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Computer security is an important topic in the world of computers. If you are good in enhancing computer security and related devices, you should use your skills to earn money by bidding on jobs posted on
Computer Security can also be called IT or Cyber security. It refers to information security applied to computers, related devices and networks. This is a wide field, covering all mechanisms and processes used in protecting computers and related devices from attacks and unauthorized accesses. Computer Security also protects computer data from loss due to unexpected circumstances or natural disasters.
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Project/Contest Description Bids/Entries Skills Started Ends Price (AUD)
setup internal routes and policies for BOVPN on WatchGuard Configure internal firewall and routing policies for already established BOVPN connection based on connection requirements. Person should have worked on WatchGuard, Firewalls, Nating and should have very good understanding on routing. 4 Computer Security, Troubleshooting, Cisco, Network Administration Sep 25, 2016 Today6d 20h $169
changing key size of a code -- 2 i have a code with a fixed key size and i need it to be change , please contact me for further details. 15 Matlab and Mathematica, Computer Security, Software Development, Programming Sep 24, 2016 Today6d 6h $422
Write some software for wireless sensors -- 2 I am looking for help to write a code to initiate communication channel between wireless sensors using EKG signals. Please contact me for more details on this project. Thanks 12 Matlab and Mathematica, Computer Security, Software Development, Coding, Programming Sep 24, 2016 Today6d 6h $559
Picture Taken Of GUARDZILLA GZ100W Mobile Number (Camera ID) If you own the Guardzilla GZ100W , i need a picture taken of the mobile number/ camera id. 0 Web Security, Computer Security Sep 24, 2016 Today6d 5h -
C# - Async Client / Server Application Hello and welcome! Looking for a passionate programmer to join a 2 person team to help glue various parts of the project together. We believe in clean, and secure code, so we hope you do too. Critical Requirements: - Well versed in secure coding standards - Writes clean / readable code (and documented) Requirements: C# - Windows forms ( GUI ) dev .NET experience Network protocols exp... 55 .NET, SQL, Computer Security, C# Programming, Internet Security Sep 24, 2016 Sep 24, 20165d 17h $16
is a javascript project 4 Javascript, Web Security, Computer Security, Network Administration Sep 23, 2016 Sep 23, 20165d 3h $31
secure a server best computer security people needed 22 Computer Security Sep 23, 2016 Sep 23, 20165d 2h $458
Open a file Need a file to be opened in readable format 38 C Programming, Computer Security, C++ Programming Sep 23, 2016 Sep 23, 20165d 1h $199
Improving the Precision of Software Model Checking with VM Snapshots. Improving the Precision of Software Model Checking with VM Snapshots. 3 C Programming, Linux, Computer Security, Software Testing, C++ Programming Sep 23, 2016 Sep 23, 20165d $120
crypted words need to decrypt or decode i want to decode this encoded or crypted word to english word. i have bunch of this kind of crypted word and want to decode as possible as much . if anyone know how to decode then bid my project... 10 C Programming, Web Security, Computer Security, Software Architecture, Cryptography Sep 22, 2016 Sep 22, 20164d 13h $194
My server has been hacked I need help My server shows the following message: "your documents, photos, databases and other important files have been encrypted" I need someone to help me solve this situation. 22 Web Security, Computer Security, Internet Security Sep 22, 2016 Sep 22, 20164d 11h $205
computer security [url removed, login to view] I want a video to explain ( Monitoring and Defending Against Amplification DDoS Attacks ) at least 30 mins. I am the one will record the voice you just make the video and what I should say in the video. 24 Computer Security, Report Writing, Electrical Engineering, Biology, Artificial Intelligence Sep 22, 2016 Sep 22, 20164d 10h $583
ETHICALL HACKING Need files of database to my computer 8 Javascript, Computer Security, MySQL, Smarty PHP Sep 22, 2016 Sep 22, 20164d 8h $132
Fix website error ASAP I have a website that is showing me an error. This page is insecure (broken HTTPS) Net::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID The website is hosted by GoDaddy and the platform is Anyone who can fix it quick for $10. Thanks 11 PHP, Website Design, Web Security, Computer Security Sep 22, 2016 Sep 22, 20164d 3h $9
Introduction to Cyber crime: High level for senior management Deliverable: I need about 10 pages of business case for Introduction to cybercrime for high level for senior management. The work should target five industries 1. Financial services 2. Telecoms 3. Governments 4. Insurance companies 5. Consulting companies The work should include: - Roadmap: assessment to address priority areas (security grading levels) - Products: Penetrati... 14 Computer Security, Internet Security Sep 22, 2016 Sep 22, 20163d 21h $237
We need some help with our compromised computer Our system got recently infected with CERBER 3 virus and it has encrypted all our important financial data files, we need to know if some one is out there who can decrypt the files and recover them, we have tried all recovery softwares but no use, online help says that without private key its not possible and researchers are working to find fix for this. We need help from someone who is really awa... 4 Computer Security, Algorithm, Cryptography Sep 22, 2016 Sep 22, 20163d 20h $18
We are looking for a web security specialist and software developer I am searching for someone to help us overcome the sites that are placing cookies on our computers, an expert in web, internet, computer security. You may need to identify the cookies or any other actions that the sites we use take in order to prevent our company to post more than one ad on their website. You may need to know what data they gather from our computers, you may need to know abou... 10 Computer Security, Internet Security, Programming, Software Development, Web Security Sep 22, 2016 Sep 22, 20163d 20h $717
++ eypty Telecommunications Engineering u must be familir in whatsapp system and function 2 Engineering, Computer Security, Apple Safari, Telecommunications Engineering, App Developer Sep 22, 2016 Sep 22, 20163d 18h $855
Real World Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator **** I am keen about look and feel. I will need your portfolio, attached when bidding please*** Develop web application website with good look fonts(responsive oriented) 2 pages each (front and Inner account profile page Desktop size .psd file Design logo .psd/png(front page) Design Mobile App version .psd Design Tablet App version .psd 2 Computer Security Sep 21, 2016 Sep 21, 20163d 15h $4
Content writing for best open source practices Linux, SSL, let's encrypt, DDos Need a writer for articles on SSL and Linux, best practices for cloud computing and open source. You will need to write a total of 5 articles 1. How to install Let's encrypt on a server for Google cloud and Microsoft azure virtual machines through SSH 2. The importance of secure socket layers and how it works. 3. Best practices for securing a Wordpress. 4. Which cloud platforms provi... 18 Linux, Computer Security, Apache, Software Development, Content Writing Sep 21, 2016 Sep 21, 20163d 8h $79
MySQL Encryption (Data Encryption at Rest) I'm using EJabberd Server with MySQL to store messages. I need to encrypt my messages without disturbing EJabberd. I can think of implementing "Encryption at Rest" assuming it will work in the given scenario. I'm open to other ideas. 9 Web Security, Computer Security, MySQL, XMPP Sep 21, 2016 Sep 21, 20163d 7h $244
this site may be hacked solve this issue i found an error message like "your site may be hacked" when i search in google.i want to fix this error. 10 Web Security, Computer Security, Internet Security Sep 21, 2016 Sep 21, 20162d 19h $102
Project Nova We are looking for a freelancer to write a approx 50 page report on Cloud Security Strategies , more indepth details will be shared during further [url removed, login to view] should have good understanding of IT Cloud and its security [url removed, login to view] Security , Risk Management, Security strategies are some of teh desired skills. Other skills required are Report Writing, Academic Writ... 30 Academic Writing, Computer Security, Internet Security, Report Writing, Web Security Sep 21, 2016 Sep 21, 20162d 17h $893
I will provide a malware samples for which you need to do malware analysis by setting up virtual machine.. This assignment requires that you demonstrate the practical use of the malware analysis techniques covered in this unit. Once you have completed the quiz and been granted access to malware samples, you should contact your lecturer or tutor and request your allocation of malware samples. You will be assigned five malware samples. Of the five allocated, you must select two to be used in your asses... 4 Computer Security Sep 20, 2016 Sep 20, 20162d 2h $340
security analysis cryptography analysis 15 Web Security, Computer Security, Cryptography, Internet Security Sep 20, 2016 Sep 20, 20161d 22h $206
CCNA Engineer In North Europe DigitalCast requires network field engineers for basic installation and maintenance for sites mainly located in North Europe. Requirements: • Network fundamentals.(CCNA) • 0-2 years of work experience. • Fluent in English. 8 Computer Security, Electrical Engineering, Metro, Red Hat, ITIL Sep 19, 2016 Sep 19, 201623h 10m $226
DART Crypto-challenge A contest to crack one or more of 20 encrypted files and receive a US $10,000 reward. Challenge terms and conditions are at dartprivacy. The type of encryption is explained, and two tools can be downloaded to help crack the files. Data privacy is important and this contest will help establish dartprivacy's new type of data protection. The $500 Freelancer award is additional. If no files are c... 3 Computer Security, Cryptography Sep 14, 2016 Sep 14, 201619d 14h $479
Decrypt data - Symantec Endpoint Encryption/ Protection -- 2 Decrypt data from Symantec Endpoint Security. This is mine, just forgot the password. Please evaluate before BID, it is very harsh to decrypt that and specialized knowledge is necessary. 10 Web Security, Computer Security, HTML, Database Administration, Internet Security Aug 17, 2016 Aug 17, 20165d 15h $229
Write about how your learnt your ICT experience at companies I need you to write about ICT experience and where and how you have learnt the knowledge. The companies that you worked at can be made up and the IT experience can be made up. You have to explain how you have learnt the ICT knowledge when writing about the below subjects. You must detail the relationship between the areas of knowledge and your learning from your ICT experience. It needs to be ... 3 Computer Security, Cisco, Microsoft, Network Administration, Storage Area Networks May 26, 2016 May 26, 2016Ended $216
online cloud server setup I have set up a cloud server online. windows 2008/2012 Now need to allow Teamviewer to connect to the server. Currently the server is accessed through RDP with microsoft. However when installing Teamviewer, I can not login secondary to server restrictions. Also, Teamviewer will only login when the RDP is connected and fully displayed on my computer screen. Job: need to get teamviewer t... 5 Computer Security May 25, 2016 May 25, 2016Ended $25
Answer some IT security/cryptography questions Answer some IT security questions, with explanations. 3 Computer Security, Cryptography, Internet Security May 24, 2016 TodayEnded $33
Manufacture of Large Self Aware Robot for Secret Purposes Company required for the partial design and manufacture of a large (25m) self aware military robot. Limited information can be given due to the nature of the project to be developed in conjunction with NASA, ESA and other organisations. Must be self aware, multi purpose and able to run for long periods of times in temperature extremes and extreme weather. To be used for a variety of specialist... 6 Computer Security, Manufacturing, Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Robotics Apr 20, 2016 Apr 20, 2016Ended $1500551
Remote computer technicians We are looking for computer technicians with proven skills and track record in troubleshooting hardware and software issues via remote assistance. Please mention the remote access software you are competent in and all those you could use for such purposes as well as all the troubleshooting areas you are good with. Please also provide your best rate for such work, having in mind that we charge clie... 381 Computer Security, Cloud Computing, Technical Support, Desktop Support, Computer Help Nov 18, 2015 Nov 18, 20152h 32m $51
Content writer for internet security business I am seeking a few English content writers for an internet security business. This job is only for freelancers that specialize in internet security related matters and have a great insight into the internet security industry. Among others you will write general internet security articles for the blog, tweets and facebook posts, press releases and promotional material about the services, newsletter... 67 Web Security, Computer Security, Content Writing, Internet Security Sep 4, 2015 Sep 4, 201510h 57m $45
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