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    I'm in need of a skilled individual to develop an AI healthcare tool that can assist users in analyzing X-ray reports. Key Features: - The tool should be capable of generating medical points based on X-ray scans. These points should provide an accurate and detailed health assessment to the user. - It should also have the ability to ...types of X-ray reports. Specifically, it should be able to handle Chest X-rays, Bone X-rays, and Abdominal X-rays. Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in developing AI tools for healthcare applications is a big plus. - Understanding of data security and experience with sensitive data handling is crucial. - Proficiency in X-ray analysis software and medical imaging technology. - Strong programming skills with a focus on machine learning and...

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    I'm in need of a developer who can create a mobile and web maze game that will captivate players of all ages. Key Requirements: - Development for both mobile and w...application database ) 1 Lot bath (must be can connect and interaction with our website and application database ) 1 unhappy bath * only Lot bath will be has small change depend on 1 input from player** * map of game must be enable to order change relate to 1 input from player** Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven game development experience, particularly in maze games - Proficiency in programming in a variety of languages like Unity, C++, or Java - Strong understanding of mobile and web game development - Ability to design and implement engaging gameplay - Knowledge of monetization strategies in mobile ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional to help me automate our API testing using Postman. The goal of the project is to ensure that all functionalities of our APIs are working as expected. - I'm not sure about the programming language to use, so I'm open to suggestions. - Your primary objective will be to automate the testing process of our APIs to ensure that they are functioning correctly. - You should be well-versed with Postman and API testing methodologies. - The ability to suggest and implement the most suitable programming language based on the project's requirements is a plus. - Experience with automated testing tools and frameworks would be highly beneficial. - The project's success will be evaluated based on the efficiency and accuracy o...

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    I'm looking to create a Permutation Matching Contest with a specific goal in mind - to find the fastest algorithm for permutation matching. It's a fun project that requires a deep understandi...- Testing the contest: Ensuring that the contest is bug-free and works as intended. The contest is targeted towards algorithm enthusiasts, so a passion for algorithm design and competition is definitely a plus. Ideal Skills: - Strong algorithm design and optimization experience - Understanding of permutation matching - Experience in creating competitive coding challenges - Proficiency in programming languages - Ability to create a user-friendly interface If you are excited about this unique challenge and confident in your abilities to create a fun and engaging coding contest, ...

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    ...interactions. • Optimize and refine the interaction processes to enhance efficiency and output quality. • Collaborate with our team to integrate these workflows into larger systems or applications. • Ensure robust security and compliance measures are in place for all AI operations. Requirements: • Proven experience with AI, specifically with OpenAI’s GPT models. • Strong background in Python programming and experience with API integration. • Knowledge of project management and IT infrastructure optimization. • Familiarity with international trade compliance, cybersecurity, and product management. • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to handle complex AI interactions. • Ability to work collaboratively with a diverse ...

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    I require top-notch talent experienced in AI and Blockchain development who will help in establishing a smart contract platform using solidity. Key Responsibilities: - End-to-end AI development - Creation of Ethereum-style blockchain structure - Integration of both AI and blockchain technologies for a seamless operation Ideal Skillset: - Proven experience in AI programming - Extensive development experience with Solidity - Prior work on blockchain and AI integrations - Understanding of blockchain's application in smart contract platforms The primary outcome of this project is the creation of an effective smart contract platform, training AI on a blockchain. I'm searching for a committed and proactive individual with a deep understanding of these techn...

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    ...hours to either 24 or 48 hours on client side. The ideal candidate will have strong programming and coding skills, along with experience in web development and backend systems. Responsibilities: 1. Analyze the current system to understand the implementation of the confirmation link timeout. 2. Modify the existing codebase to extend the confirmation link timeout from 12 hours to 24 or 48 hours. 3. Test the updated timeout settings to ensure they function correctly and do not introduce any new issues. 4. Document the changes made to the code and provide clear instructions for future maintenance. Qualifications: Proven experience as a Software Developer, Software Engineer, or similar role. Strong programming skills in languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, or PHP. E...

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    I'm lookin...Dex platform. The trading should be done using a random distribution strategy across these wallets. It's important that the bot can equalize the prices while trading to maximize profits. The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in: - Cryptocurrency trading bots development - Proficiency with the Fantom network - Strong understanding of decentralized exchanges - Advanced programming skills to manage multiple wallets and implement a random distribution trading strategy - Ability to equalize prices for profitable trades If you have successfully created similar solutions in the past, please provide examples of your previous work. Your understanding of the crypto market and the specific requirements of this project will be key in delivering t...

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    I am in need of a skilled AI developer to create a cutting-edge AI bot. The primary function of this bot is to analyze sports data for Football, Basketball, and Baseball. This AI bot will be responsible for making bet recommendations on a daily basis. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in AI development - Experience in programming with a focus on sports data analysis - Strong knowledge of various sports betting strategies - Ability to develop and implement a daily data analysis system - Strong knowledge of Football, Basketball, Tennis and Baseball The potential for this project is huge and I'm looking for someone who is able to deliver a high-quality, reliable and efficient solution. This project could evolve into on-going work if the initi...

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    Design and print a functional hardware (will reimburse for the hardware and PCBs if it work...single particular ultrasonic resonant frequency and have a single driver board with power consumption of 1.5W or less. The piezo will atomize the water. So you have to design the driver (transformer or other elements) accordingly. 3) A sensor should also be added (to the flex pcb along with actuators) to sense the water level and send wireless signal to its monitoring module outside. 4) Embedded programming language (scripts to change parameters for sensing and actuating). Please note: 1) I will pay for the hardwares of the design after it works. So it is not part of the compensation package. It's from my pocket. 2) Send me your portfolio of similar hardware design work that you did. ...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create an automated...must also allow for the manual unblocking of the delay by clicking a 'continue' button. - The block action should have a 100% success rate, while the unblock action should be successful 20% of the time. Additional Information: - The technology stack for this project is flexible. You can choose a stack that you are familiar with and that you believe would be suitable for this task. - The programming language should be chosen based on your expertise and the feasibility of the task. Ideal Freelancer: - Prior experience with automation and process development - Proficiency in the chosen technology stack - Experience in ensuring the success rate of programmed actions - Strong problem-solving skills and ...

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    Seeking a comprehensive development partnership with a company skilled in mechatronics, AI communication, software development, and visual effects for an innovative project. This endeavor will transform a 3D model into a fully interactive creature using silicon molding, Arduino-based controls, server programming, and live VFX mimicry. Key deliverables: 1. Enhance the existing 3D creature model with professional silicon molding for realistic detailing. 2. Install sophisticated Arduino components to control expressive facial features and body movements accurately. 3. Develop a server-side application to convert voice inputs into actionable commands for movement and expressions. 4. Integrate AI to facilitate real-time interaction mimicking facial movements during live broadcasts using...

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    I am in need of an experienced Vue.js and Node.js developer with expertise in using Twilio. I already have an existing Twilio account, however, I need to...existing Twilio account, however, I need to set up inbound and outbound calling features as well as SMS capabilities. My specific requirements are: - Inbound and outbound calling - I need calls to be able to be made and received from my website. - SMS capabilities - I will need to send and receive messages from my website as well. - Proficiency with Vue.js and Node.js - These are the preferred programming languages for my project, so previous experience is a must. Overall, I'm looking for a freelance developer with solid experience in using Twilio with Vue and Node.js. If you believe this task fits your skill set, please ...

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    I'm looking for a developer to create a semantic repository for my serverless functions. The repository should support a variety of functionalities, as well as implement a robust authentication and authorization mechanism. Key Requirements: - **Programming Language**: The serverless functions need to be written in Java. - **Functionality**: The repository should: - Provide a search feature for function code - Have both a search and publish feature - Implement a crawling functionality - **Authentication and Authorization**: I'd like the system to have OAuth 2.0 implemented for accessing the semantic repository. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Java - Experienced in serverless function development - Prior experience with semantic repositories is a...

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    CNC lathe mill code programming Fusion 360 soliworks grbl mach3

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    Need a Google Sheets coder to add a form on a Google Sheets to create a CRUD with 5 simples fields: Data & Hour / Descripcion / Kind of cost / Category / Value Monetary Every time i click on and row the form will appear to modify this item and when i click on a "+" will appear to create a new line. And if click on another button will delete this item. The Google Sheets must be lock. Only whith the ADD or Modify i can edit the values.

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    I'm in need of a skilled Python developer. Key Responsibilities: I need assistance with a straightforward Python development task scheduled for Today. We can agree on a time. The task must be complete...problem through pseudo code. This is essential as the software will record all keystrokes, and demonstrating your logical approach is a key part of the task. Comments should only be used to show the thought process while coding. Please Note The use of AI tools like ChatGPT or any other form of automated assistance is strictly prohibited. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in Python programming. - Strong understanding of automation principles. - Proficiency in testing and debugging Python scripts. - Ability to write clear and concise pseudo code to document the ...

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    I'm looking to ...that will allow me to add multiple domains and redirect them to specific backend IPs. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Rust: The reverse proxy must be built using the Rust programming language. Experience in Rust is a must for this project. - Web security expertise: A strong background in cybersecurity and web security protocols is necessary to implement the security challenges effectively. - API development: Experience in creating APIs will be an added advantage, as the API needs to be robust and user-friendly. This project is geared towards professionals who are confident in their Rust programming skills and have a solid understanding of web security measures against DDoS attacks. Also you have the possibility to work for us in the fu...

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    I am in need of a professional to install and setup Eclipse and its API on my Windows computer. The goal is to interface this with my MotiveWave trading platform. In addition, I'm a beginner with Java programming. Thus, I'd appreciate a quick tutorial or walkthrough on how to get my Java programs into the trading platform for testing. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in Java - Experience with Eclipse API - Familiarity with trading platforms (MotiveWave is a bonus) - Ability to teach or impart technical knowledge to a beginner. Please note that the specific functionalities my Java programs will perform on the trading platform are yet to be decided.

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    I'm seeking an experienced robotic engineer or team to design and construct a robotic flower harvester. The harvester should accomplish tasks with little programming. I have developed the concepts for each process already. I worked in agriculture for 12 years. Key Requirements: - The harvester must be capable of cutting and extracting stigmas from flowers. - The capacity needs to be large-scale, aiming at processing hundreds of flowers per minute. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Robotics Engineering - Machine Learning or AI (hoping to avoid need for this) - Understanding or experience in agriculture/botany could be advantageous. I will work hand in hand with the applicant as I already have plans on paper and have clear images in mind. I need someone who can b...

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    I'm looking for a knowledgeable developer to build a Python-based AWS Lambda function that ties Slack commands with API Gateway. The role involves: - Leveraging AWS services, specifically Lambda and API Gateway. - Implementing Sl...knowledgeable developer to build a Python-based AWS Lambda function that ties Slack commands with API Gateway. The role involves: - Leveraging AWS services, specifically Lambda and API Gateway. - Implementing Slack command integration in the Python AWS Lambda function. - Ensuring the Slack command, when invoked, can retrieve data from our system. Ideal candidates should have experience in AWS, Python programming, and Slack API integration. Knowledge in handling Slack command is a must. Familiarity with system operations for data retrieval is also ...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer who can help me create a tool that can extract contact information in bulk from a phone reverse lookup service. Key Requirements: - The tool should be able to gather contact information in bulk, saving it in CSV format. - The extracted data should include ...information in bulk, saving it in CSV format. - The extracted data should include fields like name, email, phone number, job experience, and address. Ideal Skills: - Experience in developing tools for data extraction. - Proficiency in Python, JavaScript or PHP. - Familiarity with reverse phone lookup services or data scraping would be a plus. Please note that I have not selected a specific programming language for this project yet, so I'm open to suggestions based on your experience...

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    I'm seeking an experienced C# developer to assist with making some modifications to my application. It's imperative that these changes are completed for 1 hour. Key Responsibilities: - Modify existing features in my C# application. The changes are simple, just i missing part somewhere, so i need someone to show me. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in C# programming - Familiarity with application development - Strong debugging and troubleshooting skills - Ability to work swiftly and meet tight deadlines

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    I'm looking for a Python developer to build a FastAPI application with specific features. The successful freelancer will need to integrate a MongoDB database with the following capabilities: - Database Integration: The project requires seamless integration with MongoDB, so understanding NoSQL ...handle file uploading and downloading. Experience working with file I/O in Python and understanding how FastAPI handles files will be part of this project. Throughout this FastAPI creation process, code readability, module management, and good coding practices should be upheld. Proficiency in Python, FastAPI, and MongoDB are prerequisites for this project. Also, knowledge about asynchronous programming will be a plus as FastAPI is built on Starlette for the web parts and Pydantic for ...

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    I'm looking for a Python developer to build a FastAPI application with specific features. The successful freelancer will need to integrate a MongoDB database with the following capabilities: - Database Integration: The project requires seamless integration with MongoDB, so understanding NoSQL ...handle file uploading and downloading. Experience working with file I/O in Python and understanding how FastAPI handles files will be part of this project. Throughout this FastAPI creation process, code readability, module management, and good coding practices should be upheld. Proficiency in Python, FastAPI, and MongoDB are prerequisites for this project. Also, knowledge about asynchronous programming will be a plus as FastAPI is built on Starlette for the web parts and Pydantic for ...

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    ...database to display and export client information. Settings and Profile Pages Implement profile settings management (personal information, payment methods, help settings). Develop additional pages (login/sign-up, password reset, payment plan, landing page). Additional Features Implement meeting management and referral systems. Integrations and External Services Integrate email services (SendGrid, Mailchimp) for transactional emails. Manage payment integrations with Stripe for payments and recurring subscriptions. Testing and Deployment Conduct unit and integration testing, load and performance testing. Set up continuous deployment pipelines (Jenkins, CircleCI, GitHub Actions). Implement monitoring and logging services (New Relic, ELK Stack). Documentation and Support Provide tech...

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    I am seeking a freelancer who specializes in working with the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) data. The job will entail pulling real-time option chain data into an Excel spreadsheet, with focus on fet...Change in OI - Total Bid - Total Ask - Average Price - IV - Spot Live Price Additionally, I would need the ability to change the expiry date within Excel. Experience in handling financial data, specifically Indian stock market data, is a necessity. An ideal candidate would possess excellent Excel prowess coupled with an understanding of the Indian financial markets. Familiarity with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) would be a further advantage as most of this data retrieval operation would be API-based. Remember, the objective is to retrieve and present this data in ...

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    I need a system to be created that has the following tabs/functions -- Creation of customers (individuals and companies (with various characteristics) and that this data is stored in a database. -- Creation of properties (with various characteristics) and this data is stored in a database. -- Creation of lease management agreements (for example), within this typ...the one I want to be included in that contract and I must number the respective clauses according to those chosen in the pre-selection (using customer information, properties already registered or currently being created); -- Calendar where alerts registered in the respective agreements or contracts are displayed) and send this alert by email. -- This system must be accessible online (type of programming and CMS still to ...

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    I am looking for an expert programmer to develop a CAD or GIS based automated design tool. The primary function of this tool will be to design polylines. Key points: - **Platform requirements**: ...**Platform requirements**: The automated tool must be developed for CAD or GIS. - **Functionality**: The primary task of the tool will be the design of polylines. - **Data analysis**: The tool must be able to recognize existing data and use it to create the polyline design. This should be done based on configurable parameters. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in CAD or GIS software and programming. - Experience in developing automated design tools. - Strong knowledge in data analysis and its application in design. - Ability to create tools with user-configurable parameters and...

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    I'm seeking a multi-skilled freelancer who can assist in a unique combination of tasks. First and foremost, I require help in setting up an ...require help in setting up an Environmental Monitoring Internet of Things (IoT) system. In addition, there's a need for support in various office tasks including data entry, and maximizing productivity using tools such as MS Office, Libre Office, and MS-DOS. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for web and IoT development. - Strong background in Python for IoT programming. - Experience with setting up IoT systems, particularly Environmental Monitoring devices. - Excellent typing skills. - Familiarity with office productivity tools like MS Office and Libre Office. - Understanding and experience in ...

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    Hi Programming Arena, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hi Programming Arena, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I'm looking for a seasoned freelancer who can help me implement an algorithmic trading system specifically for the stock market. The primary programming language is Python, and the project will involve developing an algorithm that can be used for backtesting historical data. Key project requirements include: - Implementing a robust algorithm in Python for stock market trading - Ensuring the algorithm supports backtesting functionality with historical data - Providing insights and guidance on the best practices for implementing such a system The ideal candidate for this project will have: - Proficiency in Python and experience in developing algorithmic trading systems - A strong understanding of the stock market and trading principles - A track record of implementing backtest...

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    Hi Programming Arena, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I need a freelancer to implement a bot/script that will import specific active users from a few particular Telegram groups, who have been active in the last 30 days. This is a project that requires a good understanding of Telegram's API and programming skills. Key requirements include: - Development of a script or bot that can extract and import users based on their activity and group membership. - The ability to handle a large number of users, thousands of users, and ensure that only the specified users are imported. - Implementing a secure and efficient way to extract and import user information without compromising their privacy or security or the Telegram Channel. Ideal skills and experience for this job are: - Proficient in Telegram's API and bot development. - Exp...

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    I'm seeking a knowledgeable PLC and SCADA programmer for a project aimed at monitoring and controlling my production line operations. Key Responsibilities: - Design and configure PLC and SCADA systems from scratch, as we currently have no existing systems in place. - Ensure versatile and comprehensive coverage to monitor and regulate our production processes. Skills and Experience: - Solid proficiency with PLCs and SCADA systems. - Prior experience in developing such systems for production line monitoring and control. - Ideally, familiarity with Siemens, Allen-Bradley, or Mitsubushi systems. Your role will considerably contribute to enhancing decision-making and augmenting work efficiency and productivity. You'll be pivotal in helping us make strides in our operations. Lookin...

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    I'm in need of assistance to convert specific Matlab scripts in the SPM12 software to Python. The exact scripts have not been specified yet, but I have them readily available for the conversion process. Ideal Skills for the Job...scripts in the SPM12 software to Python. The exact scripts have not been specified yet, but I have them readily available for the conversion process. Ideal Skills for the Job: - Proficiency in Matlab and Python - Familiarity with SPM12 software - Experience in script conversion from Matlab to Python Please note this project would require an in-depth understanding of both Matlab and Python programming languages to ensure a seamless conversion. The freelancer should also be prepared to discuss which specific scripts will be converted prior to starti...

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    ...systematically sifting through e-commerce websites and extracting data effectively. - It should maintain unprecedented accuracy and speed without causing any interruptions or being blocked by these websites. - The software should have the ability to identify, collect, clean, and organize the data into a usable format. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency with Python or another suitable high-level programming language. - Extensive experience in web scraping or data mining. - Familiarity with e-commerce platforms and their structure. - Proven track record in developing software for Windows. - Strong understanding of delivering clean, organized data files. Your contribution will play a significant role in assisting the team make data-driven decisions, and your expertise in...

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    I r...real time. - Automated trade execution: The bot should execute trades automatically based on the strategy. - Risk management controls: Implement risk management mechanisms to prevent significant losses. - Learning capabilities: Implement features that allow the bot to learn and adapt to market conditions. Key skills and experience required for this project include: - Proficient in Python programming - Experience with VPS setup and maintenance - Experience with API integration, specifically Bybit - Previous experience in developing and deploying trading bots - Understanding of trading strategies and risk management in the context of automated trading - Strong documentation skills Please ensure that you have a solid understanding of the requirements before bidding on thi...

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    ...for an experienced blockchain developer capable of creating a Solana smart contract for my business. Smart Contract Responsibilities: - Handling financial transactions specifically involving payment transfers. - Triggering these payments transfers when predefined conditions are met as well as providing automatic execution of agreements. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in programming smart contracts on Solana's blockchain. - Strong knowledge of financial transaction processes within smart contracts. - Expertise in setting up automated transactions and conditions-based triggers. - Understanding of agreement execution mechanisms. The goal is to have a smart contract that functions smoothly, giving my business an operational edge. Please, only apply if you...

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    I am searching for a professional coder with expertise in Python, Java, and JavaScript to create a multifaceted project for me. Key Functionalities: - User Authentication: You transactions. - Player vs. Player Capability: Your code will oversee interactions between different players. Compatibility Requirements: - Mobile & Desktop Compatibility: The project should be usable on both mobile devices and desktop computers. - Telegram Bot: Additionally, I require the creation of a Telegram bot. The ideal candidate should be adept at handling all the specified programming languages and functionalities. Experience with Telegram bot development and secure, reliable payment gateway integration is highly valued. Being able to create a functional, fast, and user-friendly p...

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    I'm currently seeking a skilled frontend developer, proficient in a range of technologies including PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript. The ideal candidate will have experience in user interface design, HTML/CSS coding, and JavaScript programming. Additionally, you should be adept at bug fixing to help ensure seamless functionality across the project. Key Responsibilities: - Implementing a colorful and vibrant design for the user interface. - Assisting with user interface design, HTML/CSS coding, and JavaScript programming. - Providing ongoing support with bug fixing and ensuring optimal frontend performance. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. - Proven experience in frontend development, including UI design and HTML/CSS codin...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer who can implement a marker at the beginning of each line in a list in a Windows environment using Java. Key Requirements: ...beginning of each line in a list in a Windows environment using Java. Key Requirements: - The marker should distinctly separate the items in a list, enabling them to be clearly identified. - The implementation should be specific to a Windows platform. - The solution must be written in Java. Timeframe: I'm hoping to have this project completed within a month. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Java programming - Prior experience in Windows platform development - Strong attention to detail and ability to deliver on time Please bid if you have the necessary skills and availability to complete this project within the ...

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    I am in search of an experienced programming language instructor who can help me hone my Java, Python, and C++ skills. I have an intermediate to advanced level of proficiency in each of these languages, so I am looking fora seasoned coach who can continue facilitating my progress, preferably in a hands-on manner. The training should be conducted in person. Ideal Skills: - Deep knowledge of Java, Python and C++ - Ability to mentor and coach intermediate to advanced students - Superior communication skills - Strong ability in designing practical use cases for learning.

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    Job Description: As a Senior Data Engineer, you will play a crucial role in designing, developing, and maintaining our data infrastructure. You will be responsible for creating data pipelines, ensuring data quality, and optimizing data storage solutions. This role requires an expert in Python programming, with a focus on using Airflow for pipeline orchestration, AWS RDS for PostgreSQL database modeling, and Snowflake for OLAP data warehousing using dbt. Key Responsibilities: Design, develop, and maintain data pipelines using Apache Airflow. Model and optimize PostgreSQL databases on AWS RDS. Develop and manage OLAP data warehouses in Snowflake using dbt. Collaborate with data scientists, analysts, and other stakeholders to understand data requirements and deliver solutions that me...

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    ...for experienced freelancers with expertise in the following areas: Machine Learning and AI: Experience in developing and implementing machine learning models, specifically One Shot Learning and neural networks. Computer Vision: Proficiency in using OpenCV, HAAR Cascades, and other computer vision tools for face detection and feature extraction. Software Development: Strong skills in Python programming and experience with TensorFlow or PyTorch. Database Management: Knowledge of database systems for storing and managing face encodings and related data. System Integration and Testing: Ability to integrate various components and perform rigorous testing to ensure system performance and reliability. Interested candidates are invited to submit their proposals on Please...

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    I'm looking for a proficient developer with extensive expertise in C#, Arduino and PLC to construct a solid software application exclusively for Windows. The ideal candidate is someone well-versed in these languages and has a strong track record of successful software development. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in C#, Arduino and PLC programming - Proven experience in software development on Windows - Understanding of best coding practices and passion for creating highly efficient applications - Ability to clearly communicate technical ideas and project status updates. I look forward to seeing your proposals and working together to bring this project to life!

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer who ...Requirements: - Development of an AI-based web-crawler that can be fed with specific website URLs and the text content to be scraped. - The text content should be extracted and compiled into a JSON format for delivery. - The web-crawler should be able to navigate and scrape data from websites with dynamic content. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in AI and web scraping technologies. - Strong programming skills, particularly in Python or similar languages. - Experience in developing web-crawlers that can handle dynamic content. - Familiarity with JSON data formatting. - Ability to deliver a reliable and efficient solution within the agreed timeline. If you have the expertise and the skills required for this project, pl...

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