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    MOTOR HOME -- 2 6 days left

    Electrical drawings for Motorhome which will include Solar Panels, Battery Array, Controller, Inverter, Lighting, Powerpoints, Oven and cooktop, aircon and backup generator

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    The title says it all, I need a function to pass in an array of candle stick prices, and this function would calculate the support and resistance prices from the provided array. Basically what this link [login to view URL] is doing, but in PHP. Here's another link to help you: [login to view URL] I just need the implementation in PHP.

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    This is not a Firewall or SES level issue It's code related , Looking for an expert laravel developer to fix via Zoom [login to view URL]: Connection could not be established with host [login to view URL] :stream_socket_client(): unable to connect to tcp://[login to view URL] (Connection refused) {"userId":1,"exception":"[object] (Swift_TransportException(code: 0):...

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    Sealed NDA
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    We want to be able to dynamically build a RegExp that identifies urls. We will give in input a pattern containing keywords and jollies and a string containing many urls. Build a function 'matchPattern(pattern, str)' that, given a primitive pattern and a string containing urls in input, constructs a regex as: - Everything should be enclosed by quotes (either "" or ''...

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    Error Message: Objects are not valid as a React child (found: object with keys {}). If you meant to render a collection of children, use an array instead. Curriculum contains a list of Sections. A Section contains a list of Lessons. Please see attachments. Milestones: [login to view URL] this type of error in the app - 5 USD [login to view URL] click on a lesson, update video link in the TV com...

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    I need a developer to help on a project for a client. Your deliverables will be two Javascript widgets that my team can embed on our client's website to display an HTML table of data. The data will come from calling a public API and be returned in JSON format (link below). You'll need to make a call to return an array, use those results to make another call, do some manipulation/sorting ...

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    You just need to verify multi array signature for post request. [login to view URL] this is the section [login to view URL] place order(need transaction authentication) request url:{base-endpoint}/spot/placeOrders request method:POST request parameter infomation:

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    Hello, I'm searching for a freelancer that rebuilds an existing adobe flash application in [login to view URL], [login to view URL] or similar. The full source code will be provided and contact to the developer of the Flash app is possible, if needed. The app is an simple 3D configurator for walls constructed with 4 different types of bricks. The flash app can be tested here [login to view...

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    existing hardware: PIC18F4550 with CANbus controller MCP2515 and Tranceiver MCP2561 existing Software: MPLAB X , XC8 compiler and PICkit 4 Debugger. Target of the project: write a C program to be aible to perform the following task: The CANbus have 7 Nodes with Identifier 0x00 to 0x06. First it should be written to the CANbus the string FF for every node. Every node will respond with 11 messages ...

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    PHP FUNCTION 5 days left

    Hello guys looking for php expert to make a simple php function that will include extraction of elements from simple html code and then put them in an array. Need to get this done ASAP. Regards

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    I need a professional android developer to pass an array from one class to another [login to view URL] 5 min work.

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    Hi Freelancers, Develop a simple application(system) using Java Program. Example of application such as attendance system, course system, order system,etch.. The application needs to include in the fundamental criteria: -Array or Link Listed -Queue or Stack -Tree

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    I am working on a project where I send data through ajax as [login to view URL]() and I need to perform some operations in my controller and revert it back in the form of arrayList.

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    fast and simple fix simple array $post data javascript/jquery

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Javascript. erviceNow core platform knowledge Good in Client to server call coding using Ajax with JSON. Should able use Script include Should have used Script Action Should have used email script with more reusability Portal knowledge – Proficient with Angular, Bootstrap, JavaScript, H...

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    Trophy icon Logo for Sunesta Solar 3 days left

    Sunesta Solar is a startup manufacturing company. Our product is a semitransparent solar module designed for agrivoltaics, which allows farmers to grow crops under solar arrays. This allows farmland to be used for two things at the same time. The solar array is installed on a canopy over the crop. The solar module can also be used on greenhouses as a secondary market. I need a logo for the comp...

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    Hello, i have an existing laravel forum software that needs some further customization. 1. Users can purchase different user levels with cryptocurrencies. no external payment processors, it needs to be confirmed with rpc calls. 2. Users need to be able to like posts. 3. i need an advanced rights managment possibility. at the moment i can only decide between a few options that are hardcoded but i w...

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    Overview Connect 4 is a board game for 2 players in which the goal is to make a line, or column, or diagonal, of 4 colored discs in a grid of 6 rows and 7 columns. Each colored disc is “dropped” in the grid by a player, and falls straight down to the lowest available position within the column in which it was dropped. In other words, a dropped disc either falls to the bottom of the col...

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    I have a ML software that runs tensorflow and GUI implemented in Python I want to detach GUI from Python and implemented it in C#. I need: 1. The communication between GUI and Python will be using REST API 2. C# Client and Python Backend Server will run locally on the same desktop. 3. We need to communicate 3 different messages 4. Communication using JSON command 5. Communication is bidirectional...

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    We need to optimize a MongoDB query using populate and aggregate functions combined. During the application loading tests, average response time is eight seconds per client (1000 clients per second). We know that MongoDB is faster than that. Response object is an array which has 20 datas. So, the mongo query must be optimized. Details about query will be sent via chat.

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    There are going to be 4 small - medium sized tasks, quite easy for someone who knows PHP. The time limit to solve them is 2 and a half hours. I will explain everything else in detail. Here is an example task: Task 1: Time table The goblins devised a plan to steal treasure from the Kobold Kingdom. There's only one problem: they don't know when will they have time to do this. Create a pag...

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    On my WordPress network site, I'm using 2 plugins wpDiscuz & Posts Table Pro. wpDiscuz allows users to comment rate on posts.(They can comment and leave a rating) Posts table pro displays the post. The issue is, post table pro is not displaying the rating points portion of the comments because wpdiscuz stores the data in a sterilized array(I believe, might need to double check). I need...

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    For @ibrahim20: (Read it in the word document attached for better formatting) Based on what is already done in the previous project, I look for following new requirements: - Add Server, Database and BasePath in configuration file. Review Sample Configuration file. - In current design, I can have ONLY ONE StartsWith, ONLY ONE EndsWith and ONLY ONE Contains. This is restrictive. For example I wa...

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    What to do in this task: 1. Fix an error: "Error: Objects are not valid as a React child (found: object with keys {}). If you meant to render a collection of children, use an array instead." 2. Display lesson menu on the left side of page (mostly done); 3. When click on a lesson item on the left side of page, pass the event across several components and display video (with passed lessonI...

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    I need to be able to convert between a char array and a ulong value in c#. ie, i need to implement the two methods below: char[] cTest = new[] {'a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e'}; // will guarantee char[] to always be the same length that corresponds to ulong size... maybe new char[8]; ? ulong ulVal = ConvertFromChars(cTest); char[] cTestResult = Convert...

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    Modify WCFM plugin 13 hours left

    Grab data from another existing plugin, put that into array and push that into products

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    Implement Sections logic in Series. In the seriesTable, some series have "seriesSections" column available, You need to look into this. And divide the tracks into sections. Which track will go into which section, depends on "trackSection" column in the trackTable... tracks with section 0, go into section 0, and track with section 1, go to section 1.. and so on.. tracks are o...

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    I'm creating a communication system based on a popular comm software that's going to require a Windows C# application interface (service) able to send/receive input via standard DLL/API interface. Raspberry side - I'll require a minimal circuit board (Raspberry Pi) light/button array for each comm area. The Raspberry should be capable of having an easy out of box functionality with...

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    I need to extract features and create a new dataset using the raw dataset given in the link below: There is already a feature extracted dataset but I am aiming to extract features using some algorithm or manually. Eventually I will use the feature extracted dataset to do classification using different ML/DL algorithms.

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    Hi, I'm looking for a computer science student or professional who can help create and maintain computer science/data science/math-related courses. As part of your proposal submit a coding solution to this problem: The array nums contains all numbers from -N to N appearing one time each, except one number that is missing. Write: int f(int[] nums) so that f returns the number that is missi...

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    I would like to add drop down menu extra options for products. The price of the product will increase if selected. I use a part of this example, Source code: [login to view URL] (Some extra information can be found [login to view URL]) In the database want to have one extra column where I can store the name of the option and the price to add on the product price in a array. Work: 1.) Add extra...

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    We need a Google Apps Script written to take data from one sheet and then compare it to a "Main" sheet and update the "Main" sheet as required. The data is order data so there is an Order ID and a Line Item ID for each row that needs to be "looked up", checked for modifications and updated. If there isn't a Order ID in the Main sheet then a new row of data is e...

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    I am the volunteer game organiser for a social lawn bowls group. I have some excel knowledge, but although I know what a macro is, I have no idea how to write a macro for my needs. I have a column of names, beginning at cell A6 and ending at a different cell each week, but always in column A. Could you please provide me with a macro to randomly shuffle these names, given that the array length vari...

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    must run a license check license everything is ok but it doesn't work custom_fields not found Notice: Trying to get property 'custom_fields' of non-object in C:muwebhtdocsNewinstall[login to view URL] on line 32 Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in C:muwebhtdocsNewinstall[login to view URL] on line 34 Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undef...

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    I'm stuck on a JS function for a website and need some help, if this one turns out good it might turn into more work. It's a JS function taking a string and converting it into a multidimensional array with a few complications.

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    In this project, a simple VGA (Video Graphics Array) controller shall be implemented using an FPGA Basys3. You have to implement the game of pong. One palette should be operated by the user with the help of buttons, and the other should be controlled by the computer. To be able to view the score.

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    Wir benötigen eine Schnittstelle zwischen unserem Shop und der AWS Api von Amazon. Die Programmierung soll in PHP (7.2 ) erfolgen. Folgende Anforderungen werden benötigt. Neue Produkte auf Amazon listen und verkaufen - (1. mal täglicher abgleich ) Bestehende Produkte bearbeiten, insbesondere Preise und Lieferzeit/Bearbeitungszeit - (1. mal täglicher abgleich ) Eingegangene Be...

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    We're a small business looking to expand a few ideas into reality through a website run on drupal 9 with the DXPR and lightning interface additions ([login to view URL]). The first step of our ideas is to get a fully functional drag and drop collaborative calendar and to sort out some of our drupal issues with menus and taxonomy. We would like to set up 3 views/blocks for a drupal module u...

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    PHP expert regarding array operation - small task

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    I am trying to get more advanced at c++ pointers and need some advices on how to build some things like an array of pointers. I need someone that is good at explain things clearly.

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    Dynamic Table array in Vlook up

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    I wish to make Table Array Dynamic in V Look up

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    We are looking for an [login to view URL] expert htat can implement simple animation. What we need is like below, - We have image - We have points array for path - We want to show image by this path. See the attached images below

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    I currently am able to highlight matching values using my template data, however I will be comparing two sheets of various different sizes and containing different identifiers. Right now, my one sheet that will be a consistent format is coded, but I need to extend the logic so no matter which of the three identifiers are present, the code will still be able to match duplicate data. Right now I...

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    HI I need a project doing amongst Linux computers. NFS server setup via Ubuntu (cloud service) Requirments: Create three shares: one called ‘Cheese’ that is read only and restricted to the [login to view URL] network, one called ‘Pickle’ with read write access, that permits root preivileges and can only be accessed from [login to view URL] and one called ‘Crackers&r...

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    HI I need a project doing amongst Linux computers. NFS server setup via Ubuntu (cloud service) Requirments: Create three shares: one called ‘Cheese’ that is read only and restricted to the [login to view URL] network, one called ‘Pickle’ with read write access, that permits root preivileges and can only be accessed from [login to view URL] and one called ‘Crackers&r...

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    HI I need a project doing amongst Linux computers. NFS server setup via Ubuntu (cloud service) Requirments: Create three shares: one called ‘Cheese’ that is read only and restricted to the [login to view URL] network, one called ‘Pickle’ with read write access, that permits root preivileges and can only be accessed from [login to view URL] and one called ‘Crackers&r...

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    Javascript: Syntax Variables Operators If else Switch Case Loops functions events local storage String Boolean Array date HTML DOM Error Handling logging form validation jQuery: Basics Selectors Attributes CSS DOM events Some other libraries integration AJAX: What is AJAX Why we should use ajax How to use it

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