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    I require a highly skilled web developer to create a search box that can accept and process e-commerce links. The search box should accept links from both international and Indian e-commerce platforms, including but not limited to Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa and so on. Its functionalities should include the following features: - Add to cart: Users should be able to add items to their shopping cart directly from the search results. - View product details: The search results should display detailed information about the products linked. The right freelancer for this job would ideally have experience in e-commerce platform integration, web development, and managing APIs. Familiarity with the workings of the mentioned e-commerce platforms would be an added advant...

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    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer who specializes in eBay product listing and fulfillment. My project involves listing 100-500 products. Here's what I need from you: - Proficiency in eBay listing strategies and SEO optimization to ensure products rank highly in eBay search. - Ability to conduct product research to ensure competitive pricing and descriptions. - Experience with bulk listing tools for efficiency in listing hundreds of products. - Knowledge in setting up eBay fulfillment processes to streamline order processing and shipping. - Strong attention to detail to ensure accuracy in product descriptions, prices, and inventory management. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven track record of successful eBay product listings and...

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    I want to develop a real-time auction system similar to eBay or other auction systems. Key features: - Real-time bidding functionality - the system must be able to allow instant parallel bidding on different items to ensure smooth and efficient operation. - The application can process JSON objects on input. - The application is programmed in Python using asyncio for websocket. - The application can store incoming data in Redis Streams. The stream is used to quickly store incoming messages. The application makes it easy to add additional logic before saving to Redis Streams. - The business logic mechanism accounts for subscribing to Redis Stream and processing new items in real time. - The application is ready for different auction methods - English, Dutch and envelope. - The auct...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Python developer to gain access and pull specific data sets from the eBay API for me. The two main types of information I need are detailed product information and comprehensive transaction history. This data is crucial for market analysis and strategic decision-making purposes. To make the collected data easily accessible and interpretable, I also require the creation of a user-friendly web interface. The interface should present the data in an organized and visually appealing manner, allowing for easy navigation and analysis. **Key Requirements:** - Proficient in Python programming language. - Extensive experience with eBay API. - Capable of designing and implementing a clean, intuitive web interface. - Strong understanding of data ha...

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    I'm seeking an experienced eBay lister to manually enter electronics product listings with a focus on creating engaging, customizable templates to enhance our brand's visibility. This role requires someone meticulous, creative, and highly knowledgeable about eBay's listing nuances, especially in the electronics category. **Key Responsibilities:** - Manually inputting detailed product information into eBay listings. - Designing customizable templates that align with our brand to make our listings stand out. - Ensuring all electronics listings are up-to-date and accurately described. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in eBay listing tools and understanding of the platform's best practices, particularly for electronics. - Strong attent...

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    We are seeking an eBay store Product Specialist to join our team and help us with marketing campaigns, product and vendor research, and bulk listing to our eBay store. Our business sells agricultural, heavy equipment, and material handling parts. The ideal candidate will be fluent in written and spoken English and have experience with online product research, bulk product listings, and eBay marketing. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct product research to find new items to add to our eBay store - Search and open an account to potential vendors - Bulk list products to our eBay store - Create and execute marketing campaigns to promote our Ebay store and increase sales Requirements/Qualifications: - Fluent in English, both written and spoken - Experien...

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    ...scraper to extract product information from a specific website and organize it into an Excel spreadsheet. This task requires attention to detail and familiarity with the nuances of online data extraction to ensure accuracy and completeness of the gathered data. **Requirements:** - Proficient in data scraping techniques and tools. - Experience with extracting data from websites such as Amazon, eBay, or TripAdvisor, with a focus on product information. - Ability to organize and format the extracted data into an Excel spreadsheet efficiently. - Knowledge of programming languages commonly used for scraping (e.g., Python, PHP) is highly desirable. **Skills and Experience:** - The ideal candidate will have demonstrated experience in web scraping and data extraction projects. - Fami...

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    ...embarking on an ambitious journey to expand my market reach by linking the CED Commerce app with Shopify, and synchronizing my product offerings on eBay. With no functional ebay store, this project entails creating a seamless infrastructure from the ground-up, ensuring my physical goods are well-represented on eBay, mirroring the desired aesthetics and functionality intended from my website. My ultimate goal is to create a streamlined process where my physical products are easily managed and accessible across both platforms, enhancing visibility and potentially increasing sales. **Ideal Skills and Experience for the job:** - Proficiency in Shopify and eBay integration - Experience with the CED Commerce application - Strong understanding of eCommerce market d...

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    I'm seeking a talented and motivated online salesperson to focus on selling my marketing services. Here’s a brief overview of my requirements: **Services Offered**: - Marketing services tailored to a variety of businesses. **Sales Platforms**: - Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. - Online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. - Our dedicated website designed for a seamless sales experience. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proven sales experience, preferably in marketing services. - Strong understanding and active presence on social media platforms. - Familiarity with sales processes on major online marketplaces. - Ability to navigate and effectively use our website for direct sales. - Excellent communication skills to engage potential clients. - Mot...

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    I'm urgently in need of a skilled graphic designer to create a logo for my company named "Tech Kings" I want the logo to be clean and simple, with a crown that is made of technology.

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    I'm looking for a skilled individual to source and list 100-500 home and garden products, specifically in the home decor and furnishings niche, from AliExpress to eBay. This project demands attention to detail and a keen eye for profitable and trending items that will capture the market on eBay. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in e-commerce, particularly with AliExpress and eBay platforms. - Strong market research skills to identify high-demand products. - Proficiency in English and excellent communication skills for engaging product descriptions. - Ability to work within specified deadlines, ensuring all items are sourced and listed quickly and efficiently. - Knowledge of home decor and furnishing trends to select appealing items. - A knack for ...

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    Need expert in Ebay API 2 days left

    ...substantial experience in leveraging the eBay API for transforming my online sales platform. Despite skipping the specific questions, I envisage the successful candidate will take a holistic approach to eBay API integration with a keen focus on optimizing every aspect of my eBay presence. **Requirements:** - Proficient in listing products on eBay through API integration. - Capable of adeptly retrieving orders and managing inventory via eBay API. - Experience in automating order processing to streamline operations. - Proven track record in employing technical solutions to improve inventory management. - Demonstrated expertise in utilizing eBay API to boost sales and revenue significantly. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - In-depth knowledge ...

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    ...substantial experience in leveraging the eBay API for transforming my online sales platform. Despite skipping the specific questions, I envisage the successful candidate will take a holistic approach to eBay API integration with a keen focus on optimizing every aspect of my eBay presence. **Requirements:** - Proficient in listing products on eBay through API integration. - Capable of adeptly retrieving orders and managing inventory via eBay API. - Experience in automating order processing to streamline operations. - Proven track record in employing technical solutions to improve inventory management. - Demonstrated expertise in utilizing eBay API to boost sales and revenue significantly. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - In-depth knowledge ...

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    I'm seeking a talented and experienced freelancer to design, write, and upload a self-help Ebook to Amazon KDP. About how to make 800 dollars in 30 days with EBay This Ebook should be accessible and motivating, with the goal of empowering readers to improve their finances **Key Requirements:** - Exceptional writing and editing skills with experience in the self-help genre. - Proficiency in creating appealing Ebook layouts that include text and images, ensuring an engaging reading experience. - Experience with Amazon KDP, including formatting and uploading requirements to ensure a smooth publication process. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in content writing, particularly in self-help or motivational literature. - Creative design abilities for crafting an...

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    I'm in need of a freelance guru who can help me manage postings for my eBay store. I specialize in selling brand new items by dropshipping in a general store in the Electronics, Home & Garden and other categories. Key Skills Required: * eBay Listing * SEO Optimization * Product Research * Understanding of Dropshipping Mechanics. I will need to be able to track the source website from which the products come. We will take care of the orders and customers. You will be trusted to post without our oversight. With your skills in SEO optimization, I aim to enhance the visibility of my listings. Your prowess in product research will also be crucial in identifying top-selling products within my niches. Lastly, it would be best if you have experience in dropshippi...

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    ...customers to find exactly what they're looking for quickly. - **Shopping Cart:** An intuitive shopping cart for a seamless checkout experience. - **Payment Gateway Integration:** Secure payment solutions that cater to a variety of payment methods, ensuring convenience for all customers. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in WordPress, specifically ecommerce platforms. - Experience with eBay integration to broaden our reach. - Strong understanding of B2C market needs and behaviors. - Demonstrated ability to incorporate secure payment gateways. - Knowledge in scaling ecommerce sites to accommodate more products. **Objective:** To provide a shopping platform that is easy to navigate, secure to transact with, and capable of growing in product listings without sacri...

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    I'm looking for a seasoned freelancer adept at both eBay and Etsy platforms to expand the reach of my health and wellness products. Need someone to work on Team viewer Key Responsibilities: - Creating engaging product descriptions targeting all genders. - Strategize online product listing efficiently on both eBay and Etsy. Ideal Skills: - Detailed knowledge about eBay and Etsy product listing. - Experience in the Health and Wellness market segment. - Proven track record targeting a diverse audience across all genders. Successful candidates should have a strong insight into how to allocate products to effectively reach a wider audience, resulting in higher sales.

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    PHP SDK Setup Needed 1 day left

    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to help set up the eBay PHP SDK on my platform. This initiative is crucial for streamlining our online sales operation, enhancing inventory management, and ensuring seamless transaction processes. **Core Responsibilities:** - Integrate eBay PHP SDK with our existing system. - Ensure functionality for listing and managing products efficiently. - Implement features for retrieving order details and tracking information. - Establish a secure and reliable payment gateway integration. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in PHP and experience with the eBay SDK. - Strong background in API integration and e-commerce platforms. - Demonstrated ability in handling product listings, order management, and payment solutions. - Pr...

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    I am looking to get someone to research some product for me that could be start my seller account on etsy and shopify. And ebay.

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    Global eBay Business Setup 1 day left
    VERIFIED current eBay operation from Germany to the United States. With no existing account, I require assistance from start to finish, not just with the account setup but also with identifying and importing a wide range of profitable products (1000). My aim is to optimize for the U.S. market using AutoDS, tapping into new customer bases and maximizing sales potential. **Requirements** - Expertise in creating and managing accounts. - Proficiency in using AutoDS for product importing and management. - Deep knowledge of market research to identify profitable products. - Ability to execute comprehensive product research as I don't yet have a specific list of products I want to sell. **Ideal Skills and Experience** - Proven track record of successfully setting up eBay accou...

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    We are a seller on eBay. We also have a website (through Big Commerce). We are looking for a developer to create software that takes our listings from eBay and pushes them to our website. The listings will show on our website exactly as they show in our eBay store, except with a discounted price on our website. We hired a company to perform this service (), and they have for the past 10 years. Something happened to this company recently and they are no longer operating. We are looking for a replacement for this service. ESA would copy our eBay listings and update our website every hour, every day. This way, any edits/changes we made within our eBay listings would automatically update the same listing on our website. Qty updates are not needed.

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    I am seeking an experienced eBay listing freelancer to assist with the listing of over 2000 used car parts on my eBay store. This project requires someone with an in-depth understanding of eBay's listing protocol, excellent research skills to accurately price and describe each item, and a keen eye for detail. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in eBay listing tools and protocols - Experience with listing automotive parts on eBay - Strong research skills for competitive pricing and accurate part description - Excellent organizational skills to handle bulk listing efficiently - Ability to write clear, concise, and appealing product descriptions - Knowledge of SEO practices for eBay listings to enhance visibility - Skilled in photo editing...

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    I'm seeking a skilled professional to integrate eBay API for pushing products (car parts) using PHP. This project aims to streamline our online sales, particularly focusing on automotive parts, through direct database access. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in PHP, specifically with eBay API integration experience - Strong understanding of database management and direct access techniques - Experience in handling car parts or similar product listings on eCommerce platforms - Proven track record of successful eBay API projects Project Requirements: - Set up an efficient, automated system to push car parts listings to eBay via PHP. - Utilize direct database access to manage product data, ensuring seamless listing updates and accuracy. - Implement ...

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    ...formats. Mockup of all designed packaging in PNG, setting up and configuring a Shopify store. 2. **Website Features:** - Implementation of POS system with POS integration. - Building an effective merchandise management system. - Integration of various payment systems for customers. - Automatic creation of shipping labels, invoices and delivery notes. - Interface integration for Amazon, Allegro, eBay etc. - Building an accounting function for financial transactions. - Setting up a subscription service for recurring orders. - Adjustable percentages for an affiliate/MLM program. - Customer and affiliate/MLM login areas for personalized experiences. 3. **Rebranding Goals:** – Implement a minimalist design with a clean and concise layout. - Integration of scientific elements suc...

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    As a client in need of an eBay product hunter, I'm looking for someone who can provide me with a list of profitable products for the USA market by Friday. I'm particularly interested in items that can be sourced from China. Here's what you'll need to focus on for this task: - Use strategies for product hunting such as keyword research, competitor analysis, and trend analysis. I'd like to learn about your specific strategies and the tools you use. - The products should have a high demand, low competition, and a good profit margin. In particular, I'm looking for items that can provide a profit margin of 30-40%. - Please ensure that the products meet both these demands and the specific criteria of being able to be sourced from China. I look forward to...

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    10 bids from both eBay and Amazon across multiple niches, including health and fitness, technology, and fashion and beauty. My main goal is to create an online platform that effectively generates leads and drives sales. **What I Need:** - A dynamic, user-friendly website design that can accommodate a wide range of products and services. - Seamless integration of eBay and Amazon affiliate programs. - Expertise in SEO to ensure high visibility across search engines. - Content creation that resonates with different audiences across the selected niches. - An analytics setup to monitor traffic, engagement, and conversion rates. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven track record of developing successful affiliate websites. - Strong knowledge and experience in integratin...

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    Hi everyone. I've finally opened a store on eBay. As soon as I launched my first product. My account was closed because I posed a danger to the eBay community. I tried to contact customer service. no avail . This was the last message. I ask anyone who has experience in such cases to contact me and we can agree on everything. If anyone has no experience and has not gone through situations like this, I ask you not to waste your time or money. Thank you #Hello cirtamz, Thanks for contacting us about the suspension notification we sent you. We wanted to let you know that your eBay account has been permanently suspended because of activity that we believe was putting the eBay community at risk. We understand that this must be frustrating, but this de...

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    19 bids seeking a skilled freelancer to assist me in selling excess, brand-new clothing. Currently, the items are stored in my home in London, Ontario. My goal is to sell these items through an online marketplace, leveraging the power of the internet to reach a broad audience. **Key Requirements:** - **Marketplace Setup:** Experience in setting up and managing online sales platforms (e.g., Shopify, eBay, Etsy) is crucial. - **Inventory Management:** Ability to organize and list a variety of clothing items efficiently. - **Photography Guidance:** While I'm undecided on professional photography, I'm open to advice. If you have photography skills or can recommend cost-effective options, that would be a significant asset. - **Marketing Strategy:** Knowledge of online ...

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    I'm in urgent need of a simple HTML eBay listing template. The ideal candidate for the job should carry profound expertise in HTML and should be familiar with eBay's policies regarding listing templates. Key requirements of the project: - Integration of product images, detailed product descriptions, and company information within the template. - Aesthetic and user-friendly layout, ensuring the template is refined for easy navigation and a pleasing visual experience. - Completion of the project as soon as possible. Desired Skills: - HTML - Experience in developing eBay templates - Attention to detail - Rapid turnaround ability

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    20 bids parts listing on eBay, making use of the extensive TecDoc database through an API connection or CSV. My goal is to streamline my business process, from listing products all the way through to shipping, with a heavy focus on efficiency and automation. As for the platform, I am open to suggestions so long as it meets the project requirements effectively. **Key Requirements:** - **Platform Selection:** Open to Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or any other platform that supports seamless eBay integration and TecDoc API. - **Inventory Management:** Implement real-time synchronization between my warehouse and eBay listings to ensure stock levels are always accurate. - **TecDoc Integration:** Set up robust API integration with TecDoc to pull relevant car part data into...

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    64 bids

    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to help integrate my eBay sales data with QuickBooks Online to manage my business's finances more efficiently. With sales happening daily, it's crucial to streamline this process to ensure that all financial aspects of my eBay transactions are recorded accurately in QuickBooks without any data duplication. **Requirements:** - **Integration Setup:** Configure the connection between eBay and QuickBooks Online to automatically import sales data daily. - **Data Accuracy:** Ensure that the sales data includes all necessary information (e.g., item sold, price, buyer information) and is imported in a way that prevents any duplication of payments or sales data. - **Financial Reporting:** Utilize the imported data to generate...

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    14 bids

    ...e-commerce company looking to enhance our online retail presence, specifically on eBay, by sourcing profitable products from China. We are seeking a dedicated and experienced Product Research Specialist who will play a pivotal role in identifying and analyzing high-potential products that align with our specific criteria. Key Responsibilities: 1. Product Research and Analysis: Conduct extensive research to identify products with high sales potential on eBay. The focus will be on items that can be imported from China, ensuring they are non-branded with significant profit margins and face low to moderate competition. 2. Tool Proficiency: Utilize provided analytical tools like Zik-Analytics and Terapeak for eBay to streamline and enhance the research process. Candi...

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    ...Shopify store to smoothly integrate with eBay and Facebook Marketplace, the sales platforms I currently use. Additionally, I'd like to expand my store's visibility on Amazon, Etsy, Pinterest, and Instagram. Knowledge in managing APIs and eCommerce integrations is a plus. Experience with Shopify in the context of selling physical products would be perfect. Here's my detailed requirements: - Setting up Shopify store to integrate with existing sales on eBay and Facebook Marketplace - Expanding store visibility by creating links to Amazon, Etsy, Pinterest, and Instagram - Ensuring smooth and efficient sales processes across all platforms Ideal skills: - Proficiency in Shopify - Expertise in handling API and eCommerce integrations - Familiarity with eBay...

    $867 (Avg Bid)
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    72 bids

    I'm looking to develop an auction website that not only rivals eBay in terms of functionality but surpasses it by offering a seamless and user-friendly experience. Our platform will cater to both buyers and sellers, allowing them to interact, bid, and transact securely within a comprehensive ecosystem. Key Features and Requirements: - **User Registration/Login**: A robust system for users to register and log in, ensuring a secure and personalized experience. - **Bidding System**: An intuitive and transparent bidding process that allows users to participate in auctions hassle-free. - **Direct Payment**: Implementing a straightforward payment system where transactions happen directly through the website, simplifying the checkout process. - **Reviews**: A feedback and review sys...

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    104 bids

    I need a thorough, accurate collection of product prices from eBay. The focus here is specifically on prices of products from sellers with the highest number of items up for sale. My ultimate goal is to categorize these prices and listings data for other eBay sellers Ideal skills and experiences for this task would include: - Proficiency in data collection and analysis - Experience with eBay's marketplace structure - Familiarity with collating information from listings In-depth knowledge of utilizing various tools for data extraction and manipulation is also a plus. Attention to detail is crucial to ensure the accuracy of the collected data.

    $239 (Avg Bid)
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    24 bids

    ...functionality will revolve around scraping up-to-date information on tennis gear from multiple prominent online retailers and affiliate marketing. Here's what I need: - **Data Scraping**: - **Products**: We'll focus exclusively on tennis products, collecting data like product names, prices, and descriptions. - **Sources**: Primary sources will include a broad range of retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Tennis Point, Tennis Nuts, and more niche brands like Babolat, Wilson, and Adidas, spanning both equipment and tennis apparel. - **Website Development**: - A user-friendly layout that prominently displays the latest tennis products. - An affiliate link setup for each product to generate income. - Efficient ways to update product information automatic...

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    123 bids

    As an owner of a Shopify store with an inve...should be adept at managing large product inventories and ensuring all listings are up to date. - Customer Service: You need to promptly address customer inquiries and complaints, and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. - Marketing and Promotions: We need someone who can drive business growth through innovative marketing strategies and promotional campaigns. - Expanding on marketplace like Ebay, Amazon A background in e-commerce, proficient use of Shopify, and exceptional marketing skills are preferred. You must also have a knack for customer service, an eye for detail, and excellent organizational skills. Proficiency in managing large inventories is also desirable. If you're an all-rounder with these skills, I'd lo...

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    $24 / hr Avg Bid
    47 bids

    I am trying to design some forms to interact with the EBay API. I am looking at createOrReplaceInventoryItem and createOffer. In your bid, I need to know whether you have worked on the EBay API in the past. In your bid, write the term #ebayGuru7 so I know you are not an auto-bidder. In order to complete this task, you will have to bear with me and help me design the layout of the forms. This can be in words and not actual code. Note most of the form for createOrReplaceInventoryItem has already been created. I mostly need help on pickup and shipping quantity information and other quantities referenced in the API. I must be 100% satisfied with the advice and guidance given to me for me to sign off on this task.

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    4 bids

    The data will need to be output in a XLS spreadsheet. Title Description Price [downloaded-image-file-names] Images will be in an attached zip. I will need 1,000 products at a time. This first project is for $20 for this work Deadline: 2 hours

    $29 (Avg Bid)
    $29 Avg Bid
    24 bids

    I need 300 products from eBay copied to my Facebook marketplace. Title, pictures. For the description use the current title and description (if any) and put that into Ai for enhancement. Budget: $30 Deadline 24 hours. Good review And future Work For the right person

    $37 (Avg Bid)
    $37 Avg Bid
    20 bids

    I am in urgent need, within a month, of an experienced eBay store manager who can take complete control of my store. Your responsibilities will include, but are not be limited to, product sourcing, listing products, managing customers, handling transactions, and implementing marketing strategies. Although not specified, an understanding of a wide range of product categories is a plus. Key Responsibilities: - Total eBay Store Management - Product Sourcing Ideally, the freelancer will have: - Previous eBay store management experience - Proficiency in managing online transactions - An eye for profitable products - Excellent customer service skills Important notes: - The goal is to generate at least 2k in profits every month through careful product selection and...

    $220 (Avg Bid)
    $220 Avg Bid
    17 bids

    I have hunted the product as u proposed terms and conditions in I have already the send the Excel file

    $38 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $38 / hr Avg Bid
    1 bids

    1) Find a product which has good selling record on eBay Australia 2) Estimate the profit using our method to see if it's reach our profit margin 3) Find a supplier for this product from 4) The product should NOT duplicate with what we are currently selling in our shop 5) The product should be safe to sell on eBay Australia These are what u basically need to do, are you willing to give a try?

    $26 (Avg Bid)
    $26 Avg Bid
    29 bids

    I'm in urgent need of a skilled developer to breathe new life into my eBay listing program specifically for Magic the Gathering cards. The program's basic listing functionality has become unreliable and unresponsive. Although I'm not certain which error is causing the issue, due to the unavailability of detailed error reports. The ultimate goal is not only to fix the program quickly but also to transition it to a stable online server for enhanced performance and accessibility. Key Information: - The program focuses on basic eBay listings. - Unknown errors need diagnosing and fixing. - Immediate assistance required for rapid deployment. Requirements: - Experience with eBay API. - Proficient in troubleshooting and debugging. - Knowledge of online server ...

    $642 (Avg Bid)
    $642 Avg Bid
    26 bids

    I'm embarking on a journey to elevate my online business by connecting my Shopify store and eBay storefront directly to my dropshipping supplier. To achieve this efficiently, I'm looking for a skilled freelancer who can navigate through the intricacies of integrations, potentially leveraging an API or other linking methods, depending on my supplier's capabilities. **Key Requirements:** - **Expertise in Shopify & eBay Integrations:** Proven experience in linking online stores to suppliers is a must. - **Flexibility & Resourcefulness:** Since I'm not certain about my supplier's API or integration options, I need someone who can explore and implement alternate solutions seamlessly. - **Communication & Collaboration:** Open, consistent commun...

    $1013 (Avg Bid)
    $1013 Avg Bid
    147 bids

    I'm looking for an expert in e-commerce store development on multiple platforms, specifically Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. Key duties: - Designing and building an online store on these platforms that is both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing - Ensuring seamless integration between all three platforms The ideal freelancer for this project should: - Be familiar with and skilled in eBay, Shopify, and Amazon integrations - Have extensive experience in creating e-commerce stores - Have a strong design sense and the ability to create an intuitive user experience - Understand the specific requirements for selling products online The core purpose of this e-commerce store will be to sell products, so it's crucial that the end product is designed with this in mi...

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $20 / hr Avg Bid
    164 bids

    ... jQuery, AJAX You can’t use: any PHP frameworks e.g. Symfony, Laravel… Project description Create a marketplace for buying and selling goods such as electronics, fashion items, furniture, household goods, cars… The website aim is to connect sellers with buyers. Sellers post their items to reach customers who want to purchase their products and services. Real examples of such marketplaces: OLX, Ebay, Amazon Project details: - All posted items are public - Users can: o login o register o edit their contact information o create, edit, delete unlimited items for sale after they have logged in - Properties that users have to fill as data in their account: o name o surname o email o phone number o city - Every item has: o Item publication date o Single/Multiple im...

    $863 (Avg Bid)
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    133 bids

    I'm looking for a skilled individual to source and list 100-500 home and garden products, specifically in the home decor and furnishings niche, from AliExpress to eBay. This project demands attention to detail and a keen eye for profitable and trending items that will capture the market on eBay. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in e-commerce, particularly with AliExpress and eBay platforms. - Strong market research skills to identify high-demand products. - Proficiency in English and excellent communication skills for engaging product descriptions. - Ability to work within specified deadlines, ensuring all items are sourced and listed quickly and efficiently. - Knowledge of home decor and furnishing trends to select appealing items. - A knack for ...

    $543 (Avg Bid)
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    37 bids

    I'm in need of an experienced product sourcer to identify 5 products on Alibaba that fit my eBay UK business model. Here's what I'm looking for: - **High Demand Products:** Items with proven market interest. - **Specific Categories:** Leggings, candles, and similar products within the Home & Garden or Fashion Accessories spaces. - **Target Audience:** Working professionals, suggesting a need for quality and appropriateness for the workplace. **Skills and Experience Needed:** - Expertise in market research on eBay UK. - Proficiency in navigating Alibaba for suppliers. - Strong understanding of e-commerce product sourcing. - Ability to analyze market trends and competition. - Knowledge of cost calculation to ensure a healthy profit margin. Please apply if...

    $44 (Avg Bid)
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    17 bids

    What specific tasks would you like the eBay assistant to perform? creating What type of assistance do you need in creating the eBay listings? promote goods How would you like the eBay assistant to promote your goods? Social media marketing

    $192 (Avg Bid)
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