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    Python scripting 6 days left

    ...confirmed will need to be transformed into an Object. We will also need a list of the dependent packages that are loaded in the different scripts and entered into a ‘’ file. Script 1: 1. Receive a file path for a csv. 2. Load the csv into the script. 3. Return the loaded file as an array. Script 2: 1. Receive an array. 2. Reshape a large 2D array (with 100+ columns) to simple array with 2 columns. 3. Return the reshaped simple array. Script 3: 1. Load an array (called ‘working’) 2. Load an array (called ‘reference’) 3. Loop through ‘working’ array for each row to check if it matches an ID in the ‘reference’ array. If it does inset the row into the ‘output’ array. 4. Return output array. Script...

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    hello team, i have a table with 6 columns. name, total buy quantity, total sell quantity, time, date, price. i want a line chart, on x axis i want to display time and price. on y axis, need to show total buy and sell quantity with 2 different lines. on page top, i need a filter with name and date, so that i can see that data. my database updates every 1 second, so i want to see the live data on my chart. i need to have a zoom in and zoom out of the line chart. thanks.

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    ...inclusive of Toilet, shower, and dressing area - small light meal kitchen of area 12 m2 - supported balconies from 3 sides ( NE, ES, SW), the width of each around 3 m * Landscaping: to include the following: - waterfall effect preferably on the NE side (road-side) - Winter garden room ( around 25 m2 ) facing swimming pool view)- - barbeque corner - the main entrance to include natural stone columns, extending height than the roof of the ground floor, and a hotel-like covered entrance for the car. * Government constraints: - Mandatory recess (building limit to plot limit) not less than the following: NE: 5 m (roadside) ES: 3 m SW: 7.7 m WN: 3 m - Ground Floor level, +0.5 m from street level - First floor Level +0.5 + 3.6=4.1m - second-floor level +0.5+3.6+3.6=7.7m ( this is...

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    55 bids This is much easier to convey when directly speaking to someone, but i just want a mostly normal, basic editor, that the end user can put in a file, row length, and start byte (aka base address). It will take the file, and spit out a list of rows on the left side, and an "entry" for every column. On the left side is a row selector, so lets say we click row 5, and there is 10 entrys (IE columns of data). Each entry has a Label (Default named Unknown, the user can rename this per entry) and a input field (Default is a number input). The user can right click an entry, for a data inspector, showing the info in a few other formats at once, and have the option to change the input type from number, to something like a dropdown list, big dropdown list, checkbox, and muc...

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    I need someone with knowledge of redis to configure database from csv files. It is timeseries data with 1000s of columns. Please explain the process in brief during bidding.

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    I have an excel sheet with many rows of data that needs to be rolled up and subtotaled. I need to have someone create a template to drop future data in, so that the excel sheet will auto sum the columns for me in the future. Hope that makes sense. First sheet NTK Daily Activity is a sample of the data i have to start with.

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    I need to assign a macro code to a button which asks to select the file from where the specific data needs to be removed. Eg. There are two files: 1. Macro File 2. Data File Macro file contains the button which when pressed opens the box to select the Data File from which the specific data (rows/columns) needs to be created. Data that needs to be deleted are all the line items mapped to the "GBSS" and "Procurement" under the column "Issues_Investment" in the sheet "Issue" and "Risks_Business_Area" in the sheet "Risks".

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    64 London Road 6 days left

    I have a cloud point model in PTS or LGS, I also have an IFC file. I want to overlay / combine the two. Then get exact coordinates showing the differences in the structural locations. We are trying to build upon an existing structure of columns.

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    I want is a forecast for scores using Forecast ETs and Forecast Linear. Each row has varying number of scores For example, in Row 2 - 4 scores In row 3 - 5 scores For example, in row 2 - I would want a formula like this - ifDb2>=2, (E1, A2:D2,A1:D1,1,"") in row 3 it would be ifDb3>=2, (f1, A3:E3,A1:E1,1,"") I have calculated the cells required in CX-DD columns. What I need you to do is show me how to get the formula required for each row. Could be indirect reference? Could be something else. An expert like you should be able to sort this out in minutes! Let's do this quick and simple job.

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    FOOD WEBSITE: Password: 2022 1) We have a product table with many columns in Google Sheet. How can we have them show up on the website? Information changes regularly. Table has about 60 more rows, this is just the first few rows. 2) Add the same Cookie disclosure as the Skin website, where would you add it? SKIN WEBSITE 4) Remove the passcode requirement but still have the video show, same as FOOD site. 5) Why aren’t the SPEC SHEETS showing up? See this example, you mush log in first, with code: 2022

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    I want an Excel workbook that has a Master Price List Tab. From this tab I want a Summary Quote to be generated by marking the columns and the rows that I want to keep from the Master Price List. Ideally, the only keystrokes necessary would be input of the x's on the columns and rows that I want to keep.

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    Looking to create a macro in the "Working File" tab to do a Vlookup that will copy the order number in column D then go to the "Score Report" tab to column I to match the order number. If it matches, move 1 column to the left and If the value equals "ROOE", "ROA", "ROO", or "ROGB" then move 7 columns to the left and copy the value in column A and return that value (badge number) to the "Working File" tab column D. If the value doesn't match, skip to the next row and repeat.

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    Hi, Currently, our Amazon account can produce financial reports for us. However, we need a custom API that will pull the reports from Amazon Seller Central and adjust the data a little bit. For example, we might want the sheet as-is from Amazon but remove some columns from it. The API should pull on a monthly basis - example: July 2022, June 2022, etc... There are a few reports that we need this done for, and it should automatically be put up on a secure website for us to download the info.

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    Hello. I have a text file i want edit but dont know how to do it, the splitter is | and i want the number 2 and 3 columns to merge into just 1 in 2nd header, like: a|b|c = a|b c| I pay 45$ now

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    Looking to have a script created or use and convert a existing python script to insert or update postgresql database to add logo images and other data to database tables/columns.

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    Release Deployment Report 5 days left

    ...A section which has the risks and issues aligned to the milestones (nearest first) A section for deliverables with columns on B/l date f/c RAG and a column for commentary A section for milestones with columns on B/l date f/c RAG and a column for commentary (these will be plucked from the plan and inserted in their reports so that things don’t drift from the plan A section on Resources – maybe around resource challenges – we need to be careful here as confidential info can’t be displayed here A section on their next SG and what’s occurring (or not there) Then, I would say a couple of rows per Release associated workstreams (OTC, User Access, Testing etc.) with relevant columns in order to communicate the story that week – this will...

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    We have a big excel mailing list. Columns for name, address, address 2, city, state, zip (postal), country, etc. My issue is this: right now we are spending too much time formatting the postal code cells by country. Different settings for all these countries for formats. Would be interested in a solution for this to automate it a bit more, perhaps checking the countries and then auto-formatting the postal code to necessary parameters, or something similar. We are not XLS experts so this must be easy to use and work in a Windows enviroment.

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    Install from allan @ b8Kd7jggVVsV86!3 phpstudios/deleteorder phpstudios/reviewreminder Widgets - I did manage (once) to get multiple products to show on the front page x products in columns and rows instead of the scroller - but for some reason I've not been able to replicate this - can you look at that please as I would prefer to show products like that than the scroller (although I will still want the scroller option).

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    Add columns. Bug fix. I will explain in detail: Please update the trading journal. The order must be: NO - DATE - DAY - ENTRY TIME - DURATION - MARKET - TICKER - ORDER TYPE - LONG/SHORT - STRATEGY - ORDER TYPE - ATR - C SCORE - TP RATIO - KML - DAILY T - LOCAL T - ENTRY TF - ENTRY - TP - SL - EXIT - EXIT REASON - POS SIZE TICKER - POS SIZE USD - SL SIZE% - FEES USD - FEES NOK - PROFIT/LOSS - WIN/LOSE CRL - MARGIN - LEVERAGE - EXCHANGE RATE - REALISATION PRICE NOK - NOTES Of course all the back data/algorithm must work after edit. I messed up in column 5, the color is wrong, idk what I did. it is a minus trade and thus it should be red. There is red outline on some columns, idk why. Is It possible to lock the edit functionality so I don't mess up in the future?...

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    Apartment Inspection 4 days left

    i will need to make this a pdf thats fillable and editable on adobe. need to: remove Y and N on top of columns remove this line.. Y = Meets Requirements; N= Does Not Meet Requirements only have one box instead of 2 and make that one box checkable assure all lines are laid out professionally be able to easily add and remove items as well as the header

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    Spreadsheet reformatted 4 days left

    Please find the spreadsheet attached which I need completed. I've formatted the columns to match what's required for bulk upload to shopify for products. Ideally, I can also create you a login to the supplier where this catalogue came from so descriptions can be added to this spreadsheet and also uploaded along with image URL's. Someone familiar with shopify bulk product upload would be most ideal for this job. I can set up the collections and tags for each product. I've completed a few items and highlighted them so you can see how the format needs to be changed.

    $190 (Avg Bid)
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    It's me again Daniel!! Hoping I can hire you to do some real basic css for me. I need our page titled Volunteer Opportunities to have the logos placed into 3 columns.

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    It's me again Daniel!! Hoping I can hire you to do some real basic css for me. I need our page titled Volunteer Opportunities to have the logos placed into 3 columns.

    $43 (Avg Bid)
    $43 Avg Bid
    1 bids

    I want to have a tool on my shopify store: A) the user needs to have an account B) needs to have bought a certain product C) needs to be logged in If A), B), C) are all true: user will see a page / tool via an icon he can click on. When he clicked on the icon a tool will come available where he can enter values in form of a table. The table consists of multiple rows and columns. Each colum is one period of time (e.g., week) and each row is a certain variable (e.g., sleep per day). The data should be accessible by the shop admin. The shop admin should also be able to add something below the table in a second table called "response table".

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    70 bids

    I have an excel with products (rows). From column E to O exists different values of categories that belongs this product. There are a lot of products that contain duplicated values on different columns. For example row 2 has 2 times the category LIBROS. Other example. Row 3 has duplicated value REGALOS, so we should delete one of them. I want to delete duplicated columns on each product, so each product belongs only one time to each different category and are not repeated like the first example given. Th

    $27 (Avg Bid)
    $27 Avg Bid
    56 bids

    ...links to webpages that list types of lawyers or something having to do with lawyers. 1 to 5 have been filled in. Columns A and B are the number of the link and the link. Column D is the Heading that appears just above the list - right above it - in the webpage. NOT the heading at the very top of the page - unless the actual list starts there. Columns E and beyond contain the one-line phrases that occur and are described in the list. Each list describes these phrases in detail, but you are to include only the short phrases that occur. Link numbers 1 to 5 are perfect. Please examine their web pages to see. You are to copy and paste the headings and phrases into columns D onward for links 6 to 136. The copy must be exact. Column C is for you to describe any ...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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    See attached picture of the problem. I need help writing a query that will be able to return this output. The input is shown in green table, only has 2 columns. I want a list of all the IDs and the original ID if that makes sense. Please see attached example. The green table is a transactional table where one record is linked to the previous ID. Please note, there could be hundreds unknown amount of links to previous records so need to think of an iterative or procedural way not just 3 nested select statements or something like that. Please start your offer with the word purple so I know you have read this project description. Thanks for your time and understanding.

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    $43 Avg Bid
    25 bids

    I'd like to personally invite you to apply to my job. Please review the job post and apply if you're available. we are looking for best of structure engineer design who had very good experience of calculate any loads in the buildings ,The project is four story separated residential building connected by elevators and staircases in the meddle. basement will be car park as the columns to be designed to have good axis and easy traffic for parking . the code will be as American code .

    $14 (Avg Bid)
    $14 Avg Bid
    1 bids

    ...graph creating for Sheet 1 & Sheet 3 (if it exists) >> Sheet 1 and Sheet 3 layout is the same except the values.. if sheet 3 exists then overlay the graph already created from sheet 1 The graph will be per column and must be presented well. Each Column must have a separate graph with Column A as the date which is static. So first Graph will hold Data for Columns A $ B, 2nd will hold A&C, A & D etc till all the columns are finished. The columns can change so you must manage this within the graph. The data in the rows will grow daily with present day data added daily in the csv file. You can either do a fresh import and generate graphs or just import the new raws and have the graphs automatically update. The attached rar file has the 3 csv file...

    $32 (Avg Bid)
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    I Just need a simple PDF Created As a Daily Journal Entry. 10 Things I Am Grateful For : 1. (Line) 6. (Line) 2. (Line) 7. (Line) 3. (Line) 8. (Line) 4. (Line) 9. (Line) 5. (Line) 10. (Line) 3 Things That Made Me Happy In The Last 24 Hours : 1. ( Long Line) 2. (Long Line) 3. (Long Line) I Am Earning : (2 Columns 5 Rows Each) Brain Dump : (Blank Area, Just space for Jotting down Info)

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    It’s a four story residential building in Saudi Arabia. Please review the attached file for mor information and details about this project. The soil test report will be provided once this scope of work is accepted. The scope of work is to provide the followings: 1- foundation, columns, beams , slabs and over all building loads . 2- Provide detailed drawings for revision.

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    1. User should be able to download and edit excel templates as per dynamic values of the user-defined react-table. 2. Download only the "Mandatory" columns. 3. Limit the number of characters in the defined columns 4. Generate a drop down in excel file with pre-defined values 5. Similar features might be needed to add as per requirements. PS: Freelancer need to be work with me to modify and implement existing python function for downloading the excel file in the browser window and apply the above functionalities accordingly.

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    My project has these steps: I need a code that: 1. Using Python with ONLY Jupyter notebook, scrap (only English language) tweets, reddit posts and news titles from GoogleNews that goes to a date from another date (Example: from 01/07/2022 to 31/07/2022), which contain "bitcoin" word. 2. Do a sentiment analysis of every post and collect in the columns of three csv every “post”, “sentiment value”, and “date”. (Example in the attachment). Note: - I'm using M1 Mac - U don't have to scrap. I can do by my own, just set the code from date "01-07-2022" to date "31-07-2022". So they will be a lot of tweets, reddit posts and news titles. DON'T PUT A RANDOM BID. OFFER DIRECTLY THE RIGHT FEE.

    $282 (Avg Bid)
    $282 Avg Bid
    13 bids

    Excel worksheet contains about 890 lines with many duplicates. I want to copy the notes from the duplicates into one line for each "Account". Accounts with multiple Contacts will have multiple lines. Additional "Notes" columns can be added. Should be a simple way to automate this task but I am not smart enough!

    $29 (Avg Bid)
    $29 Avg Bid
    5 bids

    Create dynamic table 1. auto add new columns as per the post . 2. insert these records into the database. Database to be used is Mysql Data API :

    $268 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $268 / hr Avg Bid
    49 bids
    Power app flow creation 2 days left

    I need a power app done for staff claim with matching excel columns and rows and then sent for approval once user submits and then emails back the user. The information is also getting stored in sharepoint in different folder with each claim submitted.

    $54 (Avg Bid)
    $54 Avg Bid
    11 bids

    ...write/update/delete new entries when any edit is done in the customer files. Here is the technical task; Create a Google script onEdit function that will 1. add any new entries in the columns (A2:D) of the customer spreadsheets ('Customer1', 'Sheet1'; 'Customer2', Sheet1...), to the 'Master spreadsheet', 'Sheet1' , (B2:E) 2. check and update any existing entries based on the columns A and B, and if the entry already exists in both and A and B, just update the values in the columns C, D, E, if not update the whole row. 3. if the entry in the customer spreadsheets ('Customer1', 'Customer2', ...), columns B, C or D is deleted, remove the row in the 'Master spreadsheet' accordingl...

    $33 (Avg Bid)
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    10 bids

    The Datagridview will contain two custom columns. The custom columns will be of the type combobox. When the combobox menu is opened, a Form will appear directly below the combobox. Basically, the Form should override the original dropdown menu of the combobox. When the datagridview is moved, the Form should also move with it. The Combobox can be implemented with sample code below: The Form will contain two textboxes. Textbox1 will show the text within the first column, and Textbox2 will show the text within the second column. There is also a button, that when clicked, will close the Form. The user can also close the Form by clicking outside the Form. Once the Form is closed, the text within Textbox1 and Textbox2

    $248 (Avg Bid)
    $248 Avg Bid
    20 bids

    I have an animal barn 392' x 874' and need airspeed/airflow modeling indicating airspeed (MPH) throughout the barn at 5' ht. Attached are the floorplan and sect...will be 9 locations (frames 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28) for vertical baffles from the ceiling down to 14' across the barn to force the air down (increase airspeed) at those locations. The output model will be a color coded map of the barn indicating the airspeed at 5' throughout the barn relating especially to the different lanes of the barn indicated in the section. Interior building columns, fencing and equipment are not to be considered for the modeling task. I need this to be accomplished by with the results sent to me by your Close of Business 18 Aug. Please propose estimated time t...

    $312 (Avg Bid)
    Urgent NDA
    $312 Avg Bid
    15 bids
    SQL expert need 1 day left

    Hi, developers. I need help for Multi layer BOM Selection in SQL. I have a project related to multi-layer BOM. Each BOM has multiple levels (layers). The columns in the BOM table include final product id, component id, quantity, level, and location id, component category, progress. I'll provide table detail, and rules once you take this project, thank you.

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $10 / hr Avg Bid
    42 bids

    I require a Python 3 script to scrape employee data based on a specific parameter. Data: 3 columns. (Name, Date of Birth, Email) The data will be a local file, the address of which will be entered into the .py file. Script needs to scrape employees that are less than 2 years from retirement. Retirement being age 66. Find and scrape lines with employees aged 64-66, based on current date and their date of birth. Script is to print the result (lines) with employee name (Column A) and email (Column C) There is no need for this script to interact with other programs or do anything else with the data.

    $23 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $23 / hr Avg Bid
    71 bids

    Hi, I need to remove some wooden columns in office photos. I need the columns to look naturally like adjacent walls. There are more than 20 photos need editing with this.

    $35 (Avg Bid)
    $35 Avg Bid
    55 bids

    Hi, I have two CSVs that I need to compare values and then get a Excel file that shows the differences between two columns

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    $30 Avg Bid
    57 bids

    Hi All, I have attached a workbook wherein I have compared Variance of year/quarter/month with any different year/quarter/month. So far I have achieved it with help of Parameter that gives user flexibility to choose amongst the period and then filter valu...different year/quarter/month. So far I have achieved it with help of Parameter that gives user flexibility to choose amongst the period and then filter values display accordingly. But now I have a requirement to have different filters for each column (Previous and Current) as follows: Therefore, to keep “Select Period” filter, and add “Periods Filter” above each Current and Previous Period columns and name each filter accordingly Column header should update based on which period is being filtered (...

    $21 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $21 / hr Avg Bid
    11 bids

    I have a file that has 3 columns: Market ASIN Keywords (there will be many) I need someone to read the file.. open a chrome extension (AMZ DataStudio) Select the market.. i.e Paste ASIN Paste all the keywords Hit the "Check Rankin Button" Wait till it finishes and download excel file rename the file as "ASIN-<Date>.xlsx" i.e B068767-10 Aug See attached for input file Amz Data studio screenshots are also attached

    $206 (Avg Bid)
    $206 Avg Bid
    37 bids

    Hi Rabbia 1. please enter the fees for each of the groups listed in this excel spreadsheet........ the corresponding columns in the "fee " tab of this excel spreadsheet

    $108 (Avg Bid)
    $108 Avg Bid
    1 bids

    Hello I need someone who can build a simple system that can do the following: Add Product ID Once Product ID is selected I want a browse button that can select a file and then select a date (for example 10th Aug) I want to upload this file on a daily / weekly basis. Within the file there will be a Keyword and Rank... when reading the file read each row, read th...file on a daily / weekly basis. Within the file there will be a Keyword and Rank... when reading the file read each row, read the phrase (Keyword) and the rank. against the selected date i.e 10th Aug add the rank for the given keyword against it once data is uploaded I need a graph of the history of the rank against each Keyword Attached is the sample file for each day. Note: the 4 required columns are highlighted ...

    $258 (Avg Bid)
    $258 Avg Bid
    41 bids

    Hi Aisha, as discussed I would like to hire you for the following: 1) Amending a version of the python script for a previous job you did for me so it can be run on a mac 2) amend the script to screen scrape two additional columns Thanks Shayne

    $99 (Avg Bid)
    $99 Avg Bid
    1 bids

    I have an excel report that contains data for a number of projects for a number of months However the report is set up so that when a project contains 0 cost for a month, it does not create a column with zeroes, it simply does not create a column. I would like a macro that will loop through all of the projects and find the project with the most monthly columns, and ensure all projects replicate this structure. The macro should also add totals to the total rows at the bottom of each project.

    $37 (Avg Bid)
    $37 Avg Bid
    18 bids

    I need to create a Macro that copies information in columns D, O, and T on the tab "LA Tracker" when the value of column B = "Closed - Submitted" then copy that information in the "Working File" tab. I attempted to create a Macro but it doesn't work.

    $27 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $27 / hr Avg Bid
    9 bids

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