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Prolog is a general purpose logic programming language that is used for computational linguistics and artificial intelligence. It is a very popular language concerning logic and is used worldwide. If your business needs help working with Prolog, then you can find such help right here on this site. Expert talented Prolog freelancers can bid on your Prolog projects. Simply post a job today! Hire Prolog Programmers on Freelancer
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I would like to hire a Programmer Hi! I need help with the following little project. Task: implement the apriori algorithm using Prolog. Explanation: we have serveral lists made of atoms in our Prolog knowledge base and we want to extract the lists having the most frequent items above a given threshold. Example: see example #2 on Wikipedia's page for Apriori Algorithm, but replace numerical items with atoms. In my case th... 7 Prolog Dec 6, 2016 Dec 6, 20165d 13h $53
BFS, DFS, Best first search & A* search in PROLOG You have to implement the searching methodologies like, Breadth first search Depth first search Best first search A* search and Map-Coloring with Constraint Specification Problem where you have to design your program with just only 6 countries. You have to implement all these stuffs in Prolog which can be considered as back-end module but for front-end G... 5 Prolog, Artificial Intelligence Dec 6, 2016 Dec 6, 20165d 11h $352
MIPS code explaining cache presentation regarding cache performance and its advantages using Mars simualtor 10 C++ Programming, Prolog, Software Architecture, Software Development, Verilog / VHDL Dec 1, 2016 Dec 1, 20168h 33m $655
MIPS PART 1 : Infix Expression calculator Write a program that takes in, as a string, an expression in the Infix format and calculates its output. The program asks then the user for the next expression until the user hits the character ‘E’ which will terminate the program. • Follow the stack implementation discussed in class: it is mandatory the explicit usage of the stack in your code... 9 Verilog / VHDL, Prolog, Fortran, C++ Programming, Assembly Nov 30, 2016 Nov 30, 20164h 42m $353
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