The 5 Secrets of the Highest Earning Developers on

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Are you a developer on that spends a lot of time bidding on projects they never win? If that is you then this article is for you.

So you call yourself a developer? Perhaps you write beautiful code, and are up to date on the newest tech stacks. Maybe you use the best source control and have zero bugs in your products, but you still can't get clients. Why is that?

How is a client going to find out you write beautiful code if they never message you? If you can’t show your work in the right way, then you will always lose your projects to people with top notch portfolios. In our research we found that there are a few key things that the top developers do to win more clients and make more money on

Here at 5 tips to make sure your web development profile is top notch.

1. Use a template

Seeing a final product will help a client see what your work has the potential to be. Instead of posting random images, place your work neatly into a template that makes it look clean and polished.  Use one that shows your work on a device, and spread out nicely. 


2. Avoid screenshots

It can be tempting to only show the top part of the page, or screenshots of portions, but unless you are placing these into templates you are not getting the most out of your work.


3. Remember how others will see your work

Clients will see your work in a few different ways.

  • When you bid and they click on your proposal


On your Portfolio:


By remembering how a client sees your profile you can optimize which particular pieces of work you want to show off.

4. Stay consistent

What does that mean? If you are going to display your work a certain way, make sure you are using the same method of displaying your work. By doing this you are making your profile look well put together - and professional.


5. Stay on brand

Take a tip from the designers. By building a profile that works together and highlights your understanding of branding and design, you can show potential employers that you take your business seriously, and also draws them into your portfolios.



There is a lot of competition out their in the web and app development space, and if you can make a profile that stands out, you have a better chance of winning projects and making more money. Take some of this advice and apply it to your profile today and see the difference it can make.


Posted 8 June, 2019




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