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A shell script is a script written for the shell or the interpreter of the operating system. Shell scripts are usually used to automate some common tasks on UNIX-like operating systems. If you are into shell scripting and need help with shell scripts, you have come to the right place. Simply place your post detailing your shell script job and let experienced freelancers bid on your job post! Hire Shell Script Developers on Freelancer
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Make a Batch file command to automate upload and download of files from multiple ftp site -- 2 Write me 2 batch files, one for download and one for uploading of files on multiple ftp sites. I've seen alot of free batch file scripts available by searching google, but I need a professional to do it for me, to be safe. ---------------------------------------------------------- Required Script steps for upload (from local to remote): 1. Connects to ftp site [url removed, login to... 0 C Programming, Shell Script, Windows Server, DOS, Programming Oct 27, 2016 Today6d 22h -
Backup VPS to another I have 2 VPS running Ubuntu 14.04. I need a linux guru to write me a shell script with instructions how I can use it to backup the full server to another VPS. both servers will backup to a third server. on the backup server i will have /backup/server & /backup/server2. The backup needs to be stored in each specific folder. I want to be able to use the same script to restore the entire ... 11 Linux, Shell Script, Ubuntu Oct 27, 2016 Today6d 19h $46
a script/website to restore all" Google drive" files modified on a certain date. A webportal to restore modified data (between 2 timestamps) from Google drive. This for recovering from a cryptolocker virus. We prefer a webapplication hosted on server owned by me. script language : PHP,Python or Bash Possibility to enter username or password or generate the necessary authentication tokens. Select a time stamp : For example : 10/10/2016 10:00 and 10/10/2016 00:00 . List... 8 PHP, Python, Shell Script Oct 26, 2016 Today6d 5h $261
kodi 6 Windows Desktop, Mac OS, Shell Script, Ubuntu, Adobe Air Oct 26, 2016 Today6d 4h $737
DD-wrt get all wireless mac address and Host Name Hey all I am looking for a way to call out to the DD-WRT router and get a list of all connected wireless devices' MAC address' and host names. I know that DD-WRT is capable of running a script at startup so I would need something that would do that every 5 seconds. It would be best to have the output as a JSON string if possible (which again I think DD-WRT is able to do) that I can ca... 6 C Programming, Linux, Shell Script, C++ Programming Oct 26, 2016 Today6d 4h $27
Convert 14K Physical Addresses to Lat/Long Coordinates (Need ASAP. Must be reliable source) I'm looking for somebody with an accurate program that can convert 14,000 addresses and two latitude longitude coordinates. Must be an accurate source and must be closest to Google Map coordinates. Please provide your source for getting coordinates. NEED THIS DONE ASAP! 13 Coding, Google Maps API, GPS, Google Earth, Shell Script Oct 26, 2016 Oct 26, 20165d 20h $190
Write some Software by using UNIX (python - bash ) write document and script by using python 30 Python, Shell Script, UNIX Oct 25, 2016 Oct 25, 20165d 6h $182
Linux Wifi Client Script This project involves working with a Linux based Wi-Fi device to optimize the connection behaviour of the Wi-Fi client to an access point (AP). The hardware used will be a [url removed, login to view] Ubiquiti Bullet. The project consists of writing a script that will be installed on the device and periodically run to perform the following. Script Requirements 1. Run a command (iwconfig) to ex... 11 Linux, Embedded Software, Shell Script, Software Development Oct 24, 2016 Oct 24, 20164d 15h $145
Create a series of raspberry pi picture frames that are centrally controlled The objective is to create three picture frames that are updated from my photo library. (Circa 50,000 photos) Two frames will be in landscape mode, one in portrait. Additional frames should be supported as well (future expansion). In all text below, the term pictures, photos, and videos are used interchangeably. The system should not differentiate between them, but treat each one properly. Th... 7 PHP, Python, Raspberry Pi, Shell Script, Software Architecture Oct 24, 2016 Oct 24, 20164d 8h $352
Computer Assignments I have assignments related to below topics and comes on regular basis, so if anyone interested please contact us • Java • C++ • C • Visual Basic • C# (C Sharp) • Mat lab Programming • Database • ER Diagrams • Oracle • Microsoft (MS) Access • JavaScript • Shell Scripting 39 C Programming, Java, Javascript, Shell Script, C++ Programming Oct 24, 2016 Oct 24, 20164d 2h $144
Write some Software C++ C++ POS System 9 Linux, Shell Script Oct 24, 2016 Oct 24, 20163d 21h $38
TAPI PBX plugin From the PBX, when a call comes in, if that caller ID matches a pre made list, I want to send on that caller information (not the call itself, just the number, time etc) via IP to a separate server. Currently we have nothing written in the middle to do this task. With the PBX we want to make use of the TAPI driver. With the software we are sending the information to, it was written in VB scrip... 17 PHP, Software Architecture, Shell Script Oct 23, 2016 Oct 23, 20163d 10h $2701
Script to add new users to multiple VPN services The background: I will install multiple vpn protocols/service on a Ubuntu [url removed, login to view] x64 server using this automation script [url removed, login to view] The objective: I need a script preferably written in Python, bash also acceptable, that read a MySQL database periodically, retrieve its newly entered username and password, and add the username/password pair into ea... 15 Linux, MySQL, PHP, Python, Shell Script Oct 23, 2016 Oct 23, 20163d 6h $220
Producer Consumer problem in C I have a project regarding the Producer Consumer problem, which is divided into 3-4 parts, each will have a different approach towards the same problem. Candidate should be proficient in C and Linux in order to solve the problems. Required time frame is 2days. This is an intensive project, and I need it delivered ASAP. If you're assuring me you'd be able to deliver, but later ask for... 19 C Programming, Linux, Shell Script Oct 23, 2016 Oct 23, 20163d 4h $46
PMTA config Hello, I can't send email with my server related with PMTA using telnet. 8 Script Install, Linux, Shell Script, Email Marketing, Email Developer Oct 22, 2016 Oct 22, 20162d 9h $68
Write some Software Hi, We are a Dutch startup, with one of the co-founders living in Tunis, looking for software engineers in Tunisia with these skills: C/C++ coding skills Linux programming Shell scripting Team player with good communication skills Open mind Desirable but not a must: knowledge in digital TV technology Would u be open for a fulltime job at first as freelancer and possibily within six months ... 20 C Programming, C++ Programming, Embedded Software, Linux, Shell Script Oct 22, 2016 Oct 22, 20162d 2h $1745
Create Script For Mac OsSierra 10.2 That Removes Exif/Meta Data From Photos/Images That I Can Run in Automator Attached To A Folder, As Folder Action Setup Create Script For Mac OsSierra 10.2 That Removes Exif/Meta Data From Photos/Images That I Can Run in Automator Attached To A Folder, As Folder Action Setup I want to drop photos into a folder and for it to automatically strip all data from them, exif, meta, gps, name, everything! I want to assign folder action setup to folder, and whenever I drop a photo into it, it does this. 7 Mac OS, Shell Script, ActionScript, Applescript Oct 21, 2016 Oct 21, 20161d 9h $51
socks5 / socks4 fresh list or scan software I need socks5 list or software that can scan it ! I will pay 300 USD 3 Shell Script Oct 20, 2016 Oct 20, 201610h 40m $294
AWK/Bash Script programming Hi All, I have some script programming to be done. Its a basic scripting where you have to do experiments with the directories (like opening, counting number of files, list of messages that are sent ). You need to have the documentation created for easy understanding and must follow my guidelines. Thanks! 31 Script Install, Linux, Software Architecture, Shell Script, UNIX Oct 20, 2016 Oct 20, 201610h 39m $12
An exe to auto accept jobs on Aesop I need a small simple .exe that is constantly logged into to aesop online (Absence management system) that can auto accept jobs for me and my wife as substitutes. Thanks 13 Delphi, Shell Script, Ubuntu, VB.NET, Powershell Oct 20, 2016 Oct 20, 20167h 24m $190
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