to get extra income while at home. I am a person who doesnt' want to stay idle. I work as a game programmer and I have lots of spare time after office hours and weekends. Freelancer.com helped me to earn more income to enjoy my life. This is the most trustworthy and easy way to get a job and get paid. Thank you for all the services you provide!
- Hacle
GAF is the best website in the internet with real jobs and no scams. I have been long trying to work from home online but all seemed to be scams. Than I got this site after which I never looked back. Wonderful and really really the best working place.
- moumitadas2222
freelancer.com is the best i have known.
- jeankenz
Wow.... Freelancer.com... You have certainly outdone yourself. Freelancer.com helped me to decide whether to work at home or in the office. I finally quit my job and am working full time as a Freelancer because of you guys. You keep income coming in to maintain my lifestyle and I have found not only employers or employees but friends for life. So, pat yourself in the back for a great job done. CONGRATULATIONS!
- rinna, Rinna
CONGRATS! may you grow higher in future! Farheen
A strong bridge between talent and talent seekers! PROFIT TO ALL FOR SURE!
- profitonlyauthor, Profitonly
This means two words; more business = more money for everybody! Awesome :)
- w3bmaster, DareDesigns
wow ! thats great congratulations
- waleedahmed786
Freelancer is the best for both worker and employer.
- smzafor, Sk Md Zafor Iqbal
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