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An operating system that is used tremendously in many smart phones and software platform is the Android. Even though Android is build on the Linux OS, many Android programmers and developers have complete knowledge and control on its customization and can code this even on the Java platform. For any custom application, SDK is needed for Android. Only an experienced Android programmer and developer will be able to provide the best for any of the Android projects sought by the employer.
The Android programmer will have the sufficient expertise, great relationship status, authenticity and above all, reliability. This demanding OS has a stack of applications and many important tools which will allow the Android developer to create or build a third-party application apart from creating diverse web applications. will provide you with experienced Android developers and programmers who can customize Android applications and provide Android apps porting services. The reliable assets of Android developers through are having vast experience in app development through Android, great focusing skills on the project, and proper use of framework and architecture of Android. is the most professional and client-trusted solution for all Android-based projects. Hire Android Developers on Freelancer
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Project/Contest Description Bids/Entries Skills Started Ends Price (AUD)
movie booking app Looking for android developer for creating an movie booking application 0 Android, iPhone May 30, 2016 Today6d 23h -
Desenvolver um aplicativo para o Android Need help to finalize app project 3 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android May 30, 2016 Today6d 23h $139
Simple semi-finished warehouse app To whom it may concern, This job is pretty simple (maybe not in the terms of programming, but as an idea). I'm in need of a warehouse (inventory management) app. The app should be developed in Android Studio (Java programming language) and feature geolocation, server-side data fetching to fill its database and all the basics of an inventory management app. Preferably, it should also featur... 5 Mobile Phone, Android, Inventory Management, Geolocation, Data Warehousing May 30, 2016 Today6d 23h $242
Write an iPhone application I want to make an Android Application and also for iPhone for my eCommerce Website. I will provide basic idea about the application . Need a best UI , good coding . And I want Application in Hybrid App . 7 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android May 30, 2016 Today6d 23h $523
Mobile development I need an Android app for survey application that allows me to add questions and provide 3-5 answers to select from for each question . application should be hybrid using html5. 38 Mobile Phone, Android May 30, 2016 Today6d 23h $933
Crear una aplicación para Android lugares de recreaciòn y restaurantes en zonas cercanas 7 Mobile Phone, Android May 30, 2016 Today6d 23h $2368
android & ios racing game I need an android and ios racing game. will need developer to create graphics as well. 19 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android May 30, 2016 Today6d 22h $1204
IONIC Expert1 Hello I am looking for IONIC expert who has high skills in backend web services too. I want backand for backend web services. also provide IONIC app for example. only if you are full time developer, then bid. Happy bidding! 16 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android May 30, 2016 Today6d 22h $1018
Create an Android application I need a development I need to develop a promotional strategy ranging from the development of new functionalities to the promotion of the social networking website. to start first thing nececesito is the development of a development project based on the application for mobile devices. The first task at the homepage of the mobile application for android. 32 Mobile Phone, Android May 30, 2016 Today6d 22h $1112
Write an Android application I want to develop an android app that helps property owners and potential tenants to interact 27 Mobile Phone, Android May 30, 2016 Today22h 32m $397
IOS and Android application for a marketplacw I need to develop a Market place application for services. 32 iPhone, Android, Software Architecture, iPad May 30, 2016 Today6d 22h $28
Write an Android application for a biologist I am a biologist, and I need an app to help keep track of a survival experiment using the nematode C. elegans. The app will need to be able to keep track of several experiments. The input at the start of each experiment will be the date, the number of conditions, the number of petri dishes, and the number of worms/petri dish. The app will be able to track the number of worms censored or dea... 19 Mobile Phone, Android May 30, 2016 Today6d 22h $437
Lav en hjemmeside Dating - App´s + website. Social sign up & invites. Search - Match - Chat - Profile - Gallerie´s Point reward system Ticket System 32 PHP, Website Design, iPhone, Android, HTML May 30, 2016 Today6d 22h $2765
Inner page creation with the help of wordapp and publish it I am looking for an expert who can do Inner page creation with the help of wordapp and publish it as well 1 Mobile Phone, Android May 30, 2016 Today6d 21h $26
Need 3d car game -- 2 i need to make 3d game "asphalt" need complete product 0 to point end. there are 8 stages in this game. please only experienced team may send proposal. if you don't have previous experience plz do not bit on this. 12 Android, Game Consoles, Game Design, Game Development, iPhone May 30, 2016 Today6d 21h $3385
Write an Android application to assist train drivers The dutch railroads are very crowded. More and more trains have to ride on the same track with a few minutes interval between the vehicles. therefor following the signals on the post on the train track is very important and could lead to fatal errors of ignored. The train driver has to observe the rail road and notice the signals on his track. therefor the train drivers in the netherlands are in n... 57 Mobile Phone, Android May 30, 2016 Today6d 21h $21667
Write an iPhone and Android application for MULTI Vendors ecommerce Hi, I am looking for a Mobile Developer for ios and android for Multivendor ecommerce apps and website. Need the source code for multivendor. Looking for the lowest price for this project. Thank you. 56 Website Design, Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android, eCommerce May 30, 2016 Today6d 21h $2456
Bill reminder application for android I want an app for my android phone that will be able to do: -clear user interface -calendar Tab- display the calendar, mark with a color the date of the phone (curent date) and be able to select another date marked with another color. I also need a button that will add a bill to my selected date. This button will open another form: to be able to add name, amount, category, due date , reminder, ... 16 Android, Flex, C# Programming, ActionScript, Adobe Air May 30, 2016 Today6d 21h $281
Mobile development I need an Android app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. hi there I'm looking for a android app developer to build an app. the app should locate and provide location on map of some place on map by using gps. book a place etc. 8 Mobile Phone, Android May 30, 2016 Today6d 21h $27
Implement push notification from client to client Hi, I am tring to implement that when something happens in an app another phone gets push notification, I am really close to getting it but I cant get it to work. there are two apps client sends the notification hub recieves it 11 Mobile Phone, Android May 30, 2016 Today6d 20h $106
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