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    ...content information that is currently on the website: [[login to view URL]][2], under create a banner & a magnet, including uploading clipart that you will need to provide (please see example website). I need this done in about 2-3 days if all possible. Thanks Exactly like [][3] see their website for reference. Page 1-STEP

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    1. We want a refreshed logo. It should be in the same colors as the excisiting. And its should be gambling related. Look at the old logo and refresh it with something gambling related. 2. We want some banners. They are for the same gambling website. And they should contain our new refreshed logo. And they should contain some of the following

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    ...Site: [login to view URL] Files of current code for more information contained below. I have a free standing version of MySQL, Apache, and PHP that does need to install. It can be run on your machine for development. These files and a copy of the web site will be given to you if you accept. 1. Start page, Free Republic Block right at the top needs

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    I need to collect data from 4 web sites on a daily basis, place it into an Excel spreadsheet and refresh the data every 20 seconds. The names/titles of the data will change daily but the data will be same. I would prefer this to operate from Excel but I am open to other [login to view URL] user needs to input a start/stop command. ## Deliverables 1)

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    ...which page they are browsing, and what they are looking for * Attractive, flash-based interface * fast loading * no flickering refresh * Sound alerts when you have a new visitor, or when someone wants to chat with you * Real-time chat: Chat with visitors in real time * Get search engine, search keyword and referral information about

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    I need some HTML code to add to my new web cam site, that will auto-refresh the users browser every 5 seconds. Needs to be compatable with all browser types. I also need help setting this up as a streaming live feed. Here is the site: [[login to view URL]][1] ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    ...automaticly refresh each clients browser if there is a change on the table on the server. I have a special table with one row that has a bit column, which will represent a change. That bit is toggled for a change. Each browser should be comparing that value on an interval with the last value, which is stored in a session variable. The web application

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    6 bids a large and demanding job .-/ 1. What I basically need is a simple webpage, with welcome, info, FAQ, and contact etc. This is plain html (or php). 2. The login page ([login to view URL]) is using a plain FORM POST, t o log in users. And the thing I need so that users can choose a template when logging in, should be able to be done by JAVA script

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    My current site, [login to view URL], is a DRAMs standard template and is very dull and boring! I need a complete refresh of the site. All links, programming and content will remain unchanged but need a fresh and exciting design to the existing pages. The site will need new graphics, color scheme, GUI and a very modest logo created to match the site

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    ...reupload to the web. I have heard that this can be done via asp or jsp. I use Dreamweaver 4.0 for web development so I can post the asp or jsp code right into my web page to upload it to the web. Then I would like the user to be able to fill in information and click submit and do a refresh and the new data is shown right in the web...

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    We are a software company servicing the media and entertainment market. We make an ERP accounting and billing system. I want to refresh our web site site and I am thinking of using a template for this (Template Monster Number 1973). We are re-writing some of the text, but most of it will remain the same as what we have today. But the design needs

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    Hi, I’m looking for an app which is an advanced web crawler that enables me to extract information from the Internet. I don’t need a whole website but only some data such as the name of a product, the price, and the product’s features. Take an example : I put the website url (such as : <[login to view URL]

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    ...VB script based form that I want to refresh every few minutes or some predefined time so that it acurately reflects the information in the database. Is there some way to accomplish this simply? ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Exclusive

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    ... I need a web tracking system that will track visitors on a web page. THe script will run in a frames page. The upper frame will be whatever website. In the lower frame that will be very small ftame contain the script. I can use the html and put it in any frame or page I want. The code must: Track visitors to a particular web site or dire...

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    ...Explorer toolbar that periodically refreshes the current page. **Assumptions** (a) Environment is Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP. **Requirements** (a) Program written in C#. (b) The toolbar contains a logo as a bitmap image, and a textbox. (c) The logo is an image of the word "AiT Refresh". I can provide this bitmap. (d) When Internet Explorer

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    ...environment. My request is that I need a small applet that runs within a web page and constantly requests data in a polling loop (1 second) from a server "IIS or Socket". The browser would be IE and the web page created in VB.Net (ASPX). The refresh must happen without causing a refresh of the browser. The refreshed data itself will ...

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    ...preserve their refresh rate - they say it sets it at 60 HZ after the program exits. I'm working in VB6, and I need some code that will preserve the user's refresh rate when the program runs (I assume for the monitor) and restore it when the program exits (or keep it at that rate when the program runs). I'm using resolution switching code to change it

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    ...Dead easy job for someone who need a easy high rating :) ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Exclusive and

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    ...EXTENSIVE commenting) that will refresh any url in any open IE browser window, that 'fuzzy' matches a list of words in an array/list) ie. [login to view URL] will refresh to [login to view URL] because the? url "[login to view URL]*"? exists in an array or list inside the application. The browser should only refresh once for the same domain. ie. www

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    ...dinamic map where I can display mobile objects on it going throuh a path. It is needed for tracking an expedition race on south america. I need a flash app embbeded on a php web page, a system programmed in actionscritp (flash) that accepts a map I upload together with geographic info (latitude, longitude) of its upper left and lower right corners, and

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    A customer has asked us to "refresh" and "liven up" their existing website. Delivery must be as a Dreamweaver compatible site as the customer wishes to use Dreamweaver to maintain the site going forward. The entire existing content should be ported over and working. Ok to use Java script. Existing site is at [login to view URL]

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    30 bids website called [login to view URL] that contains constantly updating price information. The link needs to update as often as possible and at least every 5 seconds. The link must be automatic and work endlessly. The link needs to update the betfair site by activating the refresh button on the website. There may be a simple solution or significant coding

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    For all pages I wish to retain my header's logo. Page 1: Set up a new, faster loading and more effective photo flash display of 10 children eligible for adoption. Revamp the text information to be more succinct and laid out in a more modern way. The basis of the site was set up with an eye towards being like the very 1st garden (Garden of Eden). It

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    Please see attached

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    Please refer to attachment

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    I run a traffic surf exchange site where users get their own unique surf (start) url. Every 25 seconds they get a "next" button that appears on the [login to view URL] page. We want to stop people from just refreshing every 30 sec. or so through a bot. On a tight budget.

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    Need code to refresh Explorer so registry settings will take effect. Need to do this so that I do not have to log out and login for new registry settings to take effect. Platform 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP Must work with VB5 ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done

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    I am looking for a one-on-one chat like the one from Rentacoder but without the annoying refresh. Basically it can be done in asp or flash or a combination of both. What I also need is the ability to run multiple simultaneous threads so that many people can use the same chat. I have purchased the chat app from [login to view URL]

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    ...need someone to create some javascript and generic documentation to help us embed a web-based application into 3rd party external websites. It will work in the following way: The client will open up their own webpage and insert some javascript code. When their page is accessed, the javascript will go to a URL on our server (which is a PHP script) and

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    3 bids customer's sign-up page. They need to fill out a form with certain details and this form needs to be completed with certain fields "required." If the form is filled out incorrectly, I want a window to "pop-up" indicating there were errors in the form; and/or I would like the required fields that are missing data to refresh in BOLD-RED, and in either

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    ... Directs the browser to the site specified in the variable "site" 2. Pauses for "delay" seconds 3. Repeats steps 1 & 2 for "repeat" times Note that performing a simple refresh is not what I want. I need it to make the call to "site" each time. Example: [login to view URL] would direct the browser to google

    0 bids in recording web pages. Yoou can select file - open web page - and type the location(www.)and it will pull up that page. Then you can select the links or do anything else you would do on the net except use java(and that is the pproblem). I would like to have somthing like that and I can save it and then when I open it I can refresh it and it will

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    ...program will pay webmasters a set amount per unique installation of my customized web browsers. This amount should be able to be changed for both sign up bonus and per installation via admin area. The affiliate webmaster will have a simple affiliate URL to EACH web browser of his/her choice. For example: Someone wanting to promote my AutomaticSearch

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    ...THOROUGHLY BEFORE PLACING A BID! Needed a programmer with extensive Visual Basic and Internet programming knowledge to modify and build on a pre-existing multi-tab “Opera?? like Web-browser (for visual reference look at the enclosed screenshot), written in pure VB6. What you would need to add is a comprehensive internet advertising filtering and blocking

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    ...accessable to all via the web with passworded access. 2. CALENDARING DATABASE - Secretaries and office assistants need to be able to enter and change (on the fly) details of where my technicians are scheduled to be, how long they will be there, what the contact info is for that company, etc.. and this needs to be accessable via the web so the techs can daily

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    ...specialist web cam client written for us to use on an adult contact site. The members would download the client for free and all they would need to do to start broadcasting images is enter a broadcast username, from that point on the client software would upload their JPG format snapshots to a web server where they would be served using a normal web page

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    Project??" To construct a web page-based student dictionary. Dictionary web page accepts submissions for new terms and definitions and updates itself automatically. Three web pages' HTML and associated scripting needs to be produced. 1) Dictionary page, which alphabetizes new terms as they are submitted, 2) Submission page in a new browser...

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    In VB6!! I need a function to stop refresh of my screen. I need another function to re-start refresh of my screen. This may be calls to an API, and may be VB, but i know it is simple. How i will know it is working: STEP1: i will execute your 'stop-refresh' function STEP2: i will add 10,000 rows to a listview, and i will expect to NOT see it build the

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    IE-VB Ended

    ...test it on, you need to use a sight that does something similar(most do). Using vb code and api's(no c), preferrabbly using the webbrowser control, i need to: 1) open a viewable web page with a hardcoded URL. 2) there are userid and password controls on this web page. a) the userid and and password fieldnames can be hardcoded. b) fill these fields with

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    ...executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. Features on toolbar HB‚ My Links‚ [Search input box]‚ Search‚ | Shopping‚ | Web Guides‚ | Quick Cash‚ | Weather [login to view URL]‚ (logo) [login to view URL] - browser redirection Set Home Page - browser home page<...

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    What i would like is: a Java script that can refresh the data in a table without refreshing the page, This should be compatible with all browsers ie 4 + NN4 , a sample can be viewed at [login to view URL] on the betting card, the timeout should be dynamically driven from a field in the database. I need this script ASAP cash ready for thr right coder. The

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    Chat room for an adult web site need administrative options, adding moderators and assigning privileges based on username, archiving rooms, ability to kick out users unique reserved nicknames personal profile sizeable personalized avatars for use in chat private rooms ability to customize private rooms based on membership level individual provate messaging

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    ...table on a web page. I set up formulas on a second page to copy some of the info and reformat it (things like shortening the dates). I'd like to set it up a macro that once I start it will every fifteen minutes will refresh the first page, copy the relavent info to the second page. If there is a difference (in certain columns) on the second page...

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    ...a Python function to remotely refresh a given Microsoft Power Bi report, using Power BI's API or other elegant solution. The function's arguements must be user name and password, workspace of the selected report and the report's name. reference link -> [login to view URL]

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    ...downloaded a tables Wordpress plugin. Currently when I add content to it, the front end requires the page to be refreshed in order to see the updated content. What I need is for the tables to automatically refresh after X amount of seconds without page refresh. It is a simple addition. Important 1. The implementation must NOT cause server overload 2. When

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    Deseo hacer un refresh a un logo existente y crear tres sub logotipos, así como material POP para unas carpetas y broshure digital.

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    ...downloaded a tables Wordpress plugin. Currently when I add content to it, the front end requires the page to be refreshed in order to see the updated content. What I need is for the tables to automatically refresh after X amount of seconds without page refresh. It is a simple addition. Important 1. The implementation must NOT cause server overload 2. When

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    ...downloaded a tables Wordpress plugin. Currently when I add content to it, the front end requires the page to be refreshed in order to see the updated content. What I need is for the tables to automatically refresh after X amount of seconds without page refresh. It is a simple addition. Important 1. The implementation must NOT cause server overload 2. When

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    16 bids flag, coloca um X ou uma ID, no campo da tabela do banco de dados. Se eu clicar novamente ele remove o X. Entendeu? Tipo um botao de liga desliga so que nao pode haver refresh de tela pois seria uma lista de itens e eu posso marcar e desmarcar a qualquer momento. Seriam varios forms cada um com um botão que eu posso clicar em todos ou só em 1 ou

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    It is required to update 2 pages: the main and one internal.

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