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    ...feasible) Display left / right deviation from the level (as above) Error messages (e.g. if unable to level, battery low, etc.). Use the Following sensors / accessories: ELEGOO Nano Board CH340/ATmega+328P W, Compatible with Arduino Nano V3.0 GeeekPi I2C 1602 LCD Display Module 16X2 Character Serial Blue Backlight LCD Module for Raspberry Pi Arduino STM32 AEDIKO MPU6050 MPU-6050 GY-521 3 Axis Accelerometer Gyroscope Module 6 DOF 6-axis Accelerometer Gyroscope Sensor Module 16 Bit AD Converter Data Output IIC I2C for Arduino Tongue jack is 12V. Proper relays should be used. Nice to have: Ability to read data from two sensors (sensors located in a different part of a trailer). ...

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    I am looking for firmware and hardware engineer to work on my several project. I prefer the India, Pakistan Engineers. Required skills: - Arduino, STM32, ESP32, Raspberry Pi, nrf52832, nrf52840 - SPI, I2C, UART, USB-HID - EasyEDA Currently I need someone who has experience about the STM32 and USB_HID.

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    Hello everyone, Today I would like to have an arduino sketch done. Project assumptions: - GY-91 sensor (MPU9250), - Ublox NEO-M8N GPS, - m...sensor data to be linked so that the boat travels in a straight line. I would like to be able to enter the coordinates into the arduino sketch, e.g. 50.392420, 18.453845 and the two-engine boat is to reach this point in a straight line. 3m before the target point, the boat should slow down and before the point, turn off the engines and complete the mission. I don't care if it will be an Arduino, STM32, ESP32 board. EDIT: It is important that in the case of waves or strong winds, the boat flows straight to the destination and not like a sine wave. FOTO

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    ...that we have made. We have had a prototype version of the belt made - see photos attached - that we can send to you, along with the raw materials. It is very simple - just a strip of elastic with velcro sewn on so that it can be secured around the midriff, along with a pouch to hold a box which contains our recording device. The size of the pouch needs to be precise because the device holds an accelerometer, which needs to bit snuggly into the pouch without any room for it to jiggle about. We have been advised that £7 per belt is a fair price. We need 48 copies made. We do need a fast turnaround as all belts need to be complete by early to mid December. If this job goes well we have other sewing jobs that need doing too - some of which are more complicated. We are happy to ...

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    STM32 + LoRa + Magnetometre 1 day left

    I only need software and circuit diagram for a project. The project should be like this: Data should be sent to a LoRa gateway via an 868Mhz LoRa module with an STM32L15x MCU. This must be an IOT sensor powered by a battery. The data to be transmitted to the LoRa Gateway will be data from a Magnetometer sensor and an IR transceiver. Also, the voltage of the Battery should be measured and sent via LoRa. normally the MCU should be in sleep mode and wake up every 15 seconds and check the IR sensor, if there is data, it should send it or it should wake up and send data according to the interrupt from the magnetometer.

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    Hi Turktronics, I noticed your profile. Can you make Modbus TCP for STM32+ENC28J60 in Keil? Will $500 do?

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    Hi CDEEC Innovations, I noticed your profile. Can you make Modbus TCP for STM32+ENC28J60 in Keil? Will $500 do?

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    Hi Ali S., I noticed your profile. Can you make Modbus TCP for STM32+ENC28J60 in Keil? Will $500 do?

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    Hi Muhammad Huzaifa R., I noticed your profile. Can you make Modbus TCP for STM32+ENC28J60 in Keil? Will $500 do?

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    Hi Badi O J., I noticed your profile. Need Modbus TCP Slave for Keil, STM32 + ENC28. Is it something you have? Will $500 do? I cannot just ask question. To as question I have to 'offer a project', so I put $10. I will make the correct project if we agree.

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    STM32 with freeRTOS reading data from 2 serial ports and writing to the third via buffered array

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    would like an neural net to watch for gravity in accelerometer readings for arduino. and produce result that we can use to create linear movement readings.

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    Hi Chen Z., I wonder if you can port STM32 project to GD32F103C8T6 MCU. The project is writen in c language and used HAL library for now. Need to port it to GD32 standard library and most important part is the EEPROM emulation, it needs to work properly and also Wathcdog (Don't reset the MCU fully) Best regards

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    Research on the effect of vibration on human body is a hot topic in Mechanical/Biomedical engineering where researchers study the influences of resonance frequency on the human health. To do that, subjects of different masses and sizes are put to vibration testing where accelerometer measure the vibration transmitted through human body. Researchers use the collected data to come up with a mathematical model that simulates the human response to vibration. The mathematical modelling process starts with assuming the human body as a multi-stage spring-damper system, on which the equation of motion for this system is found, and experimental data are used to fit the parameters of the system.

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    IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO ACCEPT, DO NOT BID!!!!! IF YOU ARE NOT AN EM...I would like to connect two lines to RESET and BOOT0, then while BOOT0 is high, toggle RESET. The STM32 should now be in the bootloader. Now use the commandline version of STM32CubeProgrammer to download a flash program into the processor. Ideally, I would like a simple GUI or command line that lists the available COM ports, allow the user to select the COM port and a hex file and program the STM32. Deliverables would be any source code and assistance in getting it compile and running on my Windows computer along with wiring diagrams for the hardware. Hardware involved should be something like this: Any STM32 that is available to you.

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    I have an Arduino Uno and a Data Logging Shield (P/N: 1141) from AdaFruit and a "9-DoF" Accelerometer / Gyroscope / Magnetometer (LSM9DS0) Breakout Board (P/N: 2021) which I would like to use together. I have used the Data Logging Shield to log temperatures and voltages for other projects, but I can't seem to get the Accelerometer & Gyroscope data out of the Breakout Board and log it to an SD Card on the Data Logging Shield. The examples on AdaFruit are so very different (written years apart) that I can't seem to get them to work together. I would like to sample the Accelerometer and Gyroscope voltage outputs (6 voltages) X-number of times per second (X being a parameter set at 1 to 50, for example), average those 1- 50 data samples over 0.5 o...

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    ...library for ICM-20789 for our air:bit V2 drone (). Our platform is the BBC micro:bit V2 with the Cortex M4 processor. We have made our own shield sporting this sensor. All communication is i2c only. Please visit to see the editor and resources Features: i2c communication Check Who Am I Setup configuration/filters for optimal drone performance Read accelerometer X,Y and Z (burst mode if possible) Ready gyro degrees/sec Read temperature in celcius Read pressure Pa or hPa (temperature compensated) Setup DMP Read rotation vector from DMP (roll pitch and yaw?) Have the DMP doing as much calculations as possible (sensor fusion?) to save M4 cycles. Use burst reading or similar to optimise performance Create an example sketch(s) to demonstrate above features

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    Objective Create the code and Visual screens to export .CSV file for another system. There may multiple timer channels in use at the same time, and multiple Arduino modules connected, as this reflects the physical environment of where the switches are physically placed and how many you need. This is similar to the project i posted on 24 October, except that it is now clearer that the use of physical buttons is mandatory, and that the STM32 module is replaced with the Arduino nano, which has a simpler requirement for sketch upload and more widely known. There are some other slight changes in use of colour in tube identification, and use of multiple arduino devices, plus use of Arduino internal pullop feature. Please review the files and ask questions before offering...

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    Two Projects Project One : I have an existing design to control linear actuators using esp32 and stm32 There are power issues with the board and it needs to be debugged. Also there is a need to add extra debugging ports and test ports Fault find and prototype some elements if needed. -Additional debugging ports as the correct ones are not on there for arduino/FTDI. -PID Control Help/Datasheet(s). -Bom Generation /Pick and place / Pcb Layout/ Silkscreen /3d view **Heavy experience with esp32, stm32 and linear actuators is essential as well asd a knowledge of linear actuators and PID control Project Two : Existing Rpi design -Take away some peripherals - Add Optional Gsm Module - Add Extra power port and power module. - Move around some components. -Add additional Ether...

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    We need to make fusion of several mems sensor using artificial intelligence we use an STM32WB55 kit . The candidat must have a good expertise in sensor fusion .

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    We have a project that build a online visit card like linktree to our customers. project Our focus is SEO and Organic Acquisition to our APP. This project is under NextJS framework with AMP first approach. Currently we stable website and with 700 new visitcards(page) per day. problem In general number we have 170k indexed pages, but only 9.6k AMP indexed pages (Search Console Numbers). This gap is a principal help that we need, we need to know how to decrease this gap and indexed more AMP pages. Deliverables At moment we need help with these points: Increase number of Indexed AMP pages or help us understand the reason of this number is too low (Indexed page x AMP indexed page) Increase our metrics of Total Impressions and Total Clicks, today our number are 25k Impressions/day and 300 C...

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    Hello, I am looking for a firmware engineer with experience in STM32. We are designing a prototype hardware device with the following features: -CMOS Camera -SPI Flash -USB Mass Storage -User LEDs and Buttons We need a firmware engineer to develop the firmware on a development board, and port this code to our final hardware when it's ready.

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    develop STM32 firmware for OBD vehicle data processing

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    We are an established manufacturer of environmental sensors and communications systems. We have a number of development projects and are looking for short term resources to deliver a number of well defined work packages of STM32H7 firmware, mostly low level dealing with specific peripheral interfaces ( and ) We are looking for an experienced STM32 developer who has experience in developing lower level solutions for the more advanced STM32H7 peripherals including DCMI, DFSDM, QSPI etc. Digital system prototyping skills are highly desirable as this will simplify remote development. For each project we would expect the following: - work with the business to define and document all requirements (~16hrs) - develop and document the architecture (~16hrs) - create Jira Epics

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    For an e-learning content on condition monitoring I would like to create a 3D animation for the explanation of a capacitive accelerometer. Starting with a pump like in the following picture with accelerometer (3D data available for the pump) I would like to show the sensor principle. The following video (from second 25) shows the basic principle. The animation can consist of several parts, the resulting video is then cut together from the different ones.

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    ...steps - meaning they were actually walked by the user and not a dog or put on a machine of some kind that vibrates the phone and tricks it into recording a step. Givens: We know the users: Age, Height, Weight and Sex. We know the reported number of steps the device has recorded for a given time range (A step record). Data We Have Access To: Core Motion sensor data which includes, raw accelerometer, gyroscope , pedometer etc. (A complete list can be found here: ). We can access this data for the same time range as mentioned above. We DO NOT have access to any GPS or location data. Job: Develop an algorithm that can reasonably determine if any given step record consists of valid steps using the fixed data pints we know (age, height

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    in industrial project, Ive a apk that will run on android therefore I want to create a custom android rom for any 10inch tablet that has accelerometer I want to modify the following in android rom "Root is not an issue" 1- remove the startup logo add custom one 2- when opened from shutdown or reset it start my application automatically 3- doesn't allow to close the app and remove all the Android bars its needed to look like designed specific for the application and looks professional not just an android tablet I would leave the choice of the tablet to you but please consider only to be (from 9 to 11 inch) and have accelerometer and as cheap as you can Also another workaround is acceptable i.e buy a custom Chinese tablet but only in case if its not doable...

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    i have a 3 axis machine controlled by stepper motors the stepper motors are controlled by a STM32. i am using the NUCLEO-F746ZG as the board. the embedded controller needs to communicate with a PC application using a USB.

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    Hi i have accelerometer GY 521 and neopixel. I need write code, that neopixel change color when e.g. change axis Y or Z. Board is arduino nano. It will be controll one led strip neopixel (30 pcs led - one meter). There it will be push button and it will be change mode neopixel. First mode (change color via GY521), second mode rainbow color (independent GY521), third option blink colors (independent GY521)

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    I am hiring electrical engineers in following areas: 1) STM32 2) ESP32 3) GPS/GSM 4) Bluetooth / Wireless Mention you areas of expertise in your bid. I would encourage new freelancers to apply.

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    $31 - $255
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    write an Arduino uno programing code that reads data from an accelerometer(MPU-6000) to detect free falling and signals a vibrating motor?

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    I am looking to expert IOT and STM32. I have a small project for CubeIDE.

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    Human movement analysis and visualisation based on sensors' data (accelerometer, gyroscope and orientation). Python usage is preferable.

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    building a IoT prototype hardware that include - 9-axis motion accelerometer - charged through interchangeable battery - storage of data of motion sensory PREFER for work to be base in Singapore

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    We are using STM32F411 with SD card and DAC 32bit TI, Need custom enclosure for FLAC with encryptor and Decrypter while playing with FLAC codec in STM32 with DAC. Need project where we can deploy the code in STM 32F411. The result of a work is a source files and Cube IDE project files to build the project by myself and playing FLAC on my STM32F411

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    I need a word document containing technical description for ESP32 and STM32 in the context of using them in a monitoring system for an ecosystem (monitoring air pollution, temperature, humidity, sound level and others as you may identify) using LoRa for communication. The document should have between 10 and 12 pages. I also have the following suggestion for structure: - Detailed hardware presentation of ESP32 and the software development tools available - Detailed hardware presentation of STM32 and the software development tools available (for the above points, the structure is chosen by the freelancer, the only request is to be the same for the two chapters for ease of reading) - ESP32 vs STM32 comparison based on key elements of previous presentations (I suggest in ...

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    We are looking for a programmer for the STM32 processor in C. The task would be an audio transmission via CAN bus. The codec would be Opus Interactive Audio Codec.

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    I am looking for someone good at programming stm32f103 (Bluebill). We need to have access to NRF24L01 Radio Transceiver & LORA. I tried the library: Library: Its work fine with Nucleo, but not stm32f103 (Bluebill). I need someone to update the code to make it work.

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    I am looking for someone good at programming Nucleo-64 (STM32WL55JC17). We need to have access to LORA and Flash memory data.

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    Small multi-axis accelerometer sensors (9-axis)... task is to develop/Modify existing code from to enable onboard each sensor the data logging and upload/downloading from multiple sensors 2-4 max in sync with each other. Code exists for data logging and download, etc functions. Need to implement in either android or IOS (though iOS is preferred at first)

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    We are company that has developed a versatile IoT device based on STM32WL for our IoT product line. The PCB is manufactured and the corresponding STM32CubeMX based ioc File is available. First Applications were developed. For our next customer use cases we would like to work together with an expericed STM32 developer or a very talented software engineer who would like to develop him/herself towards C programming on the STM platform. We request a description of your skills, CV and a valid offer from your side. Currently the project volume is about 600 to 800 hours in the next 12 months. If the cooperation works fine a long term Relationship could be established.

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    Task Description: Write code on STM32 F410RB to decode data from EM4095 We use ATA5577 tags RF64 I will get an interview with selected condidate to discuss project details Important: candidate must have the above hardware (STM32 nucleo / Mikroelectronika 125khz board / ATA5577 Tags) to apply.

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    We are a startup company, specializing in power electronics product development for automotive and industrial applications. We are looking for an experienced and reliable SW/FW developer to handle our project. With a proven experience with using: STM32/ESP32/Arduino and PICs. Keep in mind that we are looking for a long term partnership. Please include examples of your work in you bid, starting with 0XN0D@6TiC Looking forward to your proposals.

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    1. An Android app which will read the values of accelerometer sensor(X,Y,Z axis) placed in an android phone and display it via an APP. save this data of accelerometer in a directory. apply Kalman Filter to have a stable reading of 3-axis instead of continuously fluctuating. 4. Then as per the movement of phone determine whether: (a) Person is Standing or Sitting (b) Person is Running or not (c) Person is climbing steps/stairs or Stepping Down

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    ...processing" to make recommendations and implement actions. In addition to. the movement sensors( 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope )that will track the activities and movement of the child ?How does that system work In general, The child wears a Smart bracelet. The system will use NLP to interact with the child by asking to do some exercises (such as walking, jumping, ...), or eat healthy foods, and the app will take the response from the kid. When the kid accepts doing some exercises by saying (Yes, ok), The system keeps encourage him, another hand, The system stops talking. The system can sense the movement of kids by using sensors(3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope ). The accelerometer is intended for monitoring speed, while the gyroscope is also capable of...

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    ...for an electronics engineer to help me with various projects. This will be an ongoing process. When one project ends there will be another one. Most of the work will be firmware development for ESP32 and STM32 but there will also be schematics review and potentially some PCB design involved. To be considered for this position the following criteria need to be met: - Fluent in at least one of the following languages : English, Spanish or French. We will be having calls to discuss the projects. - At least 2 years of experience in Electronics design and firmware development. - ESP32 and STM32 experience - Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code - Proficient in one of the following : Kicad, Eagle or Altium (preferred). - C/C++ with knowledge of Doxygen highly regarded - Version c...

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    HI. I need the Programming for STM32WL. I need the STM32WL is connected to : 1.- LIS3DHTR (accelerometer) 2.- Microphone (SPU0410LR5H-QB-7) 3.- NPT Sensor temperature 4.- DS18B20 sensor temperature Overall flow of work 1.- the MCU wakeup every 15 minutes,. 2.- MCU takes the values of vibration x,y,z, of accelerometer, using 5Khz and 2g configuration, The values are Stored in a matrix "Vibration"(4096 Datas per axes). 3.- Calc Furier Matrix of "Vibration" of each axes (that is all) 4.- Takes the RMS Sound from microphone store in the matrix "SOUND"" (1024 datas), configured in 20KHZ reading speed. 5.- Calc Furier matrix of "Sound" (that is all) 7.- Get temperature from NPT. (temp1) 8.- Get temperature from DS18B20. (temp2) 6.- Se...

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    Hello, I am looking to de... I have been trying to use tKinter to create a single window to house the buttons and graph. I have the code written for the sensors and it displays on the graph, but have not been able to get it to live update, but have been able to do so with a line graph on a previous project. I also want a data field to display a numerical value inside the same GUI window that shows an angle from an accelerometer in realtime. Summary: - Graph Displayed within GUI Window - Graph Live Updates - Angle Value Display within GUI Window - Angle Value Live Updates - Graph is displayed over a background image of the machine for visual representation purposes for the operator. I attached the program that has a working bar graph and a basic tKinter window. Thank you, Ch...

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    Hey, I am Muhammad Javed from Pakistan, I have a lot of projects but don't have professionals to manage them. Basically I am developing my own team of engineers. I am finding experts in following areas: -->> Multisim / PSPICE -->> Arduino / PIC Microcontroller -->> ESP32 / STM32 -->> GSM / GPRS -->> Internet of things IOT I am looking for long term work relation, I would encourage new freelancers to apply.

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    $42 - $351
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