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    I have eight digital potentiometers, x9c104 modules. I need a module to interface these eight potentiometers to an iPad application. Each x9c104 has an SPI interface with a chip select.

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    I am looking for firmware and hardware engineer to work on my several project. I prefer the India, Pakistan Engineers. Required skills: - Arduino, STM32, ESP32, Raspberry Pi, nrf52832, nrf52840 - SPI, I2C, UART, USB-HID - EasyEDA Currently I need someone who has experience about the STM32 and USB_HID.

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    We have a hair company called “Elixir Luxury Collection” we need a logo that is very classy and eye catching. Our colors are rose gold/white/grey. Be creative and send me all your ideas!! Colors: Rose Gold/White/Grey Please create me a logo!!!

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    ...maintenance and feature updates as needed. You will be working for and with very experienced, senior embedded architects and developers. You will not have to interface with project managers, product owners, or other non-technical management. The project is NDA, but the following skill-sets will be priorities when reviewing candidates: - Usual embedded development skills. C/++, RTOS, JTAG. I2C, SPI, UART, GPIO, etc. - Nordic nRF53 series and development tools. - Working with uBlox or similar development boards. - The Zephyr RTOS, specifically as used by the newer Nordic toolchains. - Configuration and splitting of interrupts using the basic semaphore, handler thread pattern. - Battery and power management. Configuring very-low-power system wakeup inputs. - BLE: creation of a ...

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    We provide an Admin backend (Elixir) and Member frontend (HTML, CSS) to our customers. It is a B2B club management platform. The members can also use our product on their mobile phones (React Native). The source code is on GitHub and the web application is hosted via Heroku. The database is PostgreSQL. We are using JIRA for Project Management and Figma+Google Slides for wireframes. Thanks a lot

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    I am looking for full-stack developers who are good at Elixir, Rails, Phoenix React/Vue experience will be huge helpful. Must be able to work full time on EST.

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    I need a 3-4mintute personal essay for a 10th grade English class. The topic choices are attached. I'm a 15 year old girl who forgot about the assignment and have no idea what to write about. My main focus will be not throwing up from nerves. Tomorrow is my day to read my essay to the class. I can delay until next Wednesday if that's not enough time.

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    IOT prototypes involving schematic design, gerber files, BOM's. Programming in C/C++, Python, etc. RP2040 based boards having USB, BT, Wifi, flash. I2C & SPI comms, relays, thermistors, etc. MQTT comms to AWS or other. *MUST BE AN AUSTRALIAN RESIDENT*

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    Recreate an FPGA simulation based on an open-source project programmed onto an MCU and communicate with the FPGA via SPI. Logic Analyzer captures would be provided for reference.

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    Looking for someone with experience in Lora SX1280 2.4Ghz chipset and ESP32 to connect between them and send data using UART interface with message acklowedgement and secure data transfer between the two nodes. ESP32 would connect to SX180 via SPI/UART and any data that is sent from ESP32 UART terminal would be sent securely to the second node and acknowledged that the message was received successfully. Further information would be given to the suitable candidate.

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    I have a working Arduino sketch written by an expert coder that controls 48 stepper motors using SPI with a custom made board with 48 shift registers. The code moves the steppers to different positions. I don't understand the code sufficiently to do what I want so I need someone to modify the code to suit me.

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    ...to ensure safe keeping and traceability of constructions, modifications and improvements at all times. Knowledge, skills, and experience § Proven knowledge of Programming in C for 8 to 32 bit Microcontrollers such as NXP/Freescale, ST, PIC, etc. § Familiarity with software configuration management tools, defect tracking tools, and peer review. § Knowledge of communication protocols – CAN, LIN, SPI, I2C, UART. § Ability to read electronics schematics; § Practical Knowledge of Excel Spread-sheet and Power Point Presentations, Gerber file readers, 3D and 2D design and simulation softwares such as Matlab Mulab and the like. § Desirable: proven experience in developing firmware for Electromechanical Drive Mechanisms, Motor-Driven Power Actuators, ...

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    Hi. I am looking for a senior full stack developer who has extensive experience in elixir & clojure script to build the the web application. I have already built the working prototype by hiring the agency team from Europe and They are not available for our project from this week. As main architecture & development is done and we just need to add the new features into the existing system, I am looking for a senior full stack developer who can take over this project and maintain it long-term basis. Required: - Expert in Erlang & elixir and AWS - Expert in Clojure & Reactjs for front end development - Expertise in Devops. - Fluent in english - Full time availability Please only apply if you are individual developer and can start immediately from today. Thank...

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    I need serial UART, SPI, Oled screen, sd card, 2 leds I want many assigments between some bytes from INPUTs of UART and a series of bytes in hex to OUTPUT of UART In Output there is a time which separates bytes. For exemple an Input of 0xC2 0x54 0x14 will call a series of bytes 0x9F 0x54 0x43 0x09 0x46 0x62. (The byte 0x09 in the middle is the time in ms between the bytes). A series of the bytes can be more than 30KB. The assigments many hundrends. So maybe these series of bytes must been in file format and inside a microSD card. The output must be in realtime without latency I need some processing before output to the UART. This is only the beginning of the project. I need the programming in C or ARDUINO. Iwould like to can change my code in my preferences. Maybe a User Interface...

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    Hello, I am looking for a firmware engineer with experience in STM32. We are designing a prototype hardware device with the following features: -CMOS Camera -SPI Flash -USB Mass Storage -User LEDs and Buttons We need a firmware engineer to develop the firmware on a development board, and port this code to our final hardware when it's ready.

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    We have a set of photos of sensors placed in various locations on the skin of adult humans. We want images that match each drawing but show the underlying muscles with the sensors in the same position. There will be 30-40 images required for use in our web based help system. The images have to be anatomically only need to show muscle fibres, not nerves, bones etc. See the very rough example.

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    ...programming as required to develop, test and debug firmware for embedded system designs. Nice to have: C++/Assembly programming skill. • System Architecture Design and System Optimization Skills • Must have working experience in any RTOS • Must be an expert user in at least one of these tool chains: Keil, IAR, GCC • Prior Work experience/exposure of working on WiFi, Bluetooth, SPI, UART, I2C, I2S, LCD, ADC, DAC • Nice to have: knowledge on USB, TCP/IP, WAN, GSM, GPRS, GPS, RS232, RS485 • Must have firmware development experience in an industrial related product design • Must have documentation skill • Reasonable Hardware Design and Debug Skills • Works in both an independen...

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    Esp32 to read data from uart or spi from an energy meter ic

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    Write functions to enable SPI on XC2000 MCU and read/write data on 95160 Eeprom.

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    I am looking for React/Redux/Elixir/Postgres Expert to work on my time zone. Required Stacks : React, Redux, Elixir for backend, Postgres for database (Bonus) If you have chart experience, is it a big plus!

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    would like to use a RGB OLED, 1.5inch diagonal, 128x128 pixels, 16-bit colour oled display with embedded controller, communicating via SPI interface. You'll need to design a simple processor board to interface to the display and code it to have a graphical display to look like a standard analogue audio VU meter. The design must be able to display 2 x 3 different audio inputs (1: input level, 2: Output level, 3: Gain reduction....This would need to be x2 for Left and Right channels. (so a total of 6 possible audio sources) and be able to switch between them and display the level correctly and show which input it is displaying. The user needs to be able to select a single channel (L or R), then the source (1, 2 or 3), and a meter type (Bar or analogue) then display that "fu...

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    Embedded Software Engineer Requirements: • Expertise in Embedded C, STM Microcontroller, ADC, I2C, UART , SPI, CAN, DMA, ESP32,ESP826 • Expertise in development tools like STM Cube IDE, STM Cube Mx, Keil Compiler • Experience with a complete life-cycle of an embedded software system • Knowledge of Free RTOS, Ethernet, LCD interfacing, SDRAM, External Flash, modern OS coding techniques, IP protocols, and hardware interfaces • Good communication skills and the ability to interact with customers • High-level writing and documentation skills • Familiarity with software configuration tools • Critical thinker Location: Bangalore, INDIA Full-Time

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    expert C and assembly language Design the logical organization and required firmware for new systems built around an ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller, connected via I2C and SPI communication interfaces.

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    I want someone help me with my project Please if your have the experience of C language Assembly Design communication subsystems and the required electrical circuit support between a collection of I2C- or SPI-interfaced sensor integrated circuits and an ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller.

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    ...data and then send it via lora to the gateway (second shield, much simpler) Our product is a weighing scale to monitor cattle. Overview of the complexity of the project: weighing scale board Microprocessor: ESP32 (dual-core 32-bit MCU + ULP core), FLASH 8MB (64M-bits) SPI FLASH , RAM 520KB internal SRAM, with LoRa node chip SX1276 TTL RS232 Converter Analog to digital converter RTC DS130 SD CARD Power Source: Solar panel/battery Gateway Board Microprocessor: ESP32 (dual-core 32-bit MCU + ULP core), FLASH 8MB (64M-bits) SPI FLASH , RAM 520KB internal SRAM, with LoRa node chip SX1276 SD CARD Power Source: Standard wall plug socket; If you can contribute with not only the pcb's design, but helps us to format everything needed to send to a CM in order to start produc...

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    Urgent NDA
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    Looking for Firmware engineer experienced in STM32F407 development. - Should have experienced in CAN protocol and SPI. - Looking to work from Pune, India. Not mandatory though. - Details about the requirement will be shared with the suitable candidate. - Open position for Full time employee or part time developer.

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    We have an issue with a script that parses products from csv, it is working well, but we want to modify price calculation formulae, also we would like to install a payment gateway but site currency in euro and we would like the final currency going to the gateway to be in usd. Looking for skilled Drupal developer only. Best regards Elixir Fashion

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    Need a developer with expertise in elixir language ecosystem.

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    I need a custom CAN BSL Bootloader, CAN Loader for the ST10F275 MCU from ST. It needs to read and write Flash memory. Read and write EEPROM on SPI. Communication over CAN Program needs to run in STM32F103 CAN Loader written in C++ OR C#

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    Need to write a logic to be implemented with esp32 and spi interference. Experienced needed . Bidders of more than 5000Rs are not considered

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    This project will be based on a Open Source code from GitHub. Skills Required : React Typescript Elixir Postgresql Node.js RabbitMQ FEATURES AUTHENTICATION (SIGNIN/SIGNUP) SignUp using Email, Google Signup is also available. SignIn using Email, Phone, Facebook, Google SignIn is also available. Reset the password if forgot the passward. Guest Nick allowed but will not able to login if a nick is registered/in use. HOME SCREEN Live Rooms are available. Two to three static room always available when user login. User available in room. ROOM Raising Hand available. Mute and Unmute for users. Remove user from room and Block user from room. Moderator can add any listeners to moderator or Onstage and also can remove from user. Super admin(Owner of the channel can not be removed from Mod...

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    ...MSP432P401 development board, but I'm having some problems with receiving the data, because through the interrupts I check what is sent by the slave board. In analyzing the data, I verify that it responds to a command that identifies the read register. But right away I send a command to perform the slave chip identification and it only gives me 0's. I'm suspicious that I made a bad integration of SPI communication. As this is a prototype and I needed a quick analysis of this problem I resorted to development with driverlib, which is not my strong point. Then I need someone with more knowledge to give me some tips on what could be wrong. Important note :If you respond to this project, please note that it is only intended for users of the TI MSP432P401R development ...

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    Hello i am looking for some extra help on a portal for a B2B wholesale platform, already created and already working with invite only...The person or team need to be very very good in clojure and elixir please !!!!!All works very well, but we will need to add more on the platform such as : 1- cosmetic work on the web design adjust column and rectangle sizes etc... 2-add different menu for apparel and accessories with drop down menu and add the sizes for those (all will be provided) 3-add a sign up and log in for buyers and add a different sign and log in for sellers, and sellers can be buyers as well 4-email alert menu: different options for email alert to be sent when an offer is posted 5-dashboard for admin to have more details on invoices total per users and be able to modify lo...

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    NOTE: I am only interested in solutions that use Erlang (or Elixir) to parse these files! I am not interested in solutions that use Perl or Awk or Python or Regex. I am only interested in solutions that use Erlang. I have 80,000+ "" files. They appear to be written in some kind of Erlang data serialization format. I need a tool to convert them into JSON. The attached "" file is one of the files I need to parse. Whereas the attached "" file is how I need the original file to be transformed. Unfortunately I created this particular "" by hand - I need a tool to do it automatically! Here's a sample file (but its formatting is messed up - please download the attached file for the correct formatting). {<<"app">&g...

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    I would like a reproduction of the attached illustration in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Not an exact replica, I do not want to violate the artist copyright. The nerves (in yellow) extend out to the black arrows I drew in. The texture can be changed up to a style you are comfortable with. The hash marks on the 2 disc (in Blue) are not needed.

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    I am taking TAL適性検査&SPI適性テスト aptitude tests and since they are in Japanese I would like someone who is familiar with these tests to help me and explain how to pass these tests especially they are written in Japanese.

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    Looking for a tutor/Professional for Embedded C/C++. Texas Instruments code composer studio, Halcogen , Model based design. Cortex R4F Hercules safety microcontroller. SPI /CAN communication using Hercules microcontroller.

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    1. Mc60 quectel IOT board in altium. 2. Mcp3424 Adc 4 Channel. 3. Stm32f103. 4. internal Adc 4 Channel. 5. Mpu6050. 6. Relay. 7. 72mm x 118mm board size. 8. Modbus Uart Output Debug Or Config Settings. 9. Display spi 10. 4 Layer Pcb 11. Design Sch & PCB

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    You will implement SPI for driving an RM69090 based LCD. Next step will be implementation to TouchGFX

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    I am looking for a candidate to deal with Elixir development on permanent basis with the project in California.

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    $2106 - $4212
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    This is an opportunity for a Senior Elixir Engineer to join a leading Blockchain company and work remotely. Your role will be building out a state-of-the-art Blockchain platform. We are looking for an Elixir Developer who could work with tech and product teams to deliver industry-leading features. The developer will collaborate with the technical architect and non-technical team. He will be responsible for the full-stack development, including user interactions, developing server and database for website functionality. Maintainance of operations portal with high availability requirements. The developer will build out MVPs to validate/test ideas and products.

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    2-4 years of overall software engineering experience. Programming experience with modern languages such as Elixir/Ruby/Python/Golang etc. You should have good experience working with relational and non-relational databases. We use Postgres and Cassandra. Good to have but not mandatory working experience with caching tools such as Redis, Queue mechanism setup with RabbitMQ. Good knowledge of version management with Git. Awareness of TDD. Past experience in building complex applications, either by yourself, or as part of a larger team Desire (obsessive?) for maintainability. Experience in working with cross-functional remote teams in an Agile software development framework. Experience in designing APIs with proper documentation.

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    Need to Controll 8 stepper motors with stm 32 board *Need to Control all stepper motors at same time with indipendent varible speed *The (speed,direction,steps) input will be given from each stepper motors via a spi interface from external micro controller *Each stepper motors should have a individual profile stepper *Each stepper motors will also have a limit switch *should implement 4*4 keyapd and send the interrupt data to the master mcu note : this board will act as slave to master mcu , it will receive instructions from master (speed,direction,steps,limitswitch repeat ) and also send data of keypad interrubt and encoder code interrupt to master cpu

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    I have designed a lorawan circuit by using STM32L071 and sx1272. I know my code is working since the communication is being established between stm32 and sx1272 through SPI interface. But my lora messages are not reaching my gateway. So, I think there is some problem with my rf circuitry. Can anybody who is an expert in LoRa help me solve this problem?

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    We are on the outlook for a developer with expertise in Elixir. We are not looking for an agency. A freelancer in an independent capacity will be our priority.

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    Need 8ch stepper motor PWM controller with I/O expander ,* 1) need to control all motors at same time , with indipendent frequency 2) should support spi or i2c 3) should be isolated 4)should support min 100khz indivudial I/O frequency

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    Hello, We are currently recruiting talent to complete our PC app that’s already developed. We’re looking to add two more functions/Commands to the app as well as update those functions to our firmware as well. We are also Looking to add SPI NOR flash driver to our firmware and expert level UX/UI Design of our pc app. Pls feel free to submit your proposal if the skill set required for this project applies to you so we can discuss the necessary details of the project in order to move forward.

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    Looking for a very colorful and drawn out classic arcade logo. We are doing a barcade and drinks place called ELIXIR like the drinks in games I want the font to be huge and long with the words drawn out like video game things or with characters ect from old classic video games. Underneath the words ELIXIR that’s big and long it should say Potions and PowerUps Arcade

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    We have a requirement to design schematics and preliminary PCB layout for an analogue front end for a data logger system. Specification as follows: * 8 differential or 16 single ended input channels (configurable) * SPI interface to ADC * up to 128x PGA * Bipolar input capable (+/- 1.8V min) * Able to measure thermocouples and other general high sensitivity inputs We have tentatively selected the AD7124-8 as the ADC for this task, however if there are better options available we are open to suggestions. Work will include power architecture/design for bipolar supplies and any necessary references and circuit protection.

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    I need Buildroot enviroment for building working 16M SPI flash image for Lichee Nano (F1C100s) which will support the ability to start a audio/video RTSP stream from MICIN (analog microphone) & TVIN0/TVIN1 (CVBS video) inputs using ffmpeg / ffserver. The firmware must contain working tools & drivers: - ffmpeg, ffserver, aplay, arecord, amix - usb rndis (4G modem), audio (micin), video (tvin0), WiFi sdio drivers - openssh-server, crontab, wireguard, curl - standart busybox, ash or bash At the output I am interested in: - firmware for Lichee Nano ( for flashing via sunxi-fel to SPI flash) - Preconfigured buildroot enviroment (archive or docker container)

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