The Secrets of a Winning Profile Page

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On, your profile is your storefront. Does your profile look like this?

Or this?

Like a storefront, your profile page gives an employer insights about you and the quality of your work. First impressions are everything, so it is crucial that your profile page is polished to perfection -- just like your work.


When browsing profiles, employers typically look for:
  1. A comprehensive yet concise summary about you and what you do

  2. A stunning and diverse portfolio with clear images of your past work

  3. A set of quality reviews and a 5 star reputation

  4. Exams, badges, and other achievements

With millions of freelancers on the site, you need to stand out to increase your chances of getting hired. Your profile is a great place to start.

A New Look for our Profile Pages

We are thrilled to announce that your profile page is about to undergo a dramatic transformation over the next few weeks. All the key components will stay roughly the same -- profile picture, summary, etc, but the design of the page will be completely overhauled and modernised.   

Now is the perfect time to get your profile into shape and ready for the new design. Here is a step-by-step checklist to make sure you are maximising your chances of being hired.

1. Upload a photo that’s professional, in focus, and scaled to the correct size (280x280 pixels). Don’t look too serious -- smile!

2. Ensure your summary is well-written, concise and has no spelling and grammar errors. Keep it short and to the point.

3. Your portfolio should showcase only your best work -- don’t include work of mediocre quality. For images, ensure the screenshots are high-resolution and focus on the most impressive aspects of your work. Keep in mind that maximum file size varies depending on the type of portfolio to upload (image, video, audio, text, or code).

4. Review your resume. There may be something you can add such as recent recognition or a certification that really shows off your skills.

5. Take skills tests seriously as the results are displayed in your profile and bids. Focus on getting high percentage scores in each exam you take because your proficiency level helps you build credibility in a particular skill.

6. A high quality review is proof of how well you did for a project. Before they hire you, employers check on reviews that your previous clients gave you. It's very important to achieve a 4-5 star rating for each and every project. This is because these ratings are then aggregated and displayed prominently on your profile. Aim for the following: 

  • Completion Rate: >75%
  • On Budget: >90%
  • On Time: >90%
  • Repeat Hire Rate: the higher, the better

7. Badges symbolize your experience. They show your dedication and hard work in various activities such as bidding for projects and winning them, passing different exam levels, receiving reviews, and even as simple as logging in everyday.

Remember, the key to getting hired is to make every opportunity count. Don’t neglect your profile -- it might just be costing you projects and money.

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Posted 26 February, 2015

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