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Asterisk PBX, like any other PBX, is a complicated subject that is best handled by experts. If you are a pro in this field, then you should bid on the many jobs at
Asterisk PBX (private branch exchange) is implementation software. Created by Mark Spencer in 1999, the software simply allows connected telephones to make calls to each other and also to connect to other services. The name is based on the symbol asterisk, (*). For Asterisk PBX to function as it should, the configurations must be on point, which is why this should be done by an expert.
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SipML5 + Asterisk13 + FreeBSD We need to configure Asterisk PBX 13 on FreeBSD to work with sipML5 client. 1 Java, Javascript, Asterisk PBX, UNIX, BSD Feb 14, 2016 Today6d 20h $339
install and configure Vicidial Need someone to do a fresh install of Vicidial and configure 6 Asterisk PBX Feb 13, 2016 Today6d 5h $24
FreePBX-vTiger connected web based soft phone solution needed FreePBX will need to update with the latest version at first. Other things related to vTiger and FreePBX connection and soft phone are explained in the file attached. 8 Asterisk PBX, VoIP, vTiger Feb 12, 2016 Feb 12, 20165d 5h $338
need to use bluetooth mobile with asterisk or something related hello i want to use mobile phones as gsm gateway and want to use them via bluetooth dongles (atleast 16 phones per laptop) i want you to make settings for me based on asterisk or pbx or anything related ( i dont know much about them) i just need everything ready to go and you guide me how to do this so i can set it up later.. simply you will tell me how to setup asterisk or something related and h... 7 Linux, Software Architecture, Asterisk PBX, VoIP, UNIX Feb 12, 2016 Feb 12, 20164d 16h $304
Support on live chat hello all, we are looking for support team who can work for us to provide support to our client on live chat. Person should have basic knowledge of networking and linux. support timings are 18 hours a day and 6 days a week. we need 2 people on support at one shift. please contact us if you can provide good support service. Thanks 44 Linux, Customer Support, Asterisk PBX, Technical Support, Network Administration Feb 11, 2016 Feb 11, 20164d 7h $1430
Install Avantfax + Hylafax Server Would like to install an Avantfax server for use for faxing over SIP only. Requirements: - ability to use admin panel to create users to fax - ability to send faxes from email on a per user basis displaying assigned DID number per user - ability to receive faxes to email addresses on per user / DID basis. - ability to log onto web portal to view / send faxes only experienced developers onl... 7 PHP, Linux, Asterisk PBX Feb 11, 2016 Feb 11, 20164d 5h $212
Web Phone for a2billing I need a simple web phone in PHP for my SIP (a2billing) server. Something like with the attached photo. Simple. Only login and the server is linked to my a2billing. Please help. 1 PHP, Javascript, Website Design, Asterisk PBX, HTML Feb 11, 2016 Feb 11, 20164d $98
Need VOIP direct mobile vendors Need direct vendor for GSM routes - no resellers. Vendor will have to provide testing trunk. Vendor needs to give me price that is competitive on market. Vendor is paid on 7/3 day basis. Will pay 30usd to freelancer who give me good contact or will pay to Vendor personally (if Vendor contacts directly). If I get testing trunk and it shows it is really vendor and not some fake provider, only... 1 Anything Goes, Asterisk PBX, VoIP Feb 11, 2016 Feb 11, 20163d 20h $42
Urgent Push to Talk Application like Zello App -- 2 We need urgent PTT Solution like Zello and Voxer We need both IOS & Android Solution. You may use Asterix Server or WebRTC you need to tell which methodology you will use to deliver the product. If you already developed a project similar just offer this bid.. and show your sample PTT project. 30 Mobile Phone, Android, Asterisk PBX, VoIP Feb 11, 2016 Feb 11, 20163d 16h $2444
asterisk usb modem gateway Project Description: Hi, The goal is to establish an asterisk server for the purpose of voip termination in GSM network. The freelancer has to do the following: - Install asterisk server and configure it to operate with Huawei usb dongles (modems) having prepaid simcards to connect to the GSM network. - Be able to attach more huawei usb modems to the server if needed. USB hubs will be used... 7 Linux, Asterisk PBX, VoIP Feb 10, 2016 Feb 10, 20162d 23h $574
FreeSwitch based Answering Machine Detection module development for Auto Dialer We are looking for a n expert to develop Answering Machine Detection AMD module for our FreeSwitch based Auto Dialer server. Thanks for bidding on this project. 2 Asterisk PBX, VoIP, Telecommunications Engineering, FreeSwitch Feb 10, 2016 Feb 10, 20162d 21h $1700
Asterisk Integration I have an ERP web and I want to integrate with any Asterisk, versions and others variations. I need to know the options on how it will be deployed, like a marketplace on Asterisk. The integration will send recorded calls to an AWS S3 account and rename the files in the process. After that I imagine you will need to check a column on Asterisk database confirming that this call was integrated. Fin... 8 PHP, Asterisk PBX, MySQL, PostgreSQL Feb 10, 2016 Feb 10, 20162d 21h $515
Class 4 Softswitch we need to build our own Carrier-grade Class 4 Softswitch for Wholesale, Call Center, DID arbitrage. Only bid if you have done such in past and can proof it the switch should be able to scale and can hold 15,000 concurrent calls 7 Visual Basic, Asterisk PBX, C++ Programming, Telecommunications Engineering, OpenStack Feb 10, 2016 Feb 10, 20162d 17h $5732
Asterisk + Front End Development Objective I want to create an outbound dialer using asterisk for one agent only. and some sort of web interface to intiate calls where our call center rep's can go to a URL and enter the number to call and select a company from drop down when the company is selected corresponding callerID must be used the call flow is as follows 1. User goes to website 2. enters number ... 21 PHP, Linux, Asterisk PBX Feb 9, 2016 Feb 9, 20162d 8h $831
Asterisk - A2Billing - Load Balancing Servers what i need is the following: Becouse my telco company is growing up with more than thousands customers we need to understand on how to create a scalable system. The scenario should be: more than 1 asterisk server (I can add how many I need) load balance system and A2billing centralized engine. The load balancer must accept all the registration from the users and finally balance it on the aster... 9 Linux, Asterisk PBX, VoIP, MySQL Feb 9, 2016 Feb 9, 20162d 8h $722
A2Billing Installation and Configuration Developer will prepare server, install and configure A2Billing and relevant components. Absolutely required features: - Callback - web callback; Ani callback - Calling card - Call shop - Reseller agent accounts - Trucking - Origination and termination - Asterisk PBS programming - Custom IVR upload and configuration - In addition to standard features. There is a potential for service ... 19 PHP, Linux, Asterisk PBX, VoIP, MySQL Feb 9, 2016 Feb 9, 20162d 7h $1261
Carrier-grade Class 4 Softswitch we need to build our own Carrier-grade Class 4 Softswitch for Wholesale, Call Center, DID arbitrage. Only bid if you have done such in past and can proof it the switch should be able to scale and can hold 15,000 concurrent calls 0 Visual Basic, Asterisk PBX, C++ Programming, Telecommunications Engineering, OpenStack Feb 9, 2016 Feb 9, 20162d 7h -
Asterisk - Fail2ban I am looking for someone to help me configure fail2ban that is already installed on an Asterisk PBX platform 30 Linux, Asterisk PBX, VoIP Feb 9, 2016 Feb 9, 20162d 4h $121
VOIP Phone System Management Seeking for a VOIP phone system manager, i own 2 systems hosted on digitalocean and setup with my carrier, the billing is through fusion pbx, i need someone that can secure and manage the system, setup new clients with IVR menu and any client requirements, setup their virtual and physical voip phone, etc. Maintain all client data organized in spreadsheets and / or recommend crm software to mainta... 12 Asterisk PBX, VoIP, Telecommunications Engineering Feb 9, 2016 Feb 9, 20161d 19h $319
A2Billing Configuration We're looking for assistance with A2Billing configuration. Summary Use the existing ‘a2billing.php’ AGI. Rename it to ‘billing.php’ Configure AGIConf2 Modify billing.php add Mode ‘billing’ Result required is that when a call is sent to A2Billing, billing.php evaluates the request (customer and service request) and responds back (OK or Rejected). ... 9 Linux, Web Security, Software Architecture, Asterisk PBX, MySQL Feb 9, 2016 Feb 9, 20161d 18h $31
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