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    I'm seeking a skilled editor specializing in adult content to perfect my poetry book. With 50-100 pages of expressive and mature-themed poetry, I need a comprehensive edit encompassing several key areas to ensure my work resonates with its intended audience while maintaining a classic and traditional feel. **Key Requirements:** - **Grammar and Punctuation Corrections:** Attention to detail to fix linguistic errors ensuring smooth and easy reading. - **Formatting and Layout Improvements:** A keen eye to structure the content in a classic and traditional style that enhances readability and visual appeal. Experience with typesetting and layout design is essential. - **Content Clarity and Coherence:** Ability to maintain narrative flow and coherence without altering the es...

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    ...lyrics and texts. The nature of this project requires a translator with an excellent understanding of both languages to maintain the lyrical integrity of the original content. This project involves less than 500 words in total. Ideally we can work together beyond this project. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Arabic and English language - Prior experience in translating song lyrics, texts, or poetry - Strong understanding of idiomatic expressions - Ability to maintain the tonal quality from the origin text to the translated text - Phonetic / written Arabic I aim for a translation that resonates idiomatically with English readers and preserves the poetic nature of the songs. Same with Arabic. If you have relevant experience and the skills listed above, you'd be a grea...

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    I am looking for a skilled poet to create an eight-line, free verse poem that conveys a feeling of inspiration and focuses on the theme of courage. There are no specific themes or images required - feel free to let your creativity guide you. th...who witnessed immense bravery and courage of a young girl, 12 years old. She stopped a thief and risked her herself. the homeless man does not know about her anxiety, he just thinks she is a brave young girl. she suffers from severe anxiety so the poem is of immense significance to her which she keeps until an adult. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in creative writing, specifically poetry - Ability to write in free verse style - Capacity to write inspiring and motivational content - Strong understanding of the underlying theme...

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    ...freelancer) Closed book vs open book? We work only on open book. Closed book means you are unwilling to define a WBS for the work and you add only a price tag to the task. We are sorry we will not hire you in such a case! Deliveries? - in our on premise git (access will be granted to you) - full sources - provided explaining evtl. needed commands to run the things agreed as developer - poetry - libs, need prior confirm and we prefer to use mostly latest stable versions - python 3.10+ - pyenv - your code is working on our end too - your code passes our CI build (with provided maven can be checked) - you may require to help us here on setup - docker compose to startup all required runtimes - we require, depending on availability and on complexity 2-4 weeks test time per miles...

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    For Writers Club 2 hours left

    ...where like-minded writers can connect, collaborate, and celebrate each other's work, with features such as profile creation, project posting, real-time communication, and collaboration tools. • Unspecified Genre Focus: The genre focus of our club is not strictly defined at the moment. Therefore, the platform should be versatile and adaptable to different writing styles and genres, be it fiction, poetry, non-fiction, etc. • No Strict Completion Time: The project completion time is not currently set. However, it does not mean that I am not serious about this job's execution. While I value careful planning and quality, I also appreciate efficiency. • Skills Required: I am seeking a freelancer/s who have significant experience in web development—sp...

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    ...**What I'm Looking For:** - **Expertise in Poetry**: A strong grasp of both rhyming schemes and free verse. - **Creative Writing Skills**: Ability to convey pointed critique and humor. - **Versatility**: Comfort with blending poetic styles for maximum impact. - **Understanding**: A good sense of rhythm and how to use it effectively in a diss context. **Project Requirements:** - **Style Merge**: Seamlessly combine rhyming and free verse to support the poem's essence. - **Theme Focus**: Infuse the piece with sharp wit and insightful commentary, keeping the diss theme central. - **Customization**: Tailor the poem's tone and style to suit a unique diss perspective. Ideal candidates will have a portfolio of written works, preferably with experience in poetry ...

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    I’m looking for a talented freelancer to bring a Valentine's poetry collection to life, touching the hearts of all age groups, singles, and couples alike. This project is about creating a compilation that resonates with anyone celebrating love, in all its forms, during Valentine's Day. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Exceptional flair for romantic and emotive writing. - Previous experience in poetry or creative writing, with a portfolio that includes works related to love or romance. - Ability to write for a diverse audience, encapsulating the myriad experiences of love. **Project Requirements:** - Creation of original poems, each bringing a unique perspective on love. - A blend of tones, from sweet and tender to humorous and light-hearted, ensuring a bro...

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    I am seeking a professional female voice artist proficient in Hindi and capable of providing a soft and soothing tone. This project will be perfect for someone who: - Has a high level of fluency and accuracy in Hindi. - Has prior experience in voice over projects. - Can deliver a soft and soothing voice tone. - Is reliable and can adhere to deadlines. Experience in poetry or meditation scripts would be a plus, but not necessary. I anticipate the need for revisions, so please include this in your bid. Let's make something beautiful together!

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    I am looking for a talented interior book designer, who specializes in creating minimalist aesthetics. The project at hand is a non-fiction book (mental health poetry) that falls into the 100-200 page bracket. Key responsibilities: - Ensuring the interior design resonates with a minimalist style, leading to a clean and easy reading experience. - Formatting the book up to 200 pages, including the table of contents, headers, footers, etc. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in minimalist book interior designs. - Excellent understanding of non-fiction book structures - Ability to deliver high-quality work within established deadlines. If you have an eye for detail and a passion for minimalist designs, I'd love to hear from you. Bidders must provide samples of p...

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    I'm seeking a skilled poet to craft vibrant romantic poetry that resonates with the intensity of love's embrace. It’s for my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. I honestly don’t mind what you write as long as it’s steamy and sensual like a warm hug from a hot lover. Her nicknames are “Turkey Girl”, “Mother Turk” and “Gobble Gobble Big Turkey” if you could please include those. I am also getting her the gift of bunk beds (she really wants them) so if you could include that in your poem that would be good too. Requirements: - Capability to evoke strong emotions through verse. - Prompt delivery of heartfelt and steamy content. Desired Qualities: - write whatever you want as long as it’s really evocative for m...

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    I'm seeking a talented poet who can capture the essence of love with passion and fervor in a free-verse format. I’d like to give the poem to my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. Write with passion and fervor in a free-verse format. I’d like to give the poem to my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. Write whatever you want, as long as it’s really beautiful and oozes sex. **Requirements:** - Write a romantic and passionate love poem. - Employ free verse, focusing on natural flow and emotion. - Emotionally charged and engaging language. **Ideal Freelancer:** - Experienced in poetry, especially free verse. - Strong grasp of emotive and passionate language. - Ability to convey deep feelings of love. Your unique voice will help bring this piece to...

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    Assignment: Develop a data import procedure for electoral data files and devise a method for pinpointing weeks with anomalous : The initiative is configured to operate within a Docker-based encapsulated setting, incorporating Python 3.11, Poetry for dependency management, and DuckDB for database : The chosen applicant will be responsible for maintaining data integrity, handling repeat entries, and enhancing the system for large-scale analytical computations.

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    I'm seeking a creative graphic designer to develop an abstract pastel-themed cover for my poetry book. Your role will be essential in setting the tone and capturing the essence of the poetry within. Key requirements: - Masterful skills in abstract design - Strong eye for utilizing soft and pastel colors - Experience in designing book covers, specifically within the genre of poetry - Ability to evoke emotion and provoke thought through design - A portfolio that demonstrates previous works Your background in abstract design will be invaluable in this project. I'm excited to see how your pastel color palette will add subtleness and depth to the abstract theme. I envision a design that's not only visually appealing but also complements and enhances the ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled graphic designer to transform my hand-drawn idea into a minimalistic book cover for my poetry collection. Key requirements: - Use the provided sketch as a basis for the design - Achieve a minimalistic and clean finish that stands out - Maintain relevance to the theme and genre of the book Ideal candidates will have: - A portfolio demonstrating proficiency in minimalistic design - Experience in designing book covers - A strong grasp of visual composition - Appreciation and understanding of poetry would be a bonus. Please include similar works in your proposal, so I can review your style.

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    I'm in need of a skilled videographer to create a compelling video that melds the disciplines of painting and poetry. The artist featured in this project is an African American multi-talent who will be showcasing their skills in abstract painting and performing spoken word poetry. To ensure the project's success, your tool kit should include: - A strong understanding and appreciation of abstract art - Familiarity with spoken word performances - Aptitude in video editing to weave painting and spoken word segments seamlessly Previous experience in art documentaries or related projects would be advantageous. Please include samples of similar projects in your proposal. The final product should powerfully portray the artist's talent and passion, making the viewe...

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    I'm seeking a passionate freelancer to help transcribe and format my collection of over 20 lyric poems for a book intended to captivate poetry aficionados. - Ideal Candidate Skills: * Proficiency in typing and transcription * Experience with creative writing or poetry * Keen eye for detail and layout aesthetics * Excellent as regards spelling, grammar, and punctuation * Familiarity with publishing formats for poetry books * Good communicative abilities for clear, concise collaboration - Project Requirements: * Accurately transcribe my handwritten or typed poems. * Format for print, maintaining consistent style throughout. * Offer suggestions for layout if needed, enhancing reader engagement. * Work within the set time frame for smooth public...

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    ...Android developer to create a poetry-focused mobile application that allows users to engage with a world of verse. The key aspects of this project include the ability to save their favorite poems for easy access and seamless sharing of poetry on social media platforms. Requirements: - Develop a user-friendly Android application 1. there should be splash screen with a name and a logo(I hv logo) 2. There should be a slider on the top of the screen in which photos to be placed by using the Google Drive link. 3. Below the Slider, There should be a card view in which photos to be placed by using the Google Drive link. Below each poetry card, there should be a share button to share the current poetry on various social media and a save button to save the current ...

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    I am looking for a talented video creator who can visually represent my poem. This video needs to portray a dramatic mood, leveraging a monochrome color scheme composed of black, white, and greys. Key requirements include: - Understanding of visual storytelling that reflects the dramatic essence of the poem. - Skilled at creating a structured visual narrative according to my clear ideas and guidelines. - Fluency in leveraging black, white and greys to create a captivating, dramatic and melancholic atmosphere. Your portfolio showcasing similar artworks or videos would be a plus. Looking forward to your unique and creative interpretations. The poem is below You only know my name,age,and the color of my skin and hair You know only the few things that I felt like to share So why do you j...

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    I'm looking for a talented poet to bring my vision to life. The selected freelancer will craft beautiful verses that intertwine themes of nature and beauty with a romantic and sentimental touch. Requirements: - Proven experience in poetry writing - Ability to evoke emotion through vivid imagery - Comfortable with romantic, nature-inspired themes Ideal Skillset: - Strong grasp of poetic devices and form - Passion for nature and romance expressed through poetry - Creativity and originality in conveying sentimental ideas Expectations: - Deliver a series of poems embodying romantic and nature themes - Create engaging and emotive content - Revise as needed based on feedback This is a chance to merge the beauty of the natural world with the depth of romantic sentiment. If ...

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    I'm embarking on a creative odyssey and require a poet's touch. Here's what I'm envisioning: - **Writing Type**: Crafting poetry with emotional depth and resonance. - **Genre**: My project is steeped in poetry that expresses narratives and experiences. - **Narrative Perspective**: The work should emanate from a powerful, first-person voice—conveying intimacy and immediacy. **Ideal Candidate Attributes**: - Proven proficiency in poetic structures and devices. - Ability to evoke strong imagery and emotions through verse. - Experience writing from a first-person perspective. - A creative thinker with a passion for poetry. If you can weave words that move souls, let's create something unforgettable together.

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    ...innovative and experienced marketing freelancer to help increase the sales of my poetry book. This will involve creating strategies to enhance my brand and ensure my poetry reaches a large audience. The book is named, The Dreamers Who Forgot to Fall Asleep, by Ambrosia. It is a poetry book that explores an range of themes including love, identity and philosophy. Target readers are Mainly young adults but anyone with a love of poetry as well. I am happy to do social media marketing and already have an instagram account. Ideal Candidate: - Proven expertise in book marketing and publicity - Experience in working with authors, especially within the poetry genre - Ability to effectively target poetry enthusiasts, general readers and you...

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    Seeking a versatile and creative freelancer to play a key role in bringing a poetry book to life. The project involves designing the book cover, layout, and interior graphics, as well as publishing the e-book on Amazon. In addition to design and publishing, there’s a need for assistance with marketing strategies and website development to create a comprehensive online presence. Requirements: 1. Proven experience in book design, graphics, and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). 2. Proficiency in graphic design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite. 3. Strong understanding of book formatting, layout, and Amazon publishing guidelines. 4. Ability to develop and implement marketing strategies to promote the poetry book. 5. Experience in website development for creatin...

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    I am looking for a skilled ghostwriter to help me with my project. The ideal candidate will have experience i...specifically research, as well as a strong understanding of social media and education trends. Specific requirements: - Genre or type of writing: Social media content about education trends - Content length: Medium (500-1000 words) - Specific ideas or outlines: No, but I have some general ideas Skills and experience required: - Strong writing skills in various genres including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry - Knowledge of social media platforms and trends - Understanding of the education industry and current trends If you are a talented ghostwriter who is passionate about education and social media, please apply with samples of your work and a brief overview of your e...

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    Project Description: I am looking for someone to help me record and upload my poems on YouTube. The ideal candidate should have experience in poetry recording and video editing. Length of Each Poem: - The length of each poem is more than 3 minutes, so attention to detail and the ability to maintain audience engagement is important. Mood or Tone: - The recording should convey an inspirational tone, capturing the essence of each poem. Video Editing: - Assistance with video editing is required to enhance the visual appeal of the recordings. Skills and Experience: - Experience in poetry recording and video editing is essential for this project. - The ability to create visually captivating videos while maintaining the inspirational tone is highly desired.

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    Queer artist required. Open minded and comfortable with the male form ;) Proficient in Adobe Photoshop or similar photo editing software. Turning photographs into catchy works of art and/or promotional material in image/video formats. Possible use of digital writing equipment ( e.g. apple pen) to incorporate poetry into a design.

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    I am looking for a qualified individual specializing in copyright and trademark protection, particularly for Amazon KDP. Services Required: Proof read a small Poetry book which was flagged for infringement on Amazon KDP to see where we went wrong, so we can make edits and resubmit. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Knowledge of copyright and trademark regulations related to Amazon KDP - Experience with infringement issue resolution - Legal background in copyright and trademark protection - Familiarity with e-publishing legalities To be successful in this role, you should be detail-oriented, possess excellent problem-solving abilities, and have a track record of resolving infringement issues.

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    I am looking for a writer to create a personal puisi (poem) in Indonesian. Although I don't have a specific theme or topic in mind, I have a rough idea of what I want. The ideal candidate should have experience in writing poetry and be fluent in Indonesian. This project is for personal use and requires a creative and skilled writer who can effectively convey emotions and thoughts through poetry.

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    Poetry Collection Book and eBook Design for KDP Amazon. The project includes: Design of front and back covers Typesetting of interior pages Typography Design of section page graphic Creating a new TOC The proposed completion date is just a placeholder. Deliverables: Ready-for-print PDFs for body and covers eBook in ePub and KPF (Kindle Package Format) Source files in Adobe InDesign

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    ...diverse beauty, including its snow-capped mountains, iconic Dal Lake, vibrant gardens, and cultural symbols. It serves as a visual narrative of the region's unique charm and historical significance. 3) Text or Image: The T-shirt will harmoniously blend text and images. A tagline like "Jammu & Kashmir Unveiled" will seamlessly integrate with the design. Text elements may include verses from Kashmiri poetry or quotes that resonate with the region's spirit. Examples of texts that can be included :- "Heaven on Earth" "Not lost, just Kashmiring" "Dal Lake's Serenade" "Pashmina Dreams" "Valley of Orchards" "Snowflakes & Saag" "Gulmarg's Winter Whispers" "Kahwa Chronicles&...

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    Editing poetry compilation of 66 pages - I am seeking an experienced editor to proofread my poetry compilation for grammar and spelling errors, as well as ensure the poetic flow is smooth and engaging. - The poetry style is contemporary, and I would like the editor to have a strong understanding of this genre. - The project needs to be completed within 2 weeks, so the ideal candidate should be able to work efficiently and meet deadlines.

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    ...Drama and Poetry, Tutoring, and Content Creation Skills and Experience Required: 1. Expertise in A-Level English, specifically in the area of Drama and Poetry. 2. Strong knowledge of literary techniques, analysis, and interpretation. 3. Experience in tutoring A-Level students in English, providing guidance, and support in understanding and analyzing dramatic and poetic texts. 4. Proficiency in creating engaging and informative content related to Drama and Poetry for educational purposes. 5. Excellent communication skills, particularly in conducting online tutoring sessions via video calls. 6. Familiarity with online platforms and tools for effective communication and content creation. Responsibilities: - Provide tutoring sessions to the client, focusing on Dra...

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    In search of a skilled and creative poet who can craft striking Solomonic poems in Spanish. We are working on a project where the main medium of expression is free verse poetry. Ideal skills for the job would include: - Proven experience in writing free verse poems - Native or bilingual proficiency in Spanish - Ability to embrace complex themes and exude creativity through writing Applicants should be ready to provide examples of past work and showcase their experience in this realm of poetry. Remember, detailed proposals displaying your vision for this project will be highly appreciated!

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    Poetry Collection Book and eBook Design for KDP Amazon. The project includes: Design of front and back covers Typesetting of interior pages Typography Design of section page graphic Creating a new TOC The proposed completion date is just a placeholder. Deliverables: Ready-for-print PDFs for body and covers eBook in ePub and KPF (Kindle Package Format) Source files in Adobe InDesign

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    I am looking for a talented storyteller to narrate a short poetry piece in a specific style. The ideal candidate will have experience in narrating poetry and the ability to bring the words to life with their voice. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in narrating poetry - Ability to adapt to a specific style of narration - Excellent vocal delivery and expression - Strong understanding of pacing and tone - Attention to detail in pronunciation and enunciation The narration should be up to 10 minutes in length, capturing the essence and emotion of the poetry piece. The chosen narrator should be able to engage the audience and create a captivating experience through their storytelling.

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    As the author of a literature poem book, I need a skilled translator to translate my work from English to German and French. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in English, German and French. - Experience in literal book translation. - Ability to grasp and translate poetic meaning. Job Description: - The translation must be literal, rather than ...Description: - The translation must be literal, rather than preserving the original poetic rhythm or style. - The translator is expected to maintain a balance, incorporating cultural references and expressions germane to the target languages, as well as retaining those from the original. The perfect candidate would be proficient in poetic translation, able to navigate the complexities of translating poetry without losing the essence of the orig...

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    Yes, you read right. I'm in need of talented poets who can write short poetry in English, Hindi, or Urdu. These poems will be designed onto my client's clothing line, acting as a unique design element as part of the brand's aesthetic. Key Requirements: - Ability to write engaging, original poetry in English, Hindi, or Urdu. - Experience in creating short poems with a romantic, inspirational, or humorous tone. Purpose: - The main purpose of this project is to create distinct clothing designs. Original, captivating poems in these languages will give our brand an edge in a competitive market. Ideal Skills: - Original poetry writers are preferred. - A strong command over language, tone, and rhythm in poetry. - Familiarity with the fashion indus...

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    I need a...viewers. The ideal freelancer would bring a mix of creativity and technical animation skills. I simply want a fish walking into a movie theater getting ready to sit down and enjoy the movie with other fish and skeleton fish wearing 3D glasses and eating popcorn, as we get closer and closer to the start of the film everything dies down, and the camera goes toward the film screen with the words. Poetry for Fish by Ok Waleed. Below I will give you the style, black and white animation is fine. I really want to make sure each fish is different and each fish bone in the crowd is different as well. So attention to detail will be very important for this project. If you believe you excel at this, please let me know. The book is slated to release in January, this is the promotio...

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    I'm seeking a skilled professional for manufacturing a small sunglasses case. This project requires both creativity and meticulous attention to detail as we aim for a vintage design style. Here are my requirements: Mate...demonstrated history in creating small sized, vintage style products will be preferred. Notes* I am going to attach the logo and the preferred color for the box as well as a sample of the shape of the box My vision for box is to have the color provided cover the whole background of the box and the logo first and last letters lines wrap around the box .. with our motto written inside .. which is "poetry in motion" Beside the logo that is going to be centered in the box .. is two squares beside it where i can close them with plastic so I can make...

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    As an experienced Arabic and Englis...translator, my primary specialization is in translating literary works, especially short stories. The ideal candidate for this job will possess: • Outstanding command of both Arabic and English languages. • Extensive experience translating Arabic to English and vice versa. • An understanding of cultural contexts in Arabic and English literary works. • Expertise in translating literary short stories. Poetry and novel translation experience are a bonus but not a necessity. • A high attention to detail and commitment to preserving the exact meanings and nuances of the original text in the translated version. I look forward to working with an experienced, accurate, creative, and mindful translator to bring these literary w...

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    ...the theme of love. - The sonnet should be written in a modern style, showcasing creativity and unique perspective. - The client is open to suggestions regarding the calendar month or event that the sonnet should focus on. - The ideal candidate should have a strong command of the English language and be able to convey emotions effectively through their writing. - Experience in writing sonnets or poetry related to love would be preferred. - The project requires excellent attention to detail and the ability to meet deadlines. - The client is seeking a sonnet that is both engaging and thought-provoking, capturing the essence of love in a modern and unique way. - Start the sonnet with: Crisp pages of a calendar hanging upon the kitchen wall Striking a marked date so familiar “...

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    I am looking for a skilled Hindi poet to create traditional and formal poetry for our family wedding function. Skills and Experience: - Fluent in Hindi and knowledgeable about traditional poetic forms - Proficient in writing in the free verse style - Ability to create emotionally engaging and romantic poetry - Experience in writing poetry for wedding functions or similar events

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    Looking for a freelance writer with expertise in creative writing. The ideal candidate should have a strong command of la...ideal candidate should have a strong command of language and the ability to create engaging and captivating content. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in creative writing - Strong storytelling abilities - Excellent grammar and punctuation skills - Ability to meet deadlines Type of Writing: The freelancer will be required to produce creative writing pieces. This may include short stories, poetry, or other forms of creative expression. Expected Length: The length of the writing pieces will vary depending on the project. It could range from less than 500 words to more than 1000 words. Flexibility and adaptability are important qualities for the freelancer t...

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    I am looking for a skilled translator who can translate a Gondi song into Hindi. The song is approximately 3-5 minutes long and I would like the translation to maintain both the poetic and cultural essence of the original song while also being word-for-word accurate. The the translation to maintain both the poetic and cultural essence of the original song while also being word-for-word accurate. The translated song should be formatted in lyric format. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Fluent in both Gondi and Hindi languages - Strong understanding of the poetic and cultural nuances of both languages - Experience in translating songs or poetry - Attention to detail to ensure accurate word-for-word translation - Ability to format the translated song in lyr...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can add more functions to my website using the "Publishpress Series" and "WP User Frontend" WordPress plugins. The ideal candidate will have experience with these plugins and be able to implement the following specific requirements: Summary of project: is a new self publishing site. Posts are grouped into several categories: Short-Stories, Poetry, Books, Articles… We are using the “WP User Frontend” plugin for users (subscribers) to post stories, poems… on the frontend. We are also using the “Series” plugin to add an extra taxonomy. The “Series” taxonomy are distributed as categories: Books, Novels, Novella…etc”. The posts are considered as chapters in the Series...

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    Site for Poems I am looking for a talented web developer to create a site for poems. The site will primarily focus on love poems and will feature poems in a free verse format. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Exper...easily discoverable by search engines - Ability to create a responsive design that adapts well to different devices and screen sizes - Experience in implementing features such as user registration and login, commenting, and social media sharing to enhance user engagement - Knowledge of best practices in website security to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access If you have a passion for poetry and possess the necessary skills and experience, I would love to discuss this project further...

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    Promote our poetry book Target Audience: All Ages Platforms for promotion: - Social Media - Online Bookstores - Blogs and Websites Specific promotional strategies: - Social Media Campaigns Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in social media marketing - Familiarity with online bookstores and blogging platforms - Experience in creating and executing successful promotional campaigns

    $9 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    ...freelancer to help me promote my poetry book. The ideal candidate should have experience in book promotion and a good understanding of the poetry genre. Here are the details of the project: Target Audience: - The target audience for my poetry book is adults. Promotion Platforms: - I would like the book to be promoted on book review blogs and social media. Specific Goals: - My main goal for this promotion is to increase my reader base. Skills and Experience: - Experience in book promotion, specifically in the poetry genre, is preferred. - Knowledge of book review blogs and how to effectively promote a book on these platforms is required. - Familiarity with the adult audience and their preferences in poetry is a plus. If you are passionate about ...

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    I'm looking for help to promote my book and get it in front of the right audience. The genre of my book is poetry, and I am interested social media promoting, traditional promoting, and booking events and signings to maximize visibility. It is my third collection, and two more will be published 2024. I expect a professional with experience in book promotions to devise and execute a successful marketing plan. I am open to suggestions and look forward to a successful collaboration!

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    I am an independent artist looking to create a web-site portfolio to showcase my work. Artwork: My primary creations include choreography, poetry, music, and ceramics. Design: While I don't have specific examples or references, I have a general idea of the design I want for my website. Features: The main feature I want on my website is a gallery to display my artwork. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in web design and development - Strong knowledge of creating visually appealing websites - Proficiency in building gallery features - Ability to understand and incorporate my general design ideas

    $264 (Avg Bid)
    $264 Avg Bid
    107 bids

    I am looking for a talented illustrator to create 4 abstract pieces of artwork for a poetry book. I want the artwork to be more generalized and thematic rather than depicting specific scenes from the poems, and I am open to the artist's interpretation. I do not have any specific colors that need to be included, so the artist is free to use their own choice of colors. The styles should be abstract in nature and the illustrations should be of a high quality and resolution. If you think you have the skills and creativity to bring this project to life then I would love to hear from you.

    $222 (Avg Bid)
    $222 Avg Bid
    113 bids

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