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    I need some help with developing statistical models using STATA. The data is skewed and has several outliers so I need help with regression analysis using STATA or SPSS. Must have knowledge of different data transformation and must prove why a particular transformation is fit and how to interpret the final results. You will have to be available on a zoom call to explain me the steps and tutor me ...

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    I have 620 data and I need to do data analysis in spss. T test, ANOVA and one other test. Quote the amount you charge for that

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    please write the answer to this question at the top of bid "what is the capital of Finland?" hello we need help with different writing projects we have an "always pay" "always positive" policy for on-time original works must be able to start now (or soon, if soon write a starting time) projects are suitable for people with qualifications please write education...

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    need a expert for financial econometrics e-view analysing

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    SPSS Help Needed ASAP - 10 Q 3 days left

    SPSS Help Needed ASAP - 10 Q -

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    acting as an experienced researcher and project manager to formulate a bid for funding for a research project An important aspect of any activity involved in project management is proper scoping, budgeting and resourcing. As a project manager, you should be able to obtain funds externally to theEngineeringandPhysicsResearchCouncil(EPSRC)whois inchargeofthebudgetanddecisionmaking Your responsibil...

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    I need someone with high quality statistical analysis expertise that can analyse data and give me high quality statistical analysis advise

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    Looking for someone with Econometrics knowledge : Small project - 2 hours work

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    I have 2 medical papers , statistics are already done, i want only revision of statistics using SPSS with manipulation of some data and writing the section of data statistics in the article ( the methods used in statistics)

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    I have a raw data set in excel from an online questionnaire around work-related stress in the construction industry. I have some basic knowledge of SPSS statistics so looking for a competent person to produce some basic descriptive analyses and correlations from the data set around highest indicators of work-related stress and comparisons of top causes of work-related stress by demographic type, ...

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    Econometrics 18 hours left

    I want you to help me to write econometrics equation for precdicting by use Var model

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    SPSS Expert needed for a Data analysis, I will send questionnaires

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    Hi - I have a raw data set export excel file from an employee satisfaction survey. I need the data to the be reformatted into SPSS and an analysis run. All questions are in a continuous variable response for easy coding. All subjective responses can be excluded.

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    Require SPSS Dimensions programmer required with minimum 4 years experience in Survey designing/Survey analysis.

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    We are in urgent need of a professional writer. The job profile will entail experienced handling of raw data from doctors, use of SPSS/Graphpad in descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, ANOVA/MANOVA/ANCOVA etc. With a command in medical academic writing field, the writer must be able to frame the content in a way that it conforms to the requirement and the clients' preferences. T...

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    you will need to run a correlation analysis, regression linear analysis, a hierarchal regression analysis and assumptions given the data set that will be provided. STRONG SPSS KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE NEEDED!!. i have be able to run the analysis and have provided the output in the document provided. the instructions are in the document provided too. dataset can be provided if you want to run the a...

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    I need 10-15 pages for a R code programmer or SPSS on sustainability reports DAX ATX SMI

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    I am looking for a statistician or economist to further a piece of work I have undertaken to analyse and model demand for healthcare services. I need someone who is deeply familiar with: - multi regression - econometrics - supply and demand modelling - advanced understanding of data and data analysis - SPSS, SAS, or similar I require this for an existing program of work, I will be running te...

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    Hi Aisha M., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I am planning on writing a few academic research papers in the field of education in the next 6 months, as part of becoming a professor. In total, I want to write 5 papers (~15 pages each) in the higher education space and publish in an education research journal with a decent impact factor (haven't decided which yet). I have a rough idea on what topics to write about (impact of covid on stud...

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    Seeking a qualified "titled Doctor of Economics" to conduct the following research project: 1-Econometrics analysis of volatility of velocity of money 2-Instability of economic growth, Structural breaks CUSUM tests 3- GINI index analysis 4- Simulations and creation of economic theory and other advanced comparative analysis

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    My PhD thesis needs proofreading and editing. The thesis consists of three separate papers and an introduction. Combined the three chapters and the introduction have 35,000 words (only text). I will provide the pdf. It is written in English. English is my second language, that is why the thesis needs to be checked for grammer and spelling mistakes. In addition, the thesis is based on empirical re...

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    Hi i am a dental postgraduate student. I am doing a research report on a questionnaire which I have conducted via google forms. I would need to collect the data on SPSS and also do a statistical analysis with write up on it.

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    Thank you for your help in advance!

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    I have some Data and information for analyzing in both qualitative and quantitate research methods with SPSS analyzing

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    Project title: "THE EFFECT OF OFFICE ERGONOMICS ON EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE IN THE FIRE AND RESCUE DEPARTMENT OF JOHOR DARUL TA’ZIM HEADQUARTERS" Budget: $150 usd Deadline: 40 days Requirement: 1. Page required: Write 55-60 pages 2. Line spacing: 1.5 between two line spacing and triple spacing between two paragraph 3. Plagi-arism: Less than 15% percent 4. SPSS including 5. Progress...

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    I need someone to start right now its a bit urgent (Spss Expert)

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    Using eurostat for the variables, make a word with the following table of contents: introduction, data used, simple linear regression model, multiple linear regression model, conclusion. And an excel with the variables.

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    I need someone to start right now its a bit urgent

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    I am looking for someone to help me to analyze a questionnaire using Excel or SPSS

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    You will collect online data, I recommend Eurostat for that but if you have other options, go for it :) These data will be analysed in Excel. Until then, please think of a variable that will be your dependent variable in the project.

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    I need someone to modify a thesis such that it will be different from the one we are copying and to change data (using SPSS). The topic is about Artificial Intelligence in Banking Sector. Such that it will not be plagiarised.

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    Quantitative Financial Analysts are both the front line and backbone of our revenue. We use cutting-edge technology to create tactical investment ideas, and engage highpowered intellect to execute. We thrive under the pressure of building a company on an exponential growth path. We’re here to support you and mentor you as you grow. You’ll benefit from being part of a tight knit, high ...

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    I need 20 programmers to develop SPSS Dimensions using TOM and IOM Modules. Contract term 1 year

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    Hello I need an expert in Time Series Econometrics. Please apply if you have the required expertise. No teams or companies please.

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    Hi Experienced Researcher, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I have a project on Corporate governance and would like you to do the analysis part. I have attached a copy of work that I would like you to do the same lease. Also, will send you the data on SPSS once we agreed. Please find file attached

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    Busy Researcher Seek Statistical Analysist for Small SPSS Job (Analyze 5 separate Likert item questions and write a brief discussion of the results for each). 1. Provide a description of your plan to analyze the data 2. Meet with the researcher briefly via Google Meet (10 -15 minutes or so) to discuss your plan. Possibly dicuss Discuss Mean, median, mode, quartiles and inner quartile range. S...

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    A paper in Excel using dependent variable and two independent variable to do lineal simple model for each variable and one multiple lineal model

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    Topic: Corporate Governance on Firm Performance This thesis will require minimum of 12,000 words with breakdown as follows: Abstract - 250 Chapter 1 Introduction - 1,250 Chapter 2 Literature Review - 4,000 Chapter 3 Data Methodology -2,000 Chapter 4 Data Results - 3,000 Chapter 5 Conclusion and Recommendation - 1,500 Referencing in APA Format. All original source (articles, online, journal, books...

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    Analyse statistically dataset with 360 rows and 52 columns in R studio or SPSS and present visually.

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    please write the answer to this question at the top of bid "what is the capital of Austria?" hello we need help with a range of writing projects must be able to start now (or soon, if soon write a starting time) projects are suitable for people with qualifications please write educational background specifics please write "I can start now and write 2000 words for ______usd&q...

    $40 - $334
    $40 - $334
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    Project requiring creation of a survey forms which requires less than 5 mins of filling. No personal details to be collected with the requirements to understand members basic profile and interest around interest group associations such as events, webinar, topics of interest around a specific topic which will be shared later. Outcome of the survey should allow us to better understand the interest ...

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    Project is in June . Calculations and write ups

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    Using built in survey to develop through SPSS Building Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)

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    Need to do data analysis of clinical trails using SPSS along with report writing for 3000 words Deadline is May 30 st 2021

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    I need a person who have creative knowledge. please bid if you have SPSS experience.

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    Hello, need help with chapter 3 and 4 with spss analysis.

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