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Chemical engineering involves the design and maintenance of processes involving biological or chemical transformations used in large-scale manufacturing systems. If your business needs help with chemical engineering tasks, you can outsource a part of the tasks to expert chemical engineers who also do freelancing. You can outsource your chemical engineering tasks to experienced freelancers using this site. Simply post your job today! Hire Chemical Engineering Engineers on Freelancer
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Deformulation project for Wernyhora Project detail as per our discussion. 2 Chemical Engineering Feb 6, 2016 Today6d 11h $766
FT6 plenum formula Looking for the chemical formula, recipe the percentage of compounds that are needed to make Plenum (FT6) rated jacket for cables. 4 Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering Feb 5, 2016 Feb 5, 20165d 14h $456
ICHEME Technical Report- Chemical Engineering I need a technical report to be extracted from the attached file. The technical report should describe a technical process in which transfer, energy transfer, and fluid hydraulics are analyzed. The analysis will be based on the gasification of biomass and distillation of of the end fuel product. The gasification and distillation process should be analyzed in which mass transfer, heat transfer, and... 16 Engineering, Technical Writing, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Feb 4, 2016 Feb 4, 20164d 16h $1015
Data plot and analysis I need somebody to help me with raw data and manipulate it to obtain certain values and plots based on a given formula. The data of course should be cleaned before any analysis. You must have experience in drawing graphs and decide which data should be eliminated from graphs or calculation. 29 Engineering, Excel, Chemical Engineering Feb 3, 2016 Feb 3, 20163d 6h $30
Chemical Engineering, Manufacturing, Manufacturing Design Feb 3, 2016 Feb 3, 20162d 23h
Manufacture a Product for me I want to create a anti -Glare thin film which I can put on my office building glass . My office has 3 side glass on main road and it creates too much pain to employees working in night shift so I need to make it anti-glare(No light can pass through glass) so that they can work peacefully . I want to know whether this can be done if yes How /how much time? I will have a skype meeting and th... 2 Industrial Design, Manufacturing, Chemical Engineering Feb 3, 2016 Feb 3, 20162d 22h $124229
need a reasearch gate account will pay! Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me signup to research gate. Love the site but it wont let me join! 14 Research, Scientific Research, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Human Sciences Feb 3, 2016 Feb 3, 20162d 21h $21
Create Cosmetics I am looking for a freelancer to create more cosmetic pieces for my cosmetic line. I am looking for someone with experience in working with cosmetics also professional experience in creating cosmetics. 9 Manufacturing, Chemical Engineering, Supplier Sourcing Feb 2, 2016 Feb 2, 20162d 9h $1128
I am looking to start a natural hair care line I am looking for a chemical engineer to assist me in developing my products for my hair care line 9 Chemical Engineering Feb 1, 2016 Feb 1, 20161d 17h $335
Chemical properties required __3 Chemical properties required for a list of existing chemicals in excel spreadsheet. 18 Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering Feb 1, 2016 Feb 1, 20161d 14h $24
Homework in biology/chemistry/biochemistry Bioprocessing/biology/chemistry Homework consists of 44 Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Biology, Microbiology Jan 31, 2016 Jan 31, 201617h 40m $37
Homework in biology/chemistry/biochemistry Bioprocessing/biology/chemistry Homework consists of 38 Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Biology, Microbiology Jan 29, 2016 Jan 29, 2016Ended $48
biofuel Hello, I have a project, which requires skills in Chemistry, Science, and Math. You must be very good at it and available immediately. The work is 4-5 days Thanks. 43 Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Physics Jan 29, 2016 Jan 29, 2016Ended $233
Organic Chelator with IP6 Phytic Acid to remove Gadolinium ions from the Human Body Looking at the possibility of using IP6 Phytic acid to chelate Gd3+ Gadolinium ions from the human body left behind from MRI Contrast injections. Most of the Gd is bound to Phosphate as Gd-PO4 but some is free ions Gd3+. It is said that the logk for Gd-Phytate is much higher then Gd-EDTA and Gd- DTPA. Thermodynamic Stability constant for Gd-DTPA logk = 22.45 Gd-Phytate Logk= ? 1. ... 6 Chemical Engineering Jan 29, 2016 Jan 29, 2016Ended $284
Filling up a specification sheet using UNISIM Design and manual calculation !URGENT! Use my Unisim design document to fill up a specification sheet as much as possible, to the best of your ability. Require assistance for a simple distillation unit specification sheet for a project on simple chemical engineering. Need it to be done within 48 hours! 10 Engineering, Chemical Engineering Jan 29, 2016 Jan 29, 2016Ended $35
No name I need to make a white piece of lint change colour ( preferably to red ) when cigarette smoke comes into contact with it. Don't know if it's your thing but if not, maybe you know someone who Could help. There must be some chemical or mixture of chemicals we can apply to the lint that reacts to the smoke and changes the colour. If you can help drop me a line at the email address given. 6 Chemical Engineering Jan 28, 2016 Jan 28, 2016Ended $449
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