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    ...application to be developed. The primary goal of this application is to prevent any remote screen sharing while the application is active. Key Requirements: - The app should be compatible with Windows operating system only. - The app must block mirroring screen while active - The app must unblock mirroring screen when inactive (means all screensharing/remote desktop apps should work - like teamviewer, vnc etc) - I am ok if they are connected; but I DO NOT want screen to be seen by remote people until its active I need a freelancer who is well-versed in Windows application development and has strong understanding of the API, Powershell, firewall settings, services etc. Your previous experience in developing secure applications is highly desirable. This is an urgent project

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    I am in need of a skilled professional who can help me install OpenStack on an Ubuntu server. Specifically, I am looking for support in setting up a multi-node (1-5 nodes) OpenStack environment. The primary purpose of this cloud will be for development and testing. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Expertise in working with OpenStack - Proficiency in setting up and configuring multi-node environments - Strong understanding of Ubuntu server systems - Ability to optimize the setup for development and testing purposes. - Ability to create Windows and Linux images to build VMs - Fault-tolerant control plane

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    I'm currently facing difficulties with the recovery of Bacula backups on CentOS in a vnc session. The version of Bacula I am using is unspecified, so applicants should be experienced with various Bacula versions. Ideally, the freelancer should: - Be proficient in Linux, particularly CentOS - Have expertise in Bacula backup and recovery - Have experience working within vnc sessions Your primary task will be to help me locate and restore Bacula backups.

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    ...the service is meant for reselling the cloud platform. so our process will be to start our own cloud infrastructure and need devops team who is having prior experience in setting up complete cloud infra. in the phase 1 of management we will gives two physical hardware and other required software by the team to setup and manage the system. for billing and other management we might be go with Openstack, CloudStack, Opennebula or other similar system. Under the hood below will be the key requirements for auto provisioning Key requirements: - Proficient in Linux server administration, as the operating system is not yet defined. - Experience with container platforms like Docker or Kubernetes since I'm yet to determine my preference. Operating System: You can use Ubunt...

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    Suddenly my windows server 2022 crashed. And I'm not able to reboot it. Every time I try to boot I see using VNC Viewer that Windows doesn't boot and it stuck at the first Windows loading.

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    We are urgently looking for very good system admins with many years experience handling linux servers to solve a boot issue where installing Grub is corrupted. A very good Freelancer has been working on it already but even with his very high score and good skills he hasnt been abkle yet to get it done. So, please do not react if you are not very good in solving these kind of things as ...corrupted. A very good Freelancer has been working on it already but even with his very high score and good skills he hasnt been abkle yet to get it done. So, please do not react if you are not very good in solving these kind of things as you need to work with the freelancer who works on it now and he has done already the basic things. So we need someone who can help him. Server is linux/ubuntu and ope...

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    we are searching for a very good linux/ubuntu system admin to solve a boot problem on oppenstack server.

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    We are searching for an experiences openstack developer to solve a boot issue on an openstack server. Only react if you have good experience with openstack and that you can quickly solve it

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    I have remote dedicated hardware that is accessible with VNC. I want to install Linux, install OBS, and figure out what drivers are needed to enable QSV encoding in the streaming settings. Once we've completed this task more will be rewarded

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    Need DevOps, Openstack and Vmware experience. It's a part-time opportunity 2hrs per day payment will be accordingly 25-30k per month

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    **Project Overview:** We're in need of a solution akin to AWS Batch, tailored for executing Docker containers ...- Auto-scaling based on demand. - Dynamic IP addressing management. - Cost-effective structure adaptable to varying budgets. We invite recommendations for cloud solutions, prioritizing affordability. Experience with open-source platforms like OpenStack, Kubernetes, or OpenShift is essential. Your expertise in these areas will be instrumental in crafting a prudent solution. **Required Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Scalable Docker Execution Platforms. - Expertise in dynamic IP addressing. - Hands-on experience with OpenStack, Kubernetes, or OpenShift. - Familiarity with diverse cloud solutions. - Track record of developing cost-effe...

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    I'm seeking a server specialist with experience in VNC/SSH and Ubuntu. My cyberpanel server, which runs on Ubuntu, is having some issues with access via url https://ip:8090. Though I have tried accessing it previously without problems, I'm currently unable to establish a successful connection. I think the problem is with the DNS. I was playing around with DNS, and then lost the access. I'm bit poor in DNS and CLI. At the moment the server can be accessed via VNC. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in VNC/SSH access - Knowledge of DNS - Proficiency with Ubuntu servers - Background in troubleshooting server access issues - Knowledge of Cyberpanel servers Your role will involve investigating this issue, determining the root cause, and implementing a viable soluti...

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    Looking for an expert who can assist in setting up Real VNC on my Raspberry Pi which runs on Raspbian OS. The goal of this is to establish a remote connection to my Raspberry Pi over the internet.

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    ...platform construction (we use infomaniak and openstack with swift api) - OpenStack Swift knowledge is required. Your main task will be to ensure the system is adequately scalable, distributed, and capable of efficiently storing and retrieving significant amounts of data. The story My team is a young startup with junior dev and is developping an ERP tool using node.js and vuejs We use a PaaS public cloud at Infomaniak and the app are deployed on OpenStack Our ERP can store files and we connected it to use google drive without issues We want also enable it on onpenstack But when we attach a volume to our openstack, the ERP app can create files, but not folders (we try to do like S3 storage on amazon). My team told me they use swift API from openstack...

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    We are seeking a skilled application developer to create a specialized application that interacts with Gmail accounts through Firefox, executing predefined actions. This application must be compatible with both VNC and RDP environments. Additionally, it should integrate seamlessly with our existing web application, which is built using PHP and MySQL. -Responsibilities: Develop an application that automates actions within Gmail accounts using the Firefox browser. Ensure compatibility with VNC and RDP environments to facilitate remote access. Integrate the application with our web application, allowing for seamless interaction between the two systems. Test and debug the application to ensure smooth functionality across different environments. Collaborate with the team to impl...

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    ...infrastructure from the ground up, harnessing the prowess of OpenStack's capabilities. Here's a brief on what I'm envisioning: Key Goals: - Implementation of a full-scale private cloud leveraging OpenStack. Critical Components: - Deployment of OpenStack's Compute (Nova) to manage virtualized workforces. - Integration of Object Storage (Swift) for resilient, long-term data retention. - Setup of Networking (Neutron) for a comprehensive, scalable network solution. Hardware Specifications: - Usage of dedicated servers; specifics to be determined based on proposed solutions. What I'm Looking For: - Expertise in OpenStack deployment and configuration. - Proficiency in managing and customizing Nova, Swift, and Neutron services. - Hands-on experience w...

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    ...experienced professional to set up a private cloud using OpenStack on a bare metal machine at my premises, with a static IP address. This job will require: - Installation, configuration and security management of OpenStack on Ubuntu: - Installation is a crucial first step for this project. Experience in implementing OpenStack on Ubuntu is preferred. - Configuration will follow the installation. I need someone who understands how to optimally configure OpenStack according to the standard. Your ability to present and discuss configuration options is ideal. - Security and access management is vital to protect my cloud from unauthorized access. You should be skilled in setting up robust security measures and access controls in OpenStack. - Configu...

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    Contabo vps server need to fix now throw VNC as server IP not responding my all website is down.

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    I need someone to solve this authentication problem on the server, we have access through VNC, and even changing the password through virtualizor the login doesn't work.

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    I need someone to solve this authentication problem on the server, we have access through VNC, and even changing the password through virtualizor the login doesn't work.

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    I need someone to solve this authentication problem on the server, we have access through VNC, and even changing the password through virtualizor the login doesn't work.

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    I need someone to solve this authentication problem on the server, we have access through VNC, and even changing the password through virtualizor the login doesn't work.

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    ...but it must be open to the public (public cloud) I have a block of /24 public IP addresses, Please do to reply if you are going to do the default single server install, anybody can do that with very limited IT skills it is not worth paying for. It will take me less than 1 hour to do. If you are going to do this install, please do NOT RESPOND TO THIS JOB. The server is in our data center and has iDRAC access, it might need a new install of Ubuntu Server (It takes max 20 minutes to install I have done it a million times) I want everything installed that will make this server function as a complete offering to our test subjects. The must be able to create a network, spin up

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    I'm looking for an intermediate skilled developer with a solid understanding and working experience in Openstack. Your main task will be to develop the Compute (Nova), Networking (Neutron), and Storage (Cinder) components. Additional knowledge in Container and Big Data will be a significant advantage. For consideration, please include: • Information regarding past work relevant to this project, showcasing any experience with openstack’s relevant components (Nova, Neutron, Cinder). • You should have intermediate knowledge of Openstack. Understanding of Container Handling and Big Data management are also preferable skills. • Proven ability to manage and complete tasks to the highest standard. Your commitment to meet project deadlines, maintain a h...

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    DO NOT respond using ChatGPT, please read the requirement clearly and response. I need a network system to connect multi-region cloud services, multiple cloud service providers, and a home server into a single network. VPN/Tunneling: Set up secure VPN tunnels between the central hub and each cloud service provider. Establish a VPN connection from performance, availability, and security across all regions and providers. Automated Alerts: Set up alerts for any anomalies or performance issues. Scalable Design: Ensure the network design can scale up or down based on demand. Flexibility for Changes: Design the network to be adaptable to changes in cloud services or business requirements. Nice to have working experience in Proxmox, Openstack, Kubernete, Mesos , private cl...

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    I have a Python program that currently runs on my PC; it was written using PyCharm and utilizes both tkinter and MySQL. I would like guidance on how to install this program on other computers, specifically two different types of systems: a standard Windows PC and a Raspberry Pi. Currently, I have a Raspberry Pi set up on my personal computer, ready to be accessed remotely using VNC. I am seeking assistance in transferring and installing this program, along with its supporting files, step by step on another PC and a Raspberry Pi. This way, I can replicate the process later without needing further instruction. Previously, someone attempted to help me through an online meeting, but they went too fast for me to follow, and unfortunately, they provided no support afterward. I would gre...

    $38 - $75 / hr
    $38 - $75 / hr
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    ...troubleshooting the HP Synergy 12000 chassis. I am running into issues and want someone to configure and setup the chassis for us. Please watch the attached video. Our first issue can be seen in this video. We have a chassis we purchased and have installed the Synergy Composer card and the image streamer card. When we connect directly to the chassis we load the Synergy console through VNC. The screen loads properly and shows all of the hardware healthy. We then click Connect to Oneview. The screen as seen takes 10-15 min to boot and begin loading Oneview, but then it shows a screen that says . The oneView appliance(s) in this frame are not responding. If an install of upgrade is in progress, do not reset the oneview appliance. Otherwise click reset to rest...

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    Configuring a hypervisor with Microsoft HyperV, Creating a private cloud with OpenStack, Configuring Docker containers, Designing a secure cloud architecture, Managing network security in cloud.

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    I have two machines working with Windows XP, at 600km of my officce, have VNC connection to both machines. Need make 2 VM for backup reasons. It one of this fails and don't have a backup, can be a problem. Then.. The project is make 2 virtual machines in remote, and be able to deploy both of them in my local computer.

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    26 bids me create a VNC server on my Linux raw metal box. I am open to using RealVNC as the server software, but I am also open to suggestions and advice on the best option for my needs. Requirements: - Experience with setting up VNC servers on Linux operating systems - Familiarity with RealVNC or similar VNC server software - Ability to provide advice and recommendations on the best configuration and additional features for my VNC server setup Skills: - Proficiency in Linux operating systems - Knowledge of VNC server software, particularly RealVNC - Strong problem-solving and communication skills If you have the expertise and experience required for this project, please submit your proposal. I am excited to work with someone who can help me create a ...

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    ALL TYPES OF CONSTRUCTION WORK IN INDIA WILL BE DONE BY ANR CONSTRUCTIONS. MENCTION CLIENTS LOGOS, TATA, VNC (VIJAYANIRMAN), L& T NARAYANA MEDICAL COLLEGE, NADUNEDU, BERGER, ASIAN PAINTS, HIRANADINI LOGO Take note that the competition will close in 12 hours, and the winner will only receive a prize are interested in civil, roadways, mechanical, and electrical work. One colonum is needed for existing contracts, and nine page brochures are requested for various tasks including different areas. Completed projects must also be included. involve the construction and painting of logos, which I have provided in the attachment.

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    I am looking for an expert freelancer to help me with my project to set up an OpenStack Public Network. I have specific requirements for this network and I am open to suggestions as well. I installed OpenStack Yoga using Ansible. It's running on ESXi VMs. I bought public IP addresses and want to assign them to the instances which are created by OpenStack but I don't know how to do it. Please help me if you are familiar with this. Skills and Experience: - Expert level knowledge and experience in setting up OpenStack Public Networks - Strong understanding of network architecture and security - In-depth knowledge of OpenStack components and their configurations - Experience with troubleshooting and resolving network issues Deadline: - The dea...

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    I am looking for a Linux/Windows Network Admin with experience in VNC, OVA, and VirtualBox. The ideal candidate should be somewhat familiar with these technologies. Network Administration Tasks: - Server setup and maintenance Operating System Preference: - Windows Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of Linux and Windows operating systems - Experience with VNC, OVA, and VirtualBox - Proficiency in server setup and maintenance - Familiarity with network security protocols and best practices

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    I am looking for a Python user to help me with the configuration setup and package installation in Visual Studio code. 1st Person that submits the correct steps and states in their text message to me that they agree to VNC/remote into my laptop to quickly install, wins the contest. I had to figure out the steps all on my own. Some of the entires were not correct. Here is the correct steps: Here is what I have done so far 1. Install Visual Studio Code 2. Install python from 3. Install git 4. Install miniconda to “C:ProgramDataminiconda3Scripts” 5. Restart the computer 6. run from command line = git clone 7. conda create -n automemgpt python=3

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    OpenStack Installation Project I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with the installation of OpenStack in a containerized environment. Deployment Type: Containerized Hardware Requirements: - Yes, I have specific hardware requirements for the installation. Budget: - Unfortunately, the budget for this project was not specified.

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    I'm looking to hire someone to create and configure an on-demand game streaming service that is flexible and scalable and capable of providing a q...mouse, keyboard and controls. Run games directly through the browser and also have your own application. THE SOLUTION TO THE CHALLENGE CAN BE DISCUSSED TO BENEFIT PERFORMANCE AND SAFETY FOR THE PROJECT The project, in short, is to offer a gaming cloud where the client contracts by the hour. The reference for this project and the basis for its development is jsmpeg-vnc, available at: Ideally, the server should be able to keep up with demand and have the ability to handle a large number of players without any problems. If you think you're up to the challenge, submit a bid and let's get started!

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    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer to help me with an OpenStack deployment. Specifically, I'm looking for private cloud deployment, which means the freelancer will need to set up the OpenStack environment from scratch. My desired scale is small, with 1-10 nodes. The project requires a strong technical and operational background in OpenStack architecture, software development, and cloud computing. The successful applicant should also be familiar with ways to visualize and monitor operations in OpenStack. This project must be completed to the highest standards with security, scalability, and performance as top priorities. If this sounds like the kind of project you can deliver with excellence, I'd love to hear from you!

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    I am looking for an OpenStack expert to assist me with the full installation and management of OpenStack services. Specifically, the OpenStack version is Wallaby and I'm using TripleO. Actually, I got stuck on the node introspection step. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Extensive knowledge and experience with OpenStack services and Tripleo - Strong understanding of hardware and infrastructure requirements for OpenStack deployment - Ability to provide occasional support and maintenance post-deployment. - Networking, Cloud architecture Design

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    I bought a linode ubuntu server for a personal project and I'm trying to install a GUI for it. I've installed all the packages and set up the VNC, but it refuses to connect when I try to connect. I don't really feel like continuing troubleshooting so I'm looking for someone to help me. My thoughts is we can use Anydesk and you can just set it up for me Thanks

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    Reestablish server connection via VNC and install certificate for server

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me set up remote access to my virtualised router using OpenVPN. The router I am using is pfSense 2.7.0-RELEASE (amd64). Skills and experience needed for this project include: - Strong knowledge of virtualised routers, specifically pfSense - Experience setting up and configuring OpenVPN - Familiarity with remote access protocols and security measures - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise during the setup process The main purpose for remote access is maintenance and troubleshooting. I need to be able to remotely access the router to make any necessary changes or resolve any issues that may occur. The challenge appears to be the ISP's public WAN IP is not on the KVM router's WAN interface? Should the ISP's...

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    I have created a VPS on the host server but it is not taking password when SSH it and working fine from VNC. You need to make it available for SSH too.

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    7 bids

    I am trying to backup my local files to Azure cloud and need help with it. Please apply if you have done this before. Also, you should be ready to do this over an Anydesk / VNC session.

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    25 bids

    Deployment of Local Openstack Private Cloud - I am looking for a freelancer who can help me deploy a local Openstack private cloud. - The desired timeline for the deployment is flexible, with no specific deadline. - The size of the infrastructure that needs to be deployed is large, with over 200 instances. - I am open to any Openstack distribution, but I would appreciate a recommendation from the freelancer. - The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in deploying Openstack private clouds. - Knowledge of various Openstack distributions and their pros and cons would be a plus. - The freelancer should be able to work independently and efficiently to ensure a successful deployment. - Strong communication skills and the ability to provide ...

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    I am looking for a remote IT support specialist who can assist me with software installation and remote connection. The typical problem is setup a remote connection (Anydesk or VPN + Remote desktop/VNC) to one of our internal pc for external freelancers, and the software configuration for their work. Suggestions are welcome to ease the process Security is a concern so you have to provide an option that guarantee the security of our data and our servers, considering you will need privileges to do the job.

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    55 bids

    OpenStack Management we are using OpenStack: - Compute - networking - Storage (Ceph) - Infra Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in OpenStack Services for efficient management - Experience in automated OpenStack management tools and techniques The project is monthly basis support and should be bound with freelance NDA and other agreemnets

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    VMware Consultant VMware operations, whole ESXi/vCenter stack incl. patching/upgrades NSX-T skills Ansible and AWX automation skills would be beneficial Kubernetes and Python skills would be beneficial Server management consultant Server hardware skills for vendors HPE, Lenovo, Dell and Cisco (in best case all) Knowledge in...ESXi/vCenter stack incl. patching/upgrades NSX-T skills Ansible and AWX automation skills would be beneficial Kubernetes and Python skills would be beneficial Server management consultant Server hardware skills for vendors HPE, Lenovo, Dell and Cisco (in best case all) Knowledge in server remote board analysis / log analysis Log collection of hardware logs SNOW ticket handling Knowledge in Openstack would be beneficial Time zone coverage APJ (India or China...

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    $18 / hr Avg Bid
    19 bids

    Create a private and public cloud model in kali linux by using openstack Deadline: 25 July 2023

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    Project Tasks: Server Maintenance, Email Troubleshooting, Website Management, Service Monitoring and Troubleshooting. Currently, our server is facing accessibility issues due to mistaken blacklisting of certain countries. As advised by the server support team, we need to establish a connection using VNC to rectify this problem. Additionally, we have encountered email hacking incidents that require immediate resolution. Initially, the tasks will be performed using AnyDesk for evaluation purposes. Upon assessing your capabilities, we will assign you for ongoing tasks and provide direct access to the server for regular checkups and maintenance. Please note that this is an as-needed job opportunity, and it is not a one-time or full-time position. We are looking for a reliable and ex...

    $46 (Avg Bid)
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    3 bids