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    ...existing email server I configured with iREDMAIL, but I would like it to be redone properly with all security recommendations also using the LDAP server instead. We should backup the existing emails before, only 6 emails exist at this stage ◦ Setup a vpn access to the servers so that we can access the internal network resources remotely. Also using Open source vpn software like openvpn, etc.. ◦ Setup a zulip server using the same LDAP Server. We can discuss if this should be done in a separate server hosted in the cloud or still internally. Things should be setup so that when we join the domain, we have access to the correct resources. We can discuss the encryption and Security features. A backup server should then be made so that we ca...

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    PLEASE ONLY BID FOR THIS PROJECT IF YOU ARE ABLE TO DELIVER AS PER BELOW AND AS PER BID PRICE! (PLS DO NOT BID IF YOU INTEND TO CHANGE PRICES LATER) I need Native VPN apps...built for iOS and Android that has ADmob/FB Ads integrated, along with paid subscription features, and complete backend portal. App configuration and upload to store will be required. Some of the key features required are, - Simple UI with one click connect and disconnect with Auto Server selection and Manual options - 256 Bit AES algorithm/HMAC SHA256 hash authentication - Protocols, IKEv2, OpenVPN, WireGuard with ChaCha20 cipher - Servers configuration and setup - Auto Kill Switch - Load Balancing - Usage Statistics - DNS/IPv6 Leak Protection - VPN Obfuscation feature - Double VPN server (multi h...

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    I have an ubunto desktop, I want the following programs to be installed and put on the desktop as icons. Skype (installed but icron should be on the desktop) OpenVPN Thunderbird (installed but icron should be on the desktop) As well as links to the following websites In addition, the following programs must also start automatically on restart Skype (installed) OpenVPN Thunderbird (installed)

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    We need an android developer with 3+ years of experience and MUST have working experience with VPN application. Task : We need an android application to connect to VPN server which are configured through strongswan and openVPN. Can create separate or combined demo for both but solution should connect to both kind of servers. To get selected it's important to put some real work which we can qualify you. Please write I am pro at the top to get our attention. Looking forward to your proposals.

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    I need openvpn api authentication bash script. I have running openvpn server. currently i am using python for api authentication . i need just convert on bash script

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    I need a script that can keep track of client data usage on openvpn. I already keep track of client usage but only while they are in a session. The problem is that when a client disconnects and reconnects, the data is only calculated during that session and not what the total amount of data used over day, week, month for example. I need a simple script that will run as a cron job, constantly updating a simple one table database showing how much data has been used per hour, per day, week and month. I'd like to see how much data any one client is using at any time. Note that clients always get the same VIP which makes it easier to track. Build it on your own server, share the code until we have this working then I release the payment. I will set up what ever is needed at my ...

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    Requirements: - build GUI OpenVpn client applications for Windows and MacOS - GUI design should refer to our design (in QT) or Apps - Backend API will be provided so that no backend programming is needed - Using existing QT code to continue the project.

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    Requirements: - build GUI OpenVpn client applications for Windows and MacOS - GUI design should refer to our design (in QT) or Apps - Backend API will be provided so that no backend programming is needed - Using existing QT code to continue the project.

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    I would like engineer to 1. install openvpn on my server 2. revoke access by password and make it through key 3. install pihole as dns server 4. give me ability to control the traffic (through VPN not through pihole) see unencrypted traffic 5. raise http/https proxy which will be accessible through username and password 6. control the traffic of proxy server as well Please describe how you are going to reach above-mentioned tasks. Server would be CentOs 7 (you can offer another OS if needed with reason)

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    Hello, I want to implement openVPN or any vpn on my VPS.

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    Migration should be fully made on AWS. Including: Firewall Implementation for complete structure; OpenVPN deployment for 200x connected sites; Active Directory Deployment and Configuration; Network Structure Veeam Server deployment and restoring actual backups; Running other services... (To be clarified) Senior AWS engineer(s) covering complete infrastructure Migration and Security implementation.

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    I would like to connect a PC to a server using OpenVPN. The server is already configured and working fine. All is windows based. My need is to use the server as a gateway to all local connections. My local network is 192.168.x.y and OpenVPN network is 10.0.x.y The issue is: I can connect to my server and I can see this. After OpenVPN connection, I cannot surf with server gateway and I cannot surf with my ISP gateway.

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    We have a server, which we wish to have setup as a master linux desktop server, it must be possible to setup individual desktops on it. Each desktop must be setup with Cinnamon, which it hereafter must be possible to connect with Windows remote desktop, unless there are better solutions. You must setup the first desktop with thunderbird, openvpn, skype and chrome. You must also make is so that we easily via a simple script can deactivate, delete and setup a desktop, it must also be possible to copy a desktop, if we want the second desktop to have an identical setup as the first desktop, then it must be easy to use this setup via a simple script.

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    I have over 16 OpenVPN instances running in 16 different AWS regions on EC2 instances. Currently, we us AWS SSM to access the openVPN instances to create new user accounts on each server or instance. See the basic bash script attached. However, I want a solution where I can provision/decommission and manage users from all these instances from one centralized location or place. I want a simple and straightforward solution where if I want to onboard or add a new user called "Mary Doe", I should just update a single file with the username "mdoe" and it triggers the entire automation cycle to create the users account and emails them their username temporary passwords. Tools Available to Automate this Problem: 1) AWS Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, & SSM 2) Terrafo...

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    I need a Connection to get everytime the same IP Protocolls: - OpenVPN - IPsec - Wireguard --> All Protocolls should work on Mac AND Windows --> Expect the OpenVPN i would like to have a Zertificate WITHOUT Certification --> Wireguard would be great if you can show a QR Code to get the VPN Details So i need you to do: - Install FIrewall - Configure VPNs - Create a Guide for me to add users and connections. You can decide betweeen opensense or pfsense cloud based (Azure) or on my Datacenter

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    Learn to completely setup site to site tunnel, and install and configure opevpn server/client with 2fa.

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    I would like to connect a PC to a server using OpenVPN. The server is already configured and working fine. All is windows based. My need is to use the server as a gateway to all local connections. Which parameters I have to put (server side) to allow traffic thru the VPN tunnel?

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    we need Flutter expert to help error in apps the work must be done in remote setting on our server we have error in Openvpn plugin and we need to add 2 more plugins

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    I am making a vpn website and I need a technician who can help me to make my own vpn. So starting from L2TP, PPTP, Openvpn etc. need to configure and buy the server too.

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    I have certificates and all stuff and connection working. I need configure routes. I have 2 routers: Main (Internet Provider Router) Secondary (Neutral Router) I need to be on the local network of Neutral Router when conected to VPNbut dont know how it should be. Work is help me trough screen sharing to do this. English or Spanish language

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    I have a router ikuai and want to connect with vpn to italy and i'm based in china

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    Set up IP pool with reserved IP, for two subnet, assign static IPs to security cameras, open ports for IAX, OpenVPN, and L2TP, setup site to site VPN ...

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    I need to have fixed a site-to-site VPN between pfSense and Mikrotik devices. The VPN connection works but Mikrotik's subnet is not reachable from pfSense's network side. Instead, everything works properly using OpenVPN client on a single computer. Moreover, I would like to have explanained what the issue is and the related solution.

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    I have a project to create vpns for clients I need to share my residential internet (private ip within a cgnat) through openvpn or something similar so that my clients can use my residential ip from another country there are approximately 20 residential IPs that I need to share

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    I have a project to create vpns for clients I need to share my residential internet (private ip within a cgnat) through openvpn or something similar so that my clients can use my residential ip from another country there are approximately 20 residential IPs that I need to share

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    I need a VPN App Developer to modify apps. I had my own app with VPS servers. Now I need to switch to openvpn free servers. I have also another app with free openvpn servers. This is the app with own servers. I need to change my RatVPN app like StrongSafer VPN app.

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    This is actual scenario: 1. VPN server with static ip address 2. customer with certificate installed manually on his device (tablet - mobile phone) for the openvpn connection wit his reserved ip address: f.e. 3. each customer with chrome/safari login to his web based application after establishing manually vpn connection I need to create a "trick" to establish VPN connection automatically when user click on the software icon (= link )

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    Need users (the world) able to use a vpn on my site by paying a small fee (paypal or else) either dayly or monthly or once. I wish to use openvpn on linux preferably ubuntu on vultr. TY

    $361 - $1082
    Sealed NDA
    $361 - $1082
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    We are looking for Desktop app developers who can build client app for our VPN servers. The backend and Apis will be provided by us and your task would be to develop the client app of it. The app would include all basic functions like login, signup, Different protocols (ikev2, OpenVPN) and other common vpn features as per other popular apps. Apply by using the keyword "I can do it"

    $1423 - $2845
    $1423 - $2845
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    I need who can configure cloud service to my gateway device to get it connected to OpenVPN to make the device available public

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    Reverse proxy for my home network is not working when i'm on an OpenVPN connection. It used to work properly. We can discuss more in the chat

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    I have 2 ubuntu servers, 1 with public accessible IP on digitalocean, and the other not accessible behind a firewall with the ports closed. I have created a tunnel bewtween the servers using tinc, and I'm able to ping from digitalocean () to the home server using ip () I have an openvpn server setup on digitalocean and acesible on port 1194. Now I need all the openvpn traffic to be forward from digitalocean to this home server Should be pretty straight forward for someone used to this kind of setups.

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    I need someone who can help me to set up OpenVPN to my Gateway device hosted locally to connect on cloud. Need to start immediately

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    We are looking for a highly skilled Linux developer with experience in working with CORS who can begin work on our VPN server immediately. Our VPN service is an OpenVPN server running on a VHD in Windows Server. Please don't waste time by bidding on this project if you don't have the necessary skills or can be committed to our project. Thanks.

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    We are looking for someone who can develop VPN server management software with the following features. PPTP / SSL/ SSH/ SSH Tunnel/ Openconnect/ Openvpn/ wireguard Features 1. Deploy VPN servers from GUI 2. Manager 1 server many Ip pool on child vpn servers / nodes 3. Protocols supported - PPTP / SSL/ l2tp/ Openvpn/ wireguard 4. Manage VPN users 5. Allow deny access to users 6. Allow/ deny concurrent user connections (api needed for integration with billing) 7. Manage reseller accounts, server deployment and users 8. API to sync expired / active and locked client accounts 9. Api access to connect client apps like Ios, android, desktop apps. 10. Load balancing setup for vpn servers, location settings example (user connects to NY, and we have 4 servers in NY, should c...

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    I need vpn android ios application Openvpn websocket Openconnect websocket Ssl Ssh http socks proxy squad and multiple vpn tunnel

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    Hi Mahmoud H., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. Openconnect websocket Openconnect Openvpn websocket Openvpn Openssh Pptp L2tp Any connect I have admin panel you put your server script admin admin

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    I have a Synology NAS drive and I have set up the OpenVPN using two peoples instructions. They were almost identical but one showed how to set up a Synology account to get around the dynamic IP address. I still get a connection error everytime.

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    Hello, We're looking for someone that can help us with a number of server projects. Some of these projects include: - Building OpenVPN servers - Merging Active Directories - Building Linux and Windows Servers in AWS We have a lot of work and we're looking for a long-term contractor.

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    We are looking for someone to build: A VPN Controller that acts as a hub to add/manage servers Manage user accounts that can be accessed there via REST API and will contain user login + expiry date. Install OpenVPN and Wireguard onto new servers automatically. Be able to limit the user for abuse. We use Laravel so that would be a bonus if it was built into that.

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    I have a electron VPN app that is working well. What I need is openVPN to be integrated into our project, meaning the user should be able to click on a server-list we have, and be able to connect to the selectedVPN-server. We have everything ready: openvpn file, server-list etc., we "just" need the user to be able to connect to the selected VPN-server. We need the connection to work on mac and windows. It is required that you have experience with openvpn.

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    Hi, I want VPN application with OPENVPN support, PHP admin panel. The application will be for Android only. I would like to add a few ad networks and in-app purchases. I want premium servers to be used, whether with ad watch or subscription. We currently have a vpn application active. We want a beautifully designed app. We don't want apps from codecanyon places. Thank you.

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    Hello, we need to develop an extension to connect with the OpenVPN server in chrome/firefox browser by OpenVPN server credentials.

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    I have a milsight 4G modem and which I wish to connect with using my PC, I need help setting up OpenVPN

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    I am looking for c/c++ expert in order to make a very simple VPN App. Please check the following link. I need to customized GUI. So GUI is attachment.

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    openvpn script you have make for long time ago I need talk with you for see I have some problems when I have more 150 conections I have freezes

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    $32 / hr Avg Bid
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    Hi I need someone who knows openvpn well to solve problem. I have a server with Openvpn installed and I have problems when it reaches a certain number of users inside

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    We need to develop an OpenVPN client application for windows. We provide a REST API with server credentials and you have to use the API and connect to the OpenVPN server according to API server credentials. OpenVPN is open source so it is available on Github. Windows Client:

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    I'm going to steal this post for project from someone else as this is exactly what I need, so whoever has this, I just need opensource module for this whmcs module if anyone has it: ---------------------- I'm in the need for a OpenVPN whmcs module I would want the module to have some type of network storage so clients will have their own permissions and access. Main things: Maybe same this Users can view there online time and bandwidth usage. Ability to limit bandwidth usage per product/plan. Ability to limit download/upload speed. Automatic account creation through WHMCS. Automatic Suspension/Unsuspension. Terminate Account. Support multi server, 1 click all server create client support reseller vpn If u have already project

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