Debit Card

How do I get a Freelancer Debit Card?

To get a Freelancer Debit card, please do the following:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Hover your mouse over your account balance at the upper right part of your page.
  3. Click Withdraw Money.
  4. Click Freelancer Debit Card.
  5. Click on the link Get your Freelancer Debit card now!
  6. On the Payoneer page, choose your preferred payment option under the heading "New to Payoneer?"
  7. Click Sign Up and follow the instructions provided.


* You need to have at least $30.00 USD or equivalent account balance to order a card.

*The link Get your Freelancer Debit card now! will only be available if you have sufficient balance.


We do not allow test withdrawals using this card and you are not allowed to deposit funds and make a withdrawal using this card. All withdrawals from Freelancer funds must be either for closing your account or it must be related to a project.

Where can I withdraw?

Your Payoneer debit card works on all ATMs that process VISA or Master Card card transactions. You can check out their website at for further inquiries regarding the countries where they allow payouts.

Can I use my existing Payoneer debit card with my Freelancer account?

Yes. If you have an existing Payoneer debit card, you can use it instead of or in addition to a Freelancer Payoneer card. To set up your existing Payoneer card for use with your account, please follow the instructions below: 

  • Login to your Account.
  • Click "Withdraw Funds" from the Payments menu.
  • Click "Freelancer Debit card."
  • Click on the link "Get your Freelancer Debit card now!"
  • On the Payoneer page, you will see on the top right of the page "Already have a Payoneer Account?" click on 'Click Here!' and follow instructions.

I am getting an error when I try to connect my existing Payoneer card with Freelancer

Please contact Payoneer regarding this issue.

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