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Apache is a web server program with a great part in the early growth of the World Wide Web. If you are a professional in this, then you can find work at Freelancer.com.
The Apache HTTP server, or just Apache as we know it, is a web server software developed and maintained under an open community and is available for a range of operating systems. It has been the main web server and has the title of being the first web server to hit the 100 million milestone mark in terms of websites. The program has been popular with more than 50% of the websites using it.
Since most websites use Apache as their main server, most website owners are in search of experts in this field to solve problems related to the program. Freelancer.com has created a level playing field where employers can meet with freelancers and make job deals. If you are an Apache professional, you can access these jobs by creating an account and going through the many jobs available online. The process is simple, you just create an account, view different Apache jobs posted by employers and make bids. The site can give you a chance to earn a substantial income doing what you love and working for who you choose to. Hire Apache Developers on Freelancer
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configure Apache on Amazon Ec2 -- 2 I have Seny.co installed on my apache server. I am getting a "Forbiden" error on some pages. Below is the solution. I am looking for someone who knows how to make these changes to the apache server. -------------------------------------------------- Your server has mod_security turned on and it's falsely triggered. Please contact your hosting support to turn off mod_securit... 7 Apache, Amazon Web Services Feb 9, 2016 Today6d 19h $6
PHP/MySQL Linux/Apache Development Need a Software Architect for our ongoing development projects 19 Apache, MySQL, PHP, Project Management, Software Architecture Feb 9, 2016 Today6d 16h $22
Experienced Linux/Windows Admin Needed We are a web hosting company looking to hire an individual server expert with ATLEAST 6 years of experience that can basically handle the tasks that our L1/L2 techs cannot. You MUST speak PERFECT English or your bid will be deleted. Ideally this job is for someone who already works in this field and is online most of the day anyways that can this job on the side. Some of our requirements: - Exp... 6 Linux, Apache, MySQL, Windows Server, Red Hat Feb 9, 2016 Today6d 16h $75
OfBiz Expert Needed to assist with setup and config I have a project that involves using Apache OFbiz and using it to manage an electrical contractor's clients workflow and maintenance projects for different locations. I need assistance with setup on clients inventory, working staff login, and their vendor portal to request jobs etc. setup of OFBiz in place already. successful candidates will be used moving forward with other similar pro... 4 PHP, Javascript, Software Architecture, Apache, MySQL Feb 9, 2016 Today6d 14h $488
Move our existing LAMP VPS server to Amazon Cloud Services We have an existing LAMP-based VPS server. It's running a Drupal 7 website. When multiple users (>10) log in all at the same time, our load goes through the roof and the server reboots. Other than this time when users are logging in together, the load is pretty normal at between 10% and 50%. Our current VPS specs are quad-core Xeon @ 2.10GHz, 8GB RAM. We need advice whether a cloud servic... 26 PHP, Linux, Apache, MySQL, Amazon Web Services Feb 9, 2016 Today6d 14h $348
Bulk Email Sever and Inboxing We are looking to setup our own ESP to send emails. We are a marketing company and send out roughly 3,000,000 emails per day using 3rd party ESP's. We need someone who is an expert at setting up an email server and an expert at inboxing.(GMAIL, YAHOO, AOL). 13 Linux, Apache, MySQL, Email Marketing, Email Handling Feb 9, 2016 Today6d 11h $10618
Write some Software I have an unmanaged server, it came with apache and i'm trying to migrate to nginx, but have hit a dead end, i just can't get it to work... it's probably the nginx.conf file, but really what do i know? should be a very quick job for someone who knows what they are doing. We can set up a goto meeting session, you can look and my screen and walk me through it. 4 PHP, Linux, Software Architecture, Apache Feb 9, 2016 Today6d 2h $40
.htaccess with mod_rewrite OBJECTIVES ---------- * !www -> www * http -> https EXCEPT /[a-f0-9]{11}/ * https://www.domain.com/[a-f0-9]{11}/ -> http://www.domain.com/[a-f0-9]{11}/ * map to controller: index.php?(uri) e.g. /controller/action/id -> index.php/controller/action/id Summary: all URLs should be https://www.domain.com/(.*) except /[a-f0-9]{11}/, which should be forced to http only. ... 12 PHP, System Admin, Software Architecture, Apache Feb 9, 2016 Today6d 1h $43
support NGINX and/or APACHE2 on ubuntu Hello Choose between nginx and apache2 to give access to different url's hosted within a hosting company (ovh.com). URL's are redirected to the server via zone dns. in the config file of nginx or apache the right port or the right subdirectory is pointed to display the requested url, for example : - domain1.com points on port 1 like - domain2.com points to the pres... 15 Apache, Nginx, Ubuntu Feb 8, 2016 Feb 8, 20165d 12h $55
Senior Systems Admin -- 2 We are looking for someone with these skills: Skills required: Linux administration, Knowledge in Hosting server, cPanel, DNS, Name servers, A record, C Name, MX record, Apache and MySQL 49 Linux, Apache, DNS, MySQL Feb 8, 2016 Feb 8, 20165d 11h $18
Apache, OpenSSL Feb 8, 2016 Feb 8, 20165d 5h
develop Apache system Apache APEX data system We need to build in-house Bid Data analyses platform using Apache APEX It is very important for you to have knowledgeable n APEX Here is a sample of same business model website http://www.tableau.com/ For u to understand my business model, study the business model. Go to service offer and see the categories and my objectives. Once the platform is developed and is... 5 ASP, Apache, Anything Goes, Hadoop Feb 8, 2016 Feb 8, 20165d 1h $33
exim dovecot mod or plugin create. I have a lamp webserver: cpanel, exim and dovecot, and spamassassin with sa-learn frequency. Users use their local outlooks (or similar) to send e-mails using their emails accounts in my webserver. I need, when a user send any e-mail, save the recipient or all recipients in a database or txt file. I need to save only the e-mail addresses and not the entire message or recipient names or head... 2 Perl, Linux, Apache, Shell Script, UNIX Feb 7, 2016 Feb 7, 20164d 19h $169
Need 1 Mod_Security Apache rule Need 1 Mod_Security Apache rule The rule should: Log and block on 3 or more POSTs to xmlrpc.php from the same IP Make 2 variations of this rule one variation should be for 1 particular domain on the server, and a second should be for any domains. It should not be assumed that the requests will be consecutive. Platform: CentOS 6, Apache 2.4 5 PHP, Linux, Apache Feb 6, 2016 Feb 6, 20163d 18h $44
fix cloud linux server not loading php (lots of websites currently down) Hi we have a server that's not serving up PHP pages eg: nichollstraining.com I need a good server admin to get php running again and work out what the issue is. We'd also like to network with server admins to help us with the server in future, it is a dedicated server. 31 PHP, Apache Feb 6, 2016 Feb 6, 20163d 18h $112
Install SSL & Configure Existing Magento Installation to Partially Work on HHTPS Hi I want to get Commercial SSl installed (already purchased ) and downloaded certificate file. Server is Digital Ocean with Magento installed for a working website. I want the installation plus to configuration of Magento to correctly work with SSL. Requirements of the project are: Install SSL on Server Catalog/Images/Admin to work on HTTP(Port 80) Login/Checkout/Account Creatio... 19 PHP, Magento, Apache Feb 6, 2016 Feb 6, 20163d 3h $65
Write some Software Need a simple 2 page web site to demo online chat application. first page -> Simple login (userId/Pwd). validated against mySql DB user table. Second page -> once successfully logged in, have a chat window (see sample -> http://help-en-us.nike.com/app/chat/chat_landing) Need to use PHP/Apache & MySQL. Need code at the end of this so that i can put it on my desktop for demo purpo... 26 PHP, Apache, MySQL Feb 5, 2016 Feb 5, 20162d 9h $232
Multiple projects We have a number of projects, and looking for someone to help with developing php based software on a Linux platform. 39 PHP, Linux, Apache, MySQL Feb 4, 2016 Feb 4, 20161d 9h $27
Need a System Admin to re-install apache, php and mysql to latest versions on Windows Server 2012 -- 2 We need a professional system admin to re-install Apache, php and mysql on our existing Windows 2012 server to the latest and to optimise our server for maximum performance for our website. Our Apache and Mysql servers are taking over 60 - 99% of the RAM and CPU of the server. because of this the server response time is very low. We need to reduce these levels, and so need to install new Ap... 38 PHP, Apache, MySQL, Windows Server Feb 3, 2016 Feb 3, 201615h 31m $171
Wordpress modrewrite / permalinks behind reverse proxy Hi, we need quick help in confirung a wordpress with permalinks behind a reverse proxy. Allready done: Reverse proxy is working WP is working behind reverse proxy with standard urls like: http://example.com/wordpress/?p=191 Module "permalinks" is installed. NOT WORKING: if I choose another URL format in permalink module like: http://example.com/wordpress/exampthread .... W... 11 Apache, Linux, MySQL, Wordpress Feb 3, 2016 Feb 3, 20169h 58m $28
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