Freelancers - Feedback

How do I rate and write a review for an Employer?

After a project is completed and the you are paid the full amount of your winning bid through, the feedback system for that project will become available. The Notification Box will display all the completed projects that you need to leave a feedback on your Home Page. Click on the project name to leave a feedback to the Employer.

What is "Completion Rate"?

Completion rate is a measurement based on the volume of project that have been successfully completed within the agreed time, and the extent to which payments for those projects have been made through's Milestone Payment System.

To achieve a high completion rate Freelancers should complete projects on time, and ensure they are paid in full through's Milestone Payment System.Using Milestone Payment is an excellent way to ensure payments are made in full when the work has been completed, and provides the additional protection of the Disputes Resolution System.

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