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Computer security is an important topic in the world of computers. If you are good in enhancing computer security and related devices, you should use your skills to earn money by bidding on jobs posted on
Computer Security can also be called IT or Cyber security. It refers to information security applied to computers, related devices and networks. This is a wide field, covering all mechanisms and processes used in protecting computers and related devices from attacks and unauthorized accesses. Computer Security also protects computer data from loss due to unexpected circumstances or natural disasters.
There are many computer users in need of Computer Security solutions. All over the world, there is a great need for professionals in this sector. If you are an expert in matters involving computer security, then you should use your skills to increase your income. This will be easy when you are part of, the leading freelance online site where many employers post jobs on a daily basis. You can start earning money today by simply creating an account on and bidding on many computer security related jobs available on the site. Hire Computer Security Consultants on Freelancer
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Project/Contest Description Bids/Entries Skills Started Ends Price (AUD)
Information security risk management It is a information security and risk management project 5 Web Security, Computer Security Oct 26, 2016 Today6d 22h $586
Teaching IT System(Windows Server and VM) Looking for an Network and System expert. I am working at Global Company as a Network & System administrator. I would like to upgrade my skills. Therefore, I would like to learn hands on skill from the expert. 4 Computer Security, Azure, Windows Server, VMware, Veeam Oct 26, 2016 Today6d 21h $175
Project management and IT knowledge -- 2 If your not available for 6hrs work dont bid 4 Project Management, Electronics, Computer Security, Technical Writing, Communications Oct 25, 2016 Today6d 18h $24
Project management and IT knowledge If your not available for 6hrs work dont bid 4 Project Management, Electronics, Computer Security, Technical Writing, Communications Oct 25, 2016 Today6d 18h $20
LINU:Modify Ethernet/WiFi so only certain marked data packets can be uploaded I am using Linux. I want you to modify Ethernet/WiFi so only certain data packets can be uploaded. Let's say that a computer gets hacked via web browser, but the WiFi/Ethernet only allows certain data packets to be uploaded. You can't predict what data might get downloaded to your computer, so I don't try to protect against that. If hackers want to steal your data, thoug... 5 Linux, Wireless, Computer Security, Network Administration, Internet Security Oct 25, 2016 Today6d 11h $815
Need someone to write proposal about computer security related Finding someone who is well-versed in computer security and discrete maths. More details upon pm. 13 C Programming, Computer Security Oct 25, 2016 Today6d 1h $521
Image Processing (python) Derive piecewise transformation equations s = f(r) for the following piecewise linear transformation between input gray r and output gray s, where r is intensity of input image and s is the intensity of output image 7 Python, Computer Security, Computer Help Oct 25, 2016 Today6d 1h $154
Java, Python, Computer Security, Dthreejs, Network Administration Oct 24, 2016 Oct 24, 20163d 13h
Create Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) Hello I have very small data set in table,and I want to create only ROC curve by any sw such as matlab or other sw. Thanks 9 Web Security, Matlab and Mathematica, Computer Security, Network Administration, Internet Security Oct 24, 2016 Oct 24, 20165d 9h $40
Risk Management Remediation and Security Review Provide a security assessment and supporting documentation in response to Risk Remediation Template 6 Computer Security, Internet Security, Risk Management Oct 24, 2016 Oct 24, 20165d 4h $69
Write a rootkit to spoof Raspberry Pi serial number Every Raspberry Pi is manufactured with a unique serial number. If a hacker hacks in multiple times.. they can obtain the serial number to see that it is the same user. I have been told that I can create a "kernel-space rootkit to intercept system calls". It would sit alongside the Raspbian software on the SD card, and would run at boot time. It would intercept the system cal... 3 Linux, Web Security, Computer Security, Debian, Raspberry Pi Oct 23, 2016 Oct 23, 20164d 8h $386
I need you to write an academic article. I need you to write an academic introduction and related work part. If you meet my expectations, will offer You a huge project with at least 150 pages . Please be advised a certain references will be given. Please if you are not interested in wireless sensor networks specifically don't bid on this project . Contact for further details about this task. 38 Computer Security, Scientific Research, Ghostwriting, Articles, Academic Writing Oct 22, 2016 Oct 22, 20163d 10h $380
Twitter Contacts I have a spreadsheet of my Twitter contacts. I need someone to go through each contact and supple me with the email address of all relevant foloowers 4 Computer Security, Database Administration Oct 22, 2016 Oct 22, 20163d 1h $172
Anlisis de Seguridad Keep Nuestras paginas web actualmente estan redireccionando en buscadores a paginas porno, necesitamos quitar estos virus y proteger las paginas para que no ocurra de nuevo. Adicional los link internos de las paginas no estan funcionando. / Our web pages at the present time, are redirecting in pornographic serach engines, and is very important and urgent for us, remove this viruses, and protect our p... 4 Script Install, Computer Security, Software Testing, Internet Security Oct 21, 2016 Oct 21, 20162d 8h $207
Brain Dump 312-50 CEH v9 I need the brain dump 312-50 CEH v9. 8 Linux, Web Security, Computer Security, Network Administration, Internet Security Oct 20, 2016 Oct 20, 20161d 17h $40
Project for engrgulnawaz Hi engrgulnawaz, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 4 Computer Security, Technical Writing, Cisco, , Network Administration, Internet Security Oct 20, 2016 Oct 20, 20164d 17h $248
What is the most hardcore, independent and high quality web server company? Hi! I'm working on a startup and we hope to grow big while dealing with the least amount of 'web politics' as possible. I'm trying to find out what is the best hosting solution to distribute our products to the clients with as few middlemen as possible. We have about 5 domains for our company and may add a bunch more. I want something that is flexible for all sorts ... 8 Web Security, Computer Security, Windows Server, Data Warehousing Oct 20, 2016 Oct 20, 20161d 14h $27
Programming tasks: iPhone camera triggering with without a person pushing button I need the iPhone 6 camera to be triggered to take a picture at specific moments throughout the day & time and date stamp picture & compare to prior picture re contents. 40 iPhone, Computer Security, Product Design, Analytics, Applescript Oct 20, 2016 Oct 20, 20161d 12h $904
Remove Virus We have a virus 'guardware at [url removed, login to view] that has infected our Server 2012 and need help to get rid of it. 10 Computer Security Oct 20, 2016 Oct 20, 20161d 7h $80
I would like to hire a Musician 23 Computer Security, Music, Programming Oct 20, 2016 Oct 20, 201623h 12m $176
IT security work Need someone with extreme knowledge on IT security etc. 19 PHP, Computer Security, Software Architecture Oct 20, 2016 Oct 20, 201621h 15m $20
MY SITE WAS INFECTED WITH MALWARE NEED SITE AND SERVER... -- 2 MY SITE WAS INFECTED WITH MALWARE NEED SITE AND SERVER CHECKED SCANNED AND PLUGIN INSTALLED SO THIS DOESNT HAPPEN AGAIN... 42 Web Security, Computer Security, Website Management, Network Administration, Internet Security Oct 19, 2016 Oct 19, 201612h 55m $479
Help with my Computer/Laptop/Device DESKTOP ASSEMBLY,FORMATTING,PARTS CHANGING,SUGGESTION,RECOMMENDATION 22 Computer Security, Customer Support, Technical Support, Desktop Support, Computer Help Oct 19, 2016 Oct 19, 20168h 46m $108
Help with my Computer/Laptop/Device repair pc 0 Windows Desktop, Excel, Computer Security, Word, Computer Help Oct 19, 2016 Oct 19, 20168h 3m -
Full inode space on root partition server - Cpanel -- 2 hi Please im looking for a system administrator who can help me to solve this problem. Cpanel, Centos, 23 System Admin, Linux, Computer Security Oct 19, 2016 Oct 19, 20167h 46m $31
COMPUTER SECURITY -- 2 SDN FOR SECURITY 8 Computer Security Oct 19, 2016 Oct 19, 20163h 50m $19
Project for cothan Hi cothan, please don't accept let's discuss first. 1 Python, Linux, Web Security, Computer Security, Cryptography, Oct 19, 2016 Oct 19, 20163d 2h $52
Write about how your learnt your ICT experience at companies I need you to write about ICT experience and where and how you have learnt the knowledge. The companies that you worked at can be made up and the IT experience can be made up. You have to explain how you have learnt the ICT knowledge when writing about the below subjects. You must detail the relationship between the areas of knowledge and your learning from your ICT experience. It needs to be ... 3 Computer Security, Cisco, Microsoft, Network Administration, Storage Area Networks May 26, 2016 May 26, 2016Ended $215
online cloud server setup I have set up a cloud server online. windows 2008/2012 Now need to allow Teamviewer to connect to the server. Currently the server is accessed through RDP with microsoft. However when installing Teamviewer, I can not login secondary to server restrictions. Also, Teamviewer will only login when the RDP is connected and fully displayed on my computer screen. Job: need to get teamviewer t... 5 Computer Security May 25, 2016 TodayEnded $25
Answer some IT security/cryptography questions Answer some IT security questions, with explanations. 3 Computer Security, Cryptography, Internet Security May 24, 2016 May 24, 2016Ended $33
Manufacture of Large Self Aware Robot for Secret Purposes Company required for the partial design and manufacture of a large (25m) self aware military robot. Limited information can be given due to the nature of the project to be developed in conjunction with NASA, ESA and other organisations. Must be self aware, multi purpose and able to run for long periods of times in temperature extremes and extreme weather. To be used for a variety of specialist... 6 Computer Security, Manufacturing, Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Robotics Apr 20, 2016 Apr 20, 2016Ended $1493316
Remote computer technicians We are looking for computer technicians with proven skills and track record in troubleshooting hardware and software issues via remote assistance. Please mention the remote access software you are competent in and all those you could use for such purposes as well as all the troubleshooting areas you are good with. Please also provide your best rate for such work, having in mind that we charge clie... 401 Computer Security, Cloud Computing, Technical Support, Desktop Support, Computer Help Nov 18, 2015 Nov 18, 20151d 5h $51
Content writer for internet security business I am seeking a few English content writers for an internet security business. This job is only for freelancers that specialize in internet security related matters and have a great insight into the internet security industry. Among others you will write general internet security articles for the blog, tweets and facebook posts, press releases and promotional material about the services, newsletter... 76 Web Security, Computer Security, Content Writing, Internet Security Sep 4, 2015 Sep 4, 20151d 13h $47
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