Online Freelancing, a Student's Breeding Ground for Success

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Dhiral Patel’s journey on began when he was still residing in India five years ago. He was part of a successful freelancer team that did all sorts of projects on the Internet. When he migrated to New Jersey, USA to pursue his Masters in Computer Science, he experienced some difficulties that caused him to leave the team.


Instead of quitting freelancing, he put up his own team, PhoenixGeek, and within eight months, they are now among the top freelance teams on the site. Their 5-star rating is a testament to the work they do.


“I have a group of designers and developers. We have built the most impressive websites and smart designs on the Internet. We bid on particular projects on Freelancer, and we rely on the right performance for the job. We are committed to achieving and exceeding this level of performance at all times,” Dhiral said.


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The success they are experiencing is also a product of the hard work their designer, Brijesha Kathiriya, contributes. She specializes in logo design, corporate identity, website design mockups, and many more. Dhiral has nothing but good words for his Indian-based teammate. "She helps me with my all projects including design. She is a very quick learner, so it's easy to collaborate with her. Whenever I am unavailable, she spearheads the projects that need to be completed," Dhiral added.

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Online freelancing has been a huge help for Dhiral especially in paying for his requirements and fees in graduate school. He sees not only as a site to earn money but also as a breeding ground for success. The platform has given him the opportunity to grow not just the skills involved in the projects he’s working at but some practical skills as well.


More Than Just a Job


“I cannot count all the benefits of using Freelancer, however, all I can say is that I am here because the opportunities on Freelancer make me learn new things and have led to my success. Not only my skills in designing and developing are improved but also my negotiating and managing skills too,” mentioned Dhiral.


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He also shared that the employers on Freelancer inspire him to be better. “A few years ago, I had knowledge about blogging and starter level skill in Photoshop. Today, I know all design tools, developing tools, CMS, SEO, and a lot [more] which you can see on my profile. It’s because of Freelancer, where you can earn money and learn new things which clients want you to do,” he added.


The biggest takeaway of them all is the portfolio he has built through the years. Working with employers all over the world has greatly contributed to his portfolio. Dhiral applied in two companies in New York City, and he was accepted in both companies, which made him really happy.


Sharing His Success With Others


Successful people share their secrets to success instead of keeping it to themselves. Just like them, Dhiral also wants to share his own, and that is dedication.


“There are no tricks to achieve success. It’s all about your dedication to work. As for new users, I would suggest joining contests on Freelancer, to design a logo and other stuff from [which] you can start your profile. Also, focus on client’s satisfaction and your reviews. It will help you get more projects and a higher rank on Freelancer,” Dhiral suggested.


Dhiral understands the struggles of being a student, so he insists on others to try Freelancer.


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“Freelancer is a platform where students can get practical knowledge of what they are studying in universities. It is a platform where they can apply their knowledge,"


"Working on Freelancer is comparable to an internship because students can learn a lot of things which can be helpful in multiple industries such as how to communicate with clients and how to manage work. It’s also the best way to make good money part time. Lastly, it will make a large impact on resumes when students apply for jobs in similar fields,” he said.


Freelancer has given Dhiral the opportunity of a lifetime, he took a chance and made good with it.


Sign up today and unleash your inner potential.

Posted 18 November, 2016

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