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    I need a 8 1/2 x 11 double sided program folded so there are 4 different pages. I have the artwork but need it adjusted and formatted to print.

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    Develop a UDP-based client-server socket program for transferring a large message. Here, the message transmitted from the client to server is read from a large file. The message is split into short data-units (DUs) which are sent and acknowledged in batches of size 1, 2, 3, and 4 DUs. The sender sends one DU, waits for an acknowledgment (ACK); sends

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    Parallel Work (Program script) Stream in Cloud Computer Service (30$) Hello! Thank you for having interest in this topic. I've used some Cloud Server Computer service in Google Cloud, and Amazon's Amazon Workspace. and I happened to know that I can even run multiple cloud computers in these platforms and service. But I'm still not very familiar

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    Remote program that is better than Anydesk (30$) Hello! Thank you for having interest in this topic. So far I have been using Remote controlling software Anydesk, This is a good software. But using it for quite long period, I've realized there's some flaws. I happened to know a few other remote programs too, but as I see there wasn't too much

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    Set a limit on how many command line arguments will be sorted -- it must handle sorting at least a dozen command ling args. Lexically sorted means sorted in the order of the C library tandard function strcmp.

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    Set a limit on how many command line arguments will be sorted -- it must handle sorting at least a dozen command ling args. Lexically sorted means sorted in the order of the C library tandard function strcmp.

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    Hello! I am currently creating a chat and before I deploy it, I'd like for it to be tested by an individual who knows what they're doing. Since it's a Windows Program, you must be fluent in c++ and have a Windows machine. Testing includes running the program and helping me trouble shoot problems. If you have any questions, please ask!

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    I have a csv file with 19 columns. I need a program which can be web based that can be hosted on my server or a pc based program that will reformat the data from that csv file into a new file. The data is all contained in the original csv file and no calculations or evaluation needs to be done, simply reformatting the sheet so I can upload the reformatted

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    Hi I want the program for Communication of people ..same this And some edit The qaulity and price is very impotent.

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    Hello i Need create program for windows

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    We're working on a symposium for our middle school outreach program, which is called "Citizen Science." Could you develop a logo for us? The text is Citizen Science. Graphic elements we would like to include: bird, squirrel, mushroom, ant, and some kind of plant/tree/leaf. Possibly a magnifying glass and notebook & pencil. Optional elements would

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    I have a website hosted by Wix, and I would like to add page with an interactive program that will help the user get an estimation on their next period dates for the next three months, just like a period tracker.

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    design a program and software for our corporate client.

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    I have a Database built on MS Access 2003, however it can't be open by the latest version of MS Access. I would like to upgrade it to the latest version. If it can't be upgrade, I would like someone to build one from scratch with all the possibilities. Here are a new recommendations: 1. We would like to be able to "ADD A NEW CUSTOMER" without having to replace an old inac...

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    PhasorLab Inc is looking for a C++ programmer to add proprietary functionality on top of open source PX4 Dronecode. Experience with Pixhawk, PX4, Dronecode SDK and autonomous drone operation is preferred. Candidates should be from the Boston area for close proximity to the work.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. and I would like to solve problem with my old program that now not work in my PC .

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    Create a simple PHP function and test it in the browser.

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    Please find the attached document for the problem specification.

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    ...according to the step 2 given above. - The received message is printed on the screen if decryption is successful. Otherwise, print “decryption error” on the screen. - To quit the program, the client should type “exit”. Coding requirement: You need to write three programs: Gen, Host and Client. The system parameter generation function Gen should generate the

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    Hey , wanna start talking about account program for many business such as restaurant and supermarket etc

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    To develop a C program to simulate the embedded system contained in a domestic burglar alarm using the Matrix Multimedia E-Block PIC development system and the PIC16F877A microcontroller.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C or C++. You must be able to create beautiful app Ui and for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C or C++. You must be able to create beautiful app Ui and Licence Key system to work with the program -

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    I need an indicator built for Ninja Trader 7 it consists of two exponential moving averages.

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    Hi, there is a wordpress website and I want to change the design. The new design already exists and you should only program it.

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    I want a map of my market with rental spaces Id for daily and month to month rent operations. On computer and android with Bluetooth receipt printer. Simple and complete. Something like booth tracker for campground manager

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    It has to recognize the image from text using tensorflow, numpy , matlab libraries

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    In the application you should be able to create drawings and blocks. The blocks must contain inputs and outputs. In drawings ,blocks must be able to be connected to each other via the input and outputs.

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    I need a developer that OWNS an apple id enrolled in APPLE ENTERPRISE PROGRAM I need to distribute 1 application via in house distribution on his own apple id! Whoever doesnt own an enterprise apple id do not BID!!

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    Each of these videos have to be at least 2 hours long. They have to have no background music except gameplay sound. Example: [login to view URL] Videos have to be original!!! You can also make 2-3 hour long vlogs but do NOT curse or include music. This is not a one time job. 10 videos - $50 20 videos - $100 30 videos - $150 Make sure you follow all the guidelines so it is eligible for mon...

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    Create a Python program that will compute the orders for a Takeaway shop. The program will show a summary of the total order amount and the average amount per order. The user will have the option of continuing by adding additional orders. An order set must contain one item from Main Menu and optionally additional items. Each order contains a number

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    My name is Pete Ferrari and I created the SuperSelf Program for identifying, charting, tracking, meeting and exceeding Diet & Fitness Goals. Unlike everyone else in this very “noisy” industry, I have been doing this for 37 years. As well, I took a CIA Level Lie Detector test (all on video) where I ask the hard questions of myself that ALL Coaches

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    I have a ladder program using .ZM2 and want to read it in SFC or Logic. Please see files attached. I want the ladder program to display like the new program. Thanks

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    Have problem in python GUI program

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    Write (and test) a C/C++ program to extract a flow decomposition from a provided flow. Your program must compile and execute on at least one of OMEGA or Visual Studio. The input to your program will be: a. n and m, the number of vertices and edges. € n ≤ 50 and € m ≤1250. b. m lines, each giving an edge: tail, head, flow. Vertices are numbered 0 .

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    I just need you write a fortran soruce code. all details are in attachment

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    I have a android project but this has not some small functions. So I want to insert functions in this project. I need a Indian or pakistan expert who has android and php skill.

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    A small face recognition & identification python program that can run in .py file. Keep In mind that by budget is Max 80 CAD$. So keep please bid accordingly. Only serious people bid please. Don’t have enough time.

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    It's a very old fighting game called Age of Chivalry on steam I want a program that detects max reach distance and auto hits. Contact me for more information

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    A working Java application that connects to an SQLite database and carries out the system requirements. The application must select, add, update, and remove data from a database. You must populate the database with sample data. Please refer to the attached file for detailed requirement. Timeline: 3 days.

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    I want someone to build me for the sales team a training program for an insurance line of products. The below is required: 1. Training module + engaging activities 2. Workbook 3. Assessment 4. Trainer Evaluation 5. Timetable for course duration and time utilization 6. E-learning content and graphics only The person should have created such modules

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    web socket API is used to pass data value from excel sheet placed at the server for client application to call. and need a simple client program for checking. Please check the flow and requirement from the attachment

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    Finance and Investments project and need some help with the datahandling.

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    2 basic Programs erlang............

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    Hi, I'm programing my PIC18F trought UART2 , the flashing it's ok, the problem it's pic still in...UART2 , the flashing it's ok, the problem it's pic still in bootloader mode and doesn't run the program even if i turn off/on , I attach the project , when the flashing it's done i call GotoAppUser() at main.c but I'm missing something to run the prog...

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    we have a factory for the sportswear industry and we want to create a new logo to market our goods to the middle east market. Our products quality can compete with Nike and Adidas in the Gulf region. Our products target middle-class consumers and both genders for different age groups. TAJ is an Arabic word and it means the crown in the English language

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    I am seeking someone with sales experience and preferably an understanding of emergency management to sell or lease my program to individual counties in California. We have created an emergency and disaster program to be used by long term care facilities otherwise known as residential care facilities for the elderly or assisted living facilities throughout

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    I need a web scraper written for the following url: [login to view URL] All information needed is available on the main page. The number of rows will vary. The output should be a pipe (|) delimited file with the following column mappings: origin_city --> data located in the "ORIGIN CITY" column origin_state --> data located in the "ORI. ST." column ship_d...

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