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An algorithm is a term involved in mathematics, computer science and related subjects. It is a step-by-step method given for solving a problem using a finite sequence of instructions. If your business is into the development of software for computers to solve a problem, then you will also need the help of algorithmic experts to help you. You can find algorithmic experts right here. Just post your job or task! Hire Algorithm Experts on Freelancer
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I would like to hire an Algorithm Expert 5 Algorithm Aug 31, 2016 Today6d 23h $29
Simulation help needed - 31/08/2016 23:13 EDT I need help with a simulation related project. Its just 4 questions 2 Matlab and Mathematica, Verilog / VHDL, Algorithm, Imaging, FPGA Aug 31, 2016 Today6d 23h $434
.net #c Multicharts algo programmer coder automated trading programming needed .net #c Multicharts algo programmer coder automated trading programming needed Need a strategy, automated trading system coded for auto trading. The first system is simple. If this goes well i have many others for more projects. But bid on one for now. This needs to execute flawlesslely. I can make video to verbally walk through to make easier. Screen shots already provided along with d... 10 .NET, Algorithm, C# Programming, Financial Markets, VB.NET Aug 31, 2016 Today6d 15h $246
Genetic Algorithm implementation with Matlab - getting values and running simulations from Orcaflex software from matlab environment. I am trying to optimize an offshore structure using genetic algorithm. The ideal person should know how to implement genetic algorithm using matlab. And will also help in formulating the optimization problem, the fitness function, mutation and crossover....etc. 14 Engineering, Matlab and Mathematica, Algorithm, Mathematics Aug 31, 2016 Today6d 14h $177
Automatic facial expression recognition -- 2 1.Create an algorithm to show the mood change 2.Use cameras to intercept the actual mood of an individual 3.It's supposed to trigger an alert but disengaging the vehicle ( even if simulated ) 4.Sound warning to other passengers of vehicle 6 Algorithm, Embedded Software Aug 31, 2016 Today6d 5h $837
golf club fitting device The jury is still out regarding whether this particular project is ahead of its time and current technology is not yet capable, making it difficult for even highly skilled individuals or groups to accomplish. The string of unsuccessful contractors chosen to work on this project has grown to an uncounted number now, with some never able to understand the basics of the project despite repeated expl... 10 Algorithm, Electronics, Engineering, Software Development, Sports Aug 30, 2016 Aug 30, 20165d 23h $820
Huffman decoding for compressed string algorithm in C# I found some sample code on StackOverflow to encode and then decode a string in order to compress it using the Huffman compression. I was able to get a project working from that. However, most of these examples expect you to encode the the text string first and which will build the tree for you (based on frequency) and then you can decode. However, in my case, I am trying to decode a UPS 2D shippi... 10 Algorithm, C# Programming, Software Architecture Aug 29, 2016 Aug 29, 20164d 22h $222
Project for jaballifiras Hi jaballifiras, I was wondering if you can solve a quick Algorithms question regarding Binary search and a loop invariant. It's a relatively short task and I will need it within an hour. Thank you. 4 Logo Design, Wireless, Engineering, Algorithm, Cryptography, Aug 29, 2016 Aug 29, 20167d 16h $25
Write a quick sorting algorithm using PHP Wring a sorting algorithm that takes a file with a large amount of phone numbers. The script should output a sorted file. The script should make sure that each number is not followed by the same sequence as the number before it. 42 PHP, Algorithm, Codeigniter Aug 29, 2016 Aug 29, 20164d 10h $421
Project for Zhats -- 2 6 C Programming, Matlab and Mathematica, Algorithm, Statistics, C++ Programming Aug 29, 2016 Aug 29, 20164d 9h $349
China:Russia java developers required , HEllo guys, I am looking to work in long term as i have many projects , the guy who is expert in java and algorithms , plus knows a little about linux and python will be preffered, there is very small task to do , kind of test but paid for sure. 17 Java, Python, Linux, Algorithm, JavaFX Aug 29, 2016 Aug 29, 20164d 8h $27
MULTI-COPY ROUTING FOR DELAY TOLERANT NETWORKS I need to route within my university in DTN (delay tolerant network), by dividing the university into groups and by observing the routines of nodes. my nodes are human handset. it's not necessarily Binary spray and wait protocol, any new mechanism that would perform the best compared with has been in place would work for me. 2 Java, Algorithm, C++ Programming, Mathematics Aug 29, 2016 Aug 29, 20164d 3h $202
decode magstripe (pcm) embedded data in wav file to readable format 15 Audio Services, Matlab and Mathematica, Algorithm, C# Programming, Assembly Aug 28, 2016 Aug 28, 20163d 20h $1555
I would like to hire an Algorithm Expert 22 Algorithm Aug 28, 2016 Aug 28, 20163d 20h $197
Face recognition - Code in Java 19 Java, Matlab and Mathematica, Algorithm, Mathematics, Software Development Aug 27, 2016 Aug 27, 20162d 15h $205
Develop 3 small java console applications solving graph teory problems The budget is fixed. No beginners needed. Only expert who can do it fast and clean. The graph will be read from file. I'll provide the reading function, or you will implement it on your own. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Chapter 1-Steiner trees Problem to be implemented : The Kou-Markowsky-Berman algorithm Chapter 2- Minimum weight span... 14 Java, Algorithm, C++ Programming, Mathematics Aug 27, 2016 Aug 27, 20162d 10h $53
MT4: Develop an indicator that draw price base levels in multiple timeframe chart 1. Use non-repaint turning points (swing high, swing low) in any timeframe and draw price levels base on fibonacci ratios. Programmer must communicate with me how to ensure turning points don't repaint and that the turning point spotted by the programming is similar to my requirement. This is to be done before bidding or selection of programmer. 2. Build a panel where at current timeframe,... 10 Algorithm, Metatrader, C++ Programming Aug 27, 2016 Aug 27, 20162d 10h $566
matlab programmer Pattern recognition in jewellry 28 Engineering, Matlab and Mathematica, Algorithm Aug 27, 2016 Aug 27, 20162d 7h $441
Project for KarimRagab 9 C Programming, Verilog / VHDL, Algorithm, Machine Learning, C++ Programming Aug 26, 2016 Aug 26, 20161d $80
Self Organizing Map (SOM) based Web, Document, Image Search Hi, I need an app that can index web documents, images, videos, documents, web pages based on Self Organizing Map methodolgy and make a similarity search in these data objects. Is another sample. What I need is basic... 21 Java, Algorithm, Web Scraping, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Aug 26, 2016 Aug 26, 20161d $5840
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