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Project/Contest Description Bids/Entries Skills Started Ends Price (AUD)
Create a logo Create a cool, creative, and clean logo for the clothing line "Indeuced. The clientele being rappers, the hip hop industry, stoners, etc 341 Graphic Design, Logo Design May 26, 2017 Today16h 18m $591
CSS, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop, Website Design May 26, 2017 Today16h 15m
Create a brand logo - slogon and representing icon a lady starting a new shop to sell special kind of cake (red velvet type of cake) needs a logo that represent her shop and a special icong to be printed on the cake. also a slogon. Please find image in the attachements to help you in creating the logo - this is the cake she makes and sells in a daily basis. Looking forward to see your input 70 Branding, Logo Design, Photoshop May 26, 2017 Today13h 45m $134
Gold 3D Coin I would like to create (2) two very realistic coin models. AI vector files of coins are attached along with reference images of real gold coins. Renders should be designed at 10x10 inches 300dpi PNG transparent background. 77 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, Graphic Design May 26, 2017 Today7h 55m $134
Design an Advertisement 6x6 Flyer The Trash Flyer Circular is an example of what I want. I have a truck, pics of a neighborhood (or you can choose a nice neighborhood of your choice) Dirty and Clean Trash bins So I am giving you the info... I just need a excellent design Company Name: Logo (NC Triangle Bins) (919) 205-2232 website: [url removed, login to view] ONLY $[url removed, login to view] (Must standout) ... 93 Advertisement Design May 26, 2017 Today5h 58m $255
Create 2D Sprite Animations for stick-figure people. We're developing a mobile game for release on iOS about stick figure people living in a jar. The style for game is supposed to be simplistic line art and stick figures. The popular webcomic Xkcd ([url removed, login to view]) has a similar aesthetic. While the graphics are stylistically simple, we'd like for the animation to be fluid and expressive. We want our players to enjoy seeing... 0 Animation, Illustration, Photoshop, Unity 3D May 27, 2017 Today6d 23h $235
I need some Graphic Design I have a logo now for my new company, but need a landing page animation that fits with my theme and is creative. See my logo for idea on concept, but want to animate the drawing of either words that go with my company focus (AI, Big Data, ElasticSearch, Banking, Insurance) or maybe a animation with zooms showing nail/pegs being dropped and string connected between social media data, credit provide... 0 Animation, Graphic Design May 26, 2017 Today6d 21h $255
Design some Icons We are in need of a design based on the included graphic. Our business is a niche business that represents the point of convergence of 3 distinct areas of professional expertise: Human Factors, Business Strategy, and Engineering. We are looking for graphics to help us communicate this unique value proposition in an impactful and creative way. Our Business tag line is Better Business By D... 0 Graphic Design, Marketing May 26, 2017 Today2d 20h $67
I need some Graphic Design I own the YouTube Channel [url removed, login to view] I'm looking for a 10-15 sec no longer graphic intro to my video channel on I'm looking for something that says "Videos By Michael Quezada" and hopefully the Q in Quezada represents a tachometer (in motion moving). This is a Car Drag racing channel. I'm also looking for a editable name plate where 2 race... 0 3D Design, 3D Rendering, Graphic Design May 26, 2017 Today6d 19h $269
Migration Writing Contest Write the opening of a book on Mexican migration to the US - and discuss your ideas for the hero's journey Main character would be a male 0 Book Writing, Creative Writing, Ghostwriting May 26, 2017 Today6d 19h $39
Articles, Content Writing, Ghostwriting, Medical Writing, Product Descriptions May 26, 2017 Today4d 18h
Design a Website Mockup Hi there! The following wordpress website needs to be dragged into 2017 with a new theme! [url removed, login to view] I want to use the "X-theme" as the basis for the new theme. This contest is to mockup the front page. The winner will then be hired to mockup several more pages. Goals 1. To better inform a first time user of who we are and what we do 2. To increase con... 0 Graphic Design, User Interface / IA, Website Design May 26, 2017 Today6d 16h $161
Design a fully SEO optimized WordPress website I need a WP photo booth rental, i started the home page, not good. already, need a pro to make it awesome fully optimized to pass google insight, 4 days 100 bucks [url removed, login to view] 0 Graphic Design, User Interface / IA, WordPress May 26, 2017 Today2d 16h $134
I need some Graphic Design I need a design created like the image of the ripped skin with the flag showing underneath it. Instead of it being vertical, I need it horizontal like the tattoo of the ripped skin with the batman chest showing though. Also, I like the pattern of the "skin tears" of the batman tattoo. I need the image to be able to be printed on a baseball jersey. I would like this file to have editable ... 0 Graphic Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, T-Shirts May 26, 2017 Today2d 15h $34
improve site designs Hi, we have three inner pages we think could look a little better with designer's help. 1. [url removed, login to view] 2. [url removed, login to view] 3. [url removed, login to view] Lots of future work for the right person. 0 Photoshop, Website Design May 26, 2017 Today6d 15h $34
Service Provider Portal Hello! We’re building a portal where a service provider logs into their account and they can manage their clients, appointments, messages, notifications, and goals (ie – a coach can assign a goal to a client to be achieved before their next appointment). I need 2 webpages designed, for each version - Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile. The project description, requirements, and details... 0 Graphic Design, User Experience Design, User Interface / IA, User Interface Design, Website Design May 26, 2017 Today6d 14h $188
Graphic Design, Landing Pages, User Interface / IA, Website Design May 26, 2017 Today3d 14h
I need some Graphic Design For a web site dedicated to endangered species, I will have a game like "hangman". Instead of a regular stick man, it will be a poacher -- the kind of hunters that kill endangered species like tigers for their pelts. So basically we will be hanging a poacher instead of a regular stick man. I need two cartoon-like images). Attached are two examples.. One is a real poacher. I want my gr... 0 Graphic Design May 26, 2017 Today6d 14h $67
Design a Website Mockup I'd love to see some ideas for redesigning the home page and sliders of the current website: [url removed, login to view] The design will based off the album cover of the new album being released August 18 that you will find attached. I can emailed you additional files if needed. Thanks! 0 Graphic Design, User Interface / IA, Website Design May 26, 2017 Today6d 12h $269
Create an Animation I am looking at one of two options: 1. Have a mouth only made in Adobe Character Animator to be added to a still photograph, or 2. Have an entire character (head only) animated in Character Animator. I'll need to have a short audio clip added to the character that syncs with the mouth. 0 3D Animation, After Effects, Animation May 26, 2017 Today6d 12h $67
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