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Correct an existing Perl script and execute it error free. Correct an existing Perl Code and execute it (error free). The script I have no longer works as planned, the changes required are very minor. The script collects data from a webpage and puts them in to a MySQL database hosted by my web host. I have set up an environment on the web host for you to work with. 13 Perl, Linux Feb 9, 2016 Today6d 17h $132
Bash admin gui rewrite in perl or bash and modify functionality I have a web based GUI of a network equipment management application. It runs on a Redhat Linux server as apache CGI. It is written in bash and basically it is all about issuing snmp queries in the end and presenting the results in the browser and as CSV files. Currently the code is undocumented and very much spaghetti like. It also mixes html code with business logic. The tasks are: -rewr... 4 Perl, System Admin, Linux, Software Architecture Feb 9, 2016 Today6d 10h $732
Compare 25 online regular expression testers I am looking for a hardcore regular expression fanatic to make a comparison report of the 25 finest regular expression testers. The tools should be available online and run in a web browser. You can use Google in search for the regular expression tools. Attached is an example page in PDF. I will give a brief description of each field of the report: - #1: the rank you have given this regex... 7 PHP, Perl, Python, Report Writing, Regular Expressions Feb 9, 2016 Today5h 27m $505
Build User login and authentication to display only a certain client's data. Hi There, We are looking for an authentication system that links a user with an organization and only allows the user to see information for his or her organization. I don't think this will be extremely complex. I would do it myself but I am working on several business problems for our application. We can use a bootstrap layout for the layout. I want to have one admin user who can create u... 4 Perl, Software Architecture, Heroku Feb 8, 2016 Feb 8, 20165d 18h $653
Small programming task Small programming task 12 Perl Feb 8, 2016 Feb 8, 20165d 16h $112
Schreiben von Software small programmin task 2 Perl Feb 8, 2016 Feb 8, 20165d 16h $201
Project for meral Hi Meral, we have an Asterix issue (calls all of a sudden not reaching out voip provider), I need someone to look into and fix this right away please. I can budget an hour at 60 usd for this. Can you help? Thanks 4 PHP, Perl, C Programming, Python, Asterisk PBX, Feb 8, 2016 Feb 8, 20168d 12h $91
Perl script to download reports from Amazon Marketplace MWS We need a perl script to accomplish the GetReport action in MWS. We have an existing script in perl that used to do this but of late it has stopped working. It seems amazon made some changes. 5 Perl, Amazon Web Services Feb 8, 2016 Feb 8, 20165d 10h $252
Build a Website (In Arabic) السلام عليكم استاذ وائل / ابحث عن مبرمج ومصمم مواقع والهدف منها هو الحصول على دخل سواء من خدمات الموقع او من اعلانات جوجل لدي عدة افكار ارجو منك التواصل بخصوص امكانية تطبيقها بالنسبة للسعر ف ان شاءالله ماراح نختلف المشروع الأول : موقع لرفع الصور والملفات باللغتين العربية والانجليزية المشروع الثاني : موقع لحجز المدرسين الخصوصين المشروع الثالث : موقع لعمل الاختبارات الشخصية مع امكانية اضافة مسابق... 14 PHP, Perl, Javascript, HTML5 Feb 8, 2016 Feb 8, 20165d 4h $883
exim dovecot mod or plugin create. I have a lamp webserver: cpanel, exim and dovecot, and spamassassin with sa-learn frequency. Users use their local outlooks (or similar) to send e-mails using their emails accounts in my webserver. I need, when a user send any e-mail, save the recipient or all recipients in a database or txt file. I need to save only the e-mail addresses and not the entire message or recipient names or head... 2 Perl, Linux, Apache, Shell Script, UNIX Feb 7, 2016 Feb 7, 20164d 19h $169
Write some Software I need a programmer with tax calculation and API implementation skill for ecomerceshop 48 PHP, Perl, Java, Python, Software Architecture Feb 6, 2016 Feb 6, 20163d 17h $1626
Enhancement to package "PsqlMessages" PsqlMessage is essentially based on the mechanism of messaging of PostgreSQL (LISTEN/NOTIFY) which is oriented to the asynchronous communication between multiple processes point-punt (RPC) and point-multipoint (Topic) . The attached file PsqlMessages.pdf describes the changes and new specific requirements, marked with green background. For an indicative estimate of the size of the library t... 3 Perl Feb 6, 2016 Feb 6, 20163d 12h $339
Write some Software I have an already existing web admin portal that i am building to administer mail server. Most of it is complete, need help with creating pages that can help change system hostname e.t.c. Further details can be given on discussion of rate/price! Thanks Web interface to change various UNIX Parameters, such as Hostname, Network Config e.t.c 8 Perl, Script Install, System Admin, Linux, Shell Script Feb 6, 2016 Feb 6, 20163d 3h $207
WebScraping Automation WebScraping Automation Project - Take inputs from input table in access file. Enter into webpage and save output. Full details and project can be discussed privately. 50 Perl, Python, Web Scraping, C# Programming Feb 5, 2016 Feb 5, 20162d 23h $522
3 textual files comparison tool needed ASAP Lets say I have 3 files: FILE 1 - text (1 sentence per line in language A) FILE 2 - text (1 sentence per line translation of language A to langauge B) FILE 3 - text (1 sentence per line translation of language A to langauge B) Now I need to take each line separately from those FILES and compare them. First we compare FILE 2 and FILE 3. The best would be semantical comparison like: ... 21 Perl, C Programming, Java, Python, C++ Programming Feb 5, 2016 Feb 5, 20162d 15h $245
Torrent Auto Uploader Bot Script Hi, I am looking for a script to grab stuff via ftp using flash FXP, check if the RAR's are corrupt using the SFV file, create torrent file of the directory, and upload it to a torrent site in the correct category and start seeding in rTorrent. 11 PHP, Perl, Python, Linux, Angular.js Feb 3, 2016 Feb 3, 201622h 47m $312
Xvideosharing - nginx mod i need install nginx mod for XvideoSharing for file server,100% working mod for my file servers.................................................................................. 4 PHP, Perl, Script Install, SQL, MySQL Feb 3, 2016 Feb 3, 20166h 1m $61
Automated Listing Update Script - Rentlinx,com You will write an automated script that automates clicking on hyperlinks on the RentLinx website. These hyperlinks refresh our apartment listings, bringing the listings to the top in the Rentlinx search rankings. Right now, we do it manually, and it takes a lot of time. Please see the attachment for detailed description. 17 PHP, Perl, Python, Script Install, Software Architecture Feb 2, 2016 Feb 2, 2016Ended $288
Script Writing - Zillow Rental Manager you will write an automated web script that automates clicking on hyperlinks on the Zillow Rental manager website. These hyperlinks refresh our apartment listings, bringing the listings to the top in the Zillow search rankings. Right now, we do it manually, and it takes a lot of time. Note that the script must not be written in .NET. It has to work on a Linux/Apache server. PLEASE REA... 10 PHP, Perl, Python, Software Architecture, Website Testing Feb 2, 2016 Feb 2, 2016Ended $611
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