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Write an Android Game I want an android game that is like subway surfers but with less graphics animation and instead of coins the character picks up food (healthy and unhealthy foods) and dumbbells (signifying exercise) 2 PHP, Website Design, Mobile Phone, Android, Arduino Sep 28, 2016 Today6d 18h -
program for arduino to get RSSI from hm-10 module My name is Aaron Grider. I don't have a business and I'm not interested in sharing what my project is for. I need help getting an hm-10 module up and running and able to get RSSI information and store it. That is the full extent of my project. I would like to do it in the Arduino environment, but I am open to discuss other options. Anything beyond this scope I will handle myself. I wou... 8 Microcontroller, Arduino, Circuit Design, FPGA, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Sep 28, 2016 Today6d 12h $429
control digital outputs arduino from ms access system over wifi We are considering using arduino for switching digital outputs. The aim is to illuminate leds when an event is raised in an ms access database. The ms access database will be on a server in the same network subnet as the arduino. Network is a wifi network. The job has 2 parts: 1) software on arduino 2) some vba code in ms access. When bidding, please describe experience you have with a... 5 Arduino Sep 28, 2016 Today6d 11h $229
I need a simple javascript written for arduino, I need a simple javascript written for arduino, 8 random led controled by 2 anpotentiometers 10k one anpotentiometer is how long the led is on (0 to 100 seconds) and the other one is wen the led is off (0 to 100 seconds) you will get paid in full wen you provide the code 10 Javascript, Electronics, Anything Goes, Arduino, Circuit Design Sep 28, 2016 Today6d 3h $26
simulation for parallel HEV using fuzzy logic controller The torque of the engine and the motor is controlled by a fuzzy torque distribution controller based on the required torque of the hybrid powertrain and the battery state of charge. 5 Matlab and Mathematica, Microcontroller, Arduino Sep 27, 2016 Sep 27, 20165d 15h $597
Simple mobile accelerometer detection (Javascript) I need a simple script written to quickly detect the presence of an accelerometer on mobile devices and redirect the visitor to a page based on the output. It appears to me that the DeviceOrientationEvent has the best mobile web browser compatibility for this project: [url removed, login to view] How I imagine it working: On load --> detect orientation Delay 100 milliseconds ... 4 Javascript, jQuery / Prototype, Arduino, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), App Developer Sep 27, 2016 Sep 27, 20165d 13h $198
pulling of fibre cable pulling of fibre and network cable 2 Wireless, Microcontroller, PLC & SCADA, Arduino, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Sep 27, 2016 Sep 27, 20165d 12h $183
Port/implement sleep functions to Arduino Zero(SAMD) We would like to implement some SAMD based power saving functions ( like sleep modes / power management options) to the Arduino IDE library. Some knowledge of the Atmel ASF-Library would be helpful. More information at: [url removed, login to view] 5 Microcontroller, Embedded Software, Arduino Sep 27, 2016 Sep 27, 20165d 12h $158
PID controller in Arduino interface with LabVIEW to control the speed of DC motor The main objective of the project is to control the speed of the DC motor using PID controller. Required to implement two methods to control the PID parameters, in manual tuning, ziegler-nichols method need to be used and write genetic algorithm global search method to auto tune the pid parameter. LabVIEW need to interface with Arduino and write C programming for the requirements. LabVIEW is just ... 23 C Programming, Electronics, Microcontroller, LabVIEW, Arduino Sep 27, 2016 Sep 27, 20165d 4h $213
Looking for Arduino IDE ESP8266 programmer I am looking for Arduino IDE based programmer for ESP8266 wifi module. The provider should have experiences in the following subjects - MQTT protocol - Handle JSON like message payload - I2C and SPI protocol - PWM The provider should have the hardwares to test the developed firmware 19 Microcontroller, Software Architecture, Arduino, MQTT, JSON Sep 26, 2016 Sep 26, 20165d 1h $21
Project for rezakhosravi Hi rezakhosravi, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 4 Python, Linux, Electronics, Cloud Computing, , Arduino Sep 26, 2016 Sep 26, 20167d 7h $92
smps circuit desiner 17 Microcontroller, PCB Layout, Arduino, Circuit Design, FPGA Sep 26, 2016 Sep 26, 20164d 6h $591
Advanced arduino programmer Advanced programmer able to code for arduino and able to work locally in London with design team. 11 Arduino, Microcontroller, PCB Layout Sep 25, 2016 Sep 25, 20163d 17h $332
arduino ide in python need to upload code on arduino using python, reply with which package u gonna use to perform this operation or your own code. 7 Arduino, Python Sep 24, 2016 Sep 24, 20162d 15h $259
Embedded system I am seeking a freelancer for development of Embedded System. You should choose SBC according to our requeriemientos (OpenGL ES 2.0, canbus, etc), you must customize the OS (build minimum system starts with hidden text and start the application in full screen at startup), you must create the toolchain for Qt 5. 7 C Programming, Linux, Software Architecture, Embedded Software, Arduino Sep 24, 2016 Sep 24, 20162d 12h $246
Looking for ESP8266 and Arduino developer Hi, With this project we need to switch on the Simple LED through Web Interface using Arduino and ESP8266 Board I am expecting the exact Program from the below link [url removed, login to view] All the hardware resources will be provided. 20 Arduino Sep 24, 2016 Sep 24, 20162d 9h $6
Create Android App to control ESP8266 Create an android app that can communicates with ESP8266. I use the esp8266 to control and stepper motor. Must be familiar with Arduino IDE and the language it uses, and how to place the esp8266 in deep sleep mode. From the app I want to be able to control the motor turn it on/off, change direction of motor spin left/right. And automate with timer when the motor turn, how many steps motor takes, w... 42 C Programming, Microcontroller, C++ Programming, Arduino, App Developer Sep 23, 2016 Sep 23, 20161d 22h $1553
LED Tubes using WS2811 LEDs and Arduino Hi, I’m looking to create a 1m tube filled with WS2811 LED strip. I’ve got a few effects that I would like to run through the tubes via an Arduino. Ideally each one should be a different Arduino file that can be loaded onto the tube each time in order to change it. Ideally the arduino will have more than one data output. Maybe 2... One for each side of the tube. Inside the tube ther... 16 Arduino Sep 23, 2016 Sep 23, 20161d 13h $296
MIDI controller working prototype Brief: to develop a working prototype MIDI instrument that controls computer music software. The device will use a microcontroller and will consist of a printed circuit board. The prototype will involve developing the hardware and the software. Using off the shelf components and existing open source code. Requirements: ‚óŹ Preferably works with an iOS device to operate GarageBand’s virtua... 11 Electronics, Microcontroller, PCB Layout, Arduino, Programming Sep 23, 2016 Sep 23, 20161d 5h $638
Battery management system - 22/09/2016 15:39 EDT 13 Wireless, Microcontroller, Management, Arduino, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Sep 22, 2016 Sep 22, 201618h 4m $656
Battery management system 11 Wireless, Microcontroller, Management, Arduino, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Sep 22, 2016 Sep 22, 201618h 4m $701
Optimize power consumption for SAMD21 based microcontroller (Arduino) We are using a SAMD21 microcontroller based board (like Arduino Zero). The board is programmed by using the Arduino IDE. We would like to add some Low Power or Energy saving functions to use this microcontroller for low energy projects. 12 Microcontroller, Embedded Software, Arduino Sep 22, 2016 Sep 22, 201611h 56m $365
Microprocessor work - rfid and esp module small work Requirement: 1. Make a rfid reader module which scans rfid card and saves data in eprom with date and time. 2. join with esp module to connect to wifi, when connected sends data to my server 3. use detachable bluetooth module to add wifi details using android phone app. Note - show data in eprom in mobile when connected via bluetooth module, when its sending data, keep a bulb blinking, whe... 21 PHP, Electronics, Microcontroller, PCB Layout, Arduino Sep 22, 2016 Sep 22, 20164h 30m $232
Android + Arduino Hi, If you know Android programming in USB / Bluetooth to send and receive data to Arduino then BID this project. Else dont waste both of our time. 1) Refer the attachment and you have to Make a GUI as mentioned in Android. Typically Samsung J Series phone I will for testing. 2) Now Take an Arduino, and config to 57600 baud (no parity). Put 4 LED's to any port pin of you choice. 3) ... 31 Mobile Phone, Android, Microcontroller, Embedded Software, Arduino Jun 24, 2016 Jun 24, 2016Ended $109
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