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Embedded software is installed on electronics and hardware devices with the aim of ensuring control over the target object, item, or device.
Most businesses manufacture their products using electronic equipment and other machines. To ensure total control of the machine, device or object, one may consider leveraging the power of technology by installing Embedded Software. Such machines of devices could be operated from a computer or just by touching buttons. Embedded Software installations automate processes, increasing the productivity of the business and thus the profitability of the business as a whole.
Developers of Embedded Software are very resourceful and highly knowledgeable as far as such projects are concerned. Since businesses are trending towards Embedded Software installations, it is for this reason that professional proficiency in this area is gaining demand every day. Freelancers with prerequisite experience can offer their services using Freelancer.com. The free platform provides them an incredible opportunity to meet with various clients with whom they may strike a contract. It is for this reason that freelancers are advised to display on their profiles their proficiencies and experience in tackling such projects for them to gain an upper hand in this market. Hire Embedded Software Developers on Freelancer
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Project/Contest Description Bids/Entries Skills Started Ends Price (AUD)
IoT developer for Arduino I'm looking for an expert of Dragino Arduino Yun. Please share your previous projects related to Arduino. I need a consulting for about 1 hour. 3 Embedded Software, Arduino, Network Administration May 2, 2016 Today6d 7h $69
Arduino sketch for serial comms Need somebody to write a sketch to parse ASCII data between two serial devices. Using Arduino Leonardo Dev board and RS232 shields. 11 Engineering, Embedded Software May 2, 2016 Today6d 7h $136
Create USB driver for PIC micro controller I need a driver solution for a PIC based project. The chip in question is a PIC24FJ64GB204 and I want to use the built in peripheral to provide a very simple communication link to a PC. The hardware solution already exists. There are lots of samples for both the PIC code and Windows code to do this on the Microchip website. I need someone to pull these together and produce a functioning link... 12 C Programming, Windows Desktop, Embedded Software, Communications May 2, 2016 Today6d 6h $682
Vehicle tracking and locking system with traffic police assistance system  To detect the theft or the accident occurred and getting the location of the incident using GPS and GSM modules.  To assist traffic police by identifying the faulty vehicles like insurance due,hit and run case,etc using RFID. 6 C Programming, Electronic Forms, Embedded Software May 2, 2016 Today6d $1388
Image pixel extraction and serial transmission using Raspberry Pi microcontroller In my project we store an image into raspberry pi micro controller. Then process the image to convert it into binary image and extract the pixels into an array of size equals to the image size. Then we send that pixels serially to receiver. At receiving side we use shift registers to convert serial data in to parallel. 4 Python, Linux, Microcontroller, Embedded Software May 1, 2016 May 1, 20165d 18h $280
Build wearable camera with wifi streaming to I need to build a wearable bracelet with hidden camera that has wifi and memory built in can u help 5 CAD/CAM, Embedded Software May 1, 2016 May 1, 20165d 16h $693
Need VFD Design for manufacturing I need to develop Variable frequency drives for AC Motors for manufacturing. Details will be discussed after getting the right candidate. 9 Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Embedded Software, Circuit Design Apr 30, 2016 Apr 30, 20164d 15h $859
Embedded system and mechatronics Hi I need Embedded system /mechatronics expert. you need to be good in control system and matlab as well. I will share details with you in private chat. Please bid if you are really good in that. Thanks I am waiting for your proposals. Please keep in mind i am not going to accept default bids. Your proposal must be response to my job post. 9 Electronics, Matlab & Mathematica, Microcontroller, Electrical Engineering, Embedded Software Apr 30, 2016 Apr 30, 20164d 5h $13
Firmware Developer Looking for a firmware developer very well versed in C language for a BLE project to modify an existing source code for a simple ibeacon project with some additional timers and IO interrupt handling. - Previous work experience in cortexM0 cpu and especially on PAN1740 USB-DONGLE/ module or similar is very much preferred - Will use www.keil.com/arm/mdk.asp 32K free licence for development - ... 8 C Programming, Electrical Engineering, Embedded Software, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Apr 29, 2016 Apr 29, 20163d 22h $491
someone to enter client information into a data base and set up a systematic marketing plan within our system Put 600 contacts into a data base called Eedge through Keller Williams Real estates program. Then I want them set up on a "33 touch" program where they are systematically touched 33 times in one year with multiple emails, calls and mailers. The program is already there it just needs to be set up for each person who is entered. 2 Windows Desktop, Embedded Software Apr 29, 2016 Apr 29, 20163d 16h $212
Write software for an STM32F4 processor. FTP server with SD card storage and HTML webserver We have a custom STM32F4 board with an XPORT connected to the serial port. We are looking for an engineer who can program an FTP server which uses a SD card for datastorage and also a HTML webserver to interface with a browser. We don't want to use an RTOS. For the SD card we want to have the interface done by SPI and FATFS (already available can be reused). The critical part is that the inte... 10 C Programming, Embedded Software, HTML Apr 29, 2016 Apr 29, 20163d 13h $927
Embedded Operating System Development Project For TI CC2541 We have a new product based around a Texas Instrument CC2541 processor. We need to develop the embedded operating system . Some stacks will be available from TI. Project involves: UART, I2C, I/O, AT Command set control of a modem for TCP/IP communication, Bluetooth etc. You will need your own IDE (preferably IAR) for the development. Prototype hardware will be available soon. Compiled code,... 17 C Programming, Software Architecture, Embedded Software Apr 29, 2016 Apr 29, 20163d 11h $2213
build website, e-commerce, log in, register custom here s my current www.franlohub.com 47 Javascript, Embedded Software, Web Hosting Apr 29, 2016 Apr 29, 20163d $216
Linux device driver Hello I am looking for a embedded software developer the work will be mainly on linux device drivers, device tree modification, flashing android image on target hardware,setting up wifi,modem, network ip packet forwarding, putting the processor in sleep mode when no activity or no process is running and waking up the processor on usb packet arrival or gpio interrupt. he/she should also know ho... 12 C Programming, Linux, Microcontroller, Embedded Software Apr 28, 2016 Apr 28, 20162d 18h $1259
Write some Software I have been looking for the Freescale Firmware programmer. Further details will be shared on the later. Its project base contract and on successful project execution further projects will be considered. Bangalore or hyderabad would be execution location. 7 Embedded Software Apr 28, 2016 Apr 28, 20162d 12h $652
security cam with sim slot Develop a security cam which contains sim slot & sd slot 2 Embedded Software Apr 28, 2016 Apr 28, 20162d 6h $219
Need someone to help me setup opencv Cuda/GPU I need someone to assist with implementing opencv with CUDA/GPU optimization on windows (visual studio) and Linux Ubuntu. I have done quite a lot of compiling on windows and on visual studio but often got errors. Managed to run a few sample codes from the directory but still cannot be sure what is wrong with my installation. 19 Embedded Software, GPGPU, CUDA, Machine Learning, C++ Programming Apr 28, 2016 Apr 28, 20162d 6h $48
Openwrt LUCI Modification, New default Settings and Package compiling 1. I want LUCI modified to my proposed design which is not very different. The major change in the LUCI design is mostly the logo, icons and menu position, color and background color. 2. We shall compile OpenWRT with the basic functions i need and the packages i want to have in this version. 3. A quick installation guide when you first open the software, such as Wifi Settings, Time, WAN ... 6 C Programming, C++ Programming, Embedded Software, Linux, Lua Apr 28, 2016 Apr 28, 20161d 9h $429
mobile beacon enabled application I need a beacon enabled app 22 Mobile Phone, Android, Embedded Software, Website Management, Web Hosting Apr 27, 2016 Apr 27, 20161d 19h $1268
Embedded Device Firmware Debugging Project -- 2 This project is to refine existing firmware for a battery operated embedded device. We would prefer a developer based in the USA or somewhere in North America if at all possible though other regions will be considered. This project is primarily to quickly and efficiently debug and optimize the code. We ***will provide a sample device and everything needed to test with. We have already implemented ... 15 Wireless, Embedded Software, RTOS, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Apr 27, 2016 Apr 27, 20161d 18h $37
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