Our Four-Legged Freelance Friends

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When I talk about my French poodle conveniently named Fifi, I don't like to use the words, such as "owner" or "ownership." Why? Because you can't and shouldn't own friendship and love. It's not easy being and make a living as a freelancer. It's a tough life. You need all the help you can get. You need a helping hand. Or, it's more accurate to say a helping leg of the cutest creature you can imagine who doesn't judge you and has all the time in the world for your whining about tough projects and demanding clients. However, this isn't the story about our pets. What I have on my mind are...

The True Freelancers of the Animal Kingdom

My Fifi is a full-time employee. She doesn't fit into the regular 9-to-5 category, but she can have absolute peace of mind. Why? Because she will always get her "salary" on time. Of course, that's an eatable payment, but let's leave this triviality aside. More importantly, she will never get fired as long as she lives. So, this is one hell of an "employment," if you're asking me. 

I love my Fifi, but my heart bleeds for the four-legged freelancers, we stumble upon every single day. I know I'm supposed to say stray dogs, but I prefer - the street dogs. I sure hope, I'm not hurting someone's feelings with this comparison. The street dogs are always on the run looking for the food and shelter. I'm doing exactly the same when it comes to projects. There's no security. There are no guarantees. You're on your own. The street dogs don't know what's waiting for them around the next corner. I don't know how much I'm going to earn at the end of the month. Some street dogs are lucky enough to find a new home and a friend, not the owner. I'm still looking for the full-time home and reliable friend - read the client. 

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Don't Just Cuddle, They Need Food-le 

So, what can I or we do for our four-legged friends and "colleagues?" Well, I made a promise to myself and all street dogs in my neighborhood. Every time I win and deliver a good project, you know what I'm talking about, I buy some extra dog food. This is a small price to pay for the gratitude and happiness you get in return. 

I have a favor to ask. If and when you can, leave some food and water on the street. Take a picture of your good deeds. Send it to Freelancer with a few lines. I can't make a promise that you will get something in return because this isn't a contest. This is just one freelancer asking a favor from his fellow freelancers for our four-legged friends. I will ask Freelancer to publish these pictures and stories. 

If you haven't done something similar until now, I can promise you that this can be a life-changing experience. At least, it was for me. There's a street dog sleeping on my doormat, which is something my neighbors aren't happy about. To be quite honest, there's another staying in my car every single night. I have built and delivered half a dozen of doghouses all over my neighborhood. You don't have to go that far. The last thing I want is to get you into trouble. Just give it a thought. Because...

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” Karen Davison

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