Is your Freelancer profile working for you?

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Did you know that more than 50% of employers view the profile page when considering bids? And, having a face for your profile pic rather than a logo or graphic is 26% more likely to win you projects?

Your profile page is an important part of your success here at It gives employers a chance to see what your work is all about with just a few mouse clicks. Consider it your online homebase for your professional life. You can get more jobs by updating and improving your profile today. Here’s how:

Profile Picture
Use your real face for your picture and not just a graphic or a logo. It will make employers feel like they’re dealing with an actual person and not someone anonymous. Add a profile picture.

Subheading and About Me
Make sure you put in a subheading and fill out the summary section of your page. This is your chance to sell your skills or services. Add a subheading.

Showcase your work by putting up a portfolio and uploading images, articles, audio, video, and even code. Portfolios aren’t just for designers – all jobseekers can benefit from a visual representation of past projects. Add a portfolio item.

Give a rundown of your work experience, achievements, education, and other relevant information. A comprehensive résumé can help employers make up their minds about hiring you. Add experience to your résumé.

To help you get started, check out these amazing profiles:

Complete your profile today and get more jobs!

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Posted 29 August, 2014

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