Top 10 Trending Web Designing Techniques for E-commerce Websites

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It is commonly said that “never judge a book by its cover”. But to some extent, don't you think the cover of the book affects your decision to pick the book? Or to keep it back on the shelf? Yes! Of course, because we are living in a world of visual ethos, where the first appearance has a major effect on our mind. This even becomes more important for those who are running a business, be it online or brick-and-mortar. In case of online business, your web storefront gives the first impression about your business. Web storefront is the working website where your clients will make a visit to buy products.

To understand the topic well, we will discuss the following points.

  1. Why is it important to build a web storefront functional both for mobile and desktop?
  2. Tips for designing the best web storefront.

Why Is It Important To Build A Web Storefront Functional Both For Mobile And Desktop?

A few years back when companies were building their online shopping websites, they only keep the desktop experience in mind. For smartphone shoppers, they were doing only some minor adjustment or they use to buy some storefront software that is distinct from the e-commerce experience. Because there were hardly 10-20 % shoppers who want to shop using a smartphone but now the scene is totally different. More and more people are using smartphones than desktop for shopping. Companies whether they are designing a new website or renovating the old website, have to do it by keeping mobile experience in first priority and they should adjust the desktop experience according to requirements. Every single part of the website should be functional on the mobile. Even if you are initiating from the nick, you have taken mobile into consideration. Therefore, it is important to build a great web storefront that is functional both for desktop and mobile. 

Tips For Designing The Best Web Storefront.

When a web storefront is designed properly, it becomes one of the biggest weapons for keeping your business on top in the market. Here are few tips how you can design the best web storefront.

1). Study Your Customer

For the correct establishment of the quality of your website, first, you have to understand your customer's demographics, their likings and their behavior. Like if you have furniture business and let's assume one of your customers loves DIY, and then placing some fabric swatches in the furniture will surely appeal your customer. This helps in attracting your customer. By correctly understanding your customers, you can design the storefront perfectly. According to their needs, design your storefront. 

2). Don't Keep Every Impressive Thing On The Front Page

Avoid keeping every best piece of your business products on the front page or website landing page. This will disappoint the customers when they enter to the other page. You can keep some wow pieces in the display page for sure, but also store some of the best pieces in the second page as well, which will make the customers to spend some more time in the website and make a purchase. 

3). Keep A Sticky Header Navigation

Your customers are on your product page, they have scroll down to the bottom of the page to read the reviews but now when they have to go back to the main page, they will have to go to the top of the page. But this lengthy work can be avoided by attaching a sticky header, so that even if your customer's scrolls down, the menu also resizes and follow. This way even if customers are in the middle of the page they can go back to the main page by tapping on the back navigation of the sticky header without going to the top of the page. Take a glance at the example of bright labs. 

4). Using Hamburger Menu

This feature has nowadays become one of the common mobile as well as a desktop icon for navigations as well as for the menu features. This usually consists of three lines one above the other and when pressed gives information about the whole menu of the website. Though it was common in the mobile website nowadays it is also being featured on the desktop website. Example of ‘We are Empire’ website has hamburger menu on the top right corner. Have a look; 

5). Try To Use The Vertical Space More

No matter whether you are having a big space or a small space, using vertical space more than the bottom space is always good, as it helps in increasing the

  1. Visual interest
  2. Additional display room
  3. Makes your space look more large and complete.
  4. Also, assist in managing the customer's eye 

6). Present Your Brand Story

The display page should reflect your brand standards, aesthetics and strategy. Try to keep content honest and trustworthy that will help you in giving your brand an easy recognition. This also includes the use of unique colors and materials in your space that gives a perfect visual recognition. 

7). Enhance Your Website Aesthetics By Using Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling helps in increasing the artistic feel of your website. Make use of full-breadth images and dislocation effect between your website contextual image and the image that is in front of your consumer. Dynamic parallax scrolling of ‘Make Your Money Matter’ is one of the best examples.

This will have an appealing effect on the customers. 

8). Follow Certain Basic Designing Rules

Yes, it is true that you don't have to be a great designer to build a great web storefront. By keeping certain basic things in mind, you can design. Like

  1. Keep good proximity by grouping like element together and separate elements separately.
  2. Proper alignment which involves proper organization of the things and with correct sense.
  3. Keep a good hierarchy in your display, which will make it easier for the customers to read the website. 

9). Add Moving "Add To Cart"

While navigating through the product page, a floating "Add to cart" helps the customer to add the product to the cart, without the requirement of going to the top or the bottom of the page, for adding the product to their shopping cart. 

10). Allow Multiple Angle View Of The Product

Sometimes it happens that you buy a product from a store and discover later they have some unwanted designs in the back and you want to return it to the vendor. It is not your mistake, because at the time of purchasing you had only side and front view. Therefore, to avoid this allow your customer to have a multiple angle view of your product. This will help them in having a better view of the product before buying them. 

Final Words

By building a perfect web storefront you are not only going to bring in more viewers but also you can increase the conversion rate. Above mentioned tips are well-proven. Try to follow them and see the difference.


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Posted 6 July, 2018


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