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    I am new to oracle and I need help to create cron tab jobs that will query the oracle database and upload the result to the SFTP site every month.

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    Large real time database needs to be converted into a 24 hr daily report. Produce automatic graphing.

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    MySQL project 6 days left

    Chinook Database Introduction In this project, you will query the Chinook Database. The Chinook Database holds information about a music store. For this project, you will be assisting the Chinook team with understanding the media in their store, their customers and employees, and their invoice information. To assist you in the queries ahead, the schema for the Chinook Database is provided below. You can see the columns that link tables together via the arrows. All of the below instructions are discussed in detail as you work through this lesson on your way to completing this project. The below serves as a quick reference of what you will be doing as you progress through the completion of this project. Instructions You will need to follow the instructions on the next three concept...

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    Hello I need help with SQL query to get first and last name from an email address For Example : In the below email address 'var_a_a-qsad_adsa @' first name = value before the first "_" last name = value after the first "_" and before @ In the above example var LAST_NAME = a a-qsad adsa FIRST_NAME = var

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    write short SQL query, join with conditions

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    Looking for a highly-qualified developer with experience writing custom PHP scripts for WordPress. This job should take no more than a couple of days. This is the job: I have a basic CRUD application built on WordPress using Oxygen. I have a custom post type with a custom taxonomy and several ACFs tied to it. I need someone to write a script that will allow users to use a form on the frontend to query my custom post type by its ACFs and its custom taxonomy, and then export the queried posts to a CSV file when the form is submitted. This site is headless, so there is no file; preferably I will be able to run this script by using a code block placed directly on the post archive page. I am the sole member of this project. There is no particular deadline, but the sooner someone...

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    PostgreSQL Query Optimization 5 days left

    We have around 100+ PistgreSQL Queries to optimize.

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    I want someone to design the missing Greek letters from Google Montserrat font. Basic greek and only in webfont. Both italic regular and bold. Montserrat is an easy font, it would be easy to copy from other font and do only the modification to letters make it look like Montserrat.

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    DESCRIPTION I work mainly with Asana task management, and I love working with Google Calendar. Asana allows you to set up a date and time for any task, but when you sync your asana tasks with google calendar it sets up the task as an All day event, instead...an Asana's task changed time and date, it should be updated to google calendar. If it didn't exist, then it should be re-created. A cronjob in my server should be created, so every minute it checks all calendar entries to review changes, and all asana tasks. If changes / new tasks have happened, then it should call the script to update asana or google as needed. It's important, then, than any query to APIs go faster then possible. If we run a cronjob every minute, it should take little time to get data and push...

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    Query builder Invoice generator Email alerts to clients automated Tech: React, Loopback & MangoDB

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    I am looking for a scraper to find roofing contractors located in the US and Canada who have a star rating of 2 or less on their profile on this site: Out of the roofing contractors that have a star rating of 2 or less I only want to receive a list of the profiles that also appear on the first page of google search results when you use that contractors business name as the search query.

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    Need openlayer 6 library based geoportal. Angular 14 frontend Node js backend Geoserver map server. Postgres Reference: Simple map Layer management panel Legend Overlay Geometry Feature Hover Measure Draw Query Search Print North arrow Import export Marking tools Etc... Basic gis tool

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    We need a tool which can access a local SQL Server database, query a list of unique id values based on a parameter (town name), loop through this list while sending GET requests to the web API in order to retrieve the binary string of each image. We need to access and separately save each image file locally, named by the unique id values retrieved from the database. The API returns a binary string if a PNG. This tool needs to easily change source databases and repeat the process. It would be beneficial if the source databases could be a parameter table or CSV and the tool could be run via scheduling a batch file to run unattended. Two additional nice to haves would be to resize these images to predetermined dimensions (in parameter table) due to a legacy application unable to dynam...

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    I have a website which was created using free html template. This website is having separate query forms for individual pages and having separate navigation and header. I am looking for single header and single query form for all these pages. If I make changes on any query form or add any navigation tab then it should reflect to all pages.

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    I need someone who can help me answer query through my database script right now

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    A Database query help needed 3 days left

    It's a simple database query answer needed

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    NFC expert 3 days left

    My overall requirements : 1- I am looking for printers that will be able to print on NFC card and write the data in the card from the same printer ? 2- What software can I use to print and write the data ? 3- My main query is that I have a list of my employees in xsl/CSV file, and I want to print on the cards with their details, write multiple data in the card which includes the staff details and psychical access. If you have knowledge and expert in NFC as i might need a new software that will do my job.

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    Search Engine / Query Engine 3 days left

    I need to build a search/query engine where a user will type a query in english which will be mapped to a correct or relevant sql query. Post a trigger, sql query will fetch the details and display some insights, graphs and visualisations.

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    VB query changer 2 days left

    change query of an existing software with new tool

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    ...supply cloud phone line and extension for sign up. We will be keen to see if candidate is interested to built a self service portal with the guidance of our senior developer Project potential requirement 2 Secondly we are looking to to setup telephone call rates online but we need a portal or a page to support rate check function base on specific country. In simple word, this rate check is query base to a database and we can constantly upload new rates from an admin portal....

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    ...of high availability and quality depending on each end user’s specialised role Design and implement database in accordance to end users information needs and views Define users and enable data distribution to the right user, in appropriate format and in a timely manner Use high-speed transaction recovery techniques and backup data Minimise database downtime and manage parameters to provide fast query responses Provide proactive and reactive data management support and training to users Determine, enforce and document database policies, procedures and standards Perform tests and evaluations regularly to ensure data security, privacy and integrity Monitor database performance, implement changes and apply new patches and versions when required Requirements and skills Proven wo...

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    I have an Android App. This App can be used for NFC applications. Also, it can get the NFC token from a remote server through the Internet. I am looking for someone to modify it to send query to my DB server and get responses. The server is installed in AWS EC2 and prepared with the necessary APIs. More details are going to be discussed through the chat.

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    Crystal reports 2 days left

    Extract query from crystal reports rpt file

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    ... This is tricky because unlike the standard format of a dialog where the user asks a question and the system responds, in this case the query of the user is to a pending response! The information to be gathered are: • name of person • age of person • place of stay The system needs to give a response based on user query. In this case, the response is the next question till all questions are answered. Below are some cases If My name is XXX is user query, then system response is: Thanks for name <pause> What is your age If What do you do is user query, then system response will be: I do not understand <pause> may I know your name If I am 72 is user query, then system response should be: Thanks for your age <pause> may ...

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    I am looking to convert a 500-line excel spreadsheet logic into a mobile/web app. I am using power query right now and need that converted into a user-friendly platform. I am trying to implement a user subscription program that allows for unique data saved in each account. The content is a wide range of topics, subtopics, books, chapters, etc. with relevant info and curriculum outline to be used as a study tool. Ideally, a user would subscribe to my app, and then get access to the curriculum from their personal user portal. All users would be able to see all the topics, subtopics, books, etc. Each user can then add notes to a certain book/article/page within their portal that only that user sees (like a personal digital flashcard/note-taking associated with the page/book they are s...

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    Need to transform spreadsheet data from one format to another using excel Power Query Editor. See sample output tab.

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    ...pre-installed plugin, sees several windows: 1. Window for writing SQL query 2. Output after executing the SQL query 3. Step-by-step list of tasks required for successful completion of the assignment 4. A window with a file structure. In our case, with tables in the database, to which the student can write queries. In the task window, the student sees the following: - Task 1. Write a query using the where operator, which will allow you to separate users from London. - Task 2. Write a query using JOIN, which will allow you to connect a table with users and a table with orders - Task 3. Write a query that will allow you to determine the average check for users from London The student starts the first task. Writes a query, writes it incorrectl...

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    Looking for a developer who is well versed in PHP Laravel platform. Need to Optimize the queries and database to speed up the website and make space for more job ads.

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    Need Admin Panel For My Website Only - Laravel or Codeigniter It include - User login/registration Upload Order Payment Option Order Status Tracking Download File Raise Issue/concern regarding particular order Etc. Admin Side - Control Over Every Order Payment Status Order Status Download user requirement Upload Completed File in Dashboard Resolve Customer Query Etc.

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    I am researching the Helium blockchain. I have a given set of 4940 hotspots located in the Netherlands that were added on the blockchain before 1 Oktober 2021. I need a csv file with the count of witnesses for each hotspot each day in a 180 days timeframe, sorted by geocode/longstate. It is important that new added hotspots (after 1 oktober 2021) are excluded from counting witnesses (so only that only these 4940 hotspots witnessed each other). I also need the documentation/code of how this is performed. You can find the database on

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    Website Section - Books Display based on Category Banner Slider FAQ Admin Panel - Book Category - CRUD Books - CRUD Banner Slider - CRUD Query Management through Emails FAQ With API Implementation. We will also cover your feedback for 1st milestone.

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    We need help setting up CRONs and optimizing queries for our website which is built on the PHP laravel platform. Also, write code to segregate existing data as per the requirement.

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    ...Closed/Service Closed. when you click on it, it asks for the Dealer ID (and date range if it's service) then starts the API. Need the regular error coding if something doesn't work and a cancel/back/exit button. I'm pretty good at manipulating programming but I don't know how to create something to access these queries from Postman. As a programmer it seems like you would create a button to run the query and automatically save the response to a directory (no overwrite) or bring up a 'save to' so I can choose the directory and filename. My funds are limited on this one but I will be revisiting to add more automation for up to 10 dealers soon. POST

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    Hey, I need a PowerShell Script that will allow me to query all of my servers in my environment and tell me what DNS they are using.

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    Scope of works as follows: 1. Query web based DB via API - collect and store datasets on a defined schedule. 2. Build / script out service to grab and reformat the datasets into a pre-defined format - create new file and drop in new location for collection by 3rd party piece of software. Datasets are fairly simple - and will be disclosed on request. FYI and purpose of this RFQ - a maximum of 4 parameters per string to be pulled via Api, stored, formatted and then saved. API Access already in place and well documented.

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    Query and emailing 13 hours left

    ...schools. Based on the choices a PDF module must be generated. The second step: a public database of all Italian schools is available in a .csv file or similars. Depending on the choices made by the users, a certain list of schools should be generated by means of a query and the pdf should be sent to this addresses via email (with a little additional message). the public database already exists, but it must be filtered depending on the data collected on my form time by time. the entered data in the form must define the query which operate on the public database (which naturally can be acquired and used freely) I need to send emails to all the Italian schools on the database that correspond time by time to the choices of my website users (made in the form), so I...

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    SQL Developer 10 hours left

    ...and Functions that perform the applications business logic. The candidate should demonstrate strong logical, analytical, coding and debugging skills. Ability to write medium to complex Stored Procedures & Packages, T-SQL queries (DML, DDL statements, etc.), Functions, Transactions, Triggers, Database designing, Indexes, Query optimization, Troubleshooting Desired Candidate Profile - Desired candidate should have excellent knowledge of T-SQL - Good understanding of query optimization and indexing - Good database designing skills - Knowledge of various packages like SSIS, SSRS, SSAS would be an added advantage Experience At least 4 years’ experience as a full time developer, in writing T-SQL queries and stored procedures for MS SQL. Candidates who have not work...

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    c# WCF communication 4 hours left

    Hello, I need a very simple WCF communication in c # which works like this: 1) (WPF Client) => https query => AZURE (WCF) => http query (server) 2) Server response server => AZURE (WCF) => (WPF client)

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    Chat app with in-app purchases 3 hours left

    1. Customer Register and then log in 2. Customer type his issue/query 3. Customer click a Button to pay for the advise that he will receive. 4. Example Customer click 10$ whick will give him an answr worth 4000 Character answer. 5. Customer click 20$ for a 5 minute video chat. 6. So customer will have different options. 7. All chats and videos must be exported to a Cloud server for record purposes

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    [IMPORTANT: In order for me to consider your bid, you need to personalize your proposal. I will not consider generalized/template proposals.] I am learning SQL at work and need your help learning faster and more thoroughly. You should be able to teach me advanced SQL, including Common Table Expressions, Advanced Joins, and Aggregate Functions.

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    Script should connect to MS Access DB, run a query and email results via SMTP, there needs to be 2 scripts.. 1) all query results in single email 2) each query result seperate email

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    I have a query that is taking 4-5 seconds to finish in mytop. This query is running multiple times at the same time and because of this is generating a slow load behavior in our backend. I need you to find if it's possible to optimize the query so it runs faster by either adding extra index or tweaking the MariaDB config. If none of that works I will need to setup either ProxySQL or MaxScale to cache this query and prevent to generate CPU usage and generating the slow load behavior explained above. No server access will be given, you will need to work through me.

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    ...rder=relevance&safe_search=1&as_content=api&k=food%20delivery%20grocery%20delivery%20online%20grocery%20food%20online,%20online%20vegetable%20store,%20food%20delivery%20app&filterscontent_typezip_vector=1&tduid=a87190d8f2215449496f0fe829efd48e&as_channel=affiliate&as_campclass=redirect&as_source=arvato https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/hands-holding-smartphone-buying-online-store_9649016.htm#query=shopping%20vector&position=26&from_view=search ...

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    EHR system. System is already developped, needs to be fine tuned, query optimisation and some minor changes.

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    Hi Muhammad Ashar K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. It's a Joomla website having some issue with JBusinessDirectory with slow query. Need to solve the slow queries issue.

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    ...admin • Faculty able to review the feedback and check self-rating which generated from a strong algorithm • Faculty also possess the interface to check the financial settlement and also raise any query to MyExamsPrep Team AS A STUDENT | PARENT • Students should register first and post MyExamsPrep approval access the App • Registered Students can manage their own profile post authentication (same as faculty flow) • Students able to check the old history (max 1year) of their study and can avail the documents if any • Students can rate the Faculty based on multiple parameters and also can raise a query to MyExamsPrep Team • App facilitated the students and parent to search a faculty with single course or multi courses at any point of tim...

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    Looking for expert to solve the query regarding Java script writing

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    Hello, - one text file with data - one excel with data info tap - combined text file data together - automate from folder, the text file data to excel sheet data

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    Hello , I have some pandas data frames, which involves merging and some kind of manipulation to create a FINAL_DATAFRAME. Task is to replicate the same using SQL queries and create a FINAL_VIEW out of it.

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    ...Learning Outcome6. Display ProductId. ProductName. Price and Item_Classes of all the products where Item_Classes are as follows: If the price of an item is less than 2.000 then “Affordable”. If the price of an item is in between 2.000 and 50.000 then “High End Stuff”. If the price of an item is more than 50.000 then “Luxury”. (57 Rows) 7) This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome7. Write a query to display ProductId. ProductName. CategoryName. Old_Price(price) and New_Price as per the following criteria a. If the category is “Motors”. decrease the price by 3000 b. If the category is “Electronics”. increase the price by 50 c. If the category is “Fashion”. increase the price by 150 For the rest of the cate...

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