9 Tips To Improve Your Summary

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Get it right the first time

Your summary is one of the best ways to sell your services to employers, so it is important to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. Always ask someone to proofread your summary.

Tell us why you’re different

Stand out from the crowd by describing your own experiences, processes or offers. It is always better to provide guarantees which are in line with your current business process, although it is good to have at least one relevant to your industry. For example, some freelancers in the design industry specify the number of revisions that they offer and others guarantee quality work or 24 hour support.

Use the opportunity to sell yourself

Think about your strengths and use these to drive interest in your services. Perhaps your team has dedicated staff to handle communications or perhaps your processes enable you to place a solid emphasis on quality. Let us know why your team is amazing!

Pay attention to the details

Don’t just say you love what you do and leave it at that. Show freelancer that you have what it takes to pick out fine details and refine them. Use the correct terminology, construct meaningful sentences and lay out your paragraphs with excellent grammar.

Emphasize your skills

Absolutely list any work experience that you have had. Did you spend some time as a hard core coder before transitioning to project management?

Accurately represent your abilities

Employers sometimes like to know whether you have the time and resources to complete large, medium or small projects, so it is important to list your skills in ways that attract the right employers.

Be very specific

Ensure that you list the technologies you’re familiar with and use relevant terms, as this is a great way to show your employer what you know.

Describe your experience and achievements

Have you won awards, or were you a scholarship student at a well respected institution? We’d love to hear about it.

Update your profile regularly

As your skills and experience change over time, ensure that you keep us updated to improve your chances of getting the jobs you want.

Posted 28 January, 2015


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