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    Hello there. I have a powerpoint I am trying to make interactive and I need the buttons to change colour on mouse over and change back once not on mouse over. I found this article with the code.I need but I am having difficulties achieving the results I need. The project also included achieving the same affect of change colour on ho9ver in Google Slides as I would like to give users the option t...

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    --- ENGLISH --- We have a Magento 2.3.5 p-1 ecommerce and we need to create a new subtotal organization for Orders, Invoices and Credit Memos (not for cart page). This have to affect transationa emails, customer personal area on the front-end and back-end area. The subtotals have to be dived for each Tax Class and we need to calculate base price & tax amount and show tax rate and tax name r...

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    Hi, I am building a mobile application used React-Native. I need a developer help me to setup CodePush to push updates faster. In my project, I use some of the following dependencies that could affect the way codepush works, maybe: - Jitsi Meet - Firebase - Redux - Expo Unimodules So please make sure that you are familiar with Jitsi, Firebase and redux before applying. The result should be: - ...

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    I am going to apply many animations on my site. But one by one. [login to view URL] Here cursor animation. I want similar one.

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    Hi there! I run a small design studio in Atlanta and I'm looking to work with a developer on some fun site animations and interactions – clever things like this: • [login to view URL] (click Start and try it out) • [login to view URL] (try mousing around the text) • [login to view URL] (love the organic shapes for the video) • [login to view URL] (love how images ap...

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    I need a script for Data Center proxy creation from different subnets / server providers. These proxies can come from HSP providers such as (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Host1Plus) or ISP providers ( would be the optimal way and what I'm looking for) . I need speeds less than 500 ms that works mainly on this webs: [login to view URL], [login to view URL], [login to view URL], [login to...

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    Write report 4 days left

    Report is about how waste management affect contribution of restaurants? Implementations and problems.

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    Project background: For a student research project in collaboration with the national institute for health we are looking for someone who can help us recreating results from published papers with more recent data. The general objective of this project is determine U.S. nursing home characteristics that allow the prediction of COVID-19 cases and deaths including the development of a predictive mod...

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    The legend of warwolf is story is a character of war which his actions affect the world for decades. He is a mixture of captain america , call of duty and mainstream comics. one of the enemies of warwolf is the organization of SCARAB which is a ancient secret society. his circumstances brings the coming of super beings to the first modern invasion of extraterrestrials to the tarturas war and occu...

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    Password Page - I have had my graphic designer change my image so will no longer need the header adjusted. I will just leave this space blank. - I would still like "coming soon" email bar and social media buttons moved down the page. But I would like it down so it doesnt affect the mobile or website version. - I would like the social media buttons to be changed to small black OR white ic...

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    Simple c++ mapi function -- 3 3 days left

    I have created video that explains what I need, please watch it: [login to view URL] Links from the video: 1. Forum link: [login to view URL] 2. The code [login to view URL] 3. mapi.h documentation: [login to view URL] 4. My question from StackOverflow: [login to view URL] Note: Affixa was just used for easier demonstration, I won't use it. This shouldn't affect your implementation.

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    The topic of research paper: "Do businesses have a legal right to refuse to serve LGBTQ people?" Use E-prime language (English prime is a language which does not include "to be" forms) Write a PRO and CON research paper in MLA format, of 5 full pages(does not work cited). 6th page can be of work cited The paper should have at least 10 sources to six different references. You ca...

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    I want to know how weighted blankets can help children with autism. Hiring someone to help research and write a paper that clearly explains the following: 1. What is autism 2. How Autism affects sleeping / Common Problems Encountered 2. Why autism affect sleeping 3. How to help children with autism sleep better 4. What are weighted blankets 5. How are weighted blanket helpful for children with a...

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    Hi, I need about 200 icons and cursor shapes for buttons in SVG format. Instruction: Each icon needs to be drawn in a 130 by 130 points/px canvas with 5 points margins (use guideline) for each side (the icons reach the margins). All the points in the icons must be full number (no decimal places) - this can easily be done in illustrator by setting the grid to 1 px width and snapping to it... The ...

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    Build me a software 19 hours left

    I need an application which works with windows 64 bit and has an accurate clock in millisecond which is sync with windows clock and has ability to set a specific time for example 12:05:20:123 and on this moment timer should stop and do a left click ( mouse cursor is located on a buttom on another software earlier)

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    Hello Guys I need to create C++ script for ctrader and ctrader copy also, maybe that can be done by ctrader automate feature this script is designed to automatically open reverse position if the current position exceed certain level, and to automatically close this reverse position once market is back, and do it continuously as a safe shield For example, i have account with value 100 US dollars...

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    ChangeNOW, a cryptocurrency exchange service, is looking for content authors with experience in digital finance and blockchain-related topics. We would be happy to start a long-term cooperation if: -You know how to write informative and well-structured educational articles about finance and IT -You are able to research technical details on your own and present them to the general reader in an en...

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    Currently my site on google [login to view URL] is rated 3 out 100 for mobile speed and optimization, desktop is 33 out 100. I want to get to 90 out of 100 for mobile and desktop. This isnt SEO Im looking for this is optimization and speed only. Please dont confuse SEO with what Im looking for. Eliminate render-blocking resources 7.07 s Remove unused JavaScript 2.25 s Reduce initial server respon...

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    Hi, I'm Ray. I need some help to write short article about news that the SWTOR game comes up on Steam and how it will affect the game.

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    this is to make few adjustments on my website: [login to view URL] Please do not claim you read everything until you do. also please do not accept the project if you cannot deliver, this will only bring bad review to you. deadlines are deadly, if you miss the deadline I will have the right to deduct from your money. Milestones: 10% upon accepting the project 60% upon delivery 40% if you meet d...

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    What Is the Placebo Effect? A placebo is anything that seems to be a "real" medical treatment -- but isn't. It could be a pill, a shot, or some other type of "fake" treatment. What all placebos have in common is that they do not contain an active substance meant to affect health. How Are Placebos Used? Researchers use placebos during studies to help them understand what e...

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    I have created this template and I have a few issues which I simply cannot fix and have coloured in red font. These are numbered from most to least important to fix. 1. The most important thing to fix is the 'List number' style. I want it to always indent at 1cm. However, when I restart the numbering at 1, it changes the indent. You will see when you test it. 2. I would like a table...

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    The Premise is to write an Autobiography as if I am a person with Borderline Personality Disorder. This paper is 4-6 pages, MUST be in APA and have at least 2 reliable REFERENCES Part 1. Describe what it is like for the person living with a mental health disorder (15 points) • Describe the onset of the disorder. • Describe how the illness affects you cognitively, emotionally, and behav...

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    I have a canvas on which items are added(shapes,images and text).The added items are drag-able. First dragged item works perfectly but when 2nd or third item is dragged it is dragged faster than the speed of cursor.

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    The result should be a chart implementation, that fetches initial data from one api, and then updates its latest data from another api (every X seconds, defined in api). There can be multiple lines, and also there should be the possibility to change day (pagination). Only latest day (current day) updates with live data. API is JSON/REST, can be provided to valuate. The Chart should also have a cu...

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    We have social accounts ready, but need some improvements and assistance in the SEO & advertising of our websites, plus google ranking optimisation, in order to get more traffic to our websites and sky rocket the sales ! Nevertheless, maybe webhosting upgrade will be required : this job should not affect websites speed loading. Thank you.

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    We have a real estate project that is being stymied by the city in what we think is an illegal manner. We are about to file a lawsuit against the city. The lawsuit and the circumstances around it will affect at least half of the citizens in the city and there will be a fair amount of media interviews etc. Want a writer to aid with developing the story behind everything concerning the lawsuit an...

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    I need expert developer to help me fix bugs on my website!! Kindly find the attached document.. i don't want it to affect the website when you are working on it. am ready to pay a good price after the completion of everything! At first you need to work on at least two before we can proceed. if you can't don't bid. thanks

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    ** Responsibility Design and oversee all aspects of our digital marketing department including our marketing database, email, and display advertising campaigns. Develop and monitor campaign budgets. Plan and manage our social media platforms. Prepare accurate reports on our marketing campaign’s overall performance. Coordinate with advertising and media experts to improve marketing results. ...

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    I have uploaded 2 plugins to my wordpress website. 1. WooCommerce Appointments ([login to view URL]) This plugin allows the user to choose when to have an appointment. It allows pricing depending on time and other variables but we're not currently using the pricing function. Maybe later on we will. 2. Flexible Product Fields Pro ([login to view URL]) This plugin allows the developer to add co...

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    Here’s my details below: Business Name: Tomorrow Cakes Icon: gold picture frame. With a cake that is being painted by a hand with a paint brush. I will include an example sketch picture below. See pic #1 Color scheme: sky blue, gold and white Shape: square Ive attached my sketch and a little background about me. Pic #1 So I’m an artist that likes to paint/draw. And I also happen ...

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    SEEKING A FUNDRAISING PROFESSIONAL -- THIS IS A COMMISSION ONLY OPPORTUNITY 42.5% commission will be paid from funds raised over our minimum goal amount of $14,500.00. The Project: Pleas for search and rescue efforts total more than 1000 per year, up about 35% from the previous decade (source; NASAR, FEMA, AKC). How many search and rescue dogs are there? About 259. Of these specially trained d...

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    We have an existing E-commerce website that is not functioning properly, UI and UX is done, but this existing website have a lot of bugs, many services arent working. and website is build in a monolithic architectural, which if we are about to change a services, it would effect the whole website, it would have bugs, and are often endless. our website, is also not mobile friendly. This project wi...

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    20 sec video Video for the intro is attached - requires impact sound affect and representation of virus on finger impact with lift button post the video come 3 messages : details to be provided and last screen is address [login to view URL]

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    i have a Manga website , my problem is when you open the manga page to see the chapters, its like the page is processing every thing in it in that second! as the chapters in the page increase the load increase . at a point.. the page and all the chapters in it shuts down in a *There is a fatal error on your website.* and i will have to move some chapters to another branch page.. i asked about t...

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    when a line graph is drawn , pointer showing data has to be displayed as per mouse movement . contact only who has done previously .

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    I ‘m looking for a writer for a self-help book. It needs 175 pages (font Verdana, size 16). The title is “ Peace and Joy,” the subtitle is “the law of nature, part 1”. I provide the summary and the draft, the writer explains. It describes the law of nature, which affects our daily life. For example, The good deed, the evil deed, and how they affect the doer? How do ...

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    Hi, I’m looking for someone or a team who can create a Coded UI Extension for Libre-Office Draw. The Goal: Create a toolbar button for Libre-Office Draw, that will disable/enable the drag-and-drop object move functionality, while still allowing grid-snap drag-and-drop. Criteria: * Disable the click & hold, object move functionality. * Switch between disabled and enabled using a toolbar...

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    Hello, I need someone to develop a dating app with very strong skills in REACT NATIVE for a long term partnership. The app has the swiping option too like Tinder. I will provide the UI/UX design. ● I need frontend and backend (Admin Panel + APIs) development ● Time frame: 30 days ● Budget: $1.000 USD SPECS: ● Sign-up/social Media Login: Users sign up with requested credentials, including emai...

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    I will try to explain my problem, how I am using Catia to study it, and what kind of macro I think would do what I need. So, I am designing a telescope composed by two mirrors. For optimum performance, those mirrors have nominal position in relation to each other (distance and orientation), however, manufacturing and alignment (assembling) of the mechanical structures in the real world could resu...

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    Hi! At DTS we are a print and mail fulfilment company, we do all print jobs from small to large and we are looking to expand our business into the online world, we have setup a functioning website where clients will be able to order online, we are using a wordpress site alongside woocommerce and we are looking to find someone to build a plugin that we can implement onto our site. I have been cre...

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    I am an entrepeneur and interested in entering the mental healthcare industry. Is it worth going into the mental healthcare industry to innovate and consolidate? The hire will engage in market research. Definitions: 'Mental Healthcare': I am mainly interested in clinics and centers that focus on treating behavioral health illnesses such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating abuse disorder...

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    I have a Office Building Cubicle Map, I would like to have a checkbox over each cubicle and when a checkbox is clicked have the surrounding cubicle check boxes hide, but if I unchecked a box i want it not to affect the surrounding selections that were affected by other check boxes. I have half of the code written out . Im looking for the portion where i can uncheck a box and it wont affect the se...

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    I need a certification letter from a civil engineer stating that the driveway expansion will not adversely affect water drainage on my property or neighbors property. The property is located in Livingston NJ.

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    Hello, Please read this project brief in full. We have a project that is 90% finished. The website has almost been complete, there are a few minor things that need to be done to it. The website has been done in WordPress using GeneratePress and Elementor Pro. Also, a custom plugin needs to be built, it will be a plugin that will do exactly what this does: [login to view URL] We also have a ...

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    Hi, I have a webpage with decent amount of organic traffic, I need to put a mobile responsive banner image on the web page with an affiliate link on it. Please note, that banner image will be provided, I just need deployment and it should not affect the existing page. Website - [login to view URL]

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    We have an unity game looking to expand with new 5 new level stage design and also 5 New characters. Also new character special power affect for all old & new character design.

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    I want to update the menu of my E-commerce, I want to fix it on the left side of the site and it must be dynamic. When passing the cursor through each category there must be a subcategory slider. Similar to Aliexpres.

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    I'm looking for an experienced company that can provide maintenance for my custom made e-commerce site on a long-term ongoing basis that uses the Bootstrap 4 Framework. I need an agency that can: 1. Do monthly check-ups on the website speed, plugins etc. and make the necessary changes and upgrades. 2. Bugfixes. 3. When needed, able to recommend best practices such as better plugins etc. 4....

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    HI, - I need a combined quote for the whole project of working on 4 websites. - Do not share per website quotes. - Please respond only if you can work on the entire project, no partial responses required. - Cost must be all inclusive including any cost for themees or plugins. - Hosting and domain name not required. I already have these. - Please share few samples of your "Own"...

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