5-Star Serbian Graphic Designer is a Credit to His Trade

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Here at Freelancer.com, we love to celebrate the success of our freelancers. Just a glance at the profile of Serbian graphic and sound designer Vukašin Lekić is enough to see what makes him such an asset to our online community. He has completed over 100 projects on the platform, all with impressive reviews.

When 28-year-old Vukašin first joined Freelancer, he was planning on offering his sound engineering skills to the world. However, he soon found that his other skills would come in handy too. “Once I realized that there were contests on Freelancer for a logo design it quickly changed,” he said. “I have won several competitions on Freelancer, and designed everything from logo to apparel to website design and branding.”

After only seven months of using the website, Vukašin has made a name for himself. His success is driven by his determined work ethic and professional approach to his job. “I will work until you are 100% satisfied with the final product,” he said about the projects he chooses.

He enjoys the fact that Freelancer allows him to offer his services in both graphic and sound design, keeping his work varied and interesting. “I work with clients from all over the globe on projects of all kinds,” he said. “I am fully dedicated to every single project that I work on.”

Alongside talent and dedication, Vukašin appreciates the importance of building trust within a working relationship. “I believe that communication is the key to successful cooperation,” he stated. His ability to collaborate effectively is shown in the positive feedback that fills his profile.

“The market is the world and by building a good reputation on Freelancer you are creating your reputation globally,” Vukašin said. He clearly understands the importance of both building and maintaining his good standing on the website.

Vukašin heartily recommends Freelancer to any budding designer looking to improve their skills and grow their business. “If you believe in yourself and you are ready to compete and prove yourself, then Freelancer is the right choice,” he said. It is both a safe and growing community that offers great opportunities to freelancers of many different talents.

This 5-star rated designer readily offers his advice to those who are just starting out on their freelancer journey. His number one priority, he says, is his portfolio. “It will allow your clients to see what kind of work they can expect from you,” he said, “then all you need to do is to live up to expectations and to go above and beyond them.”

“I have recommended Freelancer.com to many people for its ever-growing community and endless market. Looking for a job locally can be tough since market is way smaller than Freelancer.”

Not only does Freelancer.com allow Vukašin to run a business from home, but it also gives him the time and freedom to pursue other passions outside of work. In his spare time, he plays the violin, bass and guitar, competes in mixed martial arts, which requires him to train every day. Vukašin expressed his gratitude to Freelancer.com, and said: “Without Freelancer I wouldn't have resources or time to work on becoming the best version of myself.”

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Posted 1 July, 2016

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