Terms and Conditions

Can I exchange money on Freelancer?

Freelancer is not a money exchange site. Fund transfers from one Freelancer account to another should be in payment for services received or refunds of said payments, etc. Likewise we do not allow deposit via one payment service (e.g. Paypal), followed by a withdrawal via another (e.g. Moneybookers).

Fund transfers that violate Freelancer's terms and conditions may be reversed.

Can I sell already made solutions?

Yes, as long as the Service Buyer agrees to this and you have proper rights to sell the solution.

Can I sell scripts, etc. written by others?

Absolutely not. If you are determined to be selling scripts or other materials that you do not own, i.e., stolen work, your account will be closed without payment. We may also take legal action against you.

Can I post a project that will sell my stock items in Freelancer?

No. If you want to sell stock items, please upload it on Fantero.

Fantero is a place where you can buy and sell stock items such as javascript files, wordpress files, icons, PHP files, vectors, HTML templates, backgrounds, graphics, printing materials, videos, 3D models, PSD templates, sound files, music and flash files.

Selling through Fantero is easy and only takes seconds. Simply upload your files to Fantero into the appropriate category. You will be given your very own Store where you can set the price of your digital products and sell them to millions of people.

Upload your file on Fantero now!

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