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    I have two excel spreadsheets. I wish to merge to one, whilst deleting the unnecessary columns. A few columns need formulas to be added so total numbers can be counted, and these auto-populate onto page 2 The data is all from the same source, which will be entered by my staff daily, and is demographic and other data about patients seen in a clinic. I wish the spreadsheet to be fixed, no actual d...

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    We have a text PDF file and we need the data extracted and formatted to columns in Excel. There are 140 pages with 2 records per page, so about 280 total records need to be converted. An example of one page is attached. The columns for each records are: Target, Sector, Announcement Date, Price, EBITDA, Units, Price/Revenue, Listing, Location, Revenue, Cap Rate (%), Price/Unit, Price/NetIncome (EB...

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    build financial models in ms excel; programming ms excel

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    Hey there, I have a project of excel That project includ some data that you have to fill in to Ms Excel I need some fresh freelancer for this project I also provide you, account to access your project, if you interested then we will discuss more on chat

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    I have data in excel and still have other data I'm acquiring and I need worksheets created for the data. It's an urgent project.

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    There are two different time format using CSV files. Convert format from one to another. Check sample pages attached.

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    I'm Looking for Excel VBA Coder Who can use Teamviewer to work on my sheets. Please quote me a price. The Codes that I require are pretty simple, with a 10 steps example below that I'm currently using: Sub StepOne_CopyF3DownPasteAR4() Range("F3", Range("F3").End(xlDown)).Copy Range("AR4") End Sub Sub StepTwo_SelectRangeFromAR4Down() Range(&...

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    I need someone to capture 300 business cards captured in JPG and PDF onto a spreadsheet. I will provide more information to the winning bid.

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    Hello, I currently use two separate excel spreadsheets to capture data for unique contract areas (NBal ID in Sheet 1). I first capture six records per unique contract in Sheet 1 and the total value in column "Adjusted person Days (APD)" in Sheet 1 has to manually transferred to Sheet 2 to calculate costs for the unique contract. I would like to do all the data capture, calculations and...

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    We are looking for an experienced Java developer who is confident in developing code and capable of programming in Java We are looking to develop a program capable of converting text contained in excel documents into XML format, so that it may then be used for uploading questions into a chatbot. Because of the nature of the project, it is important that the developer has experience in NLP, as t...

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    Make an excel from PDF so its easy to copy and paste from it.

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    I am looking to hire someone who can help me by creating a spreadsheet formula to keep track and booking of my construction firm. I am a small contractor and would love to keep track of my projects monthly expenses

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    I am Kevin. We are a start-up that stations in Hong Kong. Background: My team is working on a project that requires a MS Access tool to search string in an input string table (Input ID and Input string) from a data sub-string table(sub-string and Return ID). The output table will contain two columns 1)Input ID and 2) return ID only. Also, the input string usually contain 400-800 characters. Req...

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    I need a Cash flow analysis/repayment model built in excel. Will provide pertinent details to winner. MUST BE ABLE TO START IMMEDIATELY WITH ACCURATE BID FOR AMOUNT OF TIME REQUIRED

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    Looking for a professional to transfer leads from PDF to Excel for easy sorting/marketing I have a total of 5000 Leads divided into 50 PDF files each containing 100 names I would like the following information transferred: - Full Name - Business Name - Office ID - Full Address (Street Address/Suite, City, Zip Code) - Phone Numbers (Direct Wrk Ph & Cell) - Email address - Web Address I must...

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    I have 27 pages (not full pages) that need to be typed into an excel. I have attached one of the pages to view to see the extent of the work. All pages have the same quantity of lines as the one posted.

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    I need to take an excel sheet that has formulas and develop it into an online site and mobile App.

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    I have a spreadsheet that is getting very busy and I need to move it now to SQL and then have a web page reporting the data. I need this excel sheet to log the information direct to MSSQL server for the reporting. I need the vehicles to each have an individual trackable with each of the tasks I need for each of the locations to report and count the number of buckets placed into them or removed fr...

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    I need to design a spreadsheet to do estimates on kitchen cabinets. I have price lists from 2 vendors with about 20 different cabinet styles. I want to enter the individual cabinets for each kitchen design and have the correct prices pop up according to the style the customer chooses.

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    We are seeking someone who can assist in compiling an email list. All of the email addresses, names and companies will be provided via web link. They however need to be transferred to a spreadsheet so they can be uploaded to contacts list, mail chimp, etc. The names/companies provided will have to be gone through closely and only certain company types selected. Attention to detail is required to e...

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    This project involves entering data from the PDFs into Excel. The PDFs list state names followed by job titles. Please create an excel file with the state name in column 1. In column 2 list the id number (the number in the black box) of the job title. In column 3, enter the job title (in bold below the id number). These three fields are the only information that I need - please ignore the rest of ...

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    I have a Word doc that contains 494 names. I have an Excel that contains 1898 files. The files contain data such as names, email addresses, etc. Most of the 494 names that are found in the Word doc can also be found in the Excel file. I need someone to search for the 494 names in Excel and create a 2nd Excel file that contains only the files with those 494 names. The reason I am doing this is ...

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    Hello, I am looking for someone who could give me a solution to convert an excel / csv file with 150 invoices to an xml file with UBL (accounting financial standard). I need to have my autonomy each month, so it can be a script or something like that. Need to know in UBL.

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    Hi there, Need to have some data entry into Excel. You need to have a copy of excel on your computer and be able to enter the data into the sheet and send it all back to me. Thank you

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    I need help configuring a node.js program that can scrape data from a website that is behind an authenticated portal. The final product will be a node.js script that will do the following: 1. Use node.js to load the URL: [login to view URL] (consider using [login to view URL] to interact with the https server) 2. Securely authenticate using username and password provided, 3. Store all relevant c...

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    linkage of data and files in excel and MS word

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    Our telematics platform delivers an xls, xlsx file for a certain period, e.g. 1st of month for last month. This file contains all the tracked data and time stamps an employee has done in that period. It is far too much information for the average user (craftmen, Service, construction SME companies) to sort out and to handle the data easily for the hour [login to view URL] raw file contains only t...

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    I need you to get the following info from my LinkedIn account into an excel spreadsheet: Name and last name E-mail Title / Job Company I have about 4k contacts and need ALL of them collected. You should probably use a bot/software for this job, which is what I'm paying for. Otherwise you will take 20+ hours for this task. I don't accept anything less than ALL contacts collected and wi...

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    Please check documentation for more details: [login to view URL]

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    I need a Cash flow analysis/repayment model built in excel. Will provide pertinent details to winner.

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    need an application(window application,console application or window service) to download all excel files from the url:- ttps://[login to view URL]

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    hello we have a supplier that gave us a list of 52,000 items in two files , to use in POS system and upload them the issue is happening that the POS coder told me excel remove "0" automatically so the UPC is changing and the POS cannot match the item numbers and showing does not exist , can you fix our Excel file quickly to add 0 i am pasting notes from POS coder , he wants to the s...

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    I need to create a macro that will automatically generate a multi page report

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    Hi, I'm looking a JS developer who helps me to do a complex table with formulas, the project is urgent, so please, only bid if you are available right now. Also, for not losing time, I need to know that you read this description, so add "cherry" at first of your bid. Thanks.

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    Create an excel file for stock exchange bidding which will enable me to buy when the stock price is lower and sell when it's higher. I have an account with Zerodha and I need a VB powered Macro file which will automatically buy and sell with the integration of Zerodha into it

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    I'm looking for Excel development which would run A master file containing Data. Group the data Set based on a common field and recreate multiple excel file from the group. Each File created will hold a standard template including Validation. Later consolidate all the files after some data entry to one File. In other words, the Master file contains employees and their manager. The Automation...

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    I want to analyze an excel file with measurement data. Please review the attached example Excel file before bidding. Column A (or 1) contains the time stamp (in seconds) Column C (or 3) contains the actual signal, which is periodic: The signal rises to a maximum within approximately 1 sec, stays in a plateau for about 1.25 sec and then decreases for about 1 sec, stays in a plateau for 1.25 ...

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    I have a list of products (roughly 7200 SKU's) and i am looking to create an order form. My SKU's are broken up into a few categories (product, colour, size) and each product type has a specific price. I also need to create the order form in 3 currencies. So I need to be able to adapt the spreadsheet with pricing in an automated way. Anybody an Excel whizz?

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    A basic Access database is required by my customer, initially all they require is to begin with is; First Name Surname Street Suburb State Postcode Notes The database will be used by two users It will have maybe a VB front end to the users can easily add a new customer edit details of an existing customer and delete a customer. I dont want to user a online system, it need to be hosted in house...

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    Solve the error faced in the process of coding and share with us to get paid For instances: Error: Emmet Abbreviation not working in visual studio code for React.js Solution: Edit [login to view URL] file: Settings->Extension->Emmet->Edit in [login to view URL] Copy and paste the below code in [login to view URL] file and save "[login to view URL]": { "javascript&qu...

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    I need some Ru-En translation. Several articles about Power BI, Power Query, Power Pivot and Excel. Thus you should know a little about this. It will be uploaded to the site. Nowadays I have several articles to translate. Each is about 10000 characters. I'd like to hire new freelancer

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    I have some pictures in .heic format and .jpg format with date as filename. All i need is to open the pictures and insert the number in picture into Excel sheet. Thanks

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    our team is currently working on a design for an app that would have different interfaces for different roles that are going to use the app. the app is meant to serve as a solution to automate a certain professional service that involves collecting data from users through questions, images and documents which should be processed and submitted on the back-end on external websites and according to t...

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    Need to adjust visual appearance on existing code.

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