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    ... Our company colors are orange, grey and white. Name of the company is: Bright Road Recovery. You will see that the logo also has a tag line under it: Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Center. The icon part of the logo is an important part of our corporate identity, but the look needs to be updated. So a new take on the icon will be welcomed

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    ...the same impact in Thailand. Our product (Cream and supplement) have all gone through successful clinical trials and are published in the american journal of pigmentary disorder and the Japan Health Journal. What I require is alot of content and video for a campaign to let the Thai public know that Crystal Tomato is finally here. We are the

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    Write a research on Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. People with schizophrenia may seem like they have lost touch with reality.

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    I need a paper that is about a movie where someone has a mental (psychological disorder) basically write a review on the movie and describe all the problems that the individual delt with in an APA style [login to view URL] you

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    ...will need a total of at least 7 quotes in the final draft. Here are the subjects to consider for further research in developing your essay: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, its effects on the war veteran, and how it impacts Kathy’s disappearance. Parental suicide, how it affects John, and how it impacts the argument you generate concerning

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    I will help your sleeping issues or disorders. I will deal with any type of fear while sleeping - from nightmares to sleep paralysis.

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    POLICY ANALYSIS PROJECT-SB-191 Pupil health: mental health and substance use disorder services.A bill choice

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    I need an 8 page academic research paper on communication disorder with four reliable sources in APA format. Further details will be provided.

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    I need you to write some articles. I want to write some article about people whose suffering DP/DR disorder and find ways to support them.

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    PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE: Puzzle pieces, human faces/bodies/forms, animals,...Title: Talk with Me Subtitle: A Step-by-Step Conversation Framework for Teaching Conversational Balance and Fluency for High-Functioning Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder I like clean designs with simple color palettes. I have attached a couple covers that I like.

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    ...at 800-1000 words a post. Blog posts will be about bipolar/mental illness: - Prescription meds for bipolar - Advice for care givers - Top 10 tips for managing bipolar disorder - Insomnia and it’s affect on bipolar - Social media and mental illness: why too much is bad - Abuse and people who have a mental illness - Top 8 natural supplements for

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    I need an annotated bibliography of quantitative articles, peer reviewed , the topic is autism spectrum disorder 2 quantitative, 2 qualitative and two mixed method

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    ... spelling. 1) Two pages (one page is too short, three pages is too long), include the following information where applicable: A) Disease/Disorder name(s) B) Etiology: cause of the disease/disorder C) Signs/Symptoms D) Epidemiology: who is affected, where the disease occurs, and how the disease is transmitted E) Treatment(s) 2) All

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    I need to write a short bibliographic assay on a musician (Hans Rott). The main focus of the assay should be his mental illness (post-traumatic stress disorder and paranoia) that developed after the rejection of his work by Johannes Brahms. This is a medical assay, so a medical writer is preferred. The freelancer should accomplish the following

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    ... 4. Describe a basic plan for healthy weight loss and/or weight gain. 5. Select two eating disorders or disordered eating behaviors and give a brief description of the disorder and its effects on the body Be creative. Your presentation might include diagrams, photographs graphs etc. Remember, you are speaking to a group of at-risk teenagers

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    ...and pornography and their effects on women. Apply theoretical approaches to your discussion. 2. About one hundred years have passed since Marx, Weber, and Durkheim were writing about modern society. Using one of the theorists: Examine Canadian society, analyse how society has changed over that period of time and confirm and disregard the analysis

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    ...the social world using PEERspective. Brief Description This book is a curriculum for a high school class that teachers can use to teach students with autism spectrum disorder social skills with their typically-developing peers. Students (both those with autism and their typically-developing peers) learn how to interact with other and develop friendships

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    I need you to write some content for a website. Depression in relation to relationships amongst those that struggle with an eating disorder. Coming of age. Searching for and finding ones identity.

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    ...just code. Links about bean diseases: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] The link below is a project that does something pretty like what I want, but it’s written in Matlab. In the files, there are some datasets of images with

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    In 450-500 words, describe a genetic disorder that has been mapped onto the human genome. Link reference: [login to view URL] Requirements for your essay: -Introduce the disease and give the chromosomal location of the gene. -Describe how the gene works and what mutation leads to the disease and why. -What

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    ...Free of typographical grammatical and spelling errors. Template will be provided. For the summary of the case, you can write between 150-200 words Description of the disorder with citation, write between 300-350 words Recommendations and interpretations would make up the rest of the word count For each case, it is max 1000-word limit You need

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    For a new product we are currently looking for a catchy name th...available (NOT FOR SALE): [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] The product itself is going to be a device to help grown ups and seniors with sleep disorder to fall asleep. It's going to look similar to your night stand alarm clock. High quality material box.

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    I need a good writer to craft a report on a medical disorder and the available treatments. The outline will be provided for you. Some research and reading will be required. Report needs to be in a friendly and informative tone.

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    I need you to write a research article. I need research writer who can write som articals, Mantal health tast,   Major depressive disorder, Mantal health care

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    ...with 3 children. Although I am a psychiatric social worker, it took several years before I realized he had been diagnosed with severe narcissistic personality disorder...a Donald Trump! My writing initially was for the purpose of catharsis. It helped a bit. Once it became clear that this was a NON marriage, I sought ways to find areas in my life which

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    I want to write my life story. Its about being suicidal at 7 years old. its about my parents abusive relationship....Its about being suicidal at 7 years old. its about my parents abusive relationship. its about growing up in south central..its about coming of age, relationships, bipolar disorder and substance abuse, its about recovery and my children.

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    ...I do all I can to bring theses topics to my channel in a soft and, sometimes, "humorous" way. I truly believe we can talk about depression, anxiety, ocd, or any other disorder without those dark/grey shadows and broken heart pictures. And thats why I need your help here! I wanna put my experience into a rocky, touching and connecting way.

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    an article up to 450 words on paralysis disorder with a specific keyword

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    ...contemporary genetic issue/disorder which is prevalent mainly amongst young adults and write a detailed report on it” You need to focus on its, -Inheritance and mutations (inherited genetically or acquired), - Symptoms, - Its genotypic and phenotypic characteristics - The psychological implications of the disorder - Treatment/preventive methods

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    ...following book needs a screenplay written: Dan Goldstein was once an up-and-coming hedge fund manager at a powerful financial firm on K Street, but his struggles with bipolar disorder sent him spiraling down a dark path that led to the loss of his job and his marriage. Now, a former client wants to enlist Dan’s brilliant financial mind once again. Bess

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    Short autobiography about having an eating disorder. Includes some poems. 70 pages (Word font size 11). To correct errors but also express opinion.

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    ...years ago, my brother and I were at the lowest point in our lives. Some days were so bad we wanted to stop everything and just give up. That’s what living with a mental health disorder was like. That’s what living with anxiety and depression was like. It’s terrifying. It’s paralysing. We’re both here today not through some easy fix. We’re here because...

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    My youngest daughter suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Rett Syndrome. She's unable to speak, walk or use her hands. Long story short, my daughter has grown to absolutely love the song "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran. Literally she can be crying, screaming having an absolute breakdown and the second the song comes on she's instantly happy

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    ...disability Psychological, emotional & behavioural difficulties Physical disability Mental health Acquired brain injury Eating disorders Sensory impairment Autism spectrum disorder Complex needs The below are the services we offer to provide solutions to Adults who require our services Transition services Supported living Community support Live-in

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    ...and then the other three are actually close to the answer. something like this : (strictly should be a fill in the blank) 71. PEOPLE CAN SUFFER FROM A PHYSCHOLOGICAL DISORDER CALLED BOANTHROPY THAT MAKES THEM BELIEVE THEY ARE _________. ANSWER: A COW AUTOMATED LIE : A ZOMBIE AUTOMATED LIE : AN ASSHOLE AUTOMATED LIE : A PRICK EDUCATED

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    I am looking for a brochure to put in medical professional's offices to describe the services that my telemedicine company provides. We are an eating disorder teletherapy company aimed at giving accessible and affordable treatment in a unique way to those struggling with eating disorders and addictions.

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    ...and respect for one's family, community and country. We are currently assisting youth & adults (ages 12 and up) and military veterans diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We work with people who suffer from emotional and/or behavioral issue, We do this using the teachings of our founder Harry Nakoa , barn/ranch atmosphere and horses

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    12 pages on psychological disorder

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    My project related to the service of psychotherapy for people suffering from psychological disorder and distress. in fact I'm a clinical psychologist and and I would like to open a private cabinet. this cabinet will have online link where a patient and a psychotherapist meet online if there are not together near each other.

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    ...Addiction 6) How Cannabis Reduces Brain Cancer 7) Cannabis Reverses Lung Cancer 8) Cannabis Strain To Combat Depression 9) Cannabis And ADHD 10) How Cannabis Cures Bi-polar Disorder 11) Can CBD Help Reduce Aging? 12) CBD From Hemp 13) Cannabis Reduces Parkinson Disease 14) How The Endocanebanoid Was Discovered Through Cannabis 15) How Cannabis Reduces

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    ...total of 6 of which 3 are just not as agood and then the other three are actually close to the answer. something like this : 71. PEOPLE CAN SUFFER FROM A PHYSCHOLOGICAL DISORDER CALLED BOANTHROPY THAT MAKES THEM BELIEVE THEY ARE _________. ANSWER: A COW AUTOMATED LIE : A ZOMBIE AUTOMATED LIE : AN ASSHOLE AUTOMATED LIE : A PRICK EDUCATED LIE

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    I own an ecommerce shop in the cat niche. We sell p...few designs in mind but I am not an artist. I am looking for someone to give me a price quote for designing 5-10 shirts. A few I have in mind are: • OCD (Obsessive Cat Disorder) • Cat-holic (Cat with a priest collar) • I have plans with my cat These are just a couple. I am open for ideas.

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    ...has taken control over my life and has had corrosive consequences. Many others suffer from it and don't recognize it because they are caught in descriptives such as anxiety disorder, depression, suicidal tendencies, feelings of emptiness, alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction and many other mental health disorders. I want to begin a movement of compassion

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    ...area for doctors where they know the information of their patients and coming appointments. patients login are where they can find their information like the name pf their disorder and therapy and appointments. it works as following: the patient chose their doctor then select appointment then pay . all directly. the language is Arabic and must support

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    Needs an article to be between 300 - 400 words. Journal entry from the perspective of a person who is suffering from a neurological disorder.

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    ...following articles and/or other articles: 1. [login to view URL] 2. [login to view URL] 3. [login to view URL] 4. http://fortune

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    ...following articles and/or other articles: 1. [login to view URL] 2. [login to view URL] 3. [login to view URL] 4. http://fortune

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    ...following articles and/or other articles: 1. [login to view URL] 2. [login to view URL] 3. [login to view URL] 4. http://fortune.

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    ...following articles and/or other articles: 1. [login to view URL] 2. [login to view URL] 3. [login to view URL] 4. [login to view URL]

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